Ghana Vlog #2 🇬🇭 : ( Building in Ghana 🇬🇭 )

by: Bismark Asempa

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[Music] taxi

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the working for my good yeah [Music]





yeah guys we are done for the day and we are going to buy a sponge you know I couldn't bring my sponge from Germany I forgot it so I'm going to buy a new one yes

yeah I mean massive the waiting for a taxi to go it's done as money behind me there's a guy who's sleeping on a key borrow it is really really not easy guys so if you have the chance to be in Europe please do something great about it and try to help the others there are people sleeping on the roads people will have nothing let me show you a little bit of wrong actually I cannot film too much yeah guys you are now on the site this is the buildin this is the plot of my father it's building his projects so I'm here to see the project and maybe change some few things and refresh their whole environment with some new modern stuffs you know so yeah actually basically this is the living room you see the living room and yeah so it's stuff from this place and this is the it's quite big it's a little bit big huge with want to play for ps4 big penis Wow massive so yeah and there is a corridor on this side so if you go here there is let me say one room for ya one two new room with its own cotton bath and then yeah this is the dining room is a little bit complicated here because I started in a different place yeah this is another room and yeah this is another corridor and we have one two three bedrooms this is the other one it has its own toilet and bath and yeah this is the dining room and yeah another dining room toilet and bath for guests and yeah this is another room with its own toilet and bath this is another master bedroom and there behind there there is also another master bedroom yeah actually it's a little bit big but I think there is a lot to do I need to do some changes and stuff but yeah I'm also looking at how they build a boat and I'm seeing that yeah in Ghana yeah they have a lot of problems you know because actually if you look at this site you see actually it shouldn't be like that but this is how the hotel looks like I think I'll do some changes and we will see how to do the hotel

so yeah this is RS guys they are working on the land yet now and I'll just pay them for the good work that they are doing yeah there's also a neighbor house you see I actually love this one as well but yeah this is actually a nice place the building estate houses so yeah just to develop in ours but yeah it's all soon be done so okay this is I couldn't do the otherwise I couldn't look too much because I had many appointments and yeah my time is this point so I need to go so I'm trying to do everything fast so I couldn't vlog for the whole day but then this is what actually I'm doing this is the project this is not a project why I'm here but then this is the problem of my father and this is the area and it is Kumasi Kumasi AB aqua yeah so here [Music]

you just being the woman that she's really annoying you know yeah taxi drivers run it over taxi Oh Daniel okay no problem so guys in I like this one this one is yeah our taxi drivers

video in in nice [Music]








[Music] [Applause] [Music]

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