Painting Megaman in Photoshop [With comments] Digital Art ロックマン

by: Randis Albion

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hey guys my name is Candace welcome to a new episode of my outro Honda salvia [Music]

now this is the future from the 80s this is the Nintendo 3ds system for the Famicom disk drive it never came out outside of Japan and there are a bunch of cool and 3d games for it for the disc drive pretty cool Wow today we will be talking about rock man or better known as Megaman outside of Japan was one of the first games I got for my Nintendo NES system back in the day I have many fond memories of this game and I really really loved playing it when I was a kid hell I even remember there was some art contest held by Club Nintendo where you had to design a megaman boss and so many memories i remember i played a lot when i was a kid and and all i wanted to do is just play video games and my mom wouldn't let me of course and sometimes I would wake up at night and I had this little CRT TV in my room and I would wake up and turn off the sound and just you know stay up and play play games you know man one day my mom took it away hello darkness mom's good times playing games of the kid was one of the things that got me inspired getting into the industry

I remember a lot of people who were new to video games for doing that when they were jumping my mom did that after playing the game I got really inspired so today I will be painting my own Megaman version I start out with some thick and quick line work and immediately move on to shading this is a very simple image so I do not bother separating the shapes on multiple layers this character is made of some very distinct shape so in order to retain likeness I first focus on those before adding new elements once I have the most prominent shape shaded and the thumbnail is looking good I start adding some new designs and elements now if I were doing some more elaborate concept art or some illustration I would not start shading before having finished the design I do here simply because changes would be a lot more time-consuming the measurements anatomy however is very simple and stylized and being familiar with those shapes I am very confident that I can visualize my idea without having to experiment first once I start working on a painting I already need to have a good idea of the final result in my head if you are not sure about the look or the design best invest more time in your scribble before you start shading and coloring knowing what you want to paint is always a better workflow and if you just want to do it for fun there of course always exceptions you might get a better idea or end up not liking your original design and in that case you should never be afraid to make changes [Music] Oh [Music] you [Music] so

by the way you don't really have to blow the cartridges don't do that depends simply sometimes get oxidated and can it make a good connection so all you have to do is clean it what actually helps is taking out the cartridge and reinserting it again that sometimes cleans the pins that says you don't have to blow it [Music] you once I've completed painting in all the elements I start refining the shading and adding details and then add color by using a gradient map there are many ways to add color to a black and white image and this is one of them I simply create a new adjustment layer called gradient map in the property windows you can open the gradient editor where you can select between a few presets and then define your own colors the gradient in the editor represents all the brightness values in your image from dark to light from left to right at each enter the color marker where you can set the color of your choice and you are free to add new markers with any color you like the best way to learn it is by simply trying it out you will get a very good idea of what you can do with it by just simply playing around for the values [Music]

once I have colored the body I add a simple background and then I start painting in a second light source on a separate layer a red rim light from here on I simply focus on detailing refining the shading and adding highlights [Music]

[Music] Oh

[Music] you [Music]

at the very end I paint in a surface texture scratches to give it a more final touch and we are done

okay guys that's it for today thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video if you liked it please subscribe and tell your friends and I see you again next time


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