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Egyptian-American Rami Malek inhabits the role of of British pop music legend, Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody The film tells the story of Mercury's rise since 1971 when he met guitarist Brian May and Drummer Roger Taylor and became the lead singer of their band, which he named: Queen which later become one of the most famous bands in History attracting huge audiences at their tour shows and sold over 300 million albums and reached its pinnacle at the Live Aid show at Wembley Stadium in 1985. It was watched live by approximately 2 billion people, and that was thanks to Mercury's performance which was hailed by critics as the greatest performance of Rock music ever

that he's not merely a singer but he's also a performer which makes it what a complex job to inhabit him how did you achieve that I would look at him and one years to me one of the greatest performers if not the greatest stage performer of all time and I thought how am I ever going to you know reach the height of that it seems like an insurmountable task but I thought about it in the way that I look at any other character that I would create and just find the humanity in him so I I started to look at him as a young man and obviously his name is not Freddie Mercury its Farouk al-shara and that was something you know I could start to identify with and someone who was an immigrant conflicted about so many things in his life his identity his sexual identity and he had an overbite that was pretty sizable there were aspects of him that I would as how is this human being ever going to be on stage doing what he does and I think it was this kind of this tempest of something burning inside of him that no matter what the obstacle was it was gonna shine as radiantly and boldly and audacious audaciously as it did on camera Mercury was born in 1945 in Zanzibar by the name of Farouq Bursara to a Parsian family. The Parsians are a religious and ethnic community, immigrated from Iran and settled in India a 1000 years ago Farouq was passionate about music and played piano since childhood in India and Zanzibar, until his parents moved to England in the early 60's In England, he faced racism and later he changed his name to Freddie Mercury and repelled against his parents religion and had sexual relationships with men

you and him you're both sons of immigrants and you had to make your way up to to the top of your game how much did that resonate with you did aid you and inhabiting him yeah yeah because he it brought him down to life for me then in a way you see him as this you know a deity something almost godlike and and for me I was like oh you know there are similarities there are things that you rami malek can definitely identify with here but did you wanting to prove yourself in front of your family who probably never wanted you to go into this business in the first place listen told me that your family were not happy about her going into acting and I thought of you when he had this issue with his family yeah yeah thank God mine are very supportive now Mercury had a supernatural voice range, enabled him to shift from quite pieces to high-pitched operatic ones then to rough and thick hard rock pieces. He was also an uncanny performer on the stage, playing the piano at one moment the guitar at another and fires up the crowd with his movements and shouting unceasingly as if he possessed superpowers physicality of his before a long time ago about a year prior and I sat down with choreographers in London and I realized that choreographer was not what I needed he moved so spontaneously and had these big old kind of gestures onstage that where that could be seen all the way at the back of the stadium and I needed to be able to do things like that spontaneously as well so I worked with a movement teacher named Paula Bennett and I had I had watched Eddie Redmayne - the theory of everything and I wanted to find someone who could help me articulate and in that respect so it was rehearsal day in and day out was she an expert in Freddy's movement she was not no I mean we both would just sit and learn about Freddy together but we learned how from that we would watch study him just in an interview like this when he would move forward how he would hold the cigarette when he would take a drink and then you would see this kind of this elegance start to come about in the way he would you know just articulate his head gestures and then we would look at early Freddy and perhaps with the longer hair and the 70s movements and study them from archival footage but you know sometimes we would be in a dance studio and she would say all right let's do Killer Queen but I want you to do it in the style of Marie Antoinette so I would be giving this kind of you know Moliere version of Freddie Mercury and then all the sudden you would feel things start to happen I would and inside of my body where I was like okay I'm I'm doing it which means that it can be done so it was a step by step process of discovering that I could do it and a lot In spite of his tremendous success, Mercury lived most his life lonely, particularly after the departure of his love-life and wife marry Austin because of his sexual preference to men. And in spite of forming romantic relationship with a man called, Jim Hutton, he left all his property to Mary, after dying from Aids in 1992 tragic figure you as Romney how would you avoid this kind of you are out big and everybody worshipping you yet inside you you are not satisfied it's a it's a great point I do see him as a tragic figure as well I think it's the the lack of satisfaction that keeps us as artists I think challenging ourselves I've been satisfied with playing Elliot Alderson and that that was the role of a lifetime then this comes up and you just I keep pushing myself to do I perhaps even exceed my own expectations he was happy with his arts as well performing but he had issues for instance his identity how much does that resonate with you I mean I think everyone struggles with some semblance of their identity but I'd like to think that I'm in a place for him I'm more comfortable because yeah it's it's every aspect of that is going to be a struggle in terms of discovering exactly who you are and I think that one thing that he really helps me out with and helps a lot of people out with is never feeling like you have to label yourself or feel you know marginalized or categorized by any and by being a type of person or this or that what he really fills me with the strengths of is saying it doesn't matter if I ever do discover exactly who I am or not I am exactly what I need to be at any moment and I think that's a message he gives to everyone who listens to his music you know we can be out here either watching a film or being especially being on stage with with him while he's on stage listening to him in the audience and he connects with everybody and says hey we all belong he remained with that feeling of loneliness even to the end beginning he felt attached because of he was different and then after achieving Fame and success he still felt lonely you know you hear it in in his lyrics this sense of loneliness I mean find me somebody to love that's it's a reoccurring theme in a lot of the songs that he writes how do you avoid loneliness yourself well surrounding myself with with family and great friends is is something that of course helps me that how does anybody avoid lonely Giacomo's romaker Alicia she at Rami's portrayal of Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody has been praised by critics since first screening at Fox studios two weeks ago, and propelled to the front of award races for best actor, including the Oscar.

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