Learn the Secrets of the Nakshatras Uttara Phalguni: Friendship

by: Joni Patry

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hi I'm Johnny Petri and welcome to my youtube channel today I'd like to talk about the twelfth nakshatra which is Otara Phalguni which is from 26 degrees 40 minutes a Leo to 10 degrees of Virgo so it flanks between the last four degrees just about of Leo to the first 10 degrees or 3 degrees 20 20 minutes of the last part of Leo to 10 degrees of Virgo so the symbol for Butera Phalguni remember Utara means ladder fell and because it's the latter reddish one it has many of the connotations and meanings of like poor ma Falcone because it's Phalguni czar sort of like one nakshatra in a way that there's one is the front and one is the back and and horvath al boonie is the front end of the bed or the cot and therefore guitarra Phalguni is the back part or the legs of the cot so they're very much symbolic and meaning represent the same except for usually the purva as as you will find of the nakshatras are more intense than the OA torus so the the deity is Ahriman an Armand is one of the adityas and they deal patronage kindness and favors so these are these are this nakshatra deals with patronage and it deals with friendships particularly someone who is very loyal to their friends and really does care about others in society and the star that's strong in this nakshatra is Deneb allah and Deneb Allah is situated in the lion's tail so it is the very end of Leo and it deals with nobility again but it's extremely generous and it gives to a quick mind high honors and it deals with it but even though it can deal with high honors they have to watch it because they can somehow get connected to people with a bad reputation and I've seen people with this nutshot so strong that they need to be careful about who they get kin who they marry I'll say who they marry because I've seen many of these people with this nut shot are strong are not careful when it comes to relationships because they didn't have the need intense desire and need to be with other people and sometimes though they'll do anything to be with someone regardless if they think they're bad or good but they would rather be with and with someone than be alone and sometimes they've got to kind of be careful definitely they have to be careful so friendships are so important because remember they don't like to be alone they need people and for because friendships are important they they are very loyal very very loyal friends and but they are the happiest always the happiest when they're in a relationship when they're married they can't stand being alone and they really love family they love family unity and sometimes this is really hard to find especially when they're not careful about who they become involved with this this isn't always the case but it's just something that must you know they need to really be careful in the area of relationships marriage but their quest is to find family in unity within the family unit so in this case loot ara Phalguni it is called the star of patronage that's another thing that relates to the quality of being so loyal to friends and connecting to other people and groups and organizations they have a sincere love of people of humanity they will always want to make things better for the world for others they have a real a real sense about giving of themselves giving of themselves and so they will be very strong and the best friends you've ever had but because they can be so totally codependent in other words they want a relationship so bad that sometimes they stay in relationships that are not too healthy for them and this nutshot res known sometimes to have problems with marriage and it's kind of doesn't make sense since it's one of them part of the marriage nakshatras but it's just something that they have to be careful of so another thing about it because part partially it's in Leo that this particular nakshatra is known for their courage for their valour and their sense of honour and they are incredibly good with handling and organizing managing other people because they are respected because of how they treat others they treat others as they would like to be treated so one of their main issues are one of their issues one of their main purposes that's what it is one of their main purposes is to alleviate suffering and particularly of the people of society and therefore they're always trying they're getting involved with groups with charities or ways to help uplift humanity as a whole but because they do have a tendency to be a bit controlling they can be very stubborn so there's the stubborn element that is a part of this nakshatra as well so with that I think you probably have come to terms with understanding that this nutshell to us about family marriage but they have to be more careful about who they become involved with to find their ultimate happiness they are the best loyal good friends and they care about other people very very kind nakshatra so with that I'd like to close and if you would like more information 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