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we know September can seem daunting now that summer's over life is back to its usual rhythm so we are here to help make your life a little easier with our September reboot here to start us off as our lifestyle expert Liana Lera [Applause] we want to help we want to help our viewers out there we're gonna do a makeover every single day this week you had a big project ahead of you I did I rolled up my DIY sleeves and tackled a kitchen refresh yeah and really this kitchen was about the same age as I am give or take a couple years for her whatever age you might think that is right but at the end of the day the bones were fantastic good and I'm a big believer if ain't broke don't fix it yeah so I just went in and did as I mentioned cosmetic refresh and tackled every surface with some DIY applications that were super affordable the whole kitchen project cost under $1,000 that's very impressive okay so there are a lot of folks that are in this situation they've got the outdated kitchen that they need to do it and they need to do it on the cheap yes we sent La in to the rescue take a look when renovating a dated home making a couple of changes is great but it often then makes everything else look a little extra tired and in the case of this kitchen it really could use a little bit of an uplift or refresh now the homeowners don't have a budget to redo everything but I'm gonna show them how with my trusty paintbrush in hand I can completely transform the space I'm gonna be tackling the laminate and oak cabinets because yes you can paint those I'm gonna give the backsplash a refresh and I'm even going to tackle the laminate countertop I have my work cut out for me but I know I can make this look amazing it's been a couple of days since I started to tackle this kitchen there have been some awesome changes so far now the cabinet's have already gotten a base coat and the one thing that's made a huge difference is the fact that we've unified the wood rail with the same paint finish that goes up onto the door it really streamlines the whole look and if you also notice I have already pre-drilled for some new hardware we're gonna be adding a little bit of jewelry to the space now the one thing I'm really pleased here so far is how the backsplash is turned out I painted a fresh coat in an olive color with a specific tile paint product and it picks up so nicely with the new floors new floors were not in the budget but I was able to squeeze it a little bit to get simple peel-and-stick easy DIY application flooring wrapping the space in a fresh pallet of crisp white has made such a huge difference in the overall vibe of the space and the countertops well they did get a brand new coating with this beautiful DIY application it's a mica finish by resto Liam that was so easy to apply and sparkles just like quartz now the counters have become the perfect backdrop for some brand new dishware I actually went to Ikea and found this beautiful floral print the homeowners happen to love French country and that was just the perfect little touch and plays off of the brand-new bar stools as well that really bring that French country vibe together now the homeowners also love having a lot of fresh florals botanicals and plant life in their space so I've lined the windowsills with a few new pots and even squeezed that budget a little bit more to add some brand new blinds to help diffuse the light now the space just has such a lightness a freshness and has been completely refreshed [Applause] amazing and what's cool about this is no renovating this is some DIY projects you didn't take down any walls which is incredible because that's a transformation well and the key with exactly that is yes it was on a low budget but you have to be prepared to put in a bit of sweat equity oh yeah it's the time it's you you took the trade off right and maybe you don't want to tackle every element of the DIY project so a little bit of the budget gets increased for a contractor to come in and help you in certain areas but if you are willing to take the risk which really it's not a big risk I'm going to show you exactly how to do everything you can achieve huge results in a small amount of time and a small amount of money oh I wish I was married to you application ok let's start with the backsplash shall we yes so the backsplash in the kitchen I use an amazing product called tile transformation okay you can have it tinted to a multitude of different colors and what's fantastic about it is it unifies the entire backsplash so for those people who maybe have the old 70s or 80s like Wheatsheaf sprinted on the tile and you're thinking the only way to get rid of them is to chip them out and replace if you paint over it it just unifies it it's also really great if your grout is looking a little shabby that again the paint goes right over the grout as well so it seals everything so I have before these this is before tile that I actually just picked up at Habitat for Humanity really inexpensively so even shopping at places like Habitat if you are doing a bit of a refresh is a great option but if you have an older tile base coded it in the tile transformations but then I decided to kick it up a notch to share a new idea so for about a hundred and fifty dollars you can refresh your backsplash but if you want to take it up a notch I actually use the stencil and hand painted on cinnamon tile look now the Moroccan tiles you can get various tile stores upwards of thirty dollars each so there's the stencil you can see here thirty dollars each three stencils cost me thirty dollars and you can do your entire kitchen with just a little bit of extra paint and then just make sure that you're sealing it a good clear coat on top afterwards perfect these tiles are they can run you a pretty penny you think a so this is a great way to do it and you did it so well it is beaut it's a really easy process sensing just make sure you're using a low tack spray adhesive to stick the stencil on so you get a really nice seal and crisp lines got it that's all it is very nice so great easy affordable option yes you can paint tile that's the things I get asked all the time and yes you absolutely can paint tile lovely now when it comes to the countertop yeah a lot of people have visions and dreams of quartz and granite sand that might not be in the budget for a complete redo but you can do a refresh and in this case I've got a piece of laminate now I've maybe went a little bit overboard with you know the coffee stains but I think that's pretty accurate I'd say well I think it's indicative of a lot of older kitchen especially 70s or 80s like that's a lot of years of wear and tear and often times with a laminate you'll have the chipped edges if something's fallen on it and you think how could I possibly fix that well you can absolutely coat over top and resurface your countertops okay using various products now I used one called stone effects which is a really user-friendly DIY product and essentially what it is is it's coarse quartz granules in this mixture and you can roll it out it's a rollable quartz you put this on I did so you want to make sure it's cleaned really well first so get all those coffee stains off yeah give it a very light sand Prime always for it to help with adhesion and then this is just a strip here where you can see it's not that doesn't have the top coat on but essentially when you're applying it you have these really cool spongy webby rollers stone effects rollers you need to use something like this it is rollable but you need a roller like this that will hold on to the product because it's so thick and heavy right and there's a couple of different applications that you can do I personally like to try a trowel on the product now you can see it looks very different as I'm traveling it on versus the after it's gonna go on very milky but it dries to the stone finish and do you get different colors and there's hundred four colors there's beautiful charcoal gray a brown great options to completely transform your countertop so you'd roll on one coat let that dry put on another coat you can sand it smooth and then use the stone effects clear coat on top which is a really great epoxy if you're wondering how durable is out for countertop I just thought I would bring you this this was the clear coat that I put on top and what I didn't use dried saw [Music] [Applause] we're not this will last you for is until you want to replace to real quartz countertops that isn't really good option you can actually resurface your own countertops I did not know that existed that's a bad ball okay so next so hardware is one of those cheap and cheerful items in the space oftentimes it's referred to as the jewelry in the kitchen which I love the thing with hardware is replacing one or two knobs can run you $10 per knob and then if you have 30 40 50 knobs that gets a little pricey I much prefer the idea of spending 10 to 15 dollars on one can of spray paint and redoing everything and the nice thing with spray paint is you can customize your hardware to whatever color you want so if you want to be a trendy diva and follow some of the latest trends something like a pink finish in a metallic spray paint and Universal is meant specifically for Hardware and metal finishes copper is great there's so many different options I myself just replaced a faucet in our house in a bathroom to a champagne bronze faucet and spray-painted all the hardware to match it just to tie it in to make it really a cohesive look altogether so it's amazing what you can do with just a quick coat of spray paint now I have a little tip if you are spray-painting hardware and run yourself a piece of cardboard put the screws right through the back and with wearing gloves a mask and glasses now you can take this outside and spray paint right onto the board and even do a little upside down action to get underneath and then that is so you have a lot happening grab an extra cardboard box and put this over top and now you have a spray booth as well outside to keep everything nice and controlled good really two similar keeps things easy you really great coverage overall and keeps it clean really clean and neat a lot of people are going through the black matte and I think that's really nice that that's an option you can do the black matte absolutely it's absolutely it is very good that's a nice option okay so get your Hardware done really easily with your little makeshift little ten yes think that's great ten I like that and then the hardware needs to go on refresh door yes it does now how tough was this okay so here's the thing I am I loathe sanding I'm just gonna be honest with you it's the hardest part is the hardest part it's the messy hardest time-consuming part but really when you're working with a bare wood finish you need to be able to scuff up the surface for adhesion intro miracle products ok I love finding products that change the DIY game not only save me time and money but save me tears and all those things and divorce papers Oh 100% yeah so I used a track cabinet transformations kit about a hundred and fifty dollars to for a kit to make over the kitchen the size of the kitchen that we saw okay and in the in the kitchen that we saw in that case I had laminate doors yes and oak trim so absolutely you can paint over laminate and the oak using this product or just these plain oak doors which I haven't a few various colors here but the key with the prep was that sanding is that the transformation kit comes with this product called D Glosser okay it just happens to be a miracle product because all you need to do is put some of this on each of the doors I'm gonna grab one glove really quickly here because I'm gonna show you my new version of sanding look at me go

[Applause] allows for adhesion and the best part is contrary to other cleaners that you would use on cabinets you don't need to rinse this off you just let this dry and then you're ready to start painting with the kit this makes me think I am days of time and the adhesion is fantastic is there any trick to it like you have to make sure it's evenly spread or is no budget that's the trick yep that's right make sure all surface areas are covered and your sanding step is complete so that dries you do the priming still and the base coat that comes with yeah that's tin table so you can tint it to multa multitude of different colors yeah and then so two base coats one top coat Bob's your uncle you've got a refresh kitchen I mean look at how good that looks you can have the charcoal cabinets you always wanted I'm even fiery in right now the trend of the lower cabinets just painting those just toggle out in the weekend literally a weekend so good is she not a genius guys

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