Lost Valley Remake - Bumper Engine (Sonic Fan Games)

by: Garrulous64

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hold up a moment and that looks Klima bull come on you can make it invisible walls have never stopped you before think of Sonic oh six climb up climb whoo all right I didn't mean to climb like that you know what we're going places now oh no it's like he's slowly realizing he can't walk on air oh he's fine he'll be okay [Music] oh all right we're off to the races already hello everybody I'm guerrillas 64 and welcome back to Sonic fan games I guess this is a remake of Lost Valley from Sonic courses made in a new Sonic engine called the bumper engine now I was meeting to make a video about this before but I'd really like I went into it and I couldn't I didn't have a lot to say because it was just pretty much test levels and you know like they went on for a little bit and then I was like alright well I have nothing to say about this besides the fact that it's pretty fun to play but now here's an actual level we can play and it's remaking a stage from Sonic horses a game that I'm not - you know - in love with if you've watched the previous videos but hey we can now play this and see hey ok is the level better in horses or is it better here and I gotta say right off the bat I can't compare the two because this engine is so different from horses that I don't really think there's it wouldn't be a fair comparison and be like trying to compare like Sonic the Hedgehog 1 to Sonic Adventure like they're completely different playstyles unless I mean I'm not talking about the classic gameplay of course but you know I'm talking about the 3d element like this is this feels more like an adventure game to me which first of all I love so you know that's points for it but I'm not comparing the two like I like the adventure play style a lot I like the boost play style a lot forces might have not done it too much justice in my opinion but uh you know maybe remaking some enforces levels in a completely different way is an interesting idea I mean Green Hill has been in an adventure game it was an adventure too I mean they didn't do too much cool stuff with it in my opinion it was just kind of like a which is kind of like a nostalgia thing like that was back before everybody was like no please no more Kareem hill I won't do anything I'll trade my firstborn if you just get rid of it you know it was neat but this is kind of an interesting way to take the stage and make it a little bit more interesting in 3d I mean generations did a good job but again that's you know the boost formula so it's I gotta forces Greenhill I did not like very much I just thought it was kind of boring but uh back on the topic of this I like having this giant wide-open space to run at around and it's pretty neat and you know the fact it's not it controls pretty nicely is fun I mean it's not like one-to-one adventure or anything but it's pretty fun like I mean you have a good control over Sonic he he's not that stiff he's a little stiff when trying to like move around close quarters and of course that doesn't thing to do it the person who made the level by the way that the level is the only thing the person made the the engine itself was made by other people but I mean it's pretty decent like I I enjoy it we have you know classic things like the bounce we have the spin - which you know not and Sonic hasn't used for a while unless you count his drifting and generations and I'm not counting lost world but uh you know then you also have get the homing attack and you have the air - I mean it's not quite I was hoping would feel more like adventurous but it doesn't quite like it propels you but it's not too much maybe it's a bit more balanced than adventurous and then you also have the ability to roll down slopes if you're using a controller you'll hold down the RB button and Sonic will do a little roll and you can gain speed like that good yeah you have the light - if you press the Y button so heck I mean this is pretty versatile I I'm very interested in playing more levels with this and there are also multiple characters and I'm going to be going through the level with one other character as well because this was kind of a short level plus I mean as you can see there were tons of alternate paths so we definitely have more things to check out and here's the boy we've got Classic Sonic and if you notice his bounce makes the bubble shield noise which i think is kind of cute and he doesn't homing attack but his homing tech is very very nerfed I know he also does not have an air - he does have a drop - though which like thank you thank you so much you know how much I love the drop - so yeah classic sonic all the characters are different they have different properties they're different speeds they have a bunch of different things and I mean you can check them all at yourself you try the game I would very much recommend you checking the engine out like I said there are some levels that come with the engine itself and I mean there's their partner worth playing I mean one's just a test level so I wouldn't really jump into that unless you wanted to experiment with their abilities but you know there's like a test course and then there's like a I forgot what the other one is it's like it's some kind of actual level that I believe the creator of the engine made on a live stream but no that's as much as I know about that you have characters like modern sonic shadow silver Amy SP o mighty you have Sally acorn from SatAM and the comics and it's a weird choice but you know whatever I'm sure she has her fans that we'd like to see her in a game you also have Classic Sonic and I believe there are more I think there's at least one more but it's slipping my mind I'll check in a moment cuz I think I'm gonna play it with one more character in addition to classic here just cuz why not so as you can see here you can hold down the R but our B button and we're all a bit you do get momentum which is really nice like it's a nice 3d momentum system that you know I feel like they haven't quite captured in a 3d game yet I mean since like Adventure 1 and 2 but I guess that's not really the goal of the game anymore the goal is holding X to boost and stuff like that you know I mean they can make it work they can make it work but they gotta try a little harder in my opinion so yeah his homing attack has like no range and it's very very slow so it's not something you'd really want to rely on I guess maybe they wanted to give him one though because if they didn't then it might be kind of hard to fit into some of the level designs that people create cuz as it stands you could probably play this level with any character well you definitely can but I'm sure at some point someone's gonna start designing levels that if the characters had vastly different abilities you probably wouldn't be able to play all of the levels with them Karen please there that she was the last one and Metal Sonic there we go okay yeah that was that was eating at me and here comes my psychic boy all right so silver is pretty slow as he was in Sonic oh six but super slow like he's still got a decent pace though you can see he's he's a bit slower than modern sonic and classic Sonic the thing that he does have though is he has a super powered Spin Dash so it definitely launches him quite worth like a ways ahead of himself than uh the other characters that that sentence didn't make much sense cuz I'm trying to think of words on the fly and there's a noise going on somewhere in my house and I don't know what it is it sounds like some kind of drill and I'm really hoping it's not coming up on the video cuz that would suck a little bit cuz I'm supposed to be alone in the house if there's a maniac wielding a drill ready to kill me I wish he'd just get it over with so I could you know stop the video recording and know that my footage sounds ok look at that boy roll the best he got okay he is he is noticeably slower I have to say but it's still nice to be able to play silver with his own you know set of moves that are actually not terrible I mean his moveset wasn't like god-awful in Sonic oh six I really enjoyed the way he was able to throw objects but I really really wish they'd done more with that cuz like that game it pains me because he's such a cool character at least he was pretty neat enforces you know if he hadn't knocked that a phantom Ruby prototype out of infinite then they would have held died when the Sun crashed into the earth which that's a big no-no not shoot those moto bugs they're on the prowl too like I said before the characters movesets are a little bit different I'm having a little trouble making it past this with silver because his his speed is so much lower I think I kind of need to get a more of a running start than I probably would have needed to with Sonic whoa heck yeah okay oh jeez faceplant right into the Rocky Mountains that's not good

heck yeah whoa silver stop well I thought that was the end of the level I didn't know that was I didn't know if that was just an invisible boundary whoops that's what I get for experimenting well I wish he was a little bit faster I have to say I was totally wrong at the beginning there he is he is painfully slow to start moving

whoa whoa whoa geez wonder if that's a particular motor bug we might have seen before he seems like he's very driven

super pleased geez all right well that's gonna be everything I want to show off to the bumper engine today so if you liked this video and you haven't already please make sure you subscribe click the bell follow my Twitter and join the discord to keep up with more Sonic fan games and other things that aren't Sonic fan games cuz they do a lot of things I'd also like to give a big ol thank you to my current sponsors Silva PhD Roscoe thirteen Henry s Rob Morrison Davis professor asteroid beyond rob it's miss Kobayashi's dragon medic modern mega traffic cone knuckles channel 3 and Knuckles creative and mike tgc thank you guys so much for sponsoring it really means a lot and if you have any interest in becoming a sponsor yourself please make sure to check out the link in the description for more information thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys next time

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