Xiaomi Mi Max 3 vs Redmi Note 5 AI - Full Battery test with Pubg

by: TechBeans

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hey what's up guys welcome back tech beans and this is the full battery coverage between the me max tree and the redmi note 5 AI so both of these guys are already to 100% so we're gonna have a series of tests here watching videos listening to music playing pub G and all sorts of stuff so I'm anticipating this to be a very very long video I have never tested out better levels at this caliber 50 500 mili amperes here 4,000 mili amperes of battery last battery i tested was only 3000 mili amperes of battery so this my friends is nowhere near that this is gonna be epic so yes guys I would really appreciate it if you give me a thumbs up but before we start guys I'm gonna be giving away this really nice for every note 5 AI to one lucky subscriber so we have to join just subscribe and hit the bell icon so you don't miss any of my great content all right let's start with the battery test [Music] all right let's start here we go




[Music] all right we don't have much time left I'm gonna have to do the pop G gaming test right now so here at Acehnese guys HD extreme realistic and a couple more here below - both these guys have the same specs snapdragon 66 pastor 4 kings of france 64 gigs of rom and ideally they should perform the same and let's start I didn't turn on the battery saver for the red North ivi even though it asked me to when it went down to below 20% so everything here on the red note 5 AI is gonna function normally just as usual so yeah don't worry about that got you covered guys and yeah there's a little bit of lag there I think that's just the internet but so far you're good it's both look pretty much the same a performance wise I'm kind of seeing that they are both similar actually identical but yeah the big difference is the screen this just gives you a better gaming experience right here so I'm just gonna keep playing right here until both of these guys are dead and we're already at 6 ours let me just check the battery again so 8% and 36% here Wow that extra 1,500 EMP respond in Emacs 3 is definitely a game changer and yeah there's still a lot of juice here 2 hours and 21 minutes left until this fully drains and this one is gonna fully die in 21 minutes so let's just continue playing until both of these guys are dead


when are you gonna die by now come on I have been staring at this for 8 hours and 30 minutes oh my god oh okay it's dead I think it's dead hey are you okay I think it's turning off now and what it just hanged come on this is ridiculous how in the world sit still burning this is the longest 2% my entire life and boom dead whew that was quite the test this is just a definition of epic whoa the battery here is just epic good oh my god holy crap this has been the most painful battery test I have ever done and right here we have 8 hours and 37 minutes and that's about two hours more than the red note ivi and now they're all drained up let's begin our charging test and since the redmi note 5 AI does not come with a quick charge 2.0 charger i have bought this qualcomm 3.0 charger and jeppeson Oh II am so yeah it's it's legit alright let the charging begin and yep charging has commenced all right so it's 5% already I think this is gonna pull away in a little bit because this is a much more smaller battery and it's gonna fill up a lot more faster than this one and I'll be back in 15 minutes let me see how fast these guys charge up alright this is already 15% and this is just 9% just like what I expected and I'll be back for 15 more minutes let's see how that goes I almost forgot guys I need to show you guys that this is actually using quick charge 2.0 right there lightning symbol with a circle and here's the red node five AI also using quick charge technology and ferd me max free I'm actually using the charger that came with it so yep quick charge 2.0 for both alright 30 minutes or of 32 minutes and I think it's gonna take a while from what I see here it's estimate is three hours and 20 minutes right here we have 2 hours and 14 minutes it's gonna take a while so I think I'm gonna be back here for what an hour and a half I guess okay an hour and 30 minutes and we still got a long way to go and we're already at doors and 37 minutes and from the lots of it guys we actually still need some time for it to full charge but yeah the redmi note 5 a is ahead by 11 percent [Music] and there you have it guys both actually took a considerable amount of time to charge up and I think I know why quick charging technology will only do its magic from zero to I think about 60 to 70 percent and after that it's gonna go back to normal throwing up the remaining percentage with normal charging almost took forever to finish from zero to 80 percent took about two hours and 40 minutes for the redmi note 5 and around free yards for the new Macs free to get to 70% and the gap certainly went down to the finish line there's only a 4% difference between the two and yeah it only took me what almost 15 to 16 hours straight to film this great we've got a lot of free time don't I so yeah that is pretty much it for this complete battery coverage between these two beasts up next we're gonna have the full camera comparison between two two so don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon so you don't miss it thank you so much for watching this this is finger from tech beans now see you on

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