Happy Days illegal drag race

by: joesimi

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hi oh yeah yeah that engine sounds nice hey don't sound nice Nat King Cole sounds nice this engine sounds fast

Wow push you to your car it sounds really fast finds he fixed it up it can lay rubber in three gears not counting reverse Oh my mother could I'll run that heap with a good Lake tied behind her oh yeah that's telling her mouth why don't you put your motor where your mouth is hey Steve can you rouse your drag race yes yeah seven o'clock tonight at the airport road oh yeah yeah well yeah I'd run your skills but um well dragons against the law well since you put it that way you're on now uh Ralphie never raced you yeah then you'll learn the hard way maybe you're gonna learn the hard way what's that mean that means that Ralphie weren't gonna drive tonight I am why does she do that no she's a cheerleader they do that all the time and she must be murdered on the thing you driving this has got to be the greatest drag race of the century a half greatest that bananas Skiz is in it right

hey where's Fonzie don't worry he's doing some last-minute work on my rod huh hey I don't see Fonzie up Navis chicken don't count on it good we'll see hi Jane hi Ritchie listen uh good luck tonight Thanks is that you smelling like that oh yeah yeah I just put on a little aftershave you know it's nice skeezy always smells like gasoline oh well I believe a guy should try and smell his best at all times gasoline is schizos best

all right Fuzzy's starting to sweat husk is hot five okay you guys ready ready hey wait a minute II can't start the race

Oh dummy he's prejudiced he'll cheat how is he gonna cheat you Turkey throw himself in front of your fast fast ROM look I want another starter I don't drag get somebody who's honest alright who's here that's honest I am Hey all right Cunningham coming here he's honest okay by me oh listen you see I never started a drag race before you know I mean it's all right all you gotta do say ready set go and drop that flag got it

all right

this Richard I am very disappointed

it's close oh hi mr. CC a-- officer oh i'm Potsie Weber of the school safety patrol I'm here on a special undercover assignment need any help you don't need it grab this heater using these kids they were gonna have a drag race and I came out looking for my son oh I'll bet you're wondering what I'm doing with this flag Richard no am i with you to a standoff I can explain this whole see I came out as my son was having it in the drag regatta he wasn't ready he doesn't even have a car he had a car but he's sold it for $25

ah it's the children's hour this isn't a nice way to spend an evening is it you could all be home covered in a nice little beds but you had to go out and have a nasty old drag race now in case you haven't heard lately drag racing is a no-no in this state ah you don't make me very happy kids you're a little old for this kind of thing aren't you Sonny I tried to explain to the other officer I'm his father oh I get it the family that plays together sergeant I can explain what happy you'll get your chance to explain later so uh just hold your horses dad no talk when we get home boy what we talk Oh Fonzie I'm ashamed of you I never expected to see you in here for Dragon especially against Kizzy don't tell me you lost your cool hey schism Sultan a friend here I mean I just thought it was my duty to drive well I guess chivalry ain't what it used to be all right now look I'm gonna call all your parents so they can come and get you of course that doesn't apply to those of you who get arrested on the family plan uh sir you know I'm with him who me Oh tell me you're starting your own teenage gang his parents are out of town yeah my father won a trip to Atlantic City for having the cleanest restrooms how nice okay that's it drag Nets over the Dagwood have cried Helen you bring your gang and come with me I can't wait to hear your story all right everybody in the waiting room till somebody picks you up

I'm sorry you got into this mr. C mr. C would it make you feel any better if I told you was my fault I mean I'm the one who talked rich in the sneaking out doesn't make any difference huh I think I'll go wash my hand

well hard to go here it went fine Marian we'll discuss it later all right is it way past your bedtime Jo it's past everybody's bedtime did you punish Ricci yes I punished him now go to bed huh what did you do I gave him what he deserved now will you go to bed could you give me a few details I've been waiting a long time no details now if you don't go to bed by the time I count to three just a hint no hint now what - how did you punish him Howard well I'm the father Marion and I used cool fatherly logic and gave him a just punishment grounded for life I mean what is that supposed to mean grounded for life means you're I've never seen him this upset before grounded for life alright I've decided that you're just grounded for for two

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