Why Street Fighter’s Sonic Boom Actually Makes Sense! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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quick yell something that you associate with the game Street Fighter if you didn't yell or shoryuken you probably yelled sonic boom now you may know what a sonic boom is and even some of the physics behind it but what you may not know is that if you use the physics of a sonic boom in a clever way the famous street fighter attack makes total sense [Music] the sonic boom is the signature special attack of the character guile he yells sonic boom quickly curves his fist through the air and the resulting wave travels towards opponents causing damage on impact it looks like any other impossible videogame attack but the cool thing is with one simple caveat guile is doing something perfectly scientifically plausible but before we get to that what is a sonic boom simply put a sonic boom is what happens when the pressure waves coming off something like a fist can't get out of the way of that miss fast enough and so they bunch up into a shock wave wave motion fist is actually what Hadouken means tiny Hadouken tiny Hadouken a more intuitive way to think about this is waves in water so take this boat for example if it was just sitting in the water motionless but still going up and down would be creating ripples that would be coming off of it at some speed now if the boat started traveling towards me those waves that it would create would bunch up at the front and extend at the back and it's some speed the boat would actually be traveling faster than the waves it was creating and so the waves coming off of the boat would bunch up into larger waves a kind of wave front shock wave or wake and you know where those waves eventually land on the shore you can to get the same wake in air you have to go faster than pressure waves do an air faster than sound does beyond 340 meters per second and Mach 1 so to perform a street fighter style sonic boom dials fists would have to be going and loop that fat oh you are here hello hello but punching faster than the speed of sound isn't enough on its own there is a way to make a sonic boom even bigger if you're clever and guile apparently is even though his hair is not when something like a fighter jet goes beyond Mach 1 the energy that the sonic boom creates will hit everything under the so-called boom carpet and the boom carpet is defined as every point on the ground where the sonic boom will touch and you can use a Mach cone to see where that will happen the Mach cone is just a three-dimensional representation of the sonic booms energy and air so if you are right under here you'd feel it but as you can see if I were to just punch supersonically at some dudes face the boom carpet is not going to hit where I want to hit but that's fine Geils sonic boom punches aren't directed at an opponent know when guile performs a sonic boom he punches his fists in a curving motion away from an opponent and that's why it would work instead of visualizing where a sonic boom is felt with a Mach cone you can visualize where it will be felt with a so-called ray cone so imagine if I punched upwards to supersonically by tracing from where this motion will lead I can outline where the boom carpets will be now watch what happens if I punch in a curved motion like guile if I punch supersonically but in a curving motion you can actually calculate that where boom carpets will land they will overlap and amplify each other and become what scientists actually call a super boom if that were to happen you would feel this more than you otherwise would if dial is curving supersonic punches to create super booms then it explains both their damage and their parents canceled even though sonic booms are incredibly loud and transmit a lot of energy getting hit with one wouldn't necessarily do a lot of damage when the human body is hit with a shock wave what we're really concerned about is called over pressure or pressure over in beyond normal atmospheric pressure when it's really high it can kind of-- could cause hearing damage and also and also tear lung tissue but even the biggest loudest sonic boom ever recorded had an overpressure that didn't even faze the researchers that were recording it that's fine too just like the curving motion it makes sense dials attack isn't high damage it it chips away the way dial sonic booms look also makes sense kinda you've seen a photo like this right that's not actually a sonic boom happening that's a vapor cone when air moves supersonic League over the surface of something like a jet it has to curve around the jet surfaces and when it does so it has to increase in velocity which decreases pressure which decreases temperature which can cause fog to form or a vapor cone that's what you're seeing in this image vapor cones forming not necessarily related to breaking the sound barrier now look at Geils sonic booms those are probably vapor accountable for imperfect it looks like almost everything about Geils sonic boom technique makes sense but we haven't stated the obvious yet back of the envelope estimation throwing a supersonic punch would probably subject your arm to something like a hundred times more than the force of a hundred KPM car crash dial has to be a lot tougher than you or me because that kind of force would probably our mom my health is low so why does streetfighters famous sonic boom actually makes sense well given that guy'll could punch supersonically without ripping his arm off the curving technique would create overlapping boom carpets that would amplify each other and create a super boom complete with visible vapor cone that would travel towards and damage opponents at least a little and super boom sounds way cooler than sonic living because science

thank you so much for watching mark if you want even more silly stuff check out me and my colleague Dan Casey's new show where we get very silly but a very serious man and if you want something a little bit more premium check out my show that was here when I did that with my hands it's pretty good goodbye [Applause] [Music]


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