Japanese Study Routine - Summer Edition (2017)

by: Cloudy Wedding

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Hey ! What do you mean ? Less than six months between two videos ? ... What is happening ? So, today I'm going to show you a video I wanted to make for a really long time It's my japanese study routine for the 2017 summer In my opinion, Summer is the best time to study Because I have more time And I can focus on the things I want to focus on And so I thought I could tell you all about my study routine Because I know that some people can't get themselves to study Even though they want to learn japanese Recently, I learn japanese on my own So I wanted to show you how to get yourself to study Even if the weather's nice and hot Even if you want to go outside and have fun Even if you think you have time I will show you how to motivate yourself And keep studying japanese Even in the middle of summer If I can give an advice to those of you who learn on their own, It would be to choose a goal That you ABSOLUTELY want to achieve For example, mine is the JLPT It allows me to choose based on my level To study based on the level I chose And to have a deadline because it's just once a year (in France) So I have to be ready for the test and to motivate myself to study before then In my opinion, It really is the best way to get yourself to study Mine was choosing the JLPT but it depends on you For example, if you plan to travel to Japan, You can choose as a goal to be able to talk in japanese with the people you'll meet When you'll be leaving for Japan So if it can motivate you, I really think you should find yourself a goal It could help you to force yourself to study And the best thing is to have a deadline A time when you absolutely have to know how to talk about a certain topic or be on a certain level I think it could help you study So don't hesitate to search a little bit about the JLPT In my opinion, it's the best but it depends on what you want to learn But if you don't know about the JLPT and don't have a goal yet you should search a little bit about this test But it won't push you that much to learn japanese right now Since the JLPT test takes place in december And it's currently the middle of summer So if you tell yourself you have time, you can't even register yet for the JLPT, it's no big deal waiting a little bit before studying, etc. If there's a lot of time between you and your goal, Especially if it's the middle of summer Maybe you'll kind of forget your studies Before studying, I always search on the internet everything about why I want to learn japanese For example, I'll watch videos, look at pictures I took in Japan with my friends and boyfriend, etc. and think about why I want to go to Japan And it really motivates me For example, if you want to learn japanese because of anime and manga Watch for just five minutes (otherwise you'll get lost) some anime and manga I think it's the best way to start with a motivated spirit To tell yourself : "today, I want to learn how to say this or how to read this" And then you can start your studies fully motivated When I start studying, I try to see if I'm late on anything on my study schedule For example if during my last study session I studied more grammar than vocabulary, I'll study more vocabulary today After that, I try to decide how many words and how many grammar forms I want to learn today And then I try to study according to that Recently, I use : Japanese Test 4 you for the JLPT grammar forms Renshuu.org for the JLPT Vocabulary And Nihongo no Mori's youtube video to get everything clearly in my head For me it's easier to remember lessons when I hear them First of all, I write everything down in my notebooks using Japanese Test 4 you and Renshuu.org Then I study it all over again listening to Nihongo no Mori's lessons In my opinion, Nihongo no Mori's JLPT levels are very good, I really like their videos Don't hesitate to check them out, I think it could really help you if remember better listening to a teacher To study, I use websites But I write everything down on my notebooks And I like to make it the prettiest I can so I'll want to read it again and again For example, use some stickers or some colorful pens I try to make to prettiest notebooks I can So I can take them everywhere I go and be proud And also to motivate myself and make me want to read everything again and again Seeing the things I want to learn written in pretty notebooks motivates me Don't forget a little snack ! Today to stay in the topic, I made some tea and bought some melon and lychee mochis It's very good About my way of writing things in my notebooks, For the grammar forms, first of all I write the form down Then, the translation Then, how to use this form And finally two example sentences with their translations and if needed, pronunciation About the vocabulary, I write the kanji word, then the translation, and finally, the pronunciation on the very right So I'll have to learn the pronunciation because it's not directly next to the kanji word It's my way of writing but everyone is different, it depends on how you learn That's all for today's study routine ! If you allow me to give an advice about the pretty pens and notebooks : I buy everything in Hema ! This is not a sponsored video They really have pretty notebooks there and cheap colorful pens So I buy mine there or directly in Japan I bought the stickers in Japan so I won't be able to tell you in which store you may find the same, but I'm sure you can order it online That's all I can say about the things I showed you in the video About the giveaway (in my last video), we will give the results on august 5th On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and also in my next video if it's not too late But we will post an answer on the winner's comment so be sure to check your notifications ! If we don't get an answer for two weeks we will choose another winner, sorry ! So be sure to check your notifications on august 5th or 6th Before ending this video, I wanted to tell you about a project I want to support (not sponsored !!) It's a K-pop themed tea room named Pop K-Andy, it will open in Paris There will be european and asian styled cakes and pastries And on the week ends, an all-you-can-eat pastries buffet And I reallyyyyy wish for it happen So, there's a kickstarter if you want to participate I'll put the links in the description and some articles about this project So don't hesitate to check this out if you want to ! I'll end the video there Please tell me what you thought in the comments I know it's a little different from the videos I usually do So please if you liked it, tell me in the comments ! I will maybe do another study routine when I'll be back in college Because everything will change, my way of studying, the websites I use, etc. And I'll have an access to the college's library's books so... I'll probably make another study routine at that time anyway.

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