Idol sa Kusina: Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

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[Applause] snapping bang going shrimp Alfredo pass okay so now yeah I think pasta of course yes at the pole I can appear to be yeah I'm getting a good thing oil oil oh yes chef oh yes okay CA one people spoon them cheaper Polly 1 4 3 PI 1 4 1 4 thought it yo one thing what's gonna are you so so yes so little bit Liggett and pasta it's a charity para he disabled it again okay so having needle again that little they're doing that thing artists often Alfredo shrimp Alfredo yeah juice it's automatic you can eat it not internet so good Internet come on decent lemon and greet new cheese yes again this piece on under my knife gonna come through I'll get back the school mr. Weiser Fred this a nice but and enourmous you'll remember us again I did a man in a row so Maddie in you know but the

important thing Manteca at Maron Dean battered yeah chef I'm gonna go I mean II prepare gonna I think garlic bread mm-hmm okay so you although Munna liheap on you know that in the last missing piece in a monopoly the box press down button items are red yes wait am I going thought yeah pasta Wow

sim pan with bar again butter again in a butter then they get things straight the man you all don't know you you gotta wanna yeah an enema set up as if I'm a passed out my room although my pain in days come bagger Devon white at the top on the left yes Suhani man allergic to shrimp I know I'm welding the meat enacted allergic say it 100 sky takes any porn ah well there chicas escalope Delmar lung

[Music] oh yes pretty cool huh we Depot what inclusively shanigan Ateneo capacitor you can young put the mug in a cooling and of course dignity nothing cream salt and pepper again yes one whose own cheese a little parts to be part of that tequila readyto then the pasta with a pastor now the pasta yes way over all the work that about yes Wow hello my chef about it and it is the Pakistani that made it

Mira yeah gridlock guys just set up that [Applause] is upon our genome bread oh yes acceptable shewbread entire Yoshi no man I can't pronounce it because gonna get about you can imagine Oh [Music] si bar gonna do Munna ping me p20 power yes he was just not a trap there you go Kanda plus for me son greedy permission to decide [Applause] serve take by the nothing eating stream I'll free the pasta not gonna be me [Applause]


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