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welcome everyone to a brand new and the death drop video with golden blockhead boy and diamond head block boy and iron blockhead boy yeah boy we are all of the valuable resources so we're gonna be dropping onto the water and you get a bonus point if you land next to another block if you risk it for the chocolate biscuit yes and that's pretty much what we're doing so well there's a double up for grabs yeah go for it he seems right actually to be fair I'm saying he seems right you'd only have to jump in an open space of water so I've no idea all this is you next going for the big double oh my god what is happening I've lost my mojo wow dude for anyone even can't even hit them dolls anymore alright this is so MUC Oh nailed it ali-a takes an early lead oh I know this guy beats me oh there's a hoop there's a perfect King all over it though it wasn't always not the gobble though oh my god I'm slacking okay slack it is the hoop still there oh that's gone into it random appears in each other come on set me up for a nice double for next time I kind of failed oh wow okay take that I'll take that okay so oh my god the hoop who is that line that's good dude but I can't tell like I can't go from it you're gonna have to push forward if you go through it sad times for the VIP Vic I believe in you dude try don't believe in me anymore you can do this this guy's a random oh look he's setting you up for pot oh he's setting me up four points I'll take it alright Torretta ball I'm gonna have to go for the light game come back oh oh that's a triple yes I need this you got this place you know my life you got it lost there I've lost it man I'm lost there thank you broke your legs yeah my legs did break Mike's did break oh oh quad the quad please don't tell me hit this please because otherwise if I hit this I can change them now he's giving up his giddy nothing okay all right please please all right really I'm so done I can't hear anything dude I know what you're doing right you're falling back you're giving me a chance and then you're gonna hit this I didn't use going to destroy life I know you could leave the quad for me that would be in fact you know in fact outside of mine actually no it's cool I don't like pretty let's go it's pretty damn I can't hit watch me I can't hit course let it say all right third time's a charm am i right am i right you got it you got it you got it fake I'm not seeing you blockin Emma he like ooh-ahh her daredevil do join another level oh my god he got he's ahead of all of us it's - such a pretty good man okay I will get a point one day I'm going from own triple I've set it up for myself I can't nen Wow dude look I've got like a sick triangle pattern going on here all right there's a hoop why am I going for these tubes then I'm that would that would have been no way I could have gone from that way to trigger on the creases he's failing as well probably the lowest scoring death drop ever after I'm destroying somehow look at my patterns mate I've got going on no it's just that's just all right feeling really Navi I'm gonna go insane a corner oh I can't even I got even right now I guess and you trend me a new trend the sideways trend boom baby I can't have this even worth trying anymore I don't think even if you got like half of the remaining block I should know we could set you up I'll try and set you up for a quarter I'll try and set you up for gone okay I got this guy's I'm gonna check all I've got black hole but I um okay oh I didn't jump my badges could screw up no that's good let's go it's good triple there you go let's go there on the triple o real Susan back in the game ish kind of 14 was the hoop in the composition then or it wasn't really I just had to Yolo Yolo it's pretty impressive late game late game come back I can just beat this guy nice nicely done yeah you can get this ldg do a self got yo it for another hoop Oh nah ah the fireworks I'm boy oh this is tough but I think they played is Matt to be fair it's quite cool quite funky mm-hmm this dude's going for a Yolo bomb wow he's pretty consistent he's pretty is consistent everyone's good I have two blocks on the board really the worst host ever night one dude ah you got this I believe know if this R and forgets this oh it's my turn what the heck okay make that a quad yeah dude I've got to do this right here he'll go for it but still oh no ask my first broken leg no I fail dude is this you or him I miss him no don't sweat it's not managed to guard come on big please take it please take it please how are you now yes did you pointy board although I think I only go to around 50 so I'm gonna need another who know the black hole and I failed I'm an idiot dude come on I'll wait give me a hoop a nice high whoo Oh little cheeky triple know who you got hoop now who do if you get hoop good make oh dude you're not that far behind I know I know this is the last round Oh buddy all right Sal you sit down small blocks oh don't give me a hoop give me a home if you prove this bag I'll be so done dude Oh McMahon caught flag ahh oh good good wait I get it yeah I did is that poop oh it's physically impossible it's so low yeah I think it is physically impossible you could just go for I don't know like this the only you can overtake anybody else you get a double no I think you wanted to do it yodel it nice played it safe I think that's it though I was only two points behind him after putting five blocks down yeah it was probably one of the most facepalm worthy rounds for me but I hope you guys enjoyed anyway and we'll catch you guys in the next one okay we are back round two I'm Unversed I can't really go wrong so it's a good start and I hate myself and yeah we're gonna try and get as many points we set targets we try fine go first Angostura applause yeah yeah okay let's do the stir dude I've got a noob like emblem dude look at it it's like like higher survival rate man what is what is our what is our comrade ldg guys it's got the gold block he's got that rich rich block swag all right set me up for a triple news like you've been I said CC double oh yeah I'm God oh yeah I knew that there you go okay some consistency across the board damn all I can do is get a single I'll take it though nice I'll take it I might I'm tempted try and connect all of my blocks yeah that'll be drove my plane snakes one thing we could do is try not to fill too much of the middle so if because hoops seem to always spawn over the middle yeah that's a really good point oh no beacon of the devil no oh no I thought I was your sorry I thought it was epic I know I threw that I was there had to be done had to be done boys vowed tsoumas failed I hopefully can set me up for a nice double here it's you're always gonna do yeah oh yeah there's two doubles huh I using a heart sounds alia ever since I learned to jump really high beforehand it's really helped nice huh good stuff good stuff another do play yes oh oh wait did I even my god did I get you went on the one ahead so I set up a triple don't steal my triple I'm gonna set up a core yes it's yours dude you set up for yourself good start you got it you got it you got it really Narvik come on dude wow you didn't look for jumping core Vic I did though is lying I did look I promise you we're gonna need some nice hoop setups well give me why almost died so bad all right well I may try and I'd know we'll see what happens I guess we just try and set stuff up right yeah nice nice nice there we go um yeah you're gonna be the choice other choice I want him to set something up again come on oh it's him isn't it yeah nice going for an edge I think Wow at least I'm ahead of him at least am i right Oh whoo oh my gosh this is legit a perfect - pretty low hmm nicely done if I get to 30 really quickly I'll just set up like quads and stuff okay gone huge series in there nice safe all right let's see what I can set up here a bunch of doubles all right I'm gonna try and stop a cheeky triple right here there you go okay is it your turn yes sweet you got this oh yeah nice ooh nice it's what we're talking about baby mmm another who I can't I can't always him oh no he's got a head I did might where's my hoop yeah do you will get one surely there's a nice solid point still only one ahead yeah I need my hoop all right we're gonna do here is like take no point yeah and stop - little cheeky ones interesting although is he gonna go for one of them yeah hopefully fails I don't know what he's doing you could go quite far off yeah he's going for something different okay okay safe a little double right gonna go for this one dad I heard ya that should definitely be the easy one nice all I'm wad I I don't I don't really need that quad so let's uh let's have a look although he could go for a yes a good point trust me I'm 29 all right set myself up again do it you do it nope I can't so close the heck why is it giving me another go oh it's giving me the black daughter's doom as well I'm gonna go for the black dot dude is that cool oh I always did the momentum where I went forward and pulled it back but I failed I don't think it would have been really difficult to pull that through yeah yeah Oh is he interesting it's gotta be yours oh my gosh what the heck here up and rock is go the way I landed there oh gosh what okay has to be done oh really do did you got that and accord you know I am Taniya there's no way I would have made it to the quality oh he's not good with no ice fair what it means as well is it my turn no oh my god they gave me another gun going on why so close the choke is real up next ldg oh wait oh four does that mean he's like 10 years old I love okay I've got to fill in my colors dude I'm sorry it's my cooling Oh friend it's my cooling ow do it my legs broke okay let's go for this nice nice zip in the front of every block oh you got a shoot yeah but it's like in a terrible position yeah it is my house destroyed that was terrifically terrible Oh another hoop if that's you that's him oh my gosh he's not going for that no izc saying I'm not having any of that mate um stops I need this quad dude okay I want this quad let's go done I know my fish when they're 40 yeah yeah oh yeah buddy two quotes nice all right this is our last round off this I think right yep woo can you set me up for a triple no I think I can get forward see hello as I hope oh no I'm not sitting bait Hoover the world haha I'm going for that age block you ready okay oh I almost missed I'm tied with him let's just drop it in yeah dude this is yeah nice so that means you I think that's it isn't it unless you get some double here it would be a chi-x john woo oh yes no you can take second let's go also stuff that's been another a death drop fun me game hope you guys really enjoyed if you'd like to see it again be sure to give it a thumbs up and it's been a load of fun check out my channel down below description and we'll see you

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