Drone Shark fishing - hammerhead

by: Sharky Shepo

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Donaire gonna give her a go got the Go Fish camera on it as well I get all this stuff from drone fishing Brendon Archie contact him on Facebook so I'm gonna check this in and fly out for me nine hundred meters or so and we're gonna stick this 32 centimeter wadding out there pulse a bit bigger than normal but whatevs mate I've got the drone out then we'll walk over there and have a look and see how we go do you so here we got splash drones pulling waterproof goes good carries over the kilo here we go high-speed camera Ivan hook that up today I need it and then we've got a GoPro mount and the release clip so see how easy that is look at a switch might drop the bait for us

ready to go

you gotta leave right side open the bowl I'm your lead

[Applause] [Music]


and uh for the age of the lanes like it's all for them [Music]

well unlucky guys you got hit while fighting that tiger on the other on clean-cut miss the hook hooks ripped out but that's a clean cut their triangular mouth it's like one guard it didn't come back unfortunately spew and hopefully the go fish cam got it on record it was flat when I pulled it in so we'll have to see hopefully pretty cool footage the waters crystal clear so should have got it if it was yeah on and they did get it and I'll show you in a sec so here we go again round two this time a little stripper stingray later on in the day and we're gonna go for a little shovel nose or shark just to get something on the board

Thank You Logan a good iodine 20 minutes we'll start from there what about three batches that charge them up on solo as well while I'm knocking around with one

we ended up not getting anything on the Stingray so what we did is I got some fresh break and just got some done out of the little waves here and just thought we'd give it a go with some fresh bait we um did in video that lift off again just make the video too long until boring so nothing on this row we have before the seven-foot boiler on lady forward drawing as well retard it again

so just keep an eye on the audio screen there it is they're just landing in slow-mo here's the view of the Go Fish camera awesome little camera yeah so here it is sinking down up and drop you can see that other line there it's just missed luckily yo check this out boom tiny little while ah Tania's gone nuts misses both hooks would have lost him anyway cuz my how calls this fridge oh gotta love that

you now these sharks are full pups they're like two or three weeks old you remember that Whiting's only 30 centimeters so these are tiny sharks and he turns up with a mate there's two there so better action that wasn't in the water long that's pretty cool and stoked

so then we ran our third boat and we were on no more then go down hey yeah that's gonna put more Bend on it Alice a shark drop in oh yeah you're definitely stop hold on there we go get some long back get your hand up and open a little bit

we'll try some it's mano

I'm gonna get mu

feel good test the scale right let's go to be over 16 plus pretty sure the shovelling the absolutely hate speed

good watching Peter sick sick oh that's sequence bro yeah does not get much better than that

drink beers Jack and rum

let's go my toe would have had him

really so it ended up being a small home on and just cloner in the door that's why did you sniff it off I've no white rice just 250km honor


so Joey jump back on yeah they're a day himself I reckon but now serious nights great fun there's the pinion no hammer but great fun guys taking turns just awesome it's in gear just makes it fun again we using a diesel it's on so I do scale drag the little ones

we've found Joey's weakness it's spin oh look at the pie knees in

oh those your other Road dog hi so we're lucky nothing happened from there I hadn't gone off there just did a run and that was it so we've got to focus on the little Homer here

boom gone so it's turned back on itself and like I said would you never white rice that's just done a quick u-turn and snapped us off quit was spewing but we got to see it which was good it's a good fire good take turns and have a gasping so still damn worth it and still be doing it again

huge thanks to Brendan Archie from giant fishing this is the logo to look for and facey and contact through facie or messenger now he's got a website as well and the supply meter go a fish camera that was fun first time I've used it so I'll be heaps more of that too so thanks Brendo drawing fishing also Peter right the rods were used now Peter the man Pedro he makes the best rods just love them spin and I'm overhead were using now he doesn't have a tie as much anymore he still have his Facebook page you can't get through him through a messenger if you want to contact him you can ask me for his number or just go through a messenger a little bit hard to get on the phone but he stuffs so good just love it top quality gear didn't run any rigs on this one just straight mono but when we do they're always sharkeisha po rigs if you're on Instagram come follow us on t la shark fishing so where we post a lot of pics and quick vids and yeah keep you up to date with what we're doing anything to do with shark fishing is only our Instagram till a shark fishing a nuts Timmy Shep and Joey boy and the along time we're gonna keep pumping out these vids on YouTube I'm on the channel you're on now so like and subscribe share as much as possible get word-of-mouth out there for us and hopefully the vids will get

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