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- geez it's Jennifer with the family's budge and welcome back to bunches of lunches this week I'm sharing lots of fun and easy lunch ideas but none of these lunches are going to have sandwiches instead they're going to have muffins now if you're new to this channel I invite you to like subscribe and hit that notification ball so you don't miss out on any of our videos I'm super excited to be partnering with chat books on today's videos they are an easy way to make professional photo books using your favorite social media pictures you can upload your own pictures like we did with these bunches of lunches thumbnails I'm super excited to have my own bunches of lunches book with all the pictures from all of the lunches but you can also connect your Instagram account and choose pictures from your feed like I've done with all of these family pictures Kenzie Jackson you can choose your own pictures or you can set it up to automatically receive a new book every 60 images and I have a special coupon code for you guys go ahead and click the link in the description box below to save 20% if you use the code fudge 20 and without further ado let's get onto the lunches happy Monday today we're celebrating Lily's birthday so she's getting to pick out today's lunch one of her favorite foods is mac and cheese but I'm going to try something different today to make it extra special I'm making mac and cheese muffin cups I'll go ahead and put a link to the recipe in the description box if you'd like to try it but it's really just your basic mac and cheese a recipe and then you put them in muffin cups and top it with cheese and bake them in the oven wow those are in the oven I'll get started on the rest of today's lunch I'm going to start by adding some really fun princess goldfish crackers these tastes just like regular crackers but they're pink and then Lily also requested some yogurt tubes these are the go-gurt simple in the berry flavor and get them to fit in the lunchbox I kinda just bend them a little bit next up I'm going to add some of Lilly's favorite fruits fresh pineapple and Kiwi for the vegetables today Lilly's chosen both carrots and cucumbers she has really been liking these a lot recently as I'm not surprised and she especially likes it if I also include some hummus to dip in though since it is her birthday I wanted to throw in a special treat I have these teeny tiny cupcakes I bought them at the grocery store and they're so cute and I'm going to add these really cute happy birthday pics now that the backend cheese cups are done I'm gonna go ahead and add them to my preheated thermoses I bake these in silicone muffin cups so I can just stick the whole thing down into the thermos I'll get my lid on tight and they will stay warm until lunchtime before I get my lids on here I'm gonna stop and take a few pictures to post on the bunches of lunches Facebook group if you haven't joined already you totally should it's a really funny community where you can share your fun lunch creations or ask any lunch related questions you might have what did you think Lily special birthday lunch what was your favorite part mac and cheese you know what did you think of the magnitude Lily I like justwe go a mac and cheese better yeah I have to say these are pretty good but if she prefers regular mac and cheese that's what I'm gonna make because that's definitely easier hi guys and welcome to Tuesday today I'm gonna be making some deconstructed corndogs I'm gonna start by adding our fruit I have some chopped up pieces of watermelon I know the kids will love it and if you don't already know we love Mickey Mouse in our family so I'm gonna go ahead and add some really cute Mickey Mouse pics for our vegetable today I'm going to throw in some celery sticks and I'm going to add a little container of ranch for the kids to dip in next I'm adding our muffin of the day which is going to be a cornbread muffin in the shape of Mickey these were really easy to make I just took some corn muffin mix and I had them very carefully to my Mickey muffin maker it's really hard to say I found this on Amazon and I just love it next up I'm adding some Greek yogurt pouches I have two strawberry flavored ones and one chocolate next step I'm going to add some mini chicken sausages to the thermoses now we usually get these big chicken and apple sausages from Costco so I was super excited to find these little tiny ones they are so cute and I know the kids will love them so I'm gonna go ahead and get those into the thermos and that is everything in the lunch today and of course afterwards I'll show you if they liked it or not okay guys so what did you think of the deconstructed corndogs today so cute yeah I do have to say that that cornbread was a little bit dry so I might use a different recipe next time but they were cute what was your favorite part my favorite part was actually the water yeah about you I like melon chill the by you Jack I like celery yeah Jackson's got a wiggly tooth so celery's a little bit hard for him did you guys like the Apple chicken sausages yeah okay guys good job today I'll see you tomorrow hey guys and welcome to Wednesday today we're doing pizza and salad I'm kicking things off with the fruit of the day which is going to be a combination of red and green grapes and these are ginormous grapes they are huge and then I went ahead and added some salad to these little bowls this is just your regular green salad in a separate container I'm also gonna add some croutons that the kids can add in when they're ready for their salad I'm also putting a little container of ranch dressing I think the kids will really enjoy building their own salads and we can't forget about the muffin of the day today I'm actually making English muffin pizzas these are really easy to make I used to eat these all the time when I was a kid and they could be served warm or they're even good at room temperature I'm just gonna take half an English muffin add a little bit of Marineris some mozzarella cheese a few of these teeny tiny mini pepperonis and just a few slices of black olives then I'm gonna put them in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is nice and melted I'm gonna go ahead and put the ranch containers in this little compartment and then I have a few more things to throw into today's lunch starting with these nut butter bars I have two is a coconut cashew flavor and one you need pretzel and peanut flavor these are really good these are basically a plant-based granola bar I give them two thumbs up and then I have a new drink for the kids to try this is the Tropicana kids fruit juice these look really interesting they don't have a ton of sugar in them and the packaging itself is clear so you can see what's inside and that's it for today's lunch afterwards I'll show you what they ate okay guys what did you think of the English muffin pizza lunch okay guys it's time to tell me what you liked and what you didn't like what was your favorite part my favorite part was the pizza what about you jack yeah what about you Lily what was the best I would have to agree with these guys I thought these new juice powders were pretty good good job today guys hey guys and happy Thursday I'm gonna start by throwing in the veggie we're gonna go with some carrots and for the fruit a mandarin orange I think it's really fun to add in a little I picked here in a separate container I'm going to add some vanilla yogurt with just a sprinkling of toasted coconut granola on the top and for our muffins today I'm gonna add in just a one tiny blueberry muffin these are so good and love blueberry muffins let me know in the comments down below what your favorite kind of muffin is and then in the thermos today I'm adding another kind of muffin some egg muffin cups I have a separate video on how I make these I'll go ahead and link it down below these are super easy to make you can actually make a big batch of them and keep them in the fridge for a quick breakfast in the morning you can add lots of different things in here today I'm just gonna add a little bit of Havarti cheese and some pre cooked bacon these are just like the egg bites you could at Starbucks but you're gonna save a lot of money by making them yourself when the egg muffin cups are done I'm gonna go ahead and stick them into the thermos and lastly I wanted to add just one more thing in today's lunch as sort of an added snack so these are called the sailor's aleut and they come in these little bags I found them at Safeway and it's basically the store brand of pirate booty so if you've ever had para booty you know it's kind of a cheddar popcorn and that's everything in today's lunch we'll see how they do okay guys what did you think of a breakfast for lunch no it was a little bit hard for Jackson to eat some of it right because where did you go today the dentist nothing major but it did make it a little bit harder for him to eat the carrots right what was your favorite part was the blueberry muffin those were yummy muffins what about you Kenzie I never was the pirate booty egg take my pen good Jocketty guys hey guys and welcome to Friday we've made it to our last muffin themed a lunch of the week but right now I'm starting by adding the fruit I'm gonna go with some purple grapes today and for our vegetable I'm gonna add the last of our celery again I want to use it all up we're at the end of the week here don't want anything to go to waste now to go with the celery I'm going to add a little container of peanut butter so the kids can actually dip their celery in there if they want to and I'm also gonna add a small container of pretzels which are also really good for a dipping in the peanut butter next I'm adding the muffin of the day now I actually found these at Target they look really interesting these are a zucchini carrot muffin they're actually gluten-free they're dairy-free they're on the healthier side but I'm not gonna tell the kids that there's veggies in here at all let's see what they think and then last but not least I'm gonna go ahead and get some chicken nuggets into the thermoses these are actually the letter C chicken nuggets I get these at a store called sprouts and I'm gonna add these to my preheated thermos that way they can stay hot until lunchtime and then last but not least I'm also gonna throw an egg go-gurt just in case they need an extra snack today and it is everything for today after lunch I'll show you what they ate okay guys what did you think of the veggie muffins what chuckling yeah it was vegetables in there tastes like chocolate you couldn't tell No yeah those actually had carrots and zucchini in there and I tried I thought it was pretty good but Jackson what was your favorite I like the yogurt too great what about you Lily what was your favorite um miss Sally do you like to dip your celery peanut butter yeah it is taste good job today guys did you find a luna lunchbox in today's video if you did let us know in the comments down below where you found her and use the hashtag Luna lunchbox thanks for

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