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why hello there are you guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video is gonna be an unboxing of the Sephora collection once upon a castle advent calendar so this thing is massive and it even folds out oh let me see if I can do this and it just folds out and is even more massive than it was to begin with thing is huge so for today's video I was thinking why not do an unboxing it there are so many holiday collections advent calendars launching right now so it is Christmas in October it is crazy how early they are launching it but I was thinking it would be fun to get this video up early because christmas is coming up and in case you're thinking about buying you know an advent calendar or a couple holiday collections for your friend your family members a loved one yourself and you want to know if any of these collections are actually worth it I want to help and be your guide so I'm gonna do an unboxing of this one and then hopefully I'm gonna get my hands on a couple other holiday collections and let you guys know ahead of time if they're actually gonna be worth it to splurge on or just purchase for someone else with that being said let's jump into Christmas so this entire castle is $45 and of course you receive 24 items that come inside of here so let's get started and find number one which is actually right down here the first item in the box is a Sephora fizzing cube and it is in the scent peony I think it's called it has 18 grams of product or point 63 of an ounce just in case you're curious about the weight I was also not able to find this on the u.s. website but I did find it on the AU website and I'm sure it's in a couple different places but each one of these is two dollars and this is gonna be one of those they pop into the bath and then it's just gonna fizzle and just be all nice and relaxing then let's go ahead and find day number two which is over here the second item is the yeast Sephora collection eyepencil to go it is in the shade in tents black and it retails for six dollars thus one also has a net weight of 0.025 of an ounce and it glided on really easily it felt very creamy it does look very rich in pigment so this is gonna be an exciting one to test out I have not tested out one of their eyeliner prints a little before but it feels very good third item is gonna be over here third up in the box we have the tinted brow what freeze this one is in the shade clear here is what it looks like and it is just a jumbo eyebrow pencil that you're gonna use to either shape the brows before you apply any kind of brow powder gel anything like that or to set the brows afterwards I'm gonna stop saying Sephora collection in front of it because everything in this box is Sephora collection so I'm just gonna jump over that part but this has a net weight of 0.089 of an ounce and the price of this little baby is actually twelve dollars it is currently on sale on their website though for five dollars I mean this box is really good if you want to test out a lot of Sephora collection perhaps there's been a few items even wanting to test out and then forth in the box is right up here this is the color hit nail polished in it girl it retails for five dollars on their website and it's just so cute oh my goodness oh man this is just a little topper you just slap on I was trying to unscrew it and this looks like such a dark beautiful red I would love to wear this for Christmas that is so pretty what I like about the box so far is that all of these items are on sale on their website it's not just some many items that they created especially just put in this box so the size of this is five milliliters or point sixteen of an ounce call me crazy I'm gonna paint my pinky just so you guys can kind of see the color and there she be just one coat please don't judge my application I'm not the greatest but that is such a beautiful shade oh man I love that I'm gonna leave the rest of the nails untouched because I think there's gonna be more nail polishes in there the fifth item in the boxes right over here we then have a lip liner to go pencil this is the classic red and there is a quick little soul watch of it it is a very bright red and it felt very creamy to the touch it is six dollars and it has the same amount of product as the eye liner to go pencil which was point zero two five of an ounce it was just so creamy I'll just kind of show you guys again it just swipes on really easily I'm just going crazy with it so if you're trying to line your lips you're not gonna have any difficulty kind of going around with it and it kind of crumbling or getting stuck in areas those are the lip pencils I hate oh I have a few of those and I just I need it toss them because they're they're not good and this felt very creamy so I'm looking forward to using that then moving on to number six where are you at right over here well well we have another fizzing cube this one is in cotton flour so you guys already know the weight and everything from the first one which I did forget to mention I said it was two dollars they're currently on sale on their website for a dollar apiece just in case you guys want to know that so now we have two bath bombs or two bath fizzies then moving on to no loss habit which is right over here and now we have a lip cream oh this looks familiar hold on I think I have that shade oh I do I just found it I had bought that Sephora favorites and this shade was in there I had the little mini version I'm gonna swatch the mini leave this one alone and I am put this in the basket okay this is it's actually a really beautiful shade I'll show you guys this is a full-size item this is their cream lip stain liquid lipstick and I'm so watching this little tiny one here on the back of my hand next to that lip liner here's what the shade looks like it is number one it is a really beautiful red and you can definitely pair it with that red lip liner that also comes inside of the box I think the combination of the two you can tell that they go together 100% and of course it being a full-size item it has 5 milliliters in it or point 1 6 9 of an ounce and it is also $14 for the full size good on number 8 where you it right up top here you get to express eye makeup remover wipes there is one in each of these little packets I am completely unable to find it on their website I only found a packet of 24 on eBay which is $12 so I don't know if they stopped selling them or where I can find them but I don't exactly know the price of these then these all kind of come in handy on a weekend away if you just need to take one with you just to take off your makeup night I haven't tested them out before I didn't even know Sephora sold makeup wipes then let's move on to number 9 whoa what are you this is a sample of one of their body wash it is in the scent blueberry it's this little pod this is definitely a sample size it is just a one-time use so you just pop it open use it being honest these two items so so far I'm the least excited about I think I could have probably done without it just my opinion they're just so small and kind of random that I'm just like alright so let's move on to number 10 up top here in day 10 you receive two instant nail polish remover wipes now this one actually I found online so they sell 20 counts of these for $8 so that makes these about 40 cents of peach yeah not peach I'd read before it's a white peach extract in it so that's why I miss that up but their 40 cent a piece so you'll get to test out two of these then looking for number 11 which is right down here Lulu let's take a guess Neal posh yeah yeah so here we have another tiny cute little looking egg it is the color hit nail polish again it is five dollars this one is in the shade sugar-coated so let's open her up I've got another finger waiting I went ahead and put one coat on that finger there I would describe this nail polish color as kind of clear more on the milky side it's just like a little tint to your natural nails day number 12 was a nail file and here is so you get a little size comparison from the palm a hand I believe this is a nail file they created just specifically for this little castle it has those little stars printed on it so I was not able to find it online with a price or anything like that but hey it's a nail file then day 13 we got something smaller over here what so a day thirteen has some stickers ooh okay yeah I'm just being totally honest I could have done without this just just my opinion there I think that's a little bit of a random item to put in there not much more to say about that one let's go to 14 day 14 has a clear hair tie since this is entirely the Sephora collection I believe it is one of their versions but I know there's that big brand that creates those ones that are called invisible there's just one in here and it is clear actually with a little bit of sparkle these are actually really good hair ties I have a few and I really enjoy them they're really easy to kind of wrap up in your hair it's kind of tangle free I don't really feel any tight pulling and if you create a bun these are perfect - a wraparound and secured all the hairs at the top because sometimes a scrunchie can make a lot of pieces fall out this is actually really good to hold everything in place I actually really like those so that's a good one to get and if they do get a little bit stretched out I did see that if you put them in hot water they shrink back in a size so they will never get stretched out or if they do you and fixing then day 15 we got a mini little sticky note pad with the L on it these are very cute I love owls I have a tattoo of an owl so I am completely obsessed with them but I'm kind of liking about it being in the box because I mean now you have a little sticky pad and some stickers feel like those are to kind of like throw in items so a little bit disappointing in that one with the stickers will keep it going though and then I'll talk more about all of the items overall at the end so let's go to number 16 this is the Sephora multi-texture sponge so it's actually flat this is eight dollars or at least I found that on the Australian website it's kind of perfect I had just tossed my sponge this morning and I was using it brushes this is kind of interesting to test out I'm wondering how best to use this hmm that's gonna be interesting to test out I'm gonna use this first thing tomorrow it doesn't feel very soft I'm gonna run it under water and see if it expands I ran it under water just now and I didn't really see any size difference afterwards I'm not I'll give this one a shot I will test it tomorrow and then see but hey everyone loves a good Beauty Blender alright then moving on to number 17 we then have a 1 charcoal nose strip this one is just a one count and it is three dollars actually really in the nose drips I have a ton of the Biore ones I like to use those when I feel like my nose and my chin are just kind of out of control that is one of the areas in which I get the most blackheads then number 18 we're getting close now to the end were you it oh right up here up tap you then receive one single eyeshadow i swatched it right down here it is the shade number 207 lazy afternoon this one is a full-size I am of 1.2 grams or point 0 for 2 of an ounce and it retails for $8 it looks like they went for a very safe choice it's just a kind of matte cream shade which you could either use to set the entire lid or just use as a very light shade to kind of pop on as the all over the lip color and then on the 19th day you get a colorful face blush this is in the shade number one shame on you I went ahead and squashed it right down there that is actually a really beautiful shade it is a matte blush and it's just this very pretty soft pink shade the only thing is this contact is so difficult to open in this palette it does also come with a tiny little mirror and it is a full-size item so it is $14 and the net weight is 3.5 grams or point 12 of an ounce I just like to give you guys the sizes just so you know what you're getting day 20 has it with the same kind of little owl design it's one of these little kind of pocket mirrors purse mirrors whatever you want to call it so has a one of these inside it is a very good little mirror but if I were to take a tiny little mirror like this in my purse I like ones that you have something that kind of fold over because otherwise it's just gonna get so dirty really fast I mean there's stuff in your purse all the time stuff in your pocket you know lint and then you're gonna have to constantly keep wiping it so that's my only thing about it it is a very cute though well I will there then just a few more to go number 21 not right over here looks like we're getting a complete set of these little bath fizzes and now we got the scent cherry blossom so now we have a grand total of three of these little bath fizzes all in different scents so day 22 now I am excited about this one I can already tell this is one of the Sephora lipsticks this is number nine at labyrinth City actually has engraved inside the lipstick it says hashtag matte and oh my gosh that's watched like a dream it was so creamy it just glided on and such a beautiful shade too I have this liquid lipstick on but I'm kind of wondering I think I could make this one work too I couldn't help myself I wiped off that really purple lipstick that I had and I'm gonna pop this on and just see how it looks that purple is very stubborn though so it's still in some areas so we'll see how this goes on just look at it though it just glides on here we have it shade number nine that is really gorgeous I love the way that looks on the lips I've been really wanting to test out one of their and new lipsticks I know that just came out I think it was last year they launched with a ton of shades I'm happy that they decided to put a matte one in there it's not too matte where it just feels very stiff it is very creamy it's just gonna leave a kind of a matte finish where it's not too shiny I'm very happy they decided to put the shade in here I think it's a gorgeous color and even though it says it's a matte it's not like the typical matte where it's a lot stiffer and it's just no shine to it there's a little bit of a shine to it because it is so creamy but it just looks so flawless and it feels very comfortable on the lips so now we just have two more so let's do it 23 we then receive two more like we did earlier which is the Express eye makeup remover wipes with that being added we now have a little collection of for makeup remover wipes I'm kind of happy I got two more I was kind of just two random makeup remover wipes and then let's go on to the last day which is down here one more of these little invisible type hair ties this one is blue though no glitter in this one so now you have a set of two a clear and a blue and that was it oh man so the entire castle advent calendar has been on box two let's kind of do a little overview okay so with the total kind of calculated up for what I was able to put a price tag to I'll show you guys what I don't which is this one single little body wash this tiny little mirror the little sticky note pad the stickers the little nail file that was made specifically for this collection as well and then I couldn't find these specific Sephora collection one of these so I was a little unsure what price to put these ones at with these out of the picture and I have a total value of eighty-seven dollars and forty cent maybe when these items calculate it in it's looking more like a hundred dollars and values so if you spent forty five dollars at least you know you're getting a return on your investment in getting a little bit more overall I'd say this is not a bad advent calendar box so if you're thinking about gifting it for someone else now you know what to expect on the inside there are some items that I'm just kind of like hmm we could have done without them you know being the random stickers the little sticky note pad pocket wash thing and the like single little body wash I think we could have done without those but at least now you know what's inside the box the overall value the actual size of everything so that way you know if it is really gonna be worth it to you to purchase to give to someone else or give to yourself who knows but I really hope that you guys enjoy this video if you did please don't forget to hit that like button if there are any other Christmas collections calendars little bundles that you want me to test out or show you what's inside of leave me that with a comment down below and I'll be happy to get to that subscribe to my channel and hit that little Bell button and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys


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