How to Cook Like Mama, CVC makes Tangy Baked Chicken and Vegetables

by: Collard Valley Cooks

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trade seats right now we're just going to cut up our veggies that I'm going to bake I'm baking everything today and that way I can actually do something while I'm cooking and it's easier so I don't even have an onion but I have these green onions in the refrigerator so I'm using those okay and I always take out off the outside peeled I was going to prep these before I came on but I decided not to because my show is all about showing you how to cook and I really should prep and everything in front of y'all if you will learn how to do it you know that one's good it this one's good if they look good you don't have to peel out the pill off the outside one the outside leaf alright those are ready to rinse now I've got carrots you won't cut the ends off should I use my paring knife first I got a new paring knife and boy is it short so I'm just going to trim these carrots the outside off real quick it's storming outside and it's centered in lightning so I hope they don't get cut off without internet hope you are having a good Sunday we're going to throw some chicken in debate - and I'm gonna do and just to concoct it's all sout of stuff I have at home I like to cook with stuff I'm guy in that way most of you don't have to run to the grocery store to cook something I give you a recipe for Chris is working in the basement again today so he's telling they are building a cabinet

and I've been doing let's schedule for the week so we're both being today's our anniversary y'all today is our wedding anniversary let me trim these we've been married 18 years if you know we met later in life okay we're gonna have a little bit of summer squash with our veggies and so I'm gonna rinsed it before before I chop it and a little bit of zucchini and then we're gonna have a little bit of potato so I'm gonna peel it too then we're gonna throw this stuff in the trash get over there little baby and then chop them up and put it on our roasting pan after we toss them okay [Music] the oven is preheated it's beeping for us

so we're just going to roast up some veggies I'm going to put some chicken in the oven and let it cook at the same time with some sauce that we could call and then before we eat I'll bring some water to a boil and I'm going to make some corn on the cob with that fresh corn I got some sprouts that looks so pretty and that's going to be our supper simple and I'm not gonna make a brilliant I need to make a dessert I've got a lot of cream cheese I really think I'll come back only might get free cheese dessert maybe if I get caught up where am I just wait till Tuesday our new schedule with CBC it's going to be I'm gonna be live on weekends whenever I come home it won't be scheduled okay and then during the week I'm gonna start coming out on Tuesdays for Tuesday's around noon again Thursday's around 5:00 and that's Easter time I'll be live at those times now Wicked's will be just whenever I have time because weekends or if you know Ricky ends and so you do your chores and and I'll come online whenever I have a chance but during the week that is going to be our new schedule for seating sit so it's going to make cheese days at noon then Thursday's at 5:00 and then our Bible studies going to be daily at 11 a.m. Eastern how chitchat

get another chopping block and then we're going to go rinse these veggies can come back and chop them up

I'm actually going to dry them off a little bit before I chop up because I'm going to also been oil and I wanted to see to it so I'm going to grab a few paper towels okay so I'm just going to drop my carrot a little I'm doing this so that when we toss it in the oil the oil actually stick to it we're going to use some olive oil before we brawl them we're going to toss them a little bit and some oil and I just don't want water all over them okay you're wondering what I'm doing this for so I'm just drying them a little bit now if you want a prep early and give them time to dry that spine alright I don't have to rinse off my pepper and the onion I guess I could dry a little bit too because I'm out of regular onion so I can't chop up an onion clearly all right so I'm gonna bring y'all over here we're gonna chop this up and toss it

okay let's wipe off our counter

okay now here's our veggies this is our Bowl I'm just gonna chop these up this is just for flavor mainly since I don't have a big regular onion it's gonna be hard to you use it like you normally would normally would just chop up an onion in some pretty big pieces okay and I'm also going to use this in our chicken so I think I'll save this part for the chicken okay so for the potatoes we wanted to get done when I'm rolling so I'm gonna cut them kinda like big steak fries [Music]

I'm all happen because this is a big potato I went over to my Aunt Carolyn's on Thanksgiving and she had brought vegetables and baked um you know and they were good and I haven't done that for y'all yet it's low-fat you know it's good for you and it's good and it's something you can throw in the oven and not have to worry about while you do other chores in the house that's the kind of cooking that's right when it's not so hot outside and we gotta take advantage of it while we can because it won't be long and this weather will be hot and we're not going to be running our ovens for the day okay the carrots come though because it takes them forever coot

they may want to fall through by things you may have to do it a little different

summer squash another potato cause potato you know what if I had potatoes there's really no need me making that corn tonight we could just eat it another night I don't think about that we don't need new storages

I'm putting some pepper in here for flavor I'll up the color peppers better than green pepper so when they're on sale for like a dollar apiece I always bow and I usually have them in my refrigerator and if I don't then I cut them up put them in the freezer because they really do add so much flavor to stuff and they're just they're just better than the green ones to me here's the zucchini this will be our last one we're gonna toss it okay here it is since I've got little pieces I may just let it sit down in here and not elevate it if you have larger pieces of vegetables you're gonna always spray a rack and let them sit on top and that way they'll get more Brown all the way around I may go ahead and do it because I want to and if they fall down in there they'll just fall someone will just follow it in there because I like to have my eye like for the potatoes to be good you know like really crunchy runtastic I'm gonna spray this what's easy to clean and then we're gonna just all we're gonna do it with this it's take some olive oil salt pepper and a little bit of seasoning and toss it so I'm gonna put salt once I toss it I'll put some more salt and pepper on it okay I'm going to put I decide I'm gonna put a little rosemary in it and this rosemary I'm going to chop up just a little bit just so I have a good flavor will sprinkle that on last okay so here's the olive oil now toss it I'll probably just salt and pepper once I get it on the rack okay let's put the rosemary in there now is the olive oils in there stick good mix it up good

split them up make sure they're apart so that they got they all got olive oil on them I won't put just a little bit more on there some will grab this my hands are totally someone read this with this paper towels now I'm just gonna lay these up here on my rack there's one ahead and split and some of the smaller ones I'll call the only thing that's fine

my biggest sheet pans in there with a veggies growing in it so this is just gonna have to do but since we got the elevated than I think that might be all right anyway what I can do is put some on the line since I'm using my convection I'm using the convection bake so I'll put a few on the bottom so I'll have Maria on the top for the rest of them

Oh y'all real kitchen cookin I'm gonna back you up and I'm gonna get part of this up before my dogs get in it cuz they're out and of all days for me to do this my trash cans already been full I just dropped olive oil in the floor and I'm going to let it come off of it

this is what happens when you really cook at home live right okay that gets that sorry y'all so here's our babies so I'll go ahead and set these to the side we're gonna put all this in the oven at the same time and now we're gonna start our chicken now our chicken it's a split chicken breasts okay and I'm going to take the outside skin off Lord I can't touch my camera with my fingers I just touched the chicken and then I'll show you what I'll do to try to make it a little bit less fattening

I'm gonna cut it off the bone and I can leave some of the chicken on there and boil it and make a broth like I always do maybe make some soup or something out of it I left a lot of chicken on there cuz if I want to make a soup I need look a bit of chicken on the iPhone like a chicken noodle or something a little broth there's a piece

or we can do a chicken Popeye this week on the lighter side right all right I've gotta have enough so that Chris will have lunch tomorrow so don't probably do all four since I'm baking this

that's the holy bone bone

that was a bacon all right let's say how much chicken this is about cut it up a little it's pretty thick so I will leave it be so we're gonna bake it for a little while eeny meeny miny moe all right there's one two servings four servings

that's plenty so I'll leave the other breasts for another meal along with this other chicken and we'll make something out of it this week so here's our chicken okay I got to go wash my hands I'm gonna go ahead and place this chick in the same bowl that we had the veggies in and I'm gonna put this in the sink and put my knife in the sink and wash my hands and I'll be right back


okay are you making something kinda dear French just because I am okay oh we gonna salt and pepper our veggies before we put them in the oven don't let me forget or I won't forget we could just go ahead and do it couldn't wait it says my hands are clean

I'm pepper in and we'll go ahead and pick this up and make sure I get the bottom two and this salt all right that's our veggies

okay this is our mate and I've got to put these onions in here I'm just gonna chop these onions up little y'all and I'm just gonna toss them in the chicken with the sauce that we make they're gonna be like what I mean I say what I'm gonna - first off I decided that it would be good so I mixed it up not tasted it before I came alive and I thought it was good so that's what I'm gonna do okay so you know it's different but sometimes it pays to experiment right so let me go a little Bowl

and what we're going to do is we're going to use some soy sauce and some French dressing so I'm actually going to use them we'll start with 1/3 cup of French dressing ok and then I'm gonna use light soy sauce this is just lorilynn's and the dressing that I'm using this just from Aldi it just says California for each style there's a tablespoon of soy ok we're going to mix it up

I don't know if I can use this or not this is my new whisk that's a little browner than I want to be so I'm going to add say we put in 1/3 a 3-inch but let's just go ahead and make it 2/3 whoa-ohh with a tablespoon of soy now I'm gonna taste it make sure I like it [Music]

I'm gonna taste it and go wash my hands

I will add one more teaspoon of soy so it's 2/3 cup of French dressing 1 tablespoon of soy and then another teaspoon now this is light soy I didn't wash my Lord you always feed up to me when I do things just right especially my new followers all right we're gonna pour this over our chicken [Music] now I'm going to add a tablespoon of original business - now if your sodium you gotta go light on sodium then you're just gonna have to buy a light dressing you know lower sodium dressings some of the dressing didn't come out of here lower sodium dressing and you know go lighter on your salt I mean you know you know kind of what to do but I'm not worried about salt I'm just worried about mostly cholesterol right now we've just got the dressing in here and it's got oil in it y'all so we're just going to mix this up good

now I am going to take this dish yeah cuz way totally it on this chicken cuz we don't want it to dry out because it's just the breast meat okay and you can spray this if you want to and if you're making a whole one chicken you can line it with foil and a different kind of pan

okay now that dressing is 80 calories per serving but once it cooks down in here I don't think there's gonna be I mean there may be more than one serving on a piece of chicken but I still I'm not that worried about it cuz it's still a low-calorie low-cholesterol not blow calories so much because free it's just got sugar in it that's why if you want it to be low car you gotta bail lighten I didn't but it's 80 calories it's 8 grams of sugar the cholesterol zero our goal is cholesterol mostly okay so we're doing good with cholesterol because so far we haven't really put hardly anything with cholesterol in it of course the make tiring cholesterol but not as much as beef would be okay so we're going to it's already created so I'm going to open the oven sliding these veggies now because I'm thinking chicken I have to keep my open at 3:15 because if we turn up to right the chicken will get tough and not be good okay so you want to bake it if you're doing the chicken if you're doing the veggies you can always turn it up and I'll probably turn my veggies up once I get my chicken down so it makes true if they get good and brown but I've got on conviction so that should but I will come back in a little while I'll show y'all what it looks like coming out of the oven hey y'all it's Tammy I actually turned this off and put the oven I'm warm for about an hour and so it's time to take it out of the oven and then I'm gonna plate it and taste it right quick

[Music] here's the cheek so I'm gonna bring you in and let y'all see make a plate real quick it's simple this is all I made so hopefully it'll be good guess I'll use this to get my veggies

[Music] alright there's our veggies here's the chicken I cooked it for a long time and then I left it on warm for a while so it is going to be nice and hot that's how it looks so I'm going to taste this chicken right quick free offsets it's something I've never made before now just concocted I already tasted the veggies and they're really good okay

Chris is still working okay so I'm just going to taste this right quick and let y'all know if it's good

it's hard it's really tender it's really good that's a good recipe y'all and it was so easy you just put it in there put it the oven and walk away and you've seen how juicy it is when you get it out I think it would be really good of a rice and put some of this juice over the rice I think it'd be really good but I didn't make rice because if I got potatoes in the veggies but if I ever make this again I think I'm gonna make rice and serve it over rice I think it'd be really really good matter of fact that the broth and stuff the juice is so good I may actually save it and serve it over some rocks this week or something thanks for watching car belly cooks

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