Podcast #36 - Dog Stories

by: Jenna Julien

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all of our dogs on the table yes so we've got two Italian Greyhounds peach and Kermit and one small Chihuahua named mr. models inappropriately we're gonna talk about them today yeah we decipher pump that they're allowed in the park is there so far being okay they're usually never allowed because this is so loud and bad yeah and we are also this is a double-double new thing for this podcast we're periscope Ferris company right here we're all linked to periscope below is Jenna Julian Potter on periscope but we decided that it would probably be the easiest solution because we can do it from the iPad instead of bringing the whole computer in here yeah so we're gonna see we're test driving it right now but I used to live Ustream we did and yeah there was like 15 people we would have on the used to be so they could watch the podcast live and then once we got the new setup it was just kind of too difficult because I got my computer right here recording audio and having a second computer was just a little bit of a headache actually it was in the opiate that man fuck oh hello Martha but we wanted to talk about kind of will you talk about our dogs we wanna talk about funny stories because these dogs are so absolute goons they're just so weird all the time and it's all of their birthday's coming up soon in June they all have birthday month ya know whenever we're around and like they are not left to their own devices they they're pretty good you know like when normally when we come in here to podcast we come out and some shit habit because they're just like rebelling like peach will tear the couch pillows apart anyway she and naughty these are our dogs we sit for the mic enough thermal Wranglers over here she's gonna use her hand it just knocked over your mic in a sec hi periscope I can't even see me but so we have a bunch of stories Jenna's got more than I do because she's got more dogs than I do but we figured let's just get into her yeah yeah I got the multi right here oh yeah call me mr. clutch in a manual car okay so I decided that I was gonna talk about marble first since he's the oldest marbles is gonna be 7 on June 5th peach is gonna be 1 on June 15th and Kermit's gonna be 5 on June 20th birthday month coming up ok so my first story is the first time that marble ever barked ok so I used to live in this like like a three-story house in Cambridge and why are you just playing here because you're talking about when I tell us sorry I'll put it on me and so he hadn't made a noise I got him when he was you know 6 weeks old or something like that little like he was a pound he was the size of just like a baby bird and he was running around this like parking lot of a backyard that we shared with the two upper units and in Boston a lot of times like in the basement there's like these small little windows that are right against the ground ok and there you know rectangular yeah yeah so like the dirt basement like the laundry oh yes I know what you're talking about like when you walk into the side of the house you see a moment yeah yeah yeah and marble was you know super super little and tiny and he walked up to one of those windows saw his own reflection and went it was the first time I ever I love that I you were obviously there I think for the first time peach bark Torme no no it was so cute it's first part like such a weird their voice is because they all have different like sounding barks yeah oh yeah that's really cool it was really cute all right those marbles all right you want to because you all right go ahead well the next one we both had switch I bought that in a minute okay um so marble like he's he got I fixed him when he was like two so he said marvel he's a little like humps things like he used to hump things a lot before I got him fixed yeah he's pretty awful and the reasoning behind me not fixing him till two was like I was it was complicated I mean but it basically boiled down to you can't do anything with your dog if they're not fixed yeah like you can't take them to parks legally and I was like okay buddy sorry I'm really sorry yeah so he's still like humps a lot of things whereas these two don't hump anything because they got fixed relatively young yeah Kermit super submissive in peach is just a little baby go baby go so marbles like instead of just humping like anything and everything he chooses one stuffed animal and he humps it until the stuffed animal is like gone or dead yeah and so he's gone through a couple in his life he had a lion and then I got him the exact same lion when Kermit wrecked it and then for a little while was a bear but now he's currently on a bear the bear yeah but like at night when we go upstairs he'll just like stand at the edge of the bed like look for it he'll like start wagging his tail and freaking out because he wants you to find his bear yeah so that he can hump it and if like one of the other dogs touches it he like flips out but it's just really adorable to me that's something with the size of like a brain the size of a walnut can be so emotionally attached to one and and there it's funny because I can sometimes we'll be in a hotel somewhere and we'll have the dogs and we'll have forgotten the bear but we'll have another stuffed animal and he'll understand that that's like his temporary he'll have to make do and you can see he's like he's like reluctant but he'll do it with the bear he's like all about it it's like his go-to he's completely adore it's really cute yeah but then like dirt because I've seen other dogs be attached to one stuffed animal yeah and they'll carry it with them and like bring it with them they'll play with it all day marbles literally like will go to bed he like will hump his bear for like three minutes maybe and then go to sleep but he's like so he like lives for that three minutes really no thank you it's pretty adorable okay so mine is pretty relevant because you know tweeted about it today and it happens like today and last night so we had cheat meal last night and we got some Taco Bell and Jenna got a Crunchwrap supreme which is like a little flat little kind of whole quesadilla sort of sealed meat thing I don't know what she gave me day yeah so first what happened was every time we leave the living room and there's any sort of food there it's just a matter of time before Pete's just like you know gets the balls to get up and just take it like she knows she's not supposed to but she's got her on video it's trying to get out right so it's on my vlog today when you're watching this it'll be on my vlog that's her know it might be you know it's the next vlog it's coming out tomorrow but anyway I set up my camera and I was like motherfucker I'm gonna catch you because I know you're gonna do it anyway so I put up the camera and she sure enough goes and like takes the Crunchwrap and like tries to drag it off and I like yellow I'm like Paige I got you and she's like oh my god oh my god but anyway that was last night today yeah I had only eaten like a quarter that she took a bite of it me know the whole thing was just sitting there I was sitting in the living room and we forgot to like throw it out last night so we come downstairs today and we're downstairs for maybe like five minutes I'm drinking coffee Jenna's like checking her phone like it's just waking up time and I go in the living room and I see that there's no Crunchwrap but there's a wrapper I go outside I go outside and I say Jenna did you show off the clothes rep last night and she said no and I said okay well I can't find it and I think the dogs just took it so it's somewhere in the house right now so I spent like 15 minutes no all right calm down I spent like 15 minutes like searching the living room lifting shit up finding you know a whole bunch of shit but not the Crunchwrap so it's just in the house now it's literally we haven't found it so in like three weeks we're going to find an old as Crunchwrap were they aided the whole thing maybe the whole thing well her and Kermit work together like the Raptors in Jurassic Park so that is exactly what they do they literally work together it's insane it's crazy I texted Jordan spoderman yeah Jordan please I was gonna hold a candlelight vigil for them the secret you tweeted that's my first story guys you need to calm down Julia that's that's her fault peach you're being disruptive okay you're gonna be in my shirt in a second stay no licking be guests your guests okay yeah and my next one was about marble okay I'm pretty sure that I've told the story before but I had made a video a long time ago about this kid that I was roommates with that I hated like I hated this guy so many levels for so many things yeah but one of the things that also hated was he how to rabbit being Jasmine was this little black rabbit yeah I guess he bought it for his niece and then he kept it and it was just really weird and this guy was very bizarre and he just fucking hated him and he would leave this rabbit on the back deck in Boston like through all weather conditions yeah and like sometimes he would throw a tarp over it and because I hated this guy so much he would heat like he would tell me oh you know whenever you're at home like if you want to just like take Jasmine out and play with her and stuff I'm sure she'd appreciate it and I'm like I hate you but I love me some bunnies and so because they're sweet and adorable and so on the back deck I would let Jasmine out and she play with marbles and it was the cutest thing because marbles is such a little guy and she was like a little rabbit no it was before I had Kermit yeah and they would just like play together and it was completely adorable and like he would like let this rabbit go days without giving her fresh water and food and like I would notice it and like you can only do so much I mean it's not your rabbit like I can't expect on it every day I'm sure fucking hate the kid and one day I went out there and it was dead and the only reason I know is because marbles walked up to the cage and you know usually he would just walk up to her occasion likes wag his tail and start getting all excited that I was gonna out yeah and he just looked at her cage and then looked at me and went that's so sad and it was the saddest thing in the whole world but for a while marbles best friend was a rabbit named Jasmine it's really cute but sad sad ending marble-like he was very if anybody has a rabbit just know that marbles will get along swimmingly I'd rather just come over for a playdate marbles my friend did you sit being two while your brother trap him okay so this isn't really a single story because speech says it all the time but he's just a little Goyal she loves to be boiled and does going out things like she girl things like she takes she'll take Jenna's underwear out of Jenna's your little wedge of the drew up and take the underwear but we didn't have any underwear we know I would always say how we saw Jenna just shut your door your drawer and you would have a problem and she would be like I know I know and I'm telling you I was like Julian I shut it every day yeah I believe her I'm like Jenna just actually shut it like shut it and then you know one day she caught peach any act of pulling the door from the drawer from completely shut to open like she opens the drawer her underwear drawer Raptors like a raptor anyway so peach will take her underwear all the time anyway we caught her one time in the bed upstairs in our bedroom with a bra like she was basically wearing the bra like it was over her and then around her and she had underwear in her mouth just like the biggest little girl I've caught her so many times like she doesn't even just chew it she ends up like wearing it on her body it's like a little girl baby that you have who just wants to be like a big girl so bad and I caught her ziploc bag full of like my like lip glosses and stuff that she'd taken out of my backpack because she just like she loves my makeup upstairs she chews it all up it's the most adorable thing honestly you can even be mad but it's not like she's over here chewing Julian's stuff no she's definitely my girl yeah a little that's well that's one of my page stories no baby go baby go and she really she's so adorable because she looks like she's got like eyeliner on and mascara like her eyes are dark around the edges and it's really cute in my next story is about them sermons so I had only had Sarah mouth for like I want to say like four months yeah and he was also you know six or eight weeks old and it got him so he wasn't old at all like a few months old yeah and it was Valentine's Day and you know like when you have a new dog and you're sort of letting them feel out things and you think you have a good grasp on what they're capable of doing you're getting on or whatever yeah you're testing I completely had no idea and underestimate like I had never seen him do it under I underestimated his ability to get on to things yeah because you think you have this dog you know maybe it'll you know jump up on your bed or something like that well he had recently just figured out how to jump up onto these tall barstools and got onto the counter in the kitchen and there was a like a heart-shaped box of little Reese's peanut butter cups like the little mini ones and I came home to my like four or five month old puppy or whatever six months old puppy and all the rappers were just strewn everywhere and I'm like oh my god like he just ate all this chocolate like he's gonna die like I was like horrified like I literally think I went to go get a sandwich or something like it was that fast and I I was like panicking panicking and I'm just looking at Kermit and he was just sort of like looking around like oh oh oops so I panicked and I like called the vet and it was actually one of the most helpful things ever because I was under the impression that my dog had just ate like he had eaten a ton of chocolate but she was like no they're actually like the peanut butter cups most of it's peanut butter and it's also wrapped in milk chocolate which helps so it's actually you know X amount of cocoa so she care per cup she was like tell me how many are in the box I'm like well I don't know like 25 or something but it looks like he ate like 15 I don't know and so she she calculated how much actual chocolate that he ingested per his body weight yeah and she was like he's gonna be fine like he's just gonna be really hyper and probably have some diarrhea yeah and so I was just like in tears like so happy and excited that's insane I can't even believe that's how it went down like she just right there for you blink of an eye all of a sudden you're like oh my god do I need to take my dog to get his like stomach pumped right now well that's I mean Herman and now forever now Kermit loves chocolate like he look I know and that's what the vet told me she was like well now you just be aware that since he's had chocolate and tastes of chocolate they're like people they develop a taste for the chocolate so he'll try and get into chocolate again like a little fucking shit yeah yeah he does however you're eating chocolate Oh naughty so naughty but that was terrifying and he did that when he was a little baby mm-hmm Kermit's a naughty he also but he also I know I made vlogs years ago on my vlog Channel I had a doggie door in Boston and Kermit caught 13 rats by the time yeah he's a killer 4 or 5 months old is that Jasmine the rabbit after this is what a shipped bag that kid was after the rabbit had died in its cage he just took the rabbit cage and like dropped it down onto the like pavement like there's a chain-link fence then there's a strip of pavement around it and then there was our deck which was small but he had just dropped the empty like plastic container onto the ground so it would like rain and like just it was filled with like this green disgusting like rainwater and slick snow they dispose of the body I I think so God but it was just this classic container full of water and so I thought it was like kind of cute when Kermit had brought me a couple of rats cuz I'm like that's really sweet you know I get it you're trying to give me a present but then you know there's only so much space outside and go outside bring in a rat and I'm like where in the fuck is he getting all these rats from it's not like it's a giant space to play in and it's most of it's a deck like where are you getting this restaurant so I finally I was like I'm gonna sit outside and I'm gonna watch him all fucking day until I figure out where these rats are coming from so that they can stop you didn't mean and what was happening was the rats were coming from wherever but because there was this thing of standing water they would just come and perch on the edge of this empty rabbit cage of yours and drink out of it and Kermit like an alligator like in a safari would just fucking kill them like as they were drinking the water so I was like fuck right so I dumped all the water out and then he stopped bringing me rats because you stopped came in red blooded killer isn't he I think Pete's bringing sticks from outside is like annoying that would I know it was cute for a little while until it was like where all these rats coming from and this is disgusting yeah like dead rats everywhere holy shit well he would drop them like on my bed like at the end of the bed and like on the bathroom like mat well so that he was doing double dick he's a guy I'm gonna drop the very first time he dropped it on the foot of my bed and in my bathroom or two bathroom and just to make sure that I saw them both that's rough he's a sweet boy but true so you know if you ever have any rat problems peaches - nice just feel like struggling to like kill that fly the other day well you weren't there but he has almost killed that possum here and at the previous house multiple times that possums asking for it though I mean come on possum I thought he was gonna kill that possum I had I had to let the costume get away I remember that you like Sada's ass oh yeah cuz I don't know Danielle's our backyard either those things are nasty and rabies and girl shit alright so my next story I was running peach we went for a run and I would I used to work and where I would have to be in the studio for like six hours at a time to board up and I would like to take peach when she was a real real young puppy but I had to like run her or else she would be off the wall and I couldn't like do my job so I was running her this this one morning and she was on the leash and we were running relatively good speed like I don't even know seven to ten miles an hour and some streets around our neighborhood don't have sidewalks so that you're like running on the grass kind of side part of someone's lawn you know instead of the street which will have like street signs and things on it that a sidewalk would have so we're running we're running and you know we're on this little grass patch and up in front of us about ten yards is a parking sign and we're running and we're like you know we're off to the sack so we're nowhere near the parking sign and right as we about like are approaching the sign she out of nowhere just bolts to like the street like she's on my leash she's not getting into the street but she bolts it that way towards the curb and like the sign and I have like zero time to react so I stopped as fast as I can but it was too late because she believed she clotheslined herself so the leash hit the pole and she went like this way and she just got choked and fell on her back and I was like and someone saw it happen so I like drop down I like I fell I turned around I was like are you okay I thought she like broke her neck or punctured or whatever and she was fine she's totally fine and I think a hundred percent it was uh attributed to the factory was wearing a martingale collar like this really thick padded collar where when you tug on it it only tightens so much so I think that helped a lot but she totally just like clotheslined herself to the point where she just like it was pretty freaky but she's just a little like a sight house so I saw something and just my in my list of stories to that the first time that we took her for a walk she literally just stood there and she didn't know what to do she had no like we're gonna walk now yeah she was so stressed out my dogs are like bitch let's go for like a good I I would say for like a good for like a good month maybe two months I would have to carry treats on the walk and just made her to walk ya know here's how it went like I would have to bait her to walk to the first three corner with treats and by the time we got to that corner she was I got it and then we just walked the whole walk with it without treats but it was just getting out of the house down to the first corner she didn't understand where we go where we going why are we are walking thought she was expected that's weird too because both of mine like you they're just so happy to go on a walk I know and she was yeah and like she was happy to walk but she didn't know how to play cuz she wanted to get out okay I had a three stories about Kermit chasing or getting chased or being chased or whatever so the first one was at my old place in Cambridge and he was still a baby there it was like a big there's a baseball field and a big field that's in sort of the center of our neighborhood and um you know in like a big place like that especially in a big city like there in Boston they weren't really a ton of dog parks yeah and like a lot of people and the my kid maybe seven or eight in the morning and then like five or six at night like before and after work like people would congregate it sort of in the middle of this giant field with their dogs so that was sort of like our neighborhoods dog park but it wasn't completely fenced in their fences all around but they have those gaps so that you can walk in and out yeah it's not like it closes got it and so you know people would just go they're sort of on their honor and watch their dogs and you know no one had a problem with that yeah and so I would bring Kermit there you know in the morning and at night and stuff and be part of the little dog group and lalala and I I have so many mixed feelings about people bringing their young young children to areas where there's a lot of dogs and sort of gives me a little bit of anxiety because not all of them know how to act around dogs and people we've seen that I've seen that and people sort of you know are like oh she loves dogs I'm like yeah okay that's fine whatever so Kermit like you know they tell you especially with Italian Greyhounds and other greyhounds and whippets since their sight hounds that you should never ever let them off leash and you know I I've done what I can with Kermit and I think you're doing the same thing with Pete whereas like if you build a really really strong bond with them there are exceptions to that rule you know what I mean and I was building like really great trust with Kermit and he was doing really well and he's also like too skittish to ever really take off but he was you know young and still learning and this fucking kid like this little girl maybe she was like five years old she starts chasing Kermit and the kids do this a lot with them because they're so fast and they're funny-looking and all that she started chasing Kermit and I'm telling her I'm like honey like don't chase him you're scaring him like he doesn't like that and she just like fucking is racing like screaming and like trying to grab him and Kermit was so scared of this little girl like my house was literally just across the street of one of those gaps in the fence so he took off out of this field and ran all the way to the front steps of my house which you can still see and it wasn't that far away but I was terrifying oh it was so terrifying that he had ran into the street and it's like you know the only time he's ever done anything like that he was a little baby and I just wanted to fucking find that little kid's mother and be like what the fuck is your problem like you cannot chase dogs imagine if he was sort of like an asshole at that point like if you turned around and bit her their parent would have sued me like I got something yeah and it just it is what it is that's whatever for another day that was one of the scariest things yeah with karma being chased and another time karma being chased he's just like he loves being chased but dogs when they get it and I think of Winston my brothers when he sees Kermit like they want to chase him yeah wait he's terrified it doesn't want to chase anymore yeah it's like not a game anyway yeah I was at a big an actual dog park a big giant dog park with Kermit and there's no separation for small dogs and big dogs so you kind of just got to go and figure it out and he was again little like under a year yeah and this the probably the biggest German Shepherd I've ever seen in my life started chasing him and so Kermit is you know we have a good bond going and so instead of running away like he did before so he had like learned a little bit from that little girl experience that I don't really want to run away he starts circling me like literally orbiting me and this driven Shepherd is just chasing him around me to the point where this German Shepherd was like kicking up giant like hunks of grass it was running so fast in a circle and like I'm just sort of standing there like I don't really know what to do dude I knew it Karma's just running running running it around me like you know the circumference is like this baby yeah and then all of a sudden I hear Kermit start going my poor little Kermit didn't know which was worse like to keep running or to like stop like the German Shepherd was just playing yeah he's just like cry running but Kermit had never been really chased by a big dog yeah that much yeah he did he like didn't know what to do so it was like two whole minutes of I had to like intervene yeah yeah that's too bad you know it's unfortunate when dog owners don't act right and the last story about him chasing ya was when I was in fishtail Montana I was driving across the country he saw a deer we were in a big giant open field again and he saw a deer yeah and so he just chased after it yeah and he got right up to the deers face it was really close the dirty clothes and he got right up to the deers face and they just stare at each other for like way too long yeah yeah just don't break eye contact and then all of a sudden chemicals who's like buddy you what did you think was gonna happen when you got to the deer he didn't think it through

he is a deer he's a baby she was a very pretty deer though wasn't June it wasn't one of those big crazy ones she was literally just like hey I got two more stories yeah all right so here's some of these stories just a funny kind of coincidence circumstance thing so I got peach on August 17th or 16th I can't remember it was a Saturday and I got peach we went to the airport I've logged it and anyway we we got her and it was just like welcome home peach it was the first day I had her she was I I believe eight weeks old because that's like the soonest I could get her two months old and and and it was like my first date with her we were like getting her kind of warmed up to the house she's like she's really excited then she falls asleep and then she's really excited then fall asleep so it's like a first day with a puppy like a puppy yeah and we go to sleep and the next day Jenna had a shoot with pitbull she was on the fire ball music video and we were you know obviously I was invited to go with her or whatever and Jenna was like you know we just got this new puppy and the people's people and stuff they're just like yeah bring her like maybe she could be in the video he's fucking me or whatever so I'm like well I'm not gonna leave her at home for sure duh but I'm I don't really want to not go to this shoot with you I want to be there so I took Peach and I had her in my arms the entire time she was this big she was like like like three-quarters the size of marbles right now she's so small and she's still like learning everything about everything she knows nothing Jon Snow but anyway so I had her in my arms she she had her little hoodie and I think she had like this blank and I just carried her around the pitbull shoot with me the entire night she was there she was there her second day yeah it was really really funny and bright there with us and he was it was just like a really cute thing I think I still have some pictures from her but she didn't get to meet people no pitbull was too busy but she met everyone like all the crew and everyone like they need to realize I had a puppy and they were like oh my god that's a head she was that small she's her second she did she and uh before we actually got to set Jenna was that her at a trailer getting makeup done I like went out to this grass field and like try to get her to pee and it took me like 10 minutes but she finally like went to the bathroom which was like that much I carried her so what about marbles flipping out okay um where times the what was it Kermit can I tell the Marvel story real question okay so marbles like he's that's marbles he's very small and our weaver he doesn't really know how to get up on things he's very small he can jump decently high first size but he's no Kerman or peach like think he can't jump high or jump down from high places and we have stairs to the bed for him because he can't get up on the bed because our beds decently high and uh he gets in these weird moods where he's like really daring and he just kind of does whatever mom like he it's almost like he's on one like he's he's he's feeling really confident but to the point of like it's freaking me out a little bit and one day Jenna and I both saw this happen never seen anything was the most it was like it was like a spectacle because it didn't make sense visually like the size and the proportions but he runs to the side he's on the head of our bed where the pillows are he runs really fucking high he runs it's like us jumping off a two-story building but he runs Sprint's to the edge of the bed I think we were like do you guys want to go somewhere and he jumps off the bed and soars like across the whole room and slides onto the wood floor oh I'm sorry I didn't mean this kind of but he flies off the bed and he just like stumbles to the ground and we just like him he was fine yeah break his legs no he looked like he totally wanted to do it too like that it was completely out of nowhere because he he like twisted in the air like you and then he landed on the ground yeah just took off man it was the weirdest thing I've ever seen like that's what I wanted to say it was insane oh my god it was one of the weirdest things ever but it was so like I can't like we had to have both seen it because one of us describing it so the other would have been like not doing it justice yeah you wouldn't believe you wouldn't understand

my last year were about Kermit shitting okay what's here oh my god yes Kermit is kind of a nervous pooper yeah and he will hold his poop until like the middle of the night when no one's watching and then go poo try and poop in the bathroom yeah he's he's gotten better he's gotten a lot better for a while it was bad but he like he gets nervous than he poops yeah so when he was little little I really wanted him to have like a crate and be happy with a crate like a safe place you don't I mean like a covered den basically yeah and I wasn't going to use it for anything other than just like here's your here's your home you don't mean there and so I put Carmen in the crate and you know you're supposed to do it in small intervals of time while you're still in the room and help them like leave the door open or anything like that so I was sort of trying to get him to do it he wouldn't even like put his body anywhere near it yeah and he was freaking out so I literally was just like I closed the door and I'm like it's okay Kermit it's all right and he shit everywhere in the crate everywhere and then he turned around in it and he got his hands all over it and he smeared it all over the crate like it was it was like watching someone's like freak the fuck out and it happened so fast and then that was the last time I haven't closed the crater Carmen gets nervous he moves at this like really like panicked speed and he does things like dude calm down but there's no calming him down it's like he's in his weird and nervous it's ridiculous yeah so um although recently within the last two years or so like my brother left a big soft crate for his dogs at my house yeah like it kind of pops up like a - yeah criminals sitting out all the time he only sits in it because it's on his it's on his but he likes crates yeah he just felt like trapped okay next time this was even worse so in this house that we currently live in you know whenever I'm renting a place I'm like I just need to find a place that has the least amount of carpet possible yeah because it's not that the dogs want to go on the carpet all the time or have accidents all the time but when it does it's just such a fucking headache that I don't want to deal with yeah I mean yeah and so Kermit the only place in this house that has carpets are in the closets yeah so there's his and hers closets their little closets a little tiny room was a little like carpet in it and so we're really good about keeping the door closed so that they don't get in the only spot of carpet we're really good about it and so Kermit was following me around the bedroom I was like getting dressed and you know oftentimes they'll try and follow me into the closet and get in there because that's the place they'd never been is very exciting and you know I sort of just closed the door behind me because I was getting dressed and I'm like I'm gonna close the door so the dogs will get in there and all of a sudden I realized that Kermit's aunt around and I'm like Kermit where's Kermit where's Kermit and maybe I made it in half maybe 45 seconds yeah yeah and I opened my closet door like oh my god maybe Kermit's my closet he had got so panicked that I had closed the door behind him he diarrhea shat all over the only square of carpet in the entire house like it was wet it was there was everywhere it was everywhere like I don't even know how he did it in that short of time I got it's not positive was it was it like an oh he covered us five square feet of poo my god full but no like if you were to square off the closet each square I would say five different squares had some little remnants of poo on it like he spread it everywhere it was ridiculous and as soon as I open the door it's that sense just wafted everywhere and I'm like how was that even in your body yeah that one was a fun one to clean up it was ridiculous he's so fun yeah Kermit is by far the weirdest dog ya know anytime you think they're being weird Kermit always out weirds them anyway I have one last story it's not gross so I'll end it on a non gross poopy note so I would say like a couple days like maybe five days oh you know like maybe a week in the having peach at home like very very young still floppy is how still very very small and all energetic like from the moment she came home she just wanted to play with her big brother Kermit like she just want to run with him but he would trample on her like he would just outrun her and she wouldn't get it like she would just keep playing and Brett came over one day and he was like hanging out with Jenna like over by the the we had a pool at our old place and there was like a barbecue with it like a little area on the steps where he would sit and they were sitting over there and I was kind of like encouraging the dogs I would love to like run around with them and like you know like taunt them and make them run with me you know I'm the baddest a right yeah so they're running in circles Kermit and peach and peaches way slower and way flop here but Kermit's like nimble and fast and out of Noah and I'm standing like right by the pool I'm just I just so happy for like two days yeah it was very young it was under a week anyway I just happened to be standing right next to the pool like I don't know why I was there I could have been on the other end of the line but I was there at that moment and I looked down and as I'm like looking down Kermit is running like he's edging the pool peach is taking the inside lane and Kermit cuts her off and hurt the back of Kermit's body just knocks peach into the pool like and she just goes she gets knocked in the pool and I like I hear it and I see it and I look into the pool and I just see this puppy like drifting down to the moon looking up at me like her back like it's the Titanic she's just like this and I like I dive in like the top of my body cause it's a shallow end I grab her I bring her up and I'm like are you she's totally fine she just like had no idea what had happened but it was the most like such a poppy moment like she just wanted to play with the big dogs and got knocked in the pool it was all so ridiculous too because like Kermit would tear around that pool and I was always like one day that little moment cuz he's never been around a pool he's gone so close to where you lake fell when we moved in there I'm like he's gonna fall in the pool that's got to learn it totally has skidded out and his back legs has gone yeah before but he's never actually full ball yeah is he right because he kind of really close and he that he's never knocked marble into the bladder but like peachy was so little so shouldn't really even understand that it was water you know I think she just thought it was like a little bit of a ledge yeah we're like that bitch is gonna fall in the pool and she's got nothing so fast so fast under a week of having her at home but I was I was so happy that I'm standing right because I wouldn't let her play outside unless I was there for a while especially the pool but it was just so ridiculous and you guys saw in the pool just like diving oh my god oh my god anyway I loved the fact that we brought them in here and they're just not sleeping right here like this you why can't we use every podcast well they've actually impressed me so maybe we will show periscope what they look like yeah we still like Rosa I think it's I think Paris anyway thank you guys for watching this podcast his dog podcast it was really fun we will be back next week with another podcast like I said Jenna Julianne Cod on periscope if you care


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