SLAYER - Tom Araya: "We're gonna do an album anyway, fuck you" (interview 2015)


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made it up I did but it you know it's it's a made-up word that everybody understands you know you repent but you we are repent Leslie meaning that that we don't repent it came from the title of an animal of the song usually we will find something somewhere in new lyrics or a song title that we feel best describes the album with a lot of times also best describes what's going on and repent las' was very descriptive of what the band is about and how we are as a band so I you know we just what we talked about it I thought that that was a very fitting title three four years that best describes too bad it doesn't exist in the English language but if you put less behind it and it gives it more mimimi

there's sometimes a shot like that yeah yeah does it usually moments when I don't want to be out here in the road they want to be home no you know I think the worst thing we could have done is is to not have done anything and stopped we started but we started the whole process of writing an album and we had to decide whether we wanted to continue in and do the other one finish it so me and Carrie we had opportunities to talk we because we are working on the ideas of the songs and then that we did we toured and then we had to have a conversation just and figure out whether we wanted to continue or not and and whether we wanted to finish this at the album that we started so I told my goal well let's do that let's finish this and see where we go from here so we finished it now we're in a tour we're toward the end of this but at the end this year and then we're tour again probably the next two years will probably be join and we'll see where that takes us but we think we we all that much because everybody is expecting a record I mean they knew that several years ago that we were going to start working on an out record and then to kind of just stop and drop the ball I think a lot of people would have been like but you know the social media being the way it is a lot of people were telling us that we should hang it up anyways it amazes me how so called Slayer fans are pretty fucking brutal you

did to some extent Paul was a new breath of life to the band because but I mean he was in a band once before and he's a fan like like me and Carrie are fans of the band so we have an idea of what we as fans one a year which is I think this is an asset because we could we can sit there go like yeah this is cool yeah we're going the socks we did not we know you know so but Paul being in the band once before then coming back was really good so he knew what he wanted to do he knew that he needed to prove himself to not only to us but to everybody else out there that said he sucked so you know but you know he proved them all wrong that's this record is amazing Gary coming in like you know the idea of behind the Slayer I was a two guitar attack you know kinda left a choose for his new guitar attack and you can't really have that one one guys doing everything as far as guitars goes so he you know he people personally wanted Carrie get Gary to come in and do what would represent Jeff solos you know I mean or the other guitar solos and so that's that's how that came about so he had stuff that he did I think Gary came in listened to songs and and you know do whatever came naturally as his reply to one guitar player to another enemy and so that was kind of cool Gary Gary came in and did it in the day he came in about noon stayed there till like it's like 9 10 o'clock was done flew back home the same night I mean and he said that his wrist the next day his wrists were like swollen and sore I'm like it was just like what men just going to town so everybody and that's that's that's the extent of Gary's contribution was the guitar solo

yeah yeah he came up to he asked us if there were some songs he wanted to use certain some songs for his show and and then you know at the time I was stood I was working at the office he was my lazy liaison to the office with Sony goes goes these guys this guy's really cool you know he's faced a lot of his a lot of just uh titles to his episodes on Slayer songs idols anyways and they want to use you know this and I want to used to add and we're like we're cool with it I think that's kind of neat I've never met the guy but I just do I know that a lot of hitters based on Slayer titles which is kind of cool

like they like slayer they have favorite songs but they like slayer cool yeah they my son plays guitar now he was playing bass but now he plays guitar my daughter plays bass so they can Akkad taught themselves because dad doesn't know anything so they taught themselves how to play but then yeah they like Slayer now and my daughter's my daughter listens to a lot of Slayer recently some I listened to last layer and I think it's helped her through some personal issues which I find interesting because I you hear stories about how Slayer has helped people and how those telling song man you know you don't understand you helped me through some really really down you know some moments in my life that really so it's interesting from my daughter to be listening

you never know I never know I'm not much of a music writer but I do contribute to lyrics and like I said I I try to make things lyrically better so you never know I have a I have things that I thought about but I don't it wouldn't be what people would expect you don't mean they know me and s Flair so if I were do so I would like to think that they would be open-minded and that expects something that they think it should be when a soul alum is exactly that something that's so low you can't hear it my wife keeps telling me you should do something they're all asking if you're gonna do it so long but you should do a solo you got some great stuff I got great lyrics I got ideas for lyrics whether the great or not I don't know but I have ideas all kinds of ideas for lyrics if you listen to your wife ha yeah see that isn't like you


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