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hey everybody is triple L and now let's talk my hero academia specifically a video talking about one of these Akuma Daria's techniques full cowl the technique that he developed in conjunction with Gran Torino after he did his workplace experience now full cowl is kind of interesting because it plays around or its origin is tied to one of the concepts that my hero academia throws around pretty often make it for a really interesting little technique to talk about so let's get into it so the first question to really ask when it comes to full color is like how did it come about and why basically full color was supposed to be a way for ISA crew to use his quark without destroying his body a big part of developing this quark was that easy coup had to kind of change his mindset he had to change the way that he saw one for all he was still seeing it as something that was special and this vision kind of led to either group just his judgment getting clouded they all really stemmed from this in the chapters are episodes leading up to use accrues creation of this technique he gets advice from Gran Torino specifically one of the big things that Gran Torino told it was it's one for all isn't all that special from their music who went on his own way taking that phrase or if taking that statement into account and any started thinking about the works in general and the big thing was a court is just another function of the body that ideal is very important either who can remember that back ago and the rest use their works naturally and they're easily was able to see the distinction between him and Basco in that in regarding that he still think of using it so for Eva ku it was essentially like flipping a switch whenever he wanted to use one for all he would go and concentrate all his power into the face and just use it for that one instantaneous moment for the moment that he is landing that punch basically eventually realized that what it meant was that he had to use it naturally essentially he had to have the power be a natural part of life they had to always be on or at least that is pretty much end goal it has to be as natural as it is for all my or Babu it has to be as natural as breathing going along with that idea of making it natural one of the solutions he came up with was naturally to just let it course throughout his old body and that was something that he came to continuing the general microwave metaphor when he realized the whole thing about the takoyaki and being able to properly distribute the heat across all parts of the takoyaki in which case the metaphor was being able to distribute all of one for all throughout his whole body so how does full cowl work well full cow offered easy to access to about five percent of the strength enhancement from one for all but at the beginning it still required a bit of focus from either group to kind of maintain the power when he first developed the technique once that focus is met however easycall has the power of one for all maintain throughout his whole body and we see that visually through the green sparks and the kind of red lighting that happens across et6 body so this is another distinction from what user who was doing before sinful cow effects these equals whole body instead of just one limb where this ultimately means is that all his physical attributes increased including his punching ability and his jumping ability ultimately allowing easy to much more maneuverability and reliable damage potential physical in this point is essentially all might at 5% and we were able to see the fruits of his effort with Gran Torino and the same battle as he was moving around the areas and just being able to be a bit more dynamic in his assault the new manoeuvrability was definitely one of the most welcome additions to musical abilities since it allows you to be more versatile overall and allows him to continue doing things like copying back goes general techniques and does building up his own personal style ultimately full Cowell is effectively easy crews answer to having his quirk always be on now unfortunately it's not fully at that idea because as we see full Cowell is still something that easily turns on it's just something that's much more maintainable something that's much more manageable and something that just lets easy to kind of use it in a more natural way and we have that indication whenever he uses his little sparks as long as we have the sparks there it's ultimately saying this is still something he's turning on but instead of being an instantaneous moment it's more of a continuing moment for however long he wants to use it which is a definite step up vocal will get stronger in the future and we already are seeing that in the manga was even easier crew being able to move it up from just five percent of his power so in that way full cowl is also the ultimate training device since you can imagine that once user who is able to handle all of one for all he most likely will not need to use full cowl anymore since he will just be using it in the same way that all might use it and that's actually a pretty good way to compare it all might is the ultimate goal for full cowl development and all might he's always using his power he's always at 100% almighty so this is the goal that easy who is moving towards and just now full cowl is the ultimate stopgap for easy coup as long as being the ultimate training tool his body will get more used to using 5% and then he'll be able to train it up as he goes along his path anyway full cowl is an ability that has a lot of room for potential and a lot of room for growth because hey were just a 5% and like I said in the manga it's already been developed a little bit if you guys would enjoy a video about the next stage of full cowl and what exactly it's doing and what's so different about it let me know down below and if you enjoyed this video also let me know leaving unlike is a good way to do that if you like these types of videos consider subscribing it helps out the channel bf guys that's pretty much it for me a very simple mind your academia explained video for one of the techniques which in of quark thanks for

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Focus: Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia Topic:Powers ; Full Cowl . Hey everybody! This time let's talk about the technique that Izuku came up with with help from Gran Torino, the Full Cowl.
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