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so I've been trying to record a show live for the past hour and every other battle I keep timing out it's so annoying it was part of the battle factory wrote the top ten and I actually just keep timing out and it's very very frustrating so I don't think I can actually record showed on today but we're gonna do something different a little thing something I like to do and I know a few of my friends actually like to do it as well is actually watch the replays of either Champak blunder MVC DB pretty much in a tournament so we're gonna be doing today is a nice blunder showcase and let's find some games because blunders been doing a lot of smoke on tour recently so I'm sure we can get some games are gonna be narrating it real quick like I'll narrate a couple games because I do want to get up a Pokemon video today and I'm just I really am trying my best but I just keep timing on it's actually frustrating the hell out of me so hopefully you enjoy this little throwback with blender I want to find a game where I know he got hacks to might be a good game but no there's a bunch of mods up here so I guess we'll go back to the oh you game so watch blender versus century Express okay so blender using the standard with Tyranitar over Jirachi and then there Mon over Keldeo is medicham versus some Cal Dios and I see right here but actually puts on a ton of work versus his opponents team depending on the set actually this would be hard by thing Landers also just smacks his opponent Rotom is also very tough for his opponent to do us so let's go ahead and watch this the music off real quick see what he has to say here alright so we got Rotom lead all right nice vs. Landers great great he can will OS right here you can hide your pumpkin bolts which automatically predicting him blender is a man so you might just want switch right in man yep doesn't want to let the Latios come in potentially so you can pursuit trap it you turns out into medicham alright great place let's see if he Megas with the fake out no he automatically predicts the u-turn assuming that it's scarf let's see you blender ice punches right here come here show me there's is that have but great play great plays all-around blunder I wonder if he goes for the heijunka here okay blender mix at all my god blender all my god so what Blumer expected there was the Ferrothorn or the landers definitely you turned in a Ferrothorn would get the iron bars in himalayas would get the rocky helmet so he doubled hard into doraji blunder predicted that immaculately as he's able to hide you'll kick that scarf jirachi charger comes out we can see a lander sorrel adios coming a lot of this is good if it's our X or Y even as it goes for willow expand unfortunately mrs. no blender actually decides to surf trying to catch Tyranitar see him I see him will do a lot as the dude ends up going for the double with more likely expecting a double maybe into Lander soar medicham predicting the turrets are very very understandable play right there so let's see if blender goes for another surf he does go for another surf trying to catch the Tyranitar and that is on very bulky tar so that's definitely not scarf it's probably banded or rocks as let's see the double surf I'm assuming it might be girlfriend rocks right here yep no definitely support our smart art would be to Akio by surf nice nice alright blunder though is losing his cal do answer however kellyo is looking like a threat especially if it's scarf calendar even specs Kelly was very threatening he does go down to the burn plus the sin I coulda see potentially medicham coming out here just because I could pick out something yep make a medicham come out the dude acknowledges county as a threat nice to make out damage okay nice nice chip for a potential earthquake spam later on with a little bit of sand chip damage going on alright alright let's see we got here so brother should go out into Tyranitar it's pretty much useless yeah I'll go teach art too especially if the Landers is choice car I think Landers is Indy choice car on this squad so we can do is go right out to medicham again good good he's playing it well he's trying to got the chip damage the dude actually sees that coming and decides to go route to Landers smart play doesn't want to let the oh my god blender does not care though blender fires off a high jump kick and OCO is the lander is through intimidate --fill so latias comes out Ferrothorn or Rotom wash should be the play he actually makes the Rotom wash place I definitely think he's far Flanders I think what he's keeping is Ferrothorn alive for so the opponent cannot spam the the skull move or the water move so good players good plays all around the place as you guys know right for HP fire very solid play very very solid play on blenders far I see you I see let's see can we see a bolt switch here nice double hard double into Ferrothorn and on the draco and the dude brings in his willow Azhar so this is very bad turns out he's actually blowing and flare blood so that will put him in range of the knock off from landers especially if in his scar Flanders medicham Enzo coming out though not sure if it is scar Flanders then as fake outs gonna come out the dude didn't want to risk high jump kick or anything like that that's fine it has to be scar Flanders right at this point BP I think he's trying to weaken it for the he's definitely just trying to weaken it for the knock off very good play and Roanoke and Guffman coming out I think it is a scarf this 100% live so I believe volt switch into u-turns should be able to pick off the Latios might be a roll audio straight here so I think blogger has to win a 50/50 right here in order to get this right does the earthquake on the lander on the Cal deals switch I'm not even sure if the dude acknowledged the fact that this could be scar Flanders he does not make try to catch this County I switch upon switching what he tried to catch the county up on switch in I don't think recover was ever the best play there though never know if this was Landers would knock off Latios died you either attacked they're predicting the u-turn pretty thing against a Rotom or you go hard in the Cal do predict a knock off but the dude end up saying blend they're already conceding the feat it's okay bro as he is gonna drop a Draco and now it comes down to I think what Blum has to do is either Stone Edge Creek now even that's not gonna do anything I don't think we're comfort was ever the play though u-turn was not the play blender was going for it was either knock off or earthquake so I think he definitely had to attack there or stay and obviously it worked out for him anyway but I do not think recovering was to play well yeah County has never come through because it does not get out what's called regardless of it all right boom there's okay bro you got a couple of the games here let's see you versus to6 both very respectable players oh and okay you don't need that game anyway that's fine you you versus i CT let's see this game real quick not bad all I see is the same team on each side like actually the same team like it's actually the same thing what's going on that's fine though let's see what he leads off with arrows great lead versus him it's possibly the rocker though Kabbalah is probably rocker kabali I'll lead though not good for you at all goes out to empty on the swords dance blunder does SD up by the way I explain see the blenders on the side plus two Cavalia fails to knock out the ante as sacred fires able to knock them out that's fine though I think blender is gonna be fine in this game krookodile looks like a huge stretch oh I see T's team pursue able to knock him out I'm assuming it's banded crooked now I saw intimidate kabali on I

love blood there's so much and it's actually not potentially dread plate as he able to got the earthquake on the sugarberry kobali on and he doubles out into Aerodactyl on the next earthquake maybe he didn't knock out the krookodile maybe it's bulky crooked now and that so air attack that comes out sylveon is a switching sometimes air attacks is actually pretty big threat to blenders team that I look at it as he taunts there as opposed to what makes sense slightly didn't want him to get up style front but he does have a spinner so I don't know how I felt about that especially because now he can just fire off a hyper voice at this point technical comes out gets correct I don't think that matters I could definitely see him I mean he has no reason not that office called right here because it actually hits everything on his team and blender doesn't have a switch in the do decides to double out though into Aerodactyl not the best play because hyper voice is actually a roll on air attack though it can actually to Aikido it depending on it yep and he actually ends up getting the hyper voice when I play enough you you to know that that's a role on Aerodactyl easy predictions yawn so kebabian comes out good sack on his part going out to chromatic road I can definitely live the iron head and can either brave bird him or go for the roost or even defog if he wants to as he goes for the stores it's very good play on I see T's part as well because what it does is it actually forced his blender to brain burn as opposed to potentially defog me right here and Beck does however put kobali on your range of the multiple priority moves that he does have so Abomasnow is gonna come out as he decides to go crawdaunt I'm not sure okay blunder actually under the mega involving not sure how I agree with that if it was max speed Abomasnow because it does not speak crawling on but crawling about so can one hit because it is Abomasnow after all and it could definitely knock this thing I would see Mullin if it wants to goes for the wood hammer though that might actually pick up blunder with the recoil doesn't end up doing so this might just be an nth a sweep hold up because simular comes out gotta get here with the ice shard this is definitely ha I love butter swords targets always crap too that's the best part about blender the fact that he talks crap um and at this point I could definitely come in and technical should be too okay on my bandit sacred fire so we do see a protect good play stalling out the sacred fires as he goes right for flare blitz oh maybe he's trying to 1v1 with his own Silvia not sure oh yeah because that's potentially my blood I could do I mean flare blitz also doesn't miss and it is stronger it also still does to Akeno as you see right here so he should be out to be the center crow and to ako it with the next flare butts yep and cabal ian has to come out and if this is rocky home a krookodile and it goes for close combat it will die regardless so let's see if it's actually rocking on the cookie now Kruger now comes out it could be defensive so with rocky helmet assuming it might be krookodile doesn't live that then we see the rocky helmet yup and sylveon cannot live the onslaught of all the Mons blunder actually just have to go for a knock off here he could earthquake as well but knock knock off he's able to get rid of its leftovers and he can just click earthquake and there's no way the sylveon can definitely recover versus his end tan his own wish protecting sylveon that does have leftovers about to give you guys 30 minutes of just blunders smacking his opponents so see if he fires off a sacred fire kind of difficult playing I'm pretty high not bad and he gets a career right there just to end it off so I can't even play off the Miss and that's gonna be game not bad not bad blood there I see you and you you're putting in some work 10500 you know let's see this versus blazing axe oh alright so boogers actually I'm poison on my own but he's using I think we were on the pokey about recording before so he's actually using whitney shot to Whitney I can respect that love Whitney I know blunders team kind of I think it's uh scarf Garchomp II love scarf Garchomp in this so let's see what he does in this black game ldr vs. had really great lead for blunder he actually hard switches directly into trance our I'm assuming predicting the seller we don't want to come out as he goes to Rocchi as his Cal do switching in what that's definitely gonna count even is enough Rocchi that's especially if it's about brachii that specs Cal do it gets to kill my secret sword so that was not in play blunder was expecting doubles back out into Skarmory as the dude goes for some so this might just be sub combine or sub iron head fire punch body slam rashi throws off a fire punch yup it is the fire punch set and burns the Skarmory on the first attack holy crap holy crap let's see what else happens so drop T actually tries to flinch him to death understandable I'm sure blenders trying to go for roost here or whirlwind that's the play should make blunder saying huh so you already know he's frustrated like this I think I remember this game actually so the dude goes for iron head again versus the Skarmory I guess it's understandable I mean it's in his chance to flinch him and the fact that he it's not in his favor to flinch him it's well it isn't his favorite flinching but the fact that he's burnt it also brings him down goes for body slam versus the Calvillo gets the para this body slam jirachi is 100% and let's see if he fires off either another iron head or body slam he's actually going for sub trying to break through the process and the Cal deal gets full parrot right there okay I don't even think I want to watch the end of this I'm pretty sure I know what happens blender already lost farmer E which is his main answer to Taraki on and he already lost Cal deal which already put a lot of work goes first up to which is the best play to because if the Cameo does end up getting full power it is definitely his play is it Wow 7% dies okay so Garchomp is gonna come out the dude should go Landers right here brother makes a nice throw in predicting the Atlantis I'm assuming as the dude decides to stayed and go for body slam on a Garchomp okay I can't see this I don't know what happens but I definitely get taxed out another bodies level on the Latios does it paralyze a guard shop know what's going on yeah the dude I'm assuming makes the Lehner's play now oh yeah definitely should have make that play before but obviously it worked out for him he's gonna have so much chip damage holding thankfully though even though the scrubber is burnt it does give him the the opportunity to roost up here it's much because in this generation in Gen 5 they do run HP ice over stone edge so summer you can definitely roost here and if it wants I think he'd still win depending on scarf Garchomp can still win if he can get up enough hazards to kill Calvillo and get rid of Landers so I can definitely still win that's I dragon is gonna come out it's gonna be an issue though just vs. blenders team his main way is Tyranitar and if this thing does have Focus Blast or even sir if it just sits - its healed so goes for dark pulse on the scarm does he try and does you flinch it as he flinches the scar I'm assuming he went for rural and your roots there and he needed this farm healthy enough to take on Landers because he doesn't have good switches for that so gets the flinch right there I'm assuming blender just tried to type Ella walk as he focused fast on the target are switching great play on this part that gets the crit that didn't matter at all I wasn't choppa berry and I know scarf and died anyway as Garchomp can now come in and he doubles trying to predict the Landers so want to come out let's see if the opponent actually makes that play he does go out into Jirachi deep Garchomp I don't agree with that because of Garchomp went for two outrages and got it to turn two can potentially knockout jirachi and then he could sweep with outrage potentially creating but let's see if his body slam is 100% nope fails to get the body slam pair I'm really thinking bundler wants to double out predicting Celebi but at this point he's so far in the back it's just so scary for him to do so so yeah fires off another surf that looks like specks damage as well could be baobab suing its specs latias McCloud he was first thought it was crazy in Gen 5 because I could kill everything but that was back out into jirachi on the next surf so for some reason when jirachi I why I don't know but anyone have to drive to right there and jirachi goes down so that sees a immunity to the dragon move so potentially potentially could still regard chump I believe blender tries to predict the lander still want to come out there which is why he went among is because he could get off a spawn everything the do decide to go outside drink I'm because I beat two of the three of the Mons and skarmory is gonna be gone going down right here to the dark pulse and I think it blender wants to win it he actually has to create everything with outrage oh man this is I feel freedom under in this game man this is why thunder wave is the best move in the game obviously body slam is just a Scullin version of it but bluster dragon call smart play I give them more opportunities to click outrage later nobody can do is just sack of Lingus right here maybe hoping it won't be to account by earthquake but among this is actually wild to again that's a huge that did so much holy crap that's a there's so much so we can't do a sec I'm gonna go back on the Garchomp and I think what blender has to do is just click outrage and yeah I mean you still have potential to win if you create every single move I mean and I fell from blender that one I definitely felt a blender in that one let's see what else we got here well I just meant bring him a Tom pass so blender versus sugar high otherwise known as the jam bad Slayer on the other side of the field and it is definitely baton pass Oh blender crits and there's so much doing any other the French comp lovely the thing about the thing about drapion is you can't actually create because of battle armor that does so any got him no to the French crowd it's over it's over it's over gasps Ron is gone the chain has been broken sigh about to get ice beam right here to Kelly oh comes out I don't see any switches to a surf at all and Sam mill is banned so I see no switch ins Gliscor died because gosh no one died and this should definitely be able to kill everything if its specs what can this thing the reactor Pressure that's like the only thing yep and his acupressure I'm assuming it's acupressure rest so he is gonna be able to knock it out with the second serf nice nice close game okay I see that I see that not bad blender blender uh avenging himself see what else we got down here - I ran numbers is CBB oh wow I'm look at this one real quick looks like you got electric versus water or potentially ice versus flying nope it's flying gets iced bhima on the switch and beautiful beautiful turn beautiful beautiful turn on blood there's para amazing I know how he knew how to ice cream that thunderous but sleep powder from butter free is gonna come through that's the one immediate turn of sleep so blur does have potential chance to get the first term wake right here as goes out to frost I said okay so it's definitely ice versus flying so the advantage is 100% and blenders favorite process is very fast so it can potentially out to meet everything in ice cream everything except for this flying-type hawlucha comes out gets the flying Jam boosted acrobatics doesn't matter though it doesn't knock him out and ice cream barely picks up the ko as blender makes a very very solid play by going on to Aurora's because it does get up the hill and he actually could do is double on to process if you wants to let's see if he makes it yep on the high jump kick TV does not care though it doesn't fall for it but the same time he'll is now up and hawlucha is gone I miss you to be man as these chinks the sky Minh comes out this is actually scarf junkets over he said um should have kissed whatever what ice cream killed everything very nice play on Stevie's part sending up the star wrap there in close commenting the Aurora's upon switch and I mean it hits everything anyway in Jenks probably died it is actually live for up so I'm assuming Jenks died regardless wall oh the king himself comes out there something's gonna die right not ice beam goodbye to skyman and all he has left is life for star out there I'm assuming maybe Spector life for others that's life for Ben Warren does not care ice beam not war in the tank holy crap show me what's next and stir up that's the brain right here or a quick attack okay that's good is I'm gonna take any extra recoil I can respect that play Lapras is gonna come out force him to get some defense drop slappers actually said labs can also wake up if it wants to he does get the first turn wake and he's able to knock him out the Thunder didn't even ice beam and that is game beautiful beautifully played on boilers part oh my god blood is my friend guys let's see blender versus Nelson don't want to watch this thanks so back like ask a famous well bro and if this thunderpunch medicham let's watch it alright found totally great lead on his part first a slow bro it could have fire blast but it also lives now I'm assuming blenders just gonna get up as hazards right here maybe a spike or to get some his stealth rock so maybe that chump is SD job goes directly in the Garchomp though on the opposing stealth rock and this could potentially be SD life workshop if that was actually goes hard into coal Bali on hardened to kobali on from Heatran and he has a SMO bro it is st chomp though why do you go hard into Cavalia what oh because he's magnetized oh my god get played blender me why'd you go hard for that though if you just click earthquake okay Nelson but he does have the fire Fang and that barely misses out on the KO it is SD lifer chump yep nobody can do is actually sack is Ferrothorn he if he wanted to Ferrothorn doesn't potentially beat I mean Ferrothorn can also still thunder wave if he does have that so goes on to Latios on the expected close combat it should be able to live this very comfortably actually well not to consider it all thanks material that's +2 stab close combat so he don't live it and assuming just gonna go for the surf here if he does have it goes to recover very nice play expect him to go out to one of his many counters he doesn't come table and here and take it on so looks like it's not surf does got to go fable though I'm expecting maybe on a toxic very solid play um look that's assume you guys don't know how solid this play is on blunders part because it this could play but the other way of that slow breath under way not only what people doesn't care very very very good play on blenders part so we see the switch out into Rotom on a potential Thomas to listen yep and now all I can do is just safely fire off a hydro pump now let's see a good water was just on his side dodges the dodges the toxic eyes he also dodged the will of ish so or choose me dodge the hydro pump as well as he dodges the taki that's fine still good plays on blenders part and he's definitely going for hydro pump as he has able to land the next one nice I can 100% seeing that that a thunderous being an issue though because blenders team actually lacks speed control I guess he volts which is pretty clean the cliff able to want to come in which makes absolute sense and as meta chimney is able to get in and he should not have to protect on this he ran so he could probably make it ball right here fire off at thunderpunch if he has it cuz it should be have nothing here ni rangy up next on your punch predictable slump up gets a crit I definitely mattered you can go over to a care but amazing amazing for blunder right there absolutely amazing for blunders cliff a boys gonna come back out and there it is that's why he paralyzed that's why that's why ethical fables so I did so much holy crap so he can fire off its own yellow color and this available Plus like life burp chomp in the back they can all be his own clefable so I'm assuming it might be um why is that doing so much is that life work full table obviously it's magic art so you wouldn't see the life work but that's doing it I held a lot of damage what the hell is that finding us the full power I'm assume he's gonna start commenting up no it has to be life or how do you do that much let me see no leftovers yep cuz definitely like work available goes for the combine now because you didn't decide to go out to here in and it might be over it might actually be over because here in doesn't take this well at all it's to a kill it should be to a KO or closer to it you know it's actually three okay that's fine though it's still fine from blender that's actually better for London now the hearing actually has to decide between Thai and Lao Loum and blender dust off a little glass and the next one might be able to ko it depending on roles so you'll also tell here that's fine as well blender has no reason not to throw off the moon blast oh he doesn't have to fall for that telling yep and he does get the roll a but not got the here and Michael fable is still half full his uncle fable is paralyzed I can the only way I could see this dude winning is if his uh if it's potentially not like were but it's leftovers nasty pot thunderous that's the only way I could see him winning because life work gets beat down by my fake out on its own attacks repeatedly so let's just uh Garchomp go down oh I guess it's okay playing I don't know how I feel about that though I guess Latios is also better now the fact that the fable is paralyzed so Sasha should be able to tak everything especially cuz its life for let's see cliff a bow I'm assuming it's Evie to take two but again it didn't take it that well at all he goes hard into medicham hard and to medical or blender come down hard and some medicham goes for the fake out that does enough to the point that didn't have am i actually be able knock him out ghost ride jump kick though on the thunder wave from the fable as ice punch is able to knock him out so at least the fables gone I don't know though this is potentially doing in its laners it could be a problem let's see right through the earth could fails to pick up the KO let's see if he breaks through he does I punch is a domotic Outlanders despite the despite the intimidate it was a crimp bottle think that matter at all and I think it comes down to if it is and if not if those die it comes down to the thunderous say if it's life orb he can still win so the SSI shock here that's his best play he does about the thunders brings it on the size shock though so I'm not sure if you actually his lifework he might very well be oh my god just died and that's what the hell is that specs how that do so much galore well it's not specs you have recover on it huh how they do so much good lord brother just one with my boy Lottie okay I've got one more game though I'm leathers part um yeah we definitely got one more game let's see this one nice needle King okay I like this look at the last game let me know by the way if you guys liked this can I can definitely narrate my friends all the time I love narrating Jim I love watching jambags blunders replays it just hyping the hell out of them so affable versus County only greatly for blunder you can just fire off with on the way video super despite the fact that he does have Magnezone and Metagross in the back but he goes right from the Hydra pump very very bad from blender blender might actually end up going for the softball here though predicting him to predict the disarming no goes hard and to star me this is probably scar Flanders yep definitely scar Flanders because he does have the clip fable on that team but they grow on these types of teams guys if when you look at it it doesn't it's not going to call mine it's usually the stealth rocker it's typically the stealth rocker in these types of teams which might I make too much sense because Magnezone does trap to steel type so it could very well become mine but it's usually on these types especially if it's mark Landers that should become it should be a Thunder Wave style drakul fables so start office call got to burn on the clap doesn't matter it's not unaware anyway it's magic guard nobody can do is go for recover right here if he wants to recover does allowed and bring him in on calathea so many more times as you do see the stealth rock no technically star me can beat this foam you want if it doesn't get paralyzed nothing to get his rap it's been away the hazards if he wants to Manas zone does come out as rapid spin does go off nice so star meas back up pulled still does allow him to come in on specs Cal do and what it could do is we throw off a scald predicting the flash cannon amazing play does not work out it off the plunder as he's able to go right forward the Thunder ball and knock him out but needle King can come out and Neto can can definitely get a kill with potentially ice beam right here or slugs remember earth power goes hard into Cal do on the ice beam he predicted ice beam great play on his opponents power couple is gonna be sacked here I think the way blender wins this if he does end up winning is gonna be when I see scissor but he has to get rid of the magnet zone yes he went for thunderbolt there Wow so Thunder says come out he doubles out - needle king predicting the not definite the Landers I see the catch the Lance is he scarf is omen how'd he do that as he doubles back out into this I guess he was trying to predict the eco fable to want to come out but the new goes for u-turn and I don't think it scarf Madden's own I think it's specs time zone I mean it was outspent by Starr me but things start me on speed scarf anyway so if this is focus blast or superpower he is able to knock on bagging some that's huge sizzler actually has a good shot of winning now all I needs a little bit more damage on the on the Calvillo in order to win so scissor ends are coming out right here on the knockoff very very good play on London's power again bringing this thing in and again all he needs a little bit of chip damage junk out there right now so I'm not sure if you rooster you turn it might be you turned because he does not need Oh King yep it is you turn and again it's SD you turn so that can definitely win late-game with just a bit more chip damage thunder season to come out let's see if he goes risk the laner she should go clap here yep ghost clap on the hidden power ice is this this expert belt thunder Sam I'm sure should have knocked off in it Oh either way it gives a free switch in Annie no King and now the dude doesn't have a switch in a sludge wait even if Flanders comes out it's just one step closer to losing to the to the ice beam so he actually dropped one if he wants to here yep it is the light for bikes being barely misses out on the KO all in Latios as he is gonna go out to citizen we're risking the scissor oh wow on the HP fire I don't know if I would have made that play if I was done there I think Garchomp did nothing this game so I would have sack that but he risked that Pokemon right there I spun this can come right back out I don't think blender can win this one though it's alright though we'll see we'll see Garchomp is gonna come out I guess the production from like anything no you can stop potentially when he could definitely still win let's see a nice double doubles into needle King very solid double on his part and it looks like it's actually scarf gosh I'm holding up brother might have set it up for scarf jar shot to win so you know King is gonna come out it can easily click sludge wave here because Metagross is also outspent so we can quick earth power after good play though force on the 50/50 between earthquake and whatnot does mega of all let's see if it goes for an earth power DP comes out weakening him for stone edge and he goes for the double slide wave aw man so ice punch is able to knock him out and I believe I think blender loses this one yeah scissor was definitely his way of winning I gotta get another one though yeah you said good game let me know see one straight up I mentioned I'm knew he won so it's okay though we're getting another one for blonde they're right here I'll get another one for bun-bun I can win I got shot at or game that's one blender plays at his best ABR versus blunt let's see this there's a diggersby alright so we'll play this one maybe our versus blender here and lead versus look at Bunner is using suicune it's my boy love that month Landers versus heat right now I wonder if maybe hurts like three answers to this for a few counters or so he should he shouldn't stay in with the T ring good I'm glad that ABR isn't one of those players that thinks that I'll that beats it that he Rincon is invincible so you got CV in the side chat make them a little bit of players right here okay so it goes right out into Heatran as this is actually a big problem for maybe ours team if it is excuse me sorry about that I got a cell phone there is actually pretty big problem if it's actually earth power here in because even though Rotom does come in it gets burnt and toxic and honestly I could call mine so we can just wins the game as well maybe has been known to run weird stuff on his sister and see we actually saw him running HP filing season we're in a tournament match so let's see here in come out does land the toxic on the Latios I don't know if it's surf Latios yet we'll find out there is indeed a surf that doesn't even matter though too much because he right now she can just get in on some good doubles and still recover a bit so while he ran being widowed there's actually a little bit bad blender he actually does predict him to go for the defog right here very Sal this part gets up these stealth rock again I think it was just for that one turn two extra poison as Boehner is gonna switch out into his suicune potentially the sir for the side shark or Draco as he does their officer and this does is actually put save in our position if he wants to sack the Latios to get rid of rocks let's see what he does that was back on the here and they predicted Draco as he doesn't go for debug so he does sack the latias to get rid of rocks but he ran it like I said he runs one of the Pokemon that and you get it in on a double and it starts it starts getting back its HP or its left over so goes out to his own here in AVR likes to run power and his I'm pretty sure like from what I seen so he doesn't risk that goes hard into Landers right here great play on loaders part and lenders has the Liberty I'm thinking in scarf two liberties to go for knock off or u-turn again very solid play on his part not trying to drop momentum right here you turns out into tangrowth and if this is assault best tango if it does get a knock off so it is rocky helmet defensive can you hit a sleep powder nope yeah as the dude ends were going for a double knock off I guess he wants his Landers to go to say make sense this it's pretty much set up honor for sis or as he's gonna go into his rotor wash right here okay very good play on his part pretty clean the lander so want to come up most likely on the double to get momentum very solid play on the Aviators part I commend it on that play but he can you turn out into potentially tangra or Latios LOTOS is actually great because if it's HP fire earthquake or surf it just puts in so much damage versus a BRS team at this point so la Diaz comes out scissors gonna come out let's see if you guys HP fire saving it though going out to heat ran as scissor Ray's gonna mega ball and go for u-turn okay so my BSD u-turn it could be pursued sis or again maybe I run some weird scissors or said so but here it's still getting its leftovers back that's why I don't think it matters as much he does go for the rocks right here as the dude ends up going for his own rocks oh rocks are now up that wrote him that Landers is gonna be chipped that diggersby gonna be chipped as he can go right out into his Latios right here I'm assuming it might actually be circle a Dios very style penny may be ours party he knew that his ear in doesn't have he knew that didn't have the the earth power right there so he went for top a lot of whom you seen me pretty can switch very good play but Cicero he's gonna come back out I guess a br is 100% convinced that this latias is not running HP fire which makes sense because taro could probably have HP fire and here in also helps in scald in the end of the day can do it thing is guys at this point like if sweet gum comes in at any given point in time if it comes up once wrong doesn't it beats rotten lumpy one maybe tear and it beats is or if it burns it it beats daggers be after combines so i mean it's a good play bringing out Rotom but I don't know cuz he can afford to go out to eat around here and just or even Latios I'm gonna say I was trying to say Tang over here in like maybe I was keeping my momentum with volt switch but Rotom is being severely severely weakened scissor comes back out let's see if blender has the tech HP fire nope instead of that an HP fire blocks Atlantis which is it started play because he's not letting here and take any chip on the u-turn as a br does roost it could be SD ruse but I'm assuming it's SP verse let's see no he goes right for you turn so again Mary style plan blunders part they actually put scissor and range on I think start from the Drake off I'm not mistaken Rotom is gonna come out and let's see if the under goes back on the Latios or tangrowth is actually good play to latias is always the play on the bullets which again he was like an earthquake and smart-alecky scarf later so again good play it all around but shoes or will you reveal the 10 HP fire now nope right back out in the heat around on the expected roost no it goes for another u-turn so now a scissor is actually in range of being two Aquila bison turf 100% and and here in still lives to the point where it can just click lava pool or even toxic or Rotom if it wants to do so goes back out into Latios right here is a good opportunity to recover if he wants to as la pluma is gonna get the Briton no it does not nice I'm just so used to seeing moves like that burn so it gets off to recover the thing is though if it is sorrowful adios again like I said a few times if it actually start my beat so I mean anyway wins with psyshock in a drink'll as well because here in is like 4k owed by psyshock and sitar dies to psyshock + sitter guys - I shot + Draco meteor so this isn't too bad at all especially we wrote him being solo latias my put in work and this lava pool is not the lava is cold today it's heaps I hate when people say that about skull man seems the water is cold today huh yeah what about the lava huh it's a bird right there but either way can still roost it off so let's see if he ends up making the scissor playing knowing they expect the roost nope like this still beats the kikiyaon 1v1 and against weekly was just in the back that's not favorite Pokemon it's just in the back chillin sure up in the back chillin maybe we can make this dark hold on oh that's kind of clean living then there's battle black not bad so now this is now arranged we're here in cannot beat it through crits either and I got a just spam sighs not as often as he wants to him um you won this thing it's actually not a fork here well that does a lot less the hella type of hearing is this why is that sighs track doing nothing usually does more than that it definitely does more than that I'm all running physical defense on this he trained I don't know um finally reveals that I'm not sure where that was hiding it's hurting this game but sweet who could come out if it wants to see right now yep this is a perfect opportunity to bring out speaking because it can literally click squad and potentially burn something as it goes for another lap loom and also pressure with the roost days been going through he's also stalled out a bunch of skulls I just give me a little affluence the final out for him so what can happen is he actually doubles back out into Landorus very solid play I'm unlikely expect me to Road and want to come out and knock it off as he goes for earth power right there regardless this is a good play because he can knock off an item right here if he wants to and he ends up knocking off here and leftovers not sure I agree with that because he ran ended up going for the double earth power and what this does is here in doesn't have a left overs it also allows the it also allows the Landers to be spared so as an intimidating fodder for the diggers be so very solid play bringing here into the Laughlin let's see be double albums on the audio switching he does double album nice nice nice but he can still roost off the damaged stuff and I'm assuming scissors gonna come out now yep there's a good opportunity for service because Latios is 100% going for the roofs right here I'm still liking the way blenders playing I'm liking he got rid of he trans item I don't think I would allowed the here and I get knocked off but the same I probably sack the Milano's to be honest but senator decides to go for roost right here again here ins gonna be able to go for Laughlin if it wants to just get back up more HP he doesn't have to break the here am because every single time he forces it in he forces it to take stealth rock damage and there's a ton here and again he got like two turns so double taught on the expected lava plume right here very very good play on blunders part because it allows him to also live bullet punch from scissor I plus two so very very solid play as Latios is gonna come out very good play on blenders park I commend them on that very very good play and again here ends in range of if it switches out again it's not gonna be taking anything so let's see there's a scissor where upon switching nice I mean diggersby in the back is definitely looking scary but as long as tangrowth is alive I don't think it cares just because it's basically defensive so here Anna's gonna come back back end on the scissor let's see if it's design status D up right now it does go for the SD but because of that previous turn I don't think it knocks a hearing at all because of the double-talk yeah APR doesn't think so either so he does um he does off to switch off here in but again look at that here and it's no longer becoming a switch in alati at all blunder could even go streaking here or Latios GLaDOS is still fine play as he does go for the alarm gets the crit on Latios Wow I mean it was about to happen right he made the play repeatedly so it's bound to happen still good on blenders part though and what could happen here as you can go out to Landers I think blender Stoke can win this game goes for the storage because it does knock out the heatran and it also hit the road them but diggers we can come out if it wants to if it's SD this could be bad if it's up if it's Bandung I don't think it matters goes up to sweet cool on the potential return or fire punch yep there's the fire punch very very good play on blow in his part that looks to be bandit if they were fire punch they usually banded so very good play on the lowness part because it can definitely roost up if you wants to a rest stop excuse me so there's the rest and now this diggersby is never ever ever going for the fire punch again mega has to click return tending up phase actually blenders play which is very smart because if since it's you turn scissors alright it's not a win contest last mod on the field diggersby comes back out I'm assuming the Landers is gonna be stacked right here because it does absolutely nothing this game since we're actually ends are coming out on the on the return and I think of the Mega Ball is it might actually be able to tank this let's see he does not take it ooh going up tango tango can definitely it up to say if it wants to as a br does acknowledge that goes out to scissor if this is HP fire though and he does predict the scissors are upon very good play on burners Park getting with the scissor I think that was maybe ours last chance of winning - because Giga Drain is 100 cent gonna knock out this tangrowth even gets to flip up well obviously Kevin Paintsville it up and then Icahn will-o-wisp it but get your drains gonna do so much like look at that look at that damage beautiful and all he has to do is switch out very solid play Malone this part I love how patiently he played that very good play and you can go out to Atlanta from the potential will-o-wisp or the but he brings out landers on the willow as the thing is doesn't here and just out speed and click lalume now and knock out wrote them so very good play on AVR park going for willow it's right there but I believe he tranches clicks wild plume knocks out the Rotom it also should out speed diggersby if it is adamant choice bandit because Max PT Tran is typically especially when you have double steals like this you usually run max be here in because SEC there could definitely a problem offensive SES Cesar gets the burn on diggersby but that didn't matter at all because unless tank off was not dying was what I'm saying so he 100% one right there and a br is going to see concede the feet so a great game on both sides definitely an I'm glad that was the last one inside scenario hope you guys all enjoy I'm sorry I couldn't get up a shout out live but I hope this uh I hope this works for you guys and ya later

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