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ATTENTION. This video is a work of comedy and not intended to be taken seriously or offend. YOU MUST BE 21 OR OVER TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! Finally in our country came а good Christmas movie, that was not made as soulless as "Yolki" but using the same pattern of an almanac. As kind as a movie "It’s happening to me” - but not so sad. With the Quartet I starring, but not a chamber film as "What else men talk about”. Is it Christmas gift from our cinemamen? Let’s find it out. /nice music, voice and guitar/ First of all it is worth saying that this has been promoting in the all possible ways- streets advertising, Internet advertising, TV advertising >> TV news: New Russian Christmas comedy >> TV news: will be shown at the cinema from January. >> TV news: A comedy history that was made >> TV news: by the masters of the genre. This promoting is not surprising. this comedy was made by the directors - Żora Kryzhovnikov and Dmitriy Dyachenko with purely Russian black humor. And what's the most important- quality humor! Can we expect something else from two of the most successful comedy makers of our country? In addition project won the first place in the scripts contest -it is not surprising that team Quartet I is advertising this film and you know I am not even afraid of using the music by Tariverdiev. >> Film text: Let's become acquainted. Deserving films deserve the great composer. In "Wonderland" the characters are not associated - neither personally, nor with a time. Somebody's story is day long, somebody's story is week long. But I won’t sred they as the creators did – it’s better to talk about each story separately. Otherwise this vinaigrette is not completely understandable >> Slav the Split: And I will tell the first story. >> Slav the Split: It begins with an introduction with

>> Slav the Split: must pay bribes to a doctor after work >> Slav the Split: to make him deliver a child correctly. >> Film text: Sasha, you are a groundhog! >> Film text: Groundhog! Groundhog! >> Film text: Groundhog! - What? >> Slav the Split: Sasha has a partner and he >> Slav the Split: as usually cops do, >> Slav the Split: has to cash in on the bribes >> Slav the Split: for the birthday present for the chief. >> Slav the Split: But Fortune favours the brave and the partner of Sasha >> Slav the Split: forced him to give him Sasha’s money – 30 000 roubles. >> Slav the Split: The doctor bribing turns out >> Slav the Split: to be a cops’ bribing. >> Slav the Split: And there are some whores here. /sing/ >> Slav the Split: They don’t run off at the mouth. >> Slav the Split: The whole truth is on the screen! >> Film text: I must bring this money to the clinic-my wife gives birth >> Film text: If I don’t pay today, >> Film text: they all will be drinking for ten days in a row. >> Film text: And no one will deliver a child! >> "Scrubs":-Hey, Darling, don’t you help me? There is something wrong here. >> "Scrubs": Damn! >> Slav the Split: Do only we and doctors drink vodka? >> Slav the Split: Who did watch this fucking movie then?!

>> Slav the Split: They’d better drinking vodka then watching this shit!! >> Slav the Split: The partner, of course, is not going to give this coward >> Slav the Split: money back-but >> Slav the Split: he promises to teach the lower rank cop how to >> Slav the Split: bribe. >> Slav the Split: And it seems to be done successfully-even tits >> Slav the Split: are allowed to touched. >> Slav the Split: But suddenly the partner gets the food ingested into the >> Slav the Split: wrong throat. >> Slav the Split: But Sasha has a call-and >> Slav the Split: hit a piece of shit on his partner’s life >> Slav the Split: and the he goes dead. >> Slav the Split: Not a piece of shit but a partner. >> Film text: Lev Viktorovich! >> Film text: Lev Viktorovich! >> Slav the Split: The same guy has already acted a corpse >> Slav the Split: in this comedy, "Bittersweet". >> Slav the Split: Is he a corpse-acting actor? >> Slav the Split: Like Steadham – but specializing on corpses? /Jan Zapnik's office/ -I have already acted such a character's corpse! -Corpse of an official and a policeman's corpse are completely different corpses! -Each has its own distinctive features! Death mask after all! -And you are saying I need to act a corpse of Mayor! -Phew! >> Film text: thank you, thank you! Right now we >> Film text: will come to Garik at the construction site, take 30 000 ruble >> Film text: and my Mashka will give a birth the best way ever! >> Film text: I like! Thank you! >> Slav the Split: Look! >> Slav the Split: The cops >> Slav the Split: even after death. >> Slav the Split: are disturbing people? Motherfuckers! >> Slav the Split: Sasha is sent to bride at the spots >> Slav the Split: that had been controlled by his partners -You won’t get that swamp! -Shut up! -I will get! >> Slav the Split: Sania gets, but it not his fortune – an illegal alien >> Slav the Split: which should give him money cheat a coward-cop by saying that he has spent >> Slav the Split: all the bribe while buying the present for children. >> Slav the Split: Sasha is not scattered and getting money from drivers. >> Film text: I did it! I did it myself! >> “Beware: Modern ": What the hell are you doing? >> Slav the Split: But there is not enough money, so Sasha throws >> Slav the Split: his machine in the car and goes >> Slav the Split: to the metro-crossing. >> Slav the Split: To get money from grandmothers. >> Slav the Split: But there he is met but real blocks Russian ganstas, >> Slav the Split: and his cops truck is stolen. -What the hell is going on here! >> Slav the Split: Then Sasha pushs >> Slav the Split: his partner toward the car of the owner >> Slav the Split: of a market that hasn’t not given money. >> Film text: You run him over? –Now – I don’t It you! >> Film text: come on, let’s call the emergency! Could I call emergency? Why haven’t I done this before ? Goofy jerk! >> Voice-over: And here those who was filming this movie >> Voice-over: illustrated the message the best way. >> Slav the Split: All the cops are bustards. Sasha >> Slav the Split: lacked a bit of dough, but he >> Slav the Split: he forced a frecked over illegal allien to give him >> Slav the Split: 30 thousand additionaly. >> Film text: Everything will be OK! I need 30 thousand. >> Carlin: He is full of shit! >> Slav the Split: But Sasha fails to get his bribe, >> Slav the Split: because his chick is bearing and the coward >> Slav the Split: together with the illegal allien and a cop >> Slav the Split: corpse >> Slav the Split: take the big-bellied and drive toward >> Slav the Split: the hospital. >> Film text: Sing like you've been taught! –Sing yourswlf! >> Film text: You’ve never visited! /singing/ /impact sound/ /coughing, moaning/ /coughing, moaning/ /coughing, moaning/ >> "Robot chicken": What a twist! >> Slav the Split: Mary gave birth in the car and then they >> Slav the Split: go to the hospital. /merry melody/ >> Slav the Split: And why do you keep silent? >> Slav the Split: What? A cop was born? >> Slav the Split: Ah, yes! The second story tells us about rural family that inadvertently won the participation in “Field of miracles”, so the characters are erupting a volcano of Shakespeare questions >> Film text: A prize pops up, >> Film text: will you take it? >> Film text: Money! >> Film text: So many times >> Film text: a man is offered a huge amount of money >> Film text: and he says no, I want a prize! >> Film text: And there’s a milk or TV! >> Film text: But I saw a completely different situation! >> Film text: A man took money and there was a car! -When was it? >> Film text: No, I do not remember, when? - And I do not remember? When? When has “Field of miracles” became relevant again? I would like to see, the process of writing this story and these jokes. >> Film text: Come on or they will cut it out! >> Film text: It is a live broadcasting! -Okay, they have everything recorded in advance! >> Film text: But a stream is live! >> Screenwriter: indeed, they do communicate this way. And isn't it laughable? >> Screenwriter: Servants! >> Screenwriter: Next I show the heroes. >> Screenwriter: A country man >> Screenwriter: wants to ask for the prize, and his wife offers to take >> Screenwriter: money. The heroes are sent to the >> Screenwriter: show and >> Screenwriter: as the train travels in this country, >> Screenwriter: they are boozin their special way. >> Screenwriter: And after >> Screenwriter: a bottle of vodka a random traveler >> Screenwriter: also chooses money. >> Film text: But it a kefir here! I would better take 100 thousand! >> Film text: Hmm ... Because you are also >> Film text: a fool! -What? –A fool from Ural! /sound of beats/ /pleasant music/ >> Screenwriter: This scene has no effect and even bruises >> Screenwriter: do not appear >> Screenwriter: But trains in the film are >> Screenwriter: so natural and of course, the hero >> Screenwriter: is offered a prize. Yakubovich instead of the prize offers 23 >> Screenwriter: thousand rubles. >> Film text: Money! We take the money! >> Film text: Now let's see, what was inside! >> Film text: A car! >> Screenwriter: A hillbilly guy has fucked up! >> Screenwriter: Laugh! Laugh! >> Writer: I will give some >> Screenwriter: more! >> Screenwriter: They have toilets >> Screenwriter: without flushing! Hahahaha! >> Film text: "Sector Prize"! "Sector Prize"! >> Film text: What’s up with >> Film text: your brains? >> Film text: Why didn’t you take the prize? >> Film text: I said you to take it! You know, he took the money! Money! -It's just a movie!

-It's just a movie! /crying/ >> Screenwriter: But a redneck’s wife does not peel off her redneck husband. >> Film text: I would better marry Michal Ivanovitch! >> Film text: He offered me when I was young. >> Film text: You spoiled my whole life! You’d better fade away! >> "Clinic": Die! Die! Die! >> Screenwriter: The bickering makes the redneck go to the toilet >> Screenwriter: and lock himself there. >> Screenwriter: Accidentally the money falls >> Screenwriter: money. >> Screenwriter: and then accidentally the toilet >> Screenwriter: flushed. >> Screenwriter: And, of course, the servants >> Screenwriter: stop the train to search for >> Screenwriter: the covered with shit >> Screenwriter: Laugh! >> Screenwriter: Laugh! >> Film text: Hey, I have found a thousand rubles >> Film text: I have found! >> Film text: I'm sorry! >> Film text: I did not take the prize! No, forgive ME! >> Film text: You have to pay fine - 1 500 rubles! >> Film text: for the failure of the stop-handle! /frustration - trumpet sounds/ >> TV news: "Wonderland" is a comedy about the intricacies of Russian >> TV news: soul and the features of our >> TV news: New year >> TV news: On the screens from the first of January. The third story, which is acted by Quartet I - but they will not certainly disappoint us - will be told by me It starts at the airport restroom. >> Film text: Moscow, 194, boarding is ending. >> Film text: I’ve missed my flight! >> Room: Hahahaha! >> Room: What a story, Mark! The parade of humor is participated by a drunk VDV-guy. The joke is that he is drunk. In addition one of the characters has once been a famous actor. This whole crowd of the heroes should go to Moscow. >> Film text: And who are you, my dear? –An auditor! >> Film text: Who? -Auditor. >> Film text: Then I am a BMWtor! >> Film text: Hehehe! Ahhh ... /sound of shot/ >> Film text: Hehehe! Ahhh ... It turns out that the weather is not suitable for flying, and therefore the plane will not fly. >> Film text: Happy new year! >> Film text: I hope I do not need to introduce myself. >> Film text: But, >> Film text: nonetheless. O Lord! Shamirov! Where are you when we need you so much! >> Film text: I came from Paris to see you. >> Film text: You must decide the fate of mine - now and forever! >> Film text: Darkens. You are 17. You are free to >> Film text: dispose of yours. /squeaking door/ >> Film text: Hey. They do not give us to say the text. Now you are 18! >> Film text: You're free to ... to dispose... >> Film text: Sorry, are you Albert Senseckij? >> Film text: I'm Albert. >> Film text: Where should I put my signature? >> Film text: You’ve lost passport in the toilet! Thank you! The purpose to show the character is the same but it is a completely different approach! Adequate! And funny! But not everyone is annoying the workers of the airport due to non-flying weather. >> Film text: You said that you had your >> Film text: people at Sheremetyevo. >> Film text: AAA, a waitress at the buffet. >> Film text: What? Only need one small flight! There is a line between a degenerative foolishness and a charming ignorance. And It seemed, that the line was very clear. Dp really Armenian who has lived in Moscow for 7 years does not know the meaning of the word "waiter"? Fuck this Quartet I! Fuck this novel! -Sorry? Do you make photos for passport? >> Voice-over: Well we can. -Show me beautiful! -What the fuck? You stole my soul, e?! -I will prescribe you urakesh! Movie reviewing? Easily? The actor continues to rend the air about the movements in the sky. >> Film text: Yes if >> Film text: we invite your boss now, >> Film text: he will quickly decides all the issues both with Moscow, >> Film text: and with the weather-and he won't be needed to explain who >> Film text: Sergey Dubrovsky is! Wha!? Haven’t you studied physics? Don’t you know how weather works? It can’t be influenced by bosses! The more movement, the more resistance, so the worker answer rudely. >> Film text: Well I saw you >> Film text: ten ago in "Anshlag". >> Film text: These are yellow pants! These are blue pants! >> Film text: Should I crap or what? Hello, Cinema Foundation of Russia? You have allocated money for the movie "Wonderland". >> Film text: Should I crap or what? >> Director: Dear producer >> Director: it seems to me that the scenario. How would I. .. >> Director: It is not enough suitable for new year's Eve. >> Film text: Should I crap or what? At the airport the auditor fin a envelope in his bag there's a bribe inside, He saw it for the first time - after that he dials some numbers and say that he will leave these money at the airport. He was honest, e! And a clowning. connected with that money begins >> Film text: I have a friend. -Hmm. – He is also an auditor. >> Film text: Oh, Lord! Excuse me! >> Film text: And what is going on? Could you finally open the doors? >> Film text: Excuse me for God's sake! I listen to you. >> Film text: It turned out that he was given a bribe. –Hm... >> Film text: This is my friend. And he didn't even know about it. It was just put in his bag. >> Film text: It is not May outside! >> Film text: Yes! You see, I've already frozen! What the hell are they talking about? Is it funny or what? Because of the poor clowning, the navigator of the plane said: "I won’t fly anywhere!" So the heroes for some reason catch the drunk VDV-guy and catch a taxi. One the bus driver agrees and ask 70 000 rubles. The heroes are not against. But the bus is! /engine stalls/ >> Film text: Arrived. >> Film text: Arrived. >> Film text: Moscow! /impact sound/ You know, what the joke is, uh? The scenario was written by wrote the Quartet I! They just do what they want! The heroes continue their route afoot and again for some reason they take that drunken pig, the tension grows and they decide to find a way out'. >> Film text: You are a big fruit dealer! >> Film text: Why did you say that? -Well, this is the truth! The truth? >> Film text: But why is it so offensive? >> Film text: Keep silence! Stop giving commands here! >> Film text: Who are you? –I am a fruit dealer! Who?! "Mimino" >>: Vai mama, es inchje, es katarvum inch tegjem engel! (Oh, mom, what is going on here?!) But the situation is corrected by the auditor-he finds a man who is ready get them to Moscow. Having spent 170 000 rubles for their traveling, the heroes get a new car – but the driver is not so straightforward and seeing the people in the uniform he escapes. And the pharaohs do not follow him, although the driver is trying to escape, but the guy is not Daghestan wedding in the heart of the city! Why should they chasing him? Yes? >> Film text: And what will you say them? >> Film text: Drunk driving! It is 50 000 rubles. >> Film text: So he was not driving. >> Film text: Driving without a driver-in addition - drunk. >> Film text: It is two times more expensive! -Three! >> Film text: It is New year! >> Film text: Let's start! Cops! They are all the same! They all bribe! They boozing, chaosing! Fucking jackasses! After buttering cops’ palms, the heroes without greens come back at the same airport. The auditor is sad about the wasted money the actor is sad about the fact that he fails to work at the corporate party and the fruit seller is moping the matter, that he could not meet a woman. Miracle! The plane with that woman comes to the same airport /stylized Georgian melody/ Fuck! Only stereotypes about the Caucasus people! If I meet you, screenwriter, I will make wrestling fatality for you! Njejeje! I will climb the tree and make a flying face master for there! Shaaaaa! Everybody is happy! But nobody has money. Therefore, the auditor offers to take the bride and buy vodka. And there is a point to do that! Destiny! >> Film text: Merry >> Film text: me! >> Film text: Bitter! Bitter! Bitter! >> "Bitter": Ahahaha! Well done, come on! The following movie tell us about the redneck man named Valjera. The guest comes to him, and requests him for help and for some reasons it is easily understandable who was filming this movie. >> Film text: Over the field! There's a hill there- >> Film text: we will be freezing to wait until morning! >> Film text: Hahahahaha! /moan/ /moan/ It turns out that he needs to push the UFO /solemn melody/ >> RenTV-Guy: The humanoids are lacking of /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy:the battery life and they /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: ask a contactor from the Earth /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: to charge it. Therefore,. /lisps/ >> Film text: Green! /sing/ >> Film text: Green! -Grass! /sing/ -Imagine if Jora Kryzhovnikov directed the film not about vodka. Hmmm! Delirium!

>> Film text: Why did you come? >> Film text: We close you. >> Film text: Close? >> Film text: We arrived to take some samples >> Film text: of the soil. >> Film text: And a pinch of bacteria. >> Film text: The day after tomorrow the flood will cover the Earth!

-Started. >> RenTV-Guy: The humanoids, judging on behavior, /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: are from Nibiru, /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: They offer to fly together and then /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: being drunk /lisps/ >> Rentv-player: cot a zonk out. This novel is the most truthful of all /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: that have been shown. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: If we throw away the distrust to /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: the aliens, and some wacky jokes! /lisps/ >> Film text: It is important not to be chicken, or you can die! >> Film text: Ahahahahaa! -My God! O God! >> RenTV-Guy: This novel is better that the rest /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: Because of the actor who acts /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: the main character. In addition, the story /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: is interesting, and sometimes there are some /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: good jokes /lisps/ >> Film text: Galya, the alient told me. Tolia and Gennady Larionovich. >> Film text: Arrived. There will a flood. >> Film text: Well. >> Film text: Valera, fly alone. >> Film text: Until the next dropper. >> RenTV-Guy: There's even a self parody of Mad'janov. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: Given its one thousands eight hundred and ninety /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: two roles of officials /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: it looks good. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: Nevertheless, let's go back to the story, /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: that is another /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: At least, it is the Cinema Foundation of Russia agrees. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: As a result of the sermons about the flood /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: proof of the existence of UFOs. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: Valera turns out to be placed to /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: the hospital - his wife with the child and /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: the mayor thinks Valera to be a madman. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: Hopeless fools! /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: The hero is put /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: in the mental hospital. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: Fortunately, the doctor turns ti be from our guys. /lisps/ >> Film text: Why do you think that I have schizophrenia? >> Film text: No, it's me who have. >> Film text: I have schizophrenia. >> RenTV-Guy: Valera is released and so he has time to take /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: his favorite animals /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: and comes to the ship. But it turns out /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: that the story of the flood is a drunken delirium. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: But the aliens themselves, surely /lisps >> RenTV-Guy: do exist. /lisps >> Film text: Then you get you oil. >> Film text: He lied to you. >> Film text: About scientists? >> Film text: We are we are sewage pipe cleaner from the space. >> Film text: We take the shit out of black holes >> Film text: and pour it in the bowels of the Earth.

>> Film text: well, or gas, I don't know! >> RenTV-Guy: I told you, I told you-they are from Nibiru! /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: The humanoids with Nibiru earn their living this way! /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: And some, by the way, /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: sit /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: in Gazprom. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: The humanoids on the flying boat of /lisps/ 0:21:30.550,0:21:32.230 >> RenTV-Guy: the third level /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: fly away. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: and the hero returns to the family. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: And this /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: is the most /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: doubting. /lisps/ >> RenTV-Guy: Why did his family suddenly get back? /lisps/ >> Santa Claus: It's a miracle! >> Santa Claus: Christmas Miracle! >> RenTV-Guy: This is fucking shit! I do not believe it! /lisps/ >> TV news: The miracles that happen to the >> TV news: heroes has not a fairy, but rather >> TV news: a national character. Well but it is time for the final novels, which includes, everything that we love. >> Film text: Dads, well, where is she? >> Film text: She is coming! >> Film text: Why did she take a tree? >> Film text: She is drunk! >> Film text: Are you drunk? >> Film text: No, just a little bit. If you use one tablet of activated carbon each time of an alcohol appearing in the film from the Cinema Foundation of Russia, on the thirtieth minute of it you can die from an overdose. The novels tells an enamored couple that wanted to acquaint their parents. Well, their parents are from different sectors of society. >> Film text: They are good, but they are just not like you! >> Film text: It is minus 30, >> Film text: and she has high-heeled shoes! >> Film text: They will be wearing sports suits for sure! >> Slav the Split: Wha!? The stratification by the way is not very clear- one family is not very rich and the second one doesn’t even have a car as the father didn’t sell the grain. Nevertheless, the couple visited them to the incredibly expensive restaurant. But humor of the novel is not about it! It's more aimed at behavior. /skiping chair/ /steps/ >> Film text: Can I help you? -No .. >> Film text: It is not necessary.

>> Film text: Let me switch it on. Sorry for the word "humor". But at least they don't forget about dialogs. >> Film text: What are you doing? >> Film text: I make the bubbles come out. -Belching? Although, let's forget this fucking stuff! A fishwives’ dirty mess begins with aperies and the BUeeeeee effect. The farce is stoped by Angela, saying that she is pregnant. And the kibble has be brought! And they shot their pie holes. The truth is, that father of the bride ordered nothing Therefore he opens his hole. >> Film text: Let’s look at the price list, how many >> Film text: they take >> Film text: for crockery damage. >> Film text: Hahahahaha! >>: Alf /annoying sound/:It irritates almost immediately! Because of the hunger he requests to try risotto, which has been brought in a cheese plate. Everybody follows and suddenly ... >> Film text: I have to take >> Film text: a charge for damage of crockery. >> Film text: We are not allowed to eat >> Film text: the plates in our restaurant. >> Film text: You give it to the other people? >> Film text: The cheese has been eaten by other people for a few months? >> Film text: Well a cheese head itself costs about 7000 rubles. In this restaurant. They serve food in the cheese plate. Then they wash the cheese plate, put a meal in it again and give it to the people who came to this restaurant. Screenwriters of the film "Wonderland", are you really scull fucked? Fucking cheese plate, which you wash and use again! Fucking cheese plate! >> TV news: The movie directors call >> TV news: "Wonderland" one of the most realistic >> TV news: Christmas movies of recent times. Fucking cheese plate! Of course, the heroes, as cattle, start blaming each other-no one wants to pay. >> Film text: You'd better wash your head! >> Film text: I have it washed! -What? Why don’t you take your hat off then? >> Film text: She washed it! Oh! A food throwing has come! Additionally we get a crappy filmed, and poor cut and awful acted brawl at the music. / playful melody-Leningrad- magic people, voodoo people/ /playful melody-Leningrad- magic people, voodoo people/ -Haven’t you misbehaved?

Naturally, as a consequence, the check multiplies. The families see a huge amount and of course, unite. >> Film text: You, kids, should care about us

>> Film text: just as we care about you. >> Film text: Even more.

>> Film text: Olya!

Stop! Stop! Stop! Why no one thinks about our planet? We also need to take care about it and find the authors of this novel and sterilize them. As well as the people that are ready to advertise such a humorous movie! >> TV news: You must watch >> TV news: this movie on the New year holidays-"Wonderland". -Isn’t it funny! Hehehehe! What's wrong with the film "Wonderland"? Generally - everything. Imagine this crap, but made not as the separate stories but as a copped salad that came out from the stomach of the owner, partly and mixed up. Here you are shown the police, that is with Sasha, further we are shown the crying for money villagers, then the two families shouting and then a boozing with aliens, then bribery and the noses of the Quartet I. And then everything once again. And again and again and in this confusion and only one thought comes - either Kokshenov snatched the budgets or the murlocs got the surface of the Earth and decided to study cinema. The stories are not connected – furthermore, they are pointless. And the characters in them are stupid, nasty bimbos, who influence nothing. They are trash flying in the wind of the situation. Oh, and one question - What did the creators want to tell? What did the creators of the last story want to tell? Family is important. Thank you. Shoot! Many thanks for you! Without this animalization of the heroes and your example with the cheese plate I will never get it. And what about the cop Sasha? Steal, bribe, do not help, spend time with a corpse, all for the sake of his wife. You are good, of course, but for the sake of his wife you shouldn’t use lawlessness, right? In addition the character does not change. The story just ended and that’s all. What did you want to say? That all the cops are bastards? Thanks, I got it at the novel of the Quartet I. And what is the meaning of the story about the Field of Miracles? Money is everything? You will be curse, miscalled, hated, but you lose money and you will be begrudged. It is certainly cool, but that doggery attitude and that doggery words of the wife won’t be forgot neither by me nor by the character. Or what? I have to hem and say: "Brush ape!” And the Quartet I is just a dull shaggy dog story that leads to the conclusion-for the sake of boozing you can take the money and it doesn't matter that it's a bribe! The characters are piss poor, there is no history, no humor in general. But we will our fans for sure! Follow the precepts of the story itself. By the way, it is very funny that all novels except for the only one are about money. It is New year in the country! Only money. Well, of course, a cheese plate, Yes. A fucking cheese plate. This is. .. fucked up. Well, the story about aliens- the last thing you want to criticize. The characters are good, Yes, again, vodka and the jokes were limping and the motivation has disappeared in the end. But in this cake of shit the final story seems to be a cherry. And you want to ask-how are these stories are connected with New year? The authors just wanted to get some greens but they didn’t want to bother. You can place any novel in any other times of the year and nothing will change. You know, it you put some snow at the cake of shit the cake won’t be better. Truly, one of the most dull, poor, miserable and unnecessary movies about the new year. All the bad! -Heh, motherfucker! Happy new year! Aaaaaa! Wait. Fucking fuck! AAA. Here, right now! /pleasant Christmas melody/ /pleasant Christmas melody/

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