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[Music] so I'm on my way to chef chef on Calhoun it's an area that's famous for its street markets and technology but as all the cool stuff to check out like Austin Street food and some tiny shop so let's explore [Music] so I'm at a cha chaan Teng it's like a Hong Kong style cheap eateries it includes every day in Hong Kong dishes but they also do like a Hong Kong take on western food like spam and egg sandwiches macaroni and froth and also peanut butter and condensed milk on toast which is my favorite today we got the Hong Kong milk tea and this amazing beef and egg sandwich apparently it's so well done here all my friends know about it and everyone here is how everyone so really keen to try it there's a perfect breakfast food so satisfying egg is mixed in with a beef the toast is crispy on the outside but some butter on the inside so one of the main reasons people come to sham Shui PO is to shop this is abdul streets which is famous for its tech can find anything from phone chargers to enough stuff to build your own computer and then there are many streets here we can go find DIY fashion materials sookie Longstreet sells buttons downtown street salt ribbons you can find leather goods in Tainan street and new chow street specializing some beads you can seriously find everything here [Music] okay this is a really cool spot final hero also known as Paul's Boutique is a really tiny record shop in the middle of shampoo and Paul actually runs it out of this apartment it's full of Records for all budgets and all taste so let's check it out hello I quietly yeah this is amazing you got so many records around here I have around 30,000 records his last 34 years I've been collecting I started telling them on the street just I'm saying and then you decided to move it all into your apartment ya think you know carefully like this very careful so I came here hoping to actually get something what kind of music do you like I've always liked the chassis type of songs thank you the first time I purchased the vinyl you have to take good care of your records because it'll leave hundreds of new head next time bye-bye [Music] okay so showmanship pose known for its snacks and street foods and this little restaurant have the acai does a really good chunk fun trance basically rice rolls with soy sauce peanut sauce sweet sauce and sesame it's totally up to you though you can say you want more sweet sauce like I did or you can say I don't want any peanut sauce all right let's try this one basically the rest rules are pretty plain which is why you got all these sauce sesame adds a crunch to it I like to drown mine from the sweet sauce delicious so the best way to end the day dessert I heard about this egg waffle place good a snack and they do really funky flavors today I've got this salted egg and spam flavor really unusual but it's supposed to be really good so let's try it Wow I thought I wasn't gonna like it but the salted egg flavor comes right through it's really dry along with the dough but then when you bite on these spam the moisture comes through and kind of works together strangely I definitely recommend it all right time to go home

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Sham Shui Po on Hong Kong’s Kowloon side is one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Hong Kong. Filled with lively markets and stalls selling everything from the latest technology to everything you need to make your own dress. Join us as we go out on an adventure with J Lou as she spends the day exploring the best that Sham Shui Po has to offer. We start the day at Sun Heung Yuen, one of Hong Kong’s many cha chaan teng’s for a delicious breakfast of Beef and Egg Sandwiches and Hong Kong Milk Tea. We check out the Apliu Street Market for some new gadgets, Ki Lung Street for cute buttons, Nam Cheong Street for silky ribbons and Tai Nan Street for small leather goods. We find Hong Kong’s unique record shop, Vinyl Hero also known as Paul’s Boutique. Paul sells over 50,000 vinyl records out of his own apartment and we couldn’t help picking out one for ourselves! Last but not least, we end the day with some of Sham Shui Po’s tastiest snacks. We eat award-winning Cheong fun from Hop Yik Tai and try an interesting flavour combination of salted egg and spam egg waffles from Goodest Snack. It’s all here in our latest episode of Shorts, where we discover the best parts of the world in bite-sized format. Watch more episodes of Shorts:

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