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all right what is up unibrow has got a special Swift or says for you this will be our second one so what we do is we run like a special raffle people have a little while to enter and we pick one winner to run a game of Swift or says or Simon Says bolt the winner says and the winner today is is Jack Star so Jack I believe you're gonna do a great job man so so going forward going forward this is this is Jack's episode so Jack go ahead and you're thinking all right I will be your host for today's game and welcome sex good job doing it light up shoulder to shoulder across the wool and keep your eyes on me at all times unless otherwise specified Jack star says if he catches you looking at anyone else you're more than likely going to end up with a bullet in your face sorry let's begin Jack sauce says on the front Jack saw says stand up jacks are sense say hello to the fellow universe key there's always one in the box someone else someone else to that bar you know I've got her Jack saw says jump once Jack saucers jump twice Swift flossers jump three times

Jack says follow me

wow so nice you guys fell for that first round Jack I'll get my unit back in siege okay bye Jack says everyone right here Jack's are says when I say go you're all gonna swim under this water under the bridge and then you're all gonna pop out at the other side here Jack saw says the last person to get hit dives guy goes help I go there by poor guy poor guy not so cool now okay when Jack fails to jump

yeah okay says everyone memorize the attractions on this Hey I'm gonna give you 20 seconds to memorize the attractions wait I can't see you hold on other way can you count down yeah it's got timer out as well

oh my god okay yeah lazy river on its


face this way okay kill him all right Jackson come to me Oh God all right here yeah what's up was that man's Cove on the list yes it was dead man's Cove was on the list you did a great job some of you you're cheats all right so Jax are says when I say go you all must successfully what rule run across this wall without falling off Jax I says yes do it just do it just do it

today beautiful bomb that was just like someone if I stuck it to someone I run after another person and get them killed

okay Jax's phone jacks off says many players take a seat at one of these tables oh you're on double dates okay okay okay Jack says have one Jimmy what you want old on your first date this is people's very momentous Nick okay Jax I said Sammy and capture what would y'all wanna order on your first date I liked some blind wine some ravioli Smithers I say cheese okay who's paid sergeant Mason and techno what do you want old on your first day Jax I said

sounds a choice to me Sammy okay Jax are says everyone one two random place on a map you must be outdoors and clear of anything above you so you can't be under any buildings or pipes or obstacle you must be in the clear Jack sauce says I need help from the spectating players to tell me if anybody moves that's not allowed you're not Jax I said you're not allowed to move okay zooming he is is under an object yeah capture will good Mason good phase wolf all right everyone everyone everyone looks good Jack Saul says Jamie stop Mary when are you gonna get bullet in the face yeah phase well if you start moving to spectators everyone stop moving Jack star says gonna call in a lightning strike on three random positions with mark alone no matter where I was long dead close to you my mate I did not pick you it's the lightning strike I did not see nothing you were so let me get to where I'm good Jack Starr says everyone meet me over here exit to the theme park where you right way you did the fine look at the sign attraction thing this tax ah there we go Jack sauce says everyone follow me this Beach right patio we have now exited Jack star says you're all gonna form a circle and you're about to perform a mass exodus Jack star says he's a phase move back a bit please yeah all right Jack star says you're gonna aim your gun at the most handsome person in the game says it can't be me uh okay now Jack's offense when I'm when I say the name of a fruit you're gonna fire one bullet and I don't have to say Jack's a service before I say the fruit is it get it good okay missing that careful if I may say vegetables cucumber shoulder against this gates

made it I don't know what you made it

Jack sauces everyone going to couch Jackson says stand his approach Jack slice is going to prime Drexler says Crouch Jack's understand now just snitches Jack's Oscar snitches get stitches but those niches like Jack's are says all times

jebaited jebaited all right Jack star says Jack star says gonna try catch one you out and toads only to be left jack says jump Jackson says couch

okay congratulations - careful and face you are our final contestants now Jax law says follow me Oh almost a career old well don't just how are you two doing today good good how're you doing today yeah you're right yeah yeah tired you do sound tired my friend like I just think you're tired but still you've got energy

Jax are says I thought you were the pros oh I mean I'm repping the paint job 24/7

all right Jax are says why few players stand in the middle here yes and enemy go here there we go Jax are says we're gonna do the classic jewel jacks are says Jackson says face stand here where I am all right okay now all right Jax I says phasing cab stand in the middle here facing each other okay all right all right this is this is where all right jack says he's gonna need complete silence jack saucers shake hands Jax I says give each other a compliment I like it babe aw come with flies thank you okay Jax Arthur's jack Starr says everyone needs to remain silent Jack Starr says turn back to back what jax-ur sense walk as slowly as the game will let you we've got ourselves a Mexican standoff boy Jack says we're not safe fire-eater bananas you Nancy Nancy we should fire a gun all right turn around

we're not cheating - I'm firing white is the winner - the person who's there is the would another person that's still alive still alive I didn't have to say I mean you told me turn around you say fire do you tell them to shoot their guns I don't care you run all right congratulations careful lest I let you have a brother

good game guys great job Jack that was a lot of fun man well done dude well done GJ that's very good great game guys who you guys enjoy that definitely drop a like share with a friend and if you want a chance to be you know the leader in one of these games come by the show for her swiftly peur eyes open for the for the for the you says raffle and if you win that it'll be up to you to to be a would be the scissor does that make any sense no but don't worry about it okay guys JJ JJ dudes as always thanks for watching my videos really means a lot I always want to share with you guys I'm now officially sponsored by Soylent I drunk at least two bottles a day does a meal in a bottle taste get chocolates my favorite flavor coffee original close second links in the description for now check it out make me look good and really I think you're gonna love it chocolate all day baby thanks for

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Our next guest Says player is prolific community member JackSTXR - he specifically requested to do it on SPLASH. Let's see if he can live up to the map name. About swiftor: Welcome to the Official Swiftor YouTube Channel! Keep up with my Swiftor Says episodes where I give commentary on gameplay with notable games like Call of Duty Black Ops 3, GTA V, WW2 & more! New episodes daily, let’s play! NOT Swiftor Says, it's JackSTXR Says on SPLASH! | Swiftor


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