Mermaid Mondays! Ep.51 The Island Of Crabs! | Amy Lee33

by: Amy Lee

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hello everyone and welcome back to mermaid Mondays here on the candy aisle I see the lovely oh wait there's a way of blocking my view the lovely Amy Lee 33 oh well please cuz is a blue whale though oh so beautiful hi hi Stacy what are you doing out there I saw Norman for a second and now I don't see him anymore you know no I'm gonna eat my last water pearl okay you need some devil Sam no no I want more coral okay on the car oh honey we're basically getting a little Sun because of you so much from the car Sue and stuff and water pearl really work where did mommy go I don't know there's like so many like splitting shells up here okay I have water breathing for another three minutes oh that's right this is the one that gives you water breathing but I still don't have night vision already yeah but that's okay cuz like the corals lit up uh-huh but I'm a little scared don't be scared Oh Stacy I'm in love oh yeah like this a little I I got rid of a shower there's the tiniest little grand I remember like crusty was just this big all the crap was in the show Oh only you could ring him back but sadly you can't probably insure the face it's bringing me back memories is when I thought when Krusty was just a baby crap yeah you could see him he's adorable do we need sponge for anything like I've never properly looked in any eye and seeing sponge um we can make sponge blocks and out of sponge but no I don't think we do I think we just need the coral I don't know I'm just getting late to stand right now but yeah Mandy the car leave me the fun stuff and doing the boring stuff because sound is boring um well we did use a lot of sandstone I know we need so much okay so cool island who'd like destroying it we waste comes a sound we need we should we should break up all the shells - yeah but they're not just like floating they're out of any other direction - what direction and we need them for decoration rather ah right um okay this is like like like a lucky surprise when you hit a show and you get with these adorable baby crabs I've lost where I am and then come to the surface and see okay they die ah there you are well there's your Island this might come back over here the island ah so we need to do something about the beach villager who's still jumping up and down oh I've lost my friend and I'm still laughing about the Enderman that we killed that was funny I'll ever get over that okay this is the best day ever um gonna get this seaweed that's nice the sand stain here - yeah that Enderman um so we sent him to the moon all right Inez no you know it's easy you're wasting your pearl I need to not waste my pearl I'm going back under getting more coral okay I'm nearly out of this shovel I've gone through like three shovels like earlier today okay let's get some moon shells the shells I like a Kinder Surprise you can't have that in the US you joined II know but I lived in Germany as a kid yeah I love and we would get them my mom would get me one every day we'd walk to this drugstore and get one nice and I have a whole Oh who sets assists incus and oh no Anna I hate stinky send some sizes continue fuel story oh no I'm just saying I have a whole bag full of old kinder surprises from the 80s and 90s ah me too I said like with the crocodiles and the tortoises the Lions I love them Oh orcas we got some orcas here okay I wonder if I could just find oh wait is my pearl flashing 22 seconds no I guess get up stasek no oh you should come to so many anglers over here kinnda crap surprise oh I came onto this island oh there's so many orcas um listen style is here right what do you want me to do just get more sand yeah yeah we need that smooth Sun scientist Amy yeah all the way there's another shop just don't come over here there's nothing there's nothing to see on this island is that be stinky sand and that was my cat hahaha okay kitty cat and okay why what's neon and steppy sees nothing okay ah whatever you do I don't think you should come to this island oh why actually maybe you should come because I'm feeling a little threatened right now actually why well I feel coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming hey on that lonex this island is my worst possible nightmare ey I'm coming I will rescue you I have flowers and I have a sure I have flowers don't worry come on it's going down we didn't bring beds did we we've gotta get off of this island Amy why why did you stay I see crab legs oh that's across why what is it there's the going big what yeah I've already put 30 are you Krusty's grandfather Stacy did you like my cool a tiny to live here okay you can live here oh these are crusty friends I'll come visit you occasionally safety doorman wait call me Tim the big ones um I think yeah listen how do you take that long Oh give me fish to tame big Krusty's with a pretty sunset huh I don't think crowds would eat fish have bread no he doesn't want bread I'm a birthday um have sand by the crab legs yeah hey Connie crab legs that would be like really creepy uh yeah sure wait I'll wait shall I George's yes shells oh that's what I named Oh she'll make sense he's taken like a hundred million the shells are the key the show the crowd comes close to the key thick she's drawn out of the shells so that makes sense oh my goodness Stacey come on come on he doesn't like he doesn't like the Spidey ones okay and I'm concerned that things are gonna start spawning do you have any torches yep we got a skeleton over here ah come back Emily I can't I can't with the beasties right now that's crabs to be had right here and I know I just want to make sure that we stay safe mr. crab look at here zombie he's taken like a hundred billion shells oh my gosh the crab legs come on you can be my friend these serious mr. crab I've given him like a hundred thousand eggs and shells um okay I'll break some shells we all know we really should break did you break all the shells over at the other Island I feel bad about that and all floating in the air Oh not all of them I don't think you're supposed to break shells is that oh he's the baby so cute wait what what did you say the baby is cute I mean up in it in a crab type way the babies Hugh this crab I'm not even kidding is like taking 100,000 showers and we sure this is adding it no I'm not sure what does it do when look at the zombies yeah but she's dancing with it oh my beasties thank are you cranky oh look up he can stay in sync e7 you think it like okay I got another shout come down come up be my friend here I've got a bunch of shells to be my friend be my friend Beemer he doesn't like plays instead look like they're back pack ah Stacy you are good friend you're welcome does it look like he's tamable with by zombie he's I'm sorry that that happened to you he's taking the shells like oh it's he has the same particle effect is it like a wolf yeah I mean he's not he's dancing that zombies really struggling to survive let's just type that crap doesn't go in there maybe we should cover this up that's a good point umm yeah he's taking the shells but it's taking like 100 million of them to tame him ah is there any more shell a little home there's more Krusty Krabs over here there's tons of shells okay spike wait that's not that the spiders like a hairy land crab that I don't have time for uh-oh these crabs are getting kind of close to the I'm so excited see if you don't even understand I have no even's for this stay there we go I have quite a few evens now you guys this is what's one of these is Krusty's he it's your purple crown or red crab I think he's a purple crab oh hi spider okay I'm going back and gone but mr. crab uh all right well I guess I'll just collect shells wait what if he go if you can ride them I guess I kind of want one not really good I lost him did he run away what no he was right there he's disappeared on me this one later that is funny II you need to get that whoa why did he go um mr. crab maybe he went in the water oh this one just went in the water okay everybody uh we have any do we have anything like we have a lead that we can like push him back up with no I don't have any leads Oh duck down here hmm I'm gonna come up I don't want to leave his side oh no he's going deeper Amy he's going deeper I don't know that I don't know how to get him okay oh I have pick apples yes okay let me give you a bit come over here okay over here I'm staying on him okay okay I won't despawn you see me over here oh yeah see okay coming at least a guy hey we could just poke a ball i'ma take him back even yeah that's a great idea where is he MGM's iam I got him you only have one pokeball no I have like sweet I got em I got em Stacy this one's your crab we need to find the other one though well you can have him if we can't find oh look oh no I think the other one must be in the will to to these crabs around the island what he's on the stinky stinky stinky son are you okay I think so okay I hate that stuff Hayden I'm spelling - it's like my West okay I'm looking I'm looking for the other king crabs I saw a bunch of them he ma he was around here I think he may be gone in see Asian do you sad a night vision maybe even spot him no I don't but I can see pretty well I see a green turtle um see a little crab oh here's a shell a little bit a little bunch of skeleton here hello little crab yeah two more pickles I didn't realize I had them on me sir hmm um where did he go no idea hmm darn it well there's a turtle like Dodd oh wait is that no that's just clay I saw a red block he's a wizard this crab yeah baby they piece farm maybe oh okay what's that where is that just uh that honors a Krusty Krab Krusty Krab Wow that was the best island in the whole wide world day um it was okay you found the island of the crab the island of the crowd you know what I have a sign here Nana yeah let's make us a wish that we like me to house here oh do you yeah like maybe we should move the entire game here Island of the crab this is the band I'm being killed by something no don't kill me hey my little crass tease I'm gonna cut some more shows just in case that other big big beastie comes back the nice big crappy beastie okay um let's get some more didn't you grow like crusty grow into a king crab it's a different species now Krusty is just Krusty he's perfect that he's not gonna get any bigger and I think he's like the other ones totally perfect mm-hmm perfect maybe he went over to the other Island the miss have no idea hmm well at least we have one that's a good thing okay let's give it a Sami maybe they'll be spawn again maybe yeah okay don't give up face I have facing crabs we we are one you see is that hold on any mind runner I don't want to go down but it's not just a missing block there's something over here I have to mop a caboose say if we find another one and we get it all right I'm gonna have to sink down and investigate this block hopefully I don't drown then drown by the power vested in crab island job is this I can't see a thing down here well we should have brought home pals beat someone up okay let's get rid of this and know it wasn't anything don't drown don't round off huh don't drown drown we survived the night filming ah okay that's it Oh sharks Chirk Chirk Chirk ok don't die don't die I won't pet sharks when day two is anything I don't know we should make it a thing um well I guess we only got one crab but that's okay let's go home you're gonna go home and then is that Norman spiders oh that's a lot of spiders Amy by this I'm not keen in that Norman no we need to meet a name tag him and key we focus on Norman oh my cry me do you want to try Kaito okay what would I do with him keep him forever come here I I that would be I can't I'd have to build him like a pen where he could get out if you wanted yeah that's fine we can do that there you go okay I'll make it into Pokemon Norman do it do it do it so do fun don't despawn I'm a comedy t-spawn already no no no I don't see oh no there he is there he is there yes beany to be able to pick up the sing the piccaboo oh I know shoot I I think I can okay okay me together we could do something oh my gosh Norman please Amy got her crab let me get you know this is your crab EULA okay oh no the pokeball just went right through him I think ready hmm no I'm on the bottom of the ocean looking for the pokeball died too much Remini chef some ham I think oh do I tell the pokeball we should come get ya I'm gonna die I'm gonna die don't die don't die don't die go on it go up no I'm dying he's actually dying I'm dying oh nice oh man he's off what are you serious well I don't even know what he perished I was right out from the island I was dead that's uh that's helpful no no likes in the direction of the spite the the direction the spiders were coming from um I'm coming back up coming back oh I say see Harry why why just keep inventory hate me haha I'm looking for stuff you have a water pearl uh no I used them up when we swim here Aria oh my gosh I didn't get any oysters oh I see you I see you you see me um yeah I see you it's gotta be like look for Norman it's underneath Norman I'm looking for XP cuz I didn't have full hearts that's why I died uh Stacey I know what did I have on me on my backpack I didn't have my lo I felt like I just had all my armor or some food okay pokeball yes I think I had anything yet the car oh this day I had the coral it hasn't been five minutes yet though I can't see anything yeah it's too dark when I gotten when we grabbed some pearls that's it oh I'm such a new Bihari bad and it's Louie I don't see Norman I don't see anything anymore I see a stingray thing oh yeah I see it now he'll are they friendly we should have practice with one of these like a smaller Asian crafts beastie and like if we could capture that then we can capture know it died trying to capture Norman didn't we capture dot was it yeah we did we captured done with a peekaboo didn't we yeah well you just captured a king crab that's from ocean craft yeah so baby I must've just aimed wrong yeah I think it's doable we just need to get Norman's good crazy exp down here I got it I see exp okay I'm going down okay actually keep an eye on my my breathing yep here's all my stuff okay but I'm a little bit afraid great I got oh no I got the coral I thought I got the crab legs it was like are you kidding me okay swimming up swimming up swimming up oh no taking damage it's really deep Amy I know that's my that's my fear no again I go on into the crowd I'm gonna die don't die again I have one heart oh you made it yeah but I only got my coral crap um okay boot that's okay don't you have to basically start swimming up as soon as you run out of air geez okay um I like but I don't have the hearts now everything's got LT spawned I go the fish or the crabs have gone Norman's gone Norman I'll be back don't worry about it all right let me get this show where are you I'm still like in ICU and stuff cuz you really need a lot a whole bunch of it and my shovel right whoa Sam I guess in the next episode oh I'm not gonna regen now cuz they don't have food uncle feed I might just have to ditch everything I have like my diamond sword was almost dead was there anything I was like I got the coral surprisingly okay that's good and yeah I have food you can see I have lots of bread on me I'm just trying to remember I had a couple stews I had the diamond sword that was almost dead some tools I don't think we had a I'd like 15 pumpkin pie I don't think I don't think there's anything crazy though do you have any food yeah yeah I'm just letting me eat this crab no bread I've celiac disease oh um okay alright happy now secret very complex bye I'm sorry oops alright I had this episode here on this terrible note it won't be found lots of crabs and I think next episode we're gonna try and get another king crab isn't this will terrible for you not terrible for me it's no not terrible for me not terrible for you I'm I'm I'm distraught alright well I don't think I'm gonna maybe I will go back down anyway alright in the next episode we will swim home and will tame your king crab Amy we need to get another now this one is your king crab but we're going to find another one this one is if you want it it's my gift from me to you and for making Fred I do this we're gonna race them I'm gonna get back to the island and we're gonna try and find that other yeah okay thank you so much for watching guys look at the cuteness of this crab can you even I'm very hurt hurry up cuz I gotta as soon as my heart to fall I gotta go look back down for my stuff I'm okay okay love you guys bye I look like crap

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