Cozy Up Knits Episode 88: Cozy Up Crochets

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] let us talk today oh my gosh okay well let's start and then you can actually get your suit you can pick the leg up like I show off your soft bed that's fine like okay should we just good morning good morning I probably already started it with my leg up okay Thursday November 6 yeah December 6 December Thursday December 6 so welcome to those flashback welcome we are a knitting podcast called cozy up dance yeah we're all little off today from grandpa girlfriend account ago usually there's four of us you are I'm Sarah I'm Katie I'm Jamie I'm missing Christina especially right here she didn't want to come into town today she wanted to spend the day with her puppies but I think she's gonna send me a little lovey you know so at some point I don't know where cuz it's so much Jo the Jo's perfect slipper socks like Oh hair day yeah that's exactly what she's doing at she's on her Christmas sitting not a pair of one I saw look ready yeah it starts and then what for a day will keep the doctor away yeah apparently so you'll see here from Christina later for sure yeah she really wants to do a little yeah yeah but welcome if your knee lose thanks for joining yeah and lots of new people kind of you know subscribing along the way okay I'm so exciting yeah we're four sisters who nicked and design and parent and coffee I don't know what else do we do that's what I do so but what you have kids and yeah you'll see our mom pop in once in a while just kind of recapping cuz we have a few new woman Jaime's the oldest she has four kids Thanks I am the middle ish kind of middle yeah yeah oh I'm on your classic like middle she drove me and Christina are twins and we came with the best time is assault so yeah exactly I'm your classic middle child yeah so any middle children out there you know yeah you know but you know we want to show you we've been working Lots I think lots of I've got Nicks this week something well not much but I've got some fun things to show we loved all the comments so that was fun to watch you watch last week's episode yeah yeah with our Christmas if you haven't seen it definitely scroll back and yeah big christmas surprises we nick Christmas sweaters and I didn't and I bought a Christmas one yeah we did but Jamie knit Sarah won yeah yeah oh don't wings are you guys like your Christmas sweaters were oh they were a fast hard worthy yeah oh absolutely we ran it was so fun I totally enjoyed that I'm just really glad that you knew I forgot mine yeah mine I just gonna say right off the bat we did not make these we do not sell these this is brown well I got asked Oh bramble nicks on Etsy BR am ble Kate and I did she sell the pattern or DSP I'm looking for patterns on Ravelry okay and she sells his interests shop I would just buy one because they're so cute yeah and um haven't taken it off last my coffee I had made well Kristina made everyone hats and we were so excited we forgot to mention um what it was and it was the Santa cutie hat and it's a free pattern on robbery and so far it is yeah Santa cutie hat yeah so this really I love this border super easy love it when trimming funds no no it's a seed stitch yeah so good Cristina knit them all - she did Kristen a lot in in there guys it's happy oh my gosh dr. Katie no here yeah Jamie my son was up cooking from midnight till now so probably still puking and then he Marco's overnight I know you can't you've been telling me you're not having a sleepover anywhere oh yeah so anyways pencil like throw on a hat yeah I don't have an excuse I just did throw on a hat although I've curled my hair for the first time it's not the greatest like I got that for sure but like I have curly hair but I've never been able to curl without straight yeah so I was very impressive like oh I noticed it right away and the back any opportunities always though you don't see them no and I just did it quick so and I want to wear too today so I'm wearing this is the Chatterbox - it was one of our four sister Hat collections and this is the one that I did for Jamie she's a little bit of a chatterbox I won't take it off to show you can I see ya actually starin I both got told you know I thought oh yeah in the moment cuz older sisters need to let me in their sisters talk doesn't even when we don't realize it and it's just it is what it's always been yeah well you know what let me stop let me tell you this if I got told to be quiet I didn't speak yet for the first time years my life no my parents thought maybe that I didn't know how to talk and then I just started talking one day because somebody talked for me it did all the talking all the talking surprise trying to point you want to show I have enough okay let's do it I wanna show my f oh okay although I couldn't get one cuz I you guys already finished jab you started down a little while ago yeah I got the needles for a while but that's out of the young scrumptious pearl one of their Walking Dead colorways called Lucio and then I used two different colors for my heel toe and calf I'll let you feel tall today okay I never feel like that ever what's my minis better used in this sweet Georgia Oh from that color box the color box yeah so orange and green to go with it so you see yourself striking all the chicken with all the rest of it so I'm gonna hold it women laugh or something stop no that's what she did last year remember that time that you made us all stops go to one ball of yarn so there's my song and they are my favorite thought so I just did a 32 so what is that 64 stitch around and then I knit 3 purl one rib for the top stockinette for the Soul fish lips kiss heel for the heel and then a three by one rib up the nice Sarah ankle and a 2 by 2 rib for the cuff nice that you break it down that is what side the needle a 2.25 and that is how I make every single sock Oh Bowie funny you say that because we just got asked this morning or yesterday unwrapped on Instagram what is our mold what's the soft patter we use most I sent the one in our heads the one in there that I said it's generally 64 stitch on a 2.25 toe up with either like 3 by 1 or or that foot kiss although I really liked Robbins from hippy street at one road into the bathroom almost gives it a herringbone look but all really one minor like like skinny yeah

that was fun I might try that I loved

but I also have this after then like rolling in it I can't get this on my son's head he just wants me to play like put a paw got a big palm on it so this is the we don't follow and they just like like this oh yeah right about you made giant hand pop yeah basically super duper char war logan slogan wouldn't put his own so and i just used an errand wait this is the berroco vintage chunky and a grey and a blue and I put a big pom-pom on it why don't you downstairs oh yeah come on why don't you put that on and go take it downstairs oh boy Sarah this is so so if you have just been tuning it over the last three episodes I think we've I've been knitting Belikov us for the kids yeah there's no knitting them for her did you bring carries yeah I'm almost law well I'm close to being done I probably should have finished it yesterday well I cast it on three new things I probably shouldn't have done that yeah thanks to granny she's having a little she'll be right back up she'll be back oh she's having a little rest oh look at Charlotte so this is Charlotte's this is again out of the bro code vintage chunky so Aaron and I'm using like a pink and a purple like the frame is for face my kids are the only ones that are not gonna have them she's a c-cup hmm like a sign showing that segue segue right there I'm kidding this is my third one I showed the two finished ones with boys last week so this is the third corner this is again so I'm holding to getting the same effect to Sarah I'm getting we're getting an Erin wait because the pattern itself is for worsted toddler yeah but we didn't want to we would kept the same stitch count so actually I did increases because kiri bigger so I'm holding these two together a worsted vintage berroco vintage and a fingering Kashmir by deranged I work yeah oh it's so oh my gosh I love that one you originally thought that put in your Stephen West I did way back in the summer yeah Jamie this one Dalek and then I'd forgotten that I had some set aside from coconut yeah yeah so then this one just a tional Curie's pretty happy so I'm the same point of Sarah just separated for the mouth part in our in our giant hand puppets yeah is the most annoying part is getting that it only went around it's annoying to do but okay I get it once you get a little further on then it's not so bad but that part I found a little tedious yeah little pattern guys we look celica so oh I did go up I hadn't forced it just cuz here we put on the boys a little tight and it was a little bit snug she didn't feel a bit so I added four stitches and that's what I was debating on with Charlotte's what I put Logan's on and it hit are good yeah so he'll wear his if she wears hers like he does everything she does yo that's a like what's it what's yours in Sarila store oh oh yeah this is my gingersnap Christmas bag and this is my address hands buns final said by an old song uh stock party bag and Christmas Day and Christmas Eve yeah that's a nice thing I showed those it was last week good week before when we got them from Angela I showed it last week was it last time so we have a big giveaway when we we aren't going to be running another mission in long we can talk about that later but yeah her big yarn party vinyl see-through bag is a big giveaway what's the date today next week we're releasing six OKs podcasts will over that's it okay well I guess you guys will just talk about it yeah why not okay so we're running our second annual miss anymore yeah mystery knit along starting January 1st and will probably release the pattern December 15 absolutely little last night I was like oh okay no I wouldn't have noticed but then sarah has don't really like to look over there in a corner over there it was all scrunched up like you you know I do colors we have seen and a little bit of like what like oh not even wait they know yeah so okay just give some some backstory we are in it we're doing it mr. knit along and it's for the twins essentially it's called twin it up and we're not trying them yeah so there I go with you guys yeah so they're totally gonna be surprised they're using the twin it upsets from Kim from gingersnap beautifully unhappy and pastors are going yeah we've got yeah great tester is that we're on our second round of testers because we had to lower the stage the needle size well so those ones they're getting there unlike that to knit great to the end of schemes hey in my last night I see my iPod XML project projects I have been playing young chicken and I've lost twice so you don't happen to you frame know so you're gonna want we've been asked to give someone look you details oh let's just give the basics and you'll get all the details when you sign up or purchase the pattern next week when we release it yeah and you'll get an information page with all kinds of tips and whatever yeah but you're gonna want three skeins of fingering weight just like this I'm wearing this because I wanted to remember to talk about it oh right yes is our last year's mystery knit along was a stole yes tapered stool there's your Lacey's eggs and all kinds of stuff this was my boss today said I love it oh yeah and apply so nice anyway same idea yeah three scams same ideas in shape but same idea thanks key it is not a stole um Sarah's knitting hers out of two solids one speckle yeah but you could do one solid - speckles you could do rethought it three solid Pro barricaded in there I wouldn't do three variants no yeah it would be busy it's really important I think this one's important to have one or two solids for sure yeah I think it would it just you know yeah yeah no I agree I totally agree that's what we've designed it around it's two solids in one speckle yeah full schemes of fingering you're gonna want 430 yards yeah yeah host games because I apparently push it in one right I'm not worried so it's gonna be really fun and so we're gonna catch on January 1st yeah they'll be five clues yeah five weeks it's a I feel like it's a very manageable amount of knitting yeah not a Stephen West knit five games in four weeks kind of thing ya know knit three expands in five weeks like that's it's totally doable coming up we'll announce it if it's ready to go okay mm-hmm so fo Oh Evan ago what do you have I have my to my test Oh so last week I cast on a test knit for Jenny from Cherry Pie cottage and she's coming out with me it's it's a neat concept - she's designed it based around her daughter mhm and she's used holding a self-striping fingering with a DK solid right to get like kind of that worsted yeah kind of a worsted II and so this is a really cool box ponga I helped um it picks filly Chi which is all these nice Paoli pink and purple and greens and then I held it with a charcoal scratch some scraps that I had a DK it's got a neat texture pattern it's not named yet I believe she wants to put it up for January yeah yeah so you'll want to watch for that if you're not following a cherry pie cottage on Instagram then they start dying oh my gosh speaking of dyeing yarn Jamie and Aaron it's so pretty have you seen it in real life know what I got oh my gosh well are we giving it to them oh yeah because it's cherry pie I'm not going to do a small cherry pie segment Kaylee quick that is we have so much oh that is so good on ya and I think I want to put like not this one this is for my daughter oh hello I'm calm on it yeah sure that is cute yes so I need it I didn't I could have done a little more but I stopped early for yeah yeah I don't know it's gonna be like you start working so okay I meant to show this cherry pick for something to be streamed on the weekend for her Bella cava okay that's fine yeah so and like like it's get me home and just buy that there snaps they snap on oh so you just sold that on hello so how does it work oh I sold this on yeah almost what sores in this way yeah and then you could imitate it but it's for washing oh yeah I can't watch the lip that makes sense so anyway carry my product let's get back to that okay I ordered aren't they Jesse just release it on Black Friday so I order two schemes and I ordered it on their DK sock bass oh yeah because we might not have some sock ideas yeah who doesn't need to knit some DK socks oh here they are this is so called a horse of a different color yep from she loves Wizard of Oz okay and never the horse they just coming up these are all the cut like yeah but the green oh I didn't know hey that's fun I know it's they nailed it and this is the nice man color yeah so I kind of got a mini diet okay did he die that one or did hum I just broke my nail they both die so there are husband and wife should I don't remember maybe Jarrod did that this one and then Jenna thought that that's what you were told maybe not it was very possible and then the other one I got I couldn't handle it it was called her punk punk watermelon oh so awesome Jenni and Jared nailed it these are really fun these are gonna make some really fun socks yeah although when this came in and I held it up with this I was like oh yeah so thank you guys so check out cherry my footage she also makes like clay charms we talked to lots about them yeah yeah here's their each got from them yeah they're super-sweet there are texts and friends yeah who don't like ketchup flavored things that's so funny I spend your Christmas parcels coming when you have all the ketchup flavored things that is weird yes exactly honey it's just ketchup yes I don't like em either mmm I mean I'll eat them if they're in the bowl beside me but I don't love oh look at that it's not like a bran that I go and buy yeah but I'm there Marilee so because I love all chips yeah okay well last night it's super super excited I know about this you actually had to go to Paris yes I had to get yarn well I didn't need help from the Tara color she had to get your crocheting yeah did you salt I am doing the lighthouse he's not by not so cute yeah so there it is how's your finger good it was getting a little sore but this is how far yeah yes and thank you how pretty that is I found out I like went right away picked up my yard and picked out the pattern this is the one that I seen the vancouver show and fell in love with yeah it's so nice okay when I was trying to find last week all the crow shares you know you're gonna give us crocheting no yeah so that's a starting of it okay so it's so funny it says on the pattern like you do X amount and then you add a stitch marker and then whatever so like last night I had stitch markers like all the way around like how long no you have to move your stitch marker every time because there's no like meeting launches your needle it doesn't just slide so I have all these markers hiding them yeah so I was like running oh and I was like what is the point of all my stitch markers and then I was like kind of like clued in I was like oh that is so funny because it just like marks the center this is super easy I don't even need the pattern anymore I like the setup it's not it's so there's only one huh well I don't know what how do you do I like I don't actually know because I do Farrah's so this one is I don't remember the colorway but this is the farmer's daughter cashmere you put in yours I have this in my bobbles by oh I know I know I forget the colorway but this is like I said it's the farmer's daughter cashmere and I had sixty grams left and we figured it would be enough and then this one is the door doors colorway by boss lace hard to see yes see if we can see like the front we've been don't like the middle of the donut it's a help so it's like kind of a Moby Grape Ape that's some of that video in there that was her September colorway on Jen that's Jenna from boss lady who I'm also wearing herself here and this one was um County coated yarn by crafty mama and this is white sent okay you have nailed those colors right well this is mine and then these two so okay I don't have enough I don't know having that one as far as it but I'm just gonna grams and I like on this into house this color that's a plenty big if you you can just use more of this Oh these games are longer than the skenes in the pattern so she'll be able to oh yeah yeah and it's super easy so let's let's get all the details again let's just say it again so it's called light house by Kim Miller and she was not so cute that's so cute they do um Kim Miller they use some midnight cravings yarn that's aa minute in the well picture did I didn't know that but Jaden commented Tara is one of the designers behind them oh really yes whoa oh yeah totally okay look at that yeah nice instruction team yeah um it's a little foreign but you're getting it I used to YouTube is teaching me how to and you've got a neighbor that can help you yeah my neighbor crochets so I don't really know her but I know she crochet isn't if I need help and I will be going to her door but honestly YouTube I'm very good at just watching YouTube videos I'm getting it out that's nice colorway yeah I'm so happy for you I like that was so nice and if you've been trying so much did I lose my ankle Jesse that's your favorite shape it is my favorite shape because I know how to wear it don't wear I love it that was my blend into the next color if you do all that blue that blend in yeah I will strike I'm gonna do this one next so it'll be this this and and then this okay this will be the bottom nice well I just have it in my polka dot Creek bag this is one of the first banks that I bought yeah actually it was probably all of ours cuz that was yummy all about one of those yeah yeah so it's a little small in my favor but I love this bag I'm actually waiting for my right Jojo bag but yeah Jojo might be making us Christmas present she's not well she showed me the bag already know like really fitting show that I'm making that's oh and she's like well you don't get it took myself I love the chevron them are gay I know this is this is one of my favorite bags well you know you love a good chevron I do I love Chevron I love blue you guys and I don't you I don't even think my crochet hook is the right size this does not have a size written on it doesn't have a letter no it has a zero zero so yeah 3.25 so it was smaller than my 3.75 and bigger than my 2.25 her 2.75 so not saying no it doesn't say so whatever they were sufficient suck it in that way that was dumb sorry got it cast on yeah a crochet casts on like do you think this is the first in our podcast much like the crochet booties yeah - no we haven't done I'm learning I'm gonna learn my goal is to do stuff although maybe did a crocheted Christmas tree so yeah you're right and didn't you do that hip over that wasn't it that's not it you want to learn crochet I want i okay I love a stuffy don't get me wrong the knitted stuffies are wonderful and beautiful but if you want me nothing like a crocheted you can just do so much more with the crochet crochet so are gonna learn I'm gonna be the line and then you're gonna make other good stuff yes I would love to you know we're not making them yeah no that's for new cast on yeah and like learning new things and new learning new things be we're watching well not anymore crow shares no let's rebrand just kidding but no you're gonna join yeah arms so no I'm just gonna start with the yoke and start with come into color work give all the details starting scratch what is the pattern the pattern is the dogs the dog star bite incontinence super fun the yarn is from nitpicks yeah just the colors I love the Andes well that pink is the wallet the Andes and the off-color is what is this called Winkle the colorways we got a natural wool yeah then it's not super wash the pattern is written for DK and this is worse that's ready to do though your knitting I should just when I was a little bit of needle in this yeah knitting with a size four six yes so her daughter tell me you are gonna love the yoke you I'm so excited for the yoke it was the most fun yeah it's just the most fun well the yoke is my favorite part to do so I'm kind of glad that I got the arms done I don't enjoy doing arms although it was super enjoyable doing arms not attached to a sweater yeah that's first it was super easy to attach the arms once we sat down and figured it out but this might take a backseat to my house to yourself done for next week's podcast you can have that I don't know kind into evening I actually am not gonna lie last night this is literally all I dreamt about was crochet I it's so funny yeah I just enjoyed it so it's dreaming anymore you know like baby babies yeah yeah okay well it's not the Katie show oh do you have something else there well I have another count on I think I have freaking three kneecap maybe three t-ball show this one I get excited in short last week and I got a little further this is my all the lazy zags the lazy eggs all the leafy eggs no sir I love the mohair look at the lacy thing already ready all the laces laces eggs perfect so I'm having a full towel there's no beautiful they say right me too yeah I met all your guys is lacy saying no I love your dad she finished mine probably did this one may be my first one almost amazing should be we steamed Oh which is the lace weight and the Shibui something else which is what's this one silk cloud it's so pretty and holding them together to get a fingerings that's two lace weeds so that pattern should be up soon if trying to make it a double wrap actually yeah cuz honestly my time I get you have to finish it yeah get pictures and you've got a big project on the needles did you bring here I'll show a couple things okay so it doesn't end up just being all the things at the end okay I'll do this one because it's I'm much bigger than I was still working on gift knits I'm getting serious this week is gonna be strictly gift issues getting serious and just get them done because I want to just have like I have a couple more pairs and mix to make and so this is and I do I like to do my thumbs at the end together always look at that yeah it's really pretty that's nice isn't that pretty I think these are gonna be for - oh yeah these are like her colors are kind of like neutral vintage color oh yeah oh you know what I mean yeah I have to block it obviously oh it's so pretty that is where it cuts and I don't I what do you mean just gonna be a way for me to just do half and half there's more stitches I'm just inking when I follow the chart I don't like that it cuts it here look at it cuts off it's not just front needle back needle the way that they're divine I see yeah yeah yeah it's saying yeah yeah the actual division on the needle though is that just how I have done it see the actual division is here oh that's so funny that's because of all these dubstep you want the thumb that's about in one anyway all that stayed this is part of the UM the cell boom in club number two by Elias gain dear holy blog miss I know you guys aren't into podcasts but like everyone was doing vlogmas and i wanted what is that it's like they put up a little blog every day Oh missing your advantage oh oh whatever there's like there's just a handful that I that I've been sitting in the evening and I look through scroll through their short yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah there they are I was trying to find a path oh the front page so that I could show cuz I can show this stuff this is from the pattern right anyway you all know Elias came here and I've talked about a million times so I'm using um well of the full of the Andes in the comfort and this board or something like that there's a second one is on the needles nice well the guy was finished this last time so that'll be happening this week for a gift I'm using these two colors oh yeah will of the ID sport they are nice yeah so that's well have you were you all about know you came over my house oh yeah that's right I finished it well I think this one oh they're in here because I've got lots of I just love that bag I know it's like this is my rabbits yarn bag it's giant it's too big for mitts but I've got enough for like two or three sentiments and you're like I'm definitely miss okay so I passed on thanks things myths by Jody Miller it's so cute and I make another big giant mistake so then I picked it out is this her in the NICU guys yeah I only have red paper right now I have to go to state oh very festive it's so fast Raymond so here's my first one I just have to put the thumbs and I put this into fingerless right there nice try it on really nice so I did cast on the second cuff last night oh those are so great aren't they great yeah so this is for one of my sister-in-law's and she she said she likes both fingerless and well so I went yeah hey there he is and I don't know that I'll have I wouldn't have enough of my main color okay yeah he's like striping yeah it's a nice pattern you guys highly highly highly recommend it it's great there's no like long floats is your phone vibrating oh it's probable oh yeah it's vibrating oh I see you mean I just feeling it so sorry I don't have the pattern page plus it's on red so Hastings mixed and they were designed for knit city this year so I have to go back into the thumb nice but I passed it on this and I'm but not really much like you could almost just rip that a bit and be done I think that's probably what you do yeah so mice yeah I'm using wool of the Andes I have a color since I've been you know I'm kind of got a bunch on the go for like yeah color work and stuff this is like a dark dark dark dark purple II plummy and this is actually a light really light blue oh yeah yeah um Oh blackberry I have things blackberry is the dark one obviously and clarity that sound that good molarity yeah I'm gonna go with that's probably clarity of nitpicks so my next ones I have more I'm gonna make full ones for Debbie out of the epic yeah yeah with the dark Gray's I mean colored with them is what you used for your sweater yes is this leftover from it yeah and then there's just a cream oh my laws will be these ones in Hastings fullness I knew I had a full scheme like I bought a full skein extra than I assumed because right but I wanted to picture so highly recommend my Tracy Miller Hastings myths we do they're super like modern and the powder is great mm-hmm it's written for both finger lists and fullness which I love she if you love the twister grab I didn't because whatever yeah yeah no I don't think it is I do I don't think it I think it's just the nips that was my so far I'm calling with the ugly Christmas sweater and I'm doing it cupcake this is ugly yeah you ordered I'm downtown I won doing the flopping gusset okay you like that you like I just I just want to it in a while I did a nice stretchy cast off yeah so I grabbed this Hubbard AP strings the other day and I have no business casting on anything new I'm a million thinks in it but I couldn't stop thinking about Christmas here whatever so Jamie already has a pair of Christmas I do on the needles I pulled them out of that bag I have an idea so you guys heard that here next year Jamie will have two pairs of Christmas soft before December I will finish these ones and the other one are you gonna bring this is totally sidebar but are you gonna bring your knitting to the dance recital and sit in it oh yeah so today I was like thinking that's it this is good just straight yeah oh yeah that's all and I don't know yeah I've only ever done

hi buddy hi - so you to everybody to the internet world I'll take Logan if he could climb down my throat something else new oh no first time I've seen it yesterday first actual garment and this is in a bag and so I am designing a we're calling it a shrug together that's the word so it's like a shawl colored shrug cardigann struck again I'm gonna set the boring part how long is it take me Sarah tonight fingering okay whose idea was it to do this alright beautiful so I have just started my yoke like that my Ragland I'm doing a very basic Raglan increase so it doesn't really look like much right now so I'm just about ready - yeah I'm just about ready to separate for my sleeves and I am using it what does it charcoal creek garden crops her pima cotton and i have a navy blue in this and I'm so excited to pass this on there's Logan what is that for Christmas apparently we're almost done being on this tree Oh Jaime

I can't wait to cast this on so you said this is pennies pima cotton pima cotton yeah this will be my next cardigan that at Calvino behalf yarn yeah yeah so in life is to have so that is in four weeks

I'm not gonna change



Jimmy's getting a picture I'll put it in right here [Music] yeah maybe I'll do that I'll cast that on get started since this is gonna take for no I do however have my next cast on know what I'm going to cast off no oh that do that yeah this look at those stripes they're all different sizes I'm super elated oh right yes the yarn char I've never heard of it me neither what does that say joke's on you is that what I thought joke's on you or was that what she wrote because she tried to gift you know okay nope right and you get another needles like today yeah so I tried to split this up yesterday and then my sister called me with actual work to do ya know it when I I went through and so I'm gonna kick this up and it's gonna go in my oh this is awesome yeah this is um Stephen King at the table with all his values and then classic knocks tingled up on it oh here's Johnny and that's gonna go in here [Music] misery carry and okay he'll Jack it would be Getty I can't remember her name in the show or Dolores Claiborne know that girl but movie yeah that's a movie she's in but it's the movies called misery and I forget her character name right but she like later and then cuts his feet up with an asshole because he he wrote the story and she didn't like the ending so she kidnapped him yes and cut his feet off and made him rewrite so you're super differently old penny one that's like classic huh yeah that no the new guy Jim curry are you um curry I've watched all of these Tim Curry yeah movies so that what you said that was didn't just happen oh yeah no sorry that is ginger snap oh right I don't I like the classic yeah shiny like the shiny yeah yeah yeah I liked Harry it was good I enjoyed Carrie uh you wouldn't mind misery it's gonna have seen misery okay I like her I like spanking I like about accuracy yeah Oh what do you guys when you can see I love her I gotta be on TV oh yeah she's ready in coffee in the Sabri I heard every star or anything all its operation Marquis takes over Michael Scott leaves she takes over Dunder Mifflin well a bunch of people do and then she and her company okay but she is so that is going in here okay I don't wait to see how that shakes up yeah I'm gonna kick I'm super excited oh yeah because you do design I'm curious what is in this bag right here that's my red fox game everyone the content climb down we have all the things that came in the mail yeah okay that's my favorite economy oh great cardigan okay nice right cuz you're doing that one by hello okay wait actually it's just wait on that because I want to get that I believe one of these is for me isn't I'll take it out I mean we should kind of oh yeah okay these are the best open this is a voice you know everyone on a sale on Black Friday so I got in voice okay yeah it's me Chrissy I definitely did not make it into town today for the podcast I just didn't want to go into town today and I wanted to stay home and be warm in my bed and do nothing so that is what I did and it was a fabulous day that's for sure um but I definitely wanted to show what I have been working on this week I have been just giving her like oh my gosh my hands hurt I don't think I've knit this much in the past like a few days so let me just get right into it I am doing I've been doing the Joe's perfect slipper socks for Christmas gifts so here is my first pair I did I'm pretty sure I showed this one last week and then I finished this one I haven't turned in any of my ends yet which maybe tonight I'm gonna do that because I'm almost done my other pair my other one and no one's here to cast me on so maybe I'll do that but this yarn I picked up from the Knitting retreat when we went to May lost me and this is polka polka dot Creek but I have no idea what the color is you guys no idea it also came with like a little green mini um but they turned out really good I'm super excited about them um so that is my one whip and then my second one is I did I had picked up this commercial yarn out at hippie strings when we went out there on Sunday for Christmas potluck which was so much fun I had so much fun so I picked this yarn up there and this mini I'm not too sure I got this from Sarah but this is actually like which is really funny that I have to get it from Sarah but this mini is the same same color that came with this set here pretty much the same color I'm not too sure where that one is what where that one came from but they just totally turned out so good I was like oh I'm gonna stay with the green I I don't want to get into the green because they're Christmas presents and I ended up picking out the green but at least the orange is there to like tie it in but that is just from hippie strings that's just a commercial yarn it was a lot of fun I loved it I loved how they turned out so that's hair number two and now I've been working on I'm just about ready to pick up the gusset but there's this one here I took this from mum stash because I finished I finished this one and I needed I forgot to bring in yarn so I went to mom's house and I found these two so this is I'm not too sure mom's not too sure what it is we this one she used from the Krissi shawl so that one if it is from the Krissi shawl it is from polka dot Creek and it's just like a brown I have no idea again what it is called and here's like just a gray again I have no idea what it is or what it is called and then this one here it's kind of like it sounds like a purple tinge to it like I probably agree it's yeah it's really pretty it's just some of mums scraps and from other things so put those together and get her really liking how this is coming out my lighting is really bad sorry guys but I'm just really liking how this one turned out so yeah that's what I've been working on I'm gonna finish this one tonight and maybe I'll sit and darn it on my ends and get those done and ready for Christmas gifts I have been sporting it all my Christmas gifts in this lovely bag that I got gifted from poppy Cod I absolutely love it it also came with a little mini bag which I have I have these fold it up in there in the bag in this bag and then a pair of needle you guys so I'm gonna have to get someone to show me how to use them cuz I have no idea I've been trying to figure it out yeah but that is what I've been working on I have been just giving her this has been like three days of like straight knitting so I have I have after this pair I have two more pairs that I want to get done before Christmas so I totally think that I'll be able to do it it is kind of a busy week coming up but that is okay so um that is pretty much it for me that was really fun it's weird I'm not doing it with either Katie or one of my other sisters but um I will definitely be there next week in the podcast and I'm happy knitting so I'm just gonna jump let's all watch me okay let me find some information this is a red box fiber so yeah we totally feel it oh yeah thing up yeah I tested for you to open oh that's funny so it's got a little bit of the purples yeah it'll be nice it'll be a nice like oh whoa totally yeah mine super puffy now to go with I have a full purple scheme from her and I wanted something to go with it so that's that and so this is the colorway of temper snowstorm it's so light look at it okay it's showing up nice oh yes it take a nice great is that a great he's got a bunch of gray base but it also purpley yeah impellers they're so nice you guys red fox fibers she's from Alberta Aaron was she's fantastic I love her colors she does a lot of colors that's the thing yeah look at that nice purple air it is there yeah there's that purple that's what I like purple we have lots of her little buttons with her little C guy actually if that's here it's fine I'm excited what did you say this was called into the wild no until all put interface it's whatever snowstorm yeah oh that's fitting okay and then didn't we have a snow servant touch time we totally did that's when our winter came I got a sweater quality of her original Erin that is a nice at first I was thinking I was gonna do like um you know like a color work like wig or whatever but I think it this has to be a cardigan mm-hmm no I'm gonna cast on my swag when you guys are all doing the mystery middle oh well I am gonna call that works latter two because the ladies of the party there's my work happy she's just got their order from Norway yeah no I didn't earn yeah um anyway this I think it's gonna be a made well by hokey look tell you what I thought that's super nice I'm thinking that's what that's gonna be I think it's I think really yeah we don't know that right yeah so this is grizzly on her into the wild fingering bass 7525 and lots of yardage for 63 so I think for I have a look at yardage on that but I think before skein is plenty for a card game I would think so I think it has optional oh yeah oh he'll never they're cold grandpa I have to do it please they're like super ribbon long I feel like there was a button on it and it kind of like opened up maybe I was looking at a difference none of that she I don't remember I watched behind watch a crazy sock lady and she finished one thing else then and I remember her saying like lots of ribbing and I look around for some other part right now that's what this is gonna ecology nice the second I finished on their lips

that was gonna be my Christmas cardigan that I decide to send it to Christmas sweaters okay yeah you have that finished knot yeah I'm trying to do Christmas until behind and I'm trying to not be where you cast on another cardigan so I need to come on the needles are necessary that one Erin thanks Erin okay that's fine so a couple weeks ago we put out an emergency and revolving call yeah my mom first um Thank You Arianna or Arianna I'm not sure Arianna from Edmonton sent a really nice package and I stole all the rest of the goodies nice he likes you guys you didn't know there's a kingdom I've got two kinds of candles okay I can smell it on the bag the bag smells so good and old um and they some like a bunch of like teeth ashes oh this is a single dog but it's really cute yeah oh oh you know I didn't Oriana did you make that that is super cute no I don't think so but it is really it's really cute regardless um so yeah cupcake mommy don't know yet yeah oh she knows does she know I told you okay so I let her keep that she asked me yesterday that's fun we had gotten it smell good yeah I know I was shaking the bag Oh

okay so a couple weeks ago I had a really I don't remember I'd have to look back on YouTube but someone commented on a really nice wall for color work like color work mittens because I wanted to do Ellie's next ones which are more like a fingering right somewhere in there so what Coast polls and Canada carried this wool and so I ordered it and it's she's good what she said about it is that when you wash it it plops it like I remember you saying that so it's called host Garn um whole Scarn super soft however I feel like there was maybe like other wait she's from and I just chose a hole I just went on there and just didn't read she's super fine yeah 50 grams is 314 yard oh that's lace so did I do something wrong guys it's just too skinny it's so pretty well I did order enough like I ordered these two to go together because I was thinking like a fingering mints but maybe this isn't fingering it's not but it's calling for a 3.5 millimeter 3 to 3.5 okay so maybe it does really poof yeah because that's what she calls for for the mitts that I want to knit I would be fine for myself or I say before I let any of you know maybe I save it for color at work but that's what I that's what I envisioned was these two packs nice right some nice Norwegian mint anyways super nice throwing out a little super inexpensive it's a really deep navy and than a deep burgundy my two favorite so not sure what that'll be but that came in and then I thought oh did I make a mistake I think I'll be fine without the brand and I was supposed to pick different ways and I just found it it's like oh pretty even about it I think that's funny no it's calling for that and it should be a lot about Costa bowls nisi fun which is summer thank you.thank I know but like I wonder how close we were I know we're down there what were we on we were on a chase well I know we were at least Hastings I mean even when we lick we're in Hanna's oh no I guess Hanna's was technically closed downtown late wedeck downtown exactly yeah so she Honda's probably close to that not where we were saying like got the yarn you know where we were saying but when we know right Highness I was just thinking about it well I was pretty in she's like central yeah that's true we don't really but I know that we were on these tastings that came I had one more thing I was at that show this week oh yeah you did all right we have our being Christmas show yeah I worked out there for the weekend and this is black this is black yeah she didn't have any fingering last time I was out there I bought fingering weight this is a local alcohol how to fire he told us about it she said you can come out and come out in June and see all the all the alpaca and the babies yeah she's like your mother named sister listen yeah I'll take a little video of her you can go out any time she said like they have it where it setup what people come out and do like little trip so we could go out even not she's like the June is when they have I want to see the babies doesn't wanna see the baby so she told us a story it's like their family farm and you know she wanted to stay home be able to stay home with her kids so they thought what can we do and so they've been raising alpacas that's spinning and dying and whatever like awesome yeah so this is an errand and I'm thinking some chunky necks like the speedy Sal boom it's like today do mitts right now I just know yeah are you totally are except what I will claim it all the sweaters I know but he's open it up quick you're all thinking I should've asked you for the Swift because I was thinking I'm not gonna beef you did I miss what's up so this is the bolt it's called CJ alpaca which is also the name of my son so I also think that's fun and it's named for kids CJ or her like two kids oh yeah so that's funny yeah so that was all the yarn nice uh everything just came in what do you got okay we have one more thing yeah AP strings yeah that's it yeah that's our anything okay so we have a local yarn shop called hippie strings I didn't just did like a big Christmas potluck out there on Sunday it was it was awesome that was great yeah great so they are putting together they're like doing custom marries man yes and stuff hey so they've got all these different kind of gift ideas and packages and you can come and custom and kind of put what you want together take a price point put them together and so this is like you got something I got some that yeah this is a custom excited that Kim from gingersnap died up specifically for them I think it's Christmas Caravan yeah cuz they're all like let me show you vintage is surviving on here let me show you yeah I love that

yeah they got custom ones done okay you guys go all right let's see we're just gonna get all the info they've got to kind of versions yeah so show the house anyway really exciting you guys is we just talked to the ladies and they are going online yes they're gonna have a nonlinear the new year yes yep they're gonna open up a okay look at these oh you guys want to shop there stitch of all sock ornaments and it comes with everything you need and but you sold them yourself like you take the yarn and you like put it through all these holes 3.25 2.73 we'd be rating between oh so it's okay I'm not far off then 3.25 the christmas caravan okay they've got and they actually have done i think they are getting close to being and then the buffalo flag kids okay because who doesn't love all the buffalo christmas caravan stop cat oh and it comes to thank you which markers ok husbands get out 232 yes did they watch us do our husbands watch us hello look at this it's a risky whoa hello you guys are getting me back Robin and Cheryl we're just gonna keep these I think we look at this photo that's another one like staring sock one night whenever you stitch into the holes and of course your big blue mom about that is the coolest okay that's what's in this package to do wrist ruler but look at that oh I need one of those all of my jewelry is knitting wise so this is a darning needle I've got dawn just said she's on her way to your house oh we better stop this Sarah what time is it it's 20 after 11 hold on I think we have to go let's just take a quick pause let's just be done we're done get to hippie strings get all the goodies get all the stuff we love all the things having a bit of an emergency right now and out a little bit there is not home and this girl starts to drop off her baby up I thought she was coming oh you're babysitting babysitting but I thought it was that too without her okay well thank you for joining us all and I hope you're having a lovely December and we will see you next week happy 90

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