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everybody and welcome to a book haul accidentally I honestly did not mean for this to happen this is my first book haul of the entire year and I think what's happened is that I keep buying books quite slowly and so I don't I don't see it as a book haul but then I went to England for five weeks I did nothing but visit book shops and I have amassed more than enough to show you guys so I'm very excited to show you I have such cool books that I'm actually having a bit of a crises because yesterday finish my book that's great actually no it's a day before yesterday this crises has been going on for three days yeah I finished my book and I was like hey great what should I read next I looked at my new books and I froze I was paralyzed I literally have so many cool books and I don't know what to read next so I'd love if you'd help me I'll show you what I got and then maybe you can help me pick what to read next but let's start by giving the people what they want young adult the first one is the heartbeat of wing Jones by Katherine Webber I'm going to show you another book in a moment that deals with sport but as you can see we got some blue running shoes here because this is a book about the character wing Jones who's going through a lot of difficult times a pretty tragic event has taken place and she turns to running to kind of help her through it to cope with all of this stuff that's going on and I'm super excited to read about a young girl in sport because I've never read that before I'm trying to even think of maybe a movie and I'm thinking of she's the men oh great film with the mend Bynes and Bend It Like Beckham with Keira Knightley so the owner great movies about women in sport but I haven't really seen any I haven't read a book about women in sport like a fiction book so I'm really I'm really this is one of the one main ones that I'm thinking about reading next up next we have the gentleman's guide to bison virtue by Mackenzie Lee when I heard about this I was so excited this is about a young rich guy living in the 18th century and he's going to take the Grand Tour this is a thing that rich people did when they were getting educated they went to all of the fancy cities in Europe gonna hit out Paris you're gonna hit up Rome you know Athens hit up all the cultural sites to you know get educated and so he's doing this with his best friend but it just spirals out of control there's pirates involved adventure and it's also unclear so I'm not too sure it's in this book there there's a little bit of like history changing and it's okay for this guy to be like come out as gay or if he has to hide it because it's the 1700s I'm not too sure but either way the main character is gay and it just sounds like so much fun it's just pirates and adventure I'm ready for it it's like the perfect summertime book up next we have a totally different kind of book we've got maybe I should've thought out the order a little more because we've gone from super fun and wacky to pretty sad pretty quickly this is all the good things by Claire Fisher this is not the final cover this is about a girl who's in prison ah and she's pretty depressed and her psychiatrist says I would like you to write a list of all the good things in your life and through writing this list we discover why she's in prison that what she did because the problem is that according to the bio you know haven't read this yet but the problem is that she did something the thing that landed her in prison that she thinks is so bad that she does not deserve forgiveness so I guess we're gonna find out what that is we're going to find out why it happened I'm no idea sounds exciting I'm also just really interested and the final lie a book I have is spills owed by Scott Westerfeld and it's illustrated by Alex bubbling because this one is actually done a graphic novel yes folks I'm very very excited about this because uglies by Scott Westerfeld is a series of dystopian why a books that I devoured I loved it that series so so much and then everything else that I've seen by Scott Westerfeld husband intrigued me to pick it up I haven't been like oh I've got to read that but I know he's a good writer because he wrote that great series it seems to be about the city where there was some sort of like a chemical problem some sort of a current and the main characters are gonna go and try and figure out what happened but I mean it just seems like fun it just seems really epic in the color seem gray and I trust scott westerfeld's so I'm really I'm pumped I'm pumped all right let's move into classic okay this ah they're so beautiful oh they're so beautiful okay narrative essays by George Orwell hot damn hot damn um any book shop that I go to I always go and visit George Orwell doesn't matter doesn't matter if I've already owned all his books you know I just love looking at his different editions of his books and I don't know maybe there's something I haven't seen and then I saw this and this is something I haven't seen I actually only like four different collections of his essays I probably now do own all of his essays um but I just I loved this one of the main things I loved about it was how floppy it is and how it kind of sits flat it's really comfortable to read it but yeah I love George Orwell he's my favorite author of all time Animal Farm is my favorite book ever and I feel like I haven't read something by him in a really long time and I sat down in the bookshop and I read being like an entire essay in here and I was like acted by it I miss George Orwell so much I have to buy and then the other classic I got is a Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf also in such a beautiful addition I've always meant to read Virginia Woolf and I haven't and throughout my degree I read different like excerpts and stuff but I never heard like a full novel by her um and I mean this isn't her novels is nonfiction but I'm so interested in it because I was reading about what it's about and her whole thing of like all a woman needs if she wants to be creative and in end like successful is money and a room of her own a room of one's own and I was just like gotta read this and I started reading it excellent a second one so let's move on to a little monster action I got three books that are not a fiction the first one I'm part way through it it's one of my favorite books I've read this year I'm sure it's going to end up just being one of my favorite books I've ever read and it is eat sweat play how sport can change our lives by Anna Kessel this is a book about women in sport and it is so illuminating it's so interesting to read about and I'm having so many epiphanies I'm having so many realizations I'm having a really really really kind of revolutionary time reading this book up next I have don't read this book time management for creative people by Donald Ruth so a couple years back I read a book called show your work by Austin Kleon and the year that I read it which I don't remember what year that was it ended up being my favorite book of the year because it was it was super motivational it made me want to be productive it made me want to be creative and ever since I read that book I've been looking for something similar and this seems like it might do that it's very like fun and interesting design and it just seems like it might have some good tips which as a person who has recently gone freelance and self-employed I think I could use this and the final non-fiction book I have is birds art life death by Chioma clear so this is a field guide to the small insignificant basically the the author's dad got really sick and she found herself in this place where she couldn't create stuff anymore she's an artist or a writer and she just couldn't make stuff anymore and then she meets this musician who I think ends up being her husband which he meets this musician who loves going bird-watching and she finds herself going bird-watching with him for a year and this is a vote kind of what she thinks about during that time what she learned and it seems really beautiful it's got a lot of photos of birds in it at the tree um it's a tree with a bird in it and that's a map of Toronto that was the other thing that interested me it takes place in Canada which I don't read often in all right and finally I have a big old pile of general fiction adult fiction if you'd like starting off with two books by the same author Mosin Hameed exit west which is his brand-new book and The Reluctant Fundamentalist which is a slightly older book they're both very short which really excites me um this one is so cool it's fully purple it's completely purple book that's awesome and this one is kind of purple so I love that they match I went to the shop to buy this book I've been reading loads about it I really wanted it so I decided to go get it and then I saw this book on the shelf which I'd never heard anyone talk about and then literally the day I bought it suddenly everyone on booktube was reading it and loving it that was really good news because I was like I guess I'll take a risk and then end up not being a risk because everyone loves it but I was at the shop and I was like okay wait which one do I want to buy and then I decided to get both because they match so well this is an author who seems to me at least to be doing some pretty interesting stuff with his writing this book is written completely as a conversation between you and a guy that you meet at a cafe and this one is about two people who fall in love in a country that's become war torn is being thrust into war and a little bit of magical realism seems to be happening where they're like I think stepping through doors that take them to different places I'm not too sure but I'm really really intrigued they're beautiful next up I got kitchen by banana Yoshimoto I've heard about this author before and I decided to just go look at her book I was in Edinburgh and I saw this version of her book I've only ever seen one where there's a person kind of sending really happy on the cover and I didn't really like that cover I saw this it's so cool it's very vibrant pink like that is the definition of hot pink right it's super short and it's translated fiction and I just wanted to give it a shot I think I'm really going to like okay next up I have a really cool story so I got this book guitar go char I hope by the eviction bah and oh my god I went to a book shop and I saw this book and I picked it up and I was like whoa this is a cool book I want this but it didn't really feel like spending money that day so I went home when I checked my emails literally that night had an email from Faber and Faber and they're like hey we have a new book called guitar Kochhar would you like it and I was like oh yeah I was literally holding it today wanting to buy it so that was amazing again super short 119 pages and this is by an author an Indian author who is published loads of books in India but this is his first English translation and it's about a family who is poor and goes up in life suddenly gets a lot of money and kind of like what happens in their family I this is another one I really want to read this then I picked up here only color commies Veneto no thrift shop so this sounds so cute and adorable it's about a thrift shop in probably Nakano and it's about a girl who works in this thrift shop and each chapter it's really cool each chapter though this one says big dog starts it's about an item in the shop letter opener and and through that kind of narrative style we learned about the characters in the shop and their relationships it just seems really sweet then I picked up a book that literally I probably picked up seven times in seven different book shops and I kept wanting to buy it and I was like I don't know I don't know and then when I was leaving a like list was on the last day I was leaving I was like you know what I love this edition of this book and I know that when I go back to Canada they only have another edition of it and I'm going to be so frustrated if I don't buy this so I got it and it is do not say we have nothing by Madeleine pin so this is ironically a Canadian book that I decided to buy in England but I like their cover more it's I just find it really beautiful and soothing this is super similar to this and then it's like a family saga this is about Chinese Canadians living I really want to say in Vancouver not Michael British Columbia and we learn about these characters we learn about their family it's supposed to be really really interesting and like really really masterly crafted masterly crafted that makes sense right masterfully forgot a little Essendon and finally oh my gosh this has been a long video the final dock is the spinning heart by Donal Ryan so last year I read all we shall know by doing Orion and it was my favorite book of the year absolutely one of the best books I'll ever read I cannot recommend it enough quite frankly and this is his first ever book so I decided to look him up and I realized gosh he's published book before this one and this one was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2013 and it won the Year Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards so this one's also really widely acclaimed and it's also I got a lot of short books and I'm really happy about it and so that is my book oh my gosh oh pretty long I'd love to hear down below if you've read any of these books and what you thought of them but also help me out what should I read next I really hope that you guys enjoy this video and I will see you in my next one bye


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