13 DIY Barbie School Supplies And Crafts

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oh how time flies it seems like it was just yesterday your parents gave you a Barbie and today she's all grown up and going to school a comfortable desk a bookcase for textbooks a globe and scary exhibits for a biology class in this video we will explain how to make Barbie's school life amazing and unforgettable where do you start when you want to learn to read and write that's right you first have to study the letters print the alphabet on a sheet of paper cut it out using a hot glue gun attach the picture with letters to a piece of a shiny foam rubber board prop it hang the picture with the alphabet on the wall [Music] soon enough Barbie will know the whole alphabet for this lifehack you need a photo frame disassemble and take out the plywood backdrop prepare some gypsum and some black paint combine the ingredients add water and stir using a paintbrush apply the resulting chalkboard paint on the plywood make short sharp strokes cover the board with an even dense layer so that there are no gaps left let the plywood dry and then put it back into the frame now you need colored chalk and a box cutter cut off a piece of chalk miniaturize it you should have really tiny chalk make a stand for chalk from a flat wooden stick use the hot glue gun to attach it to the frame cut off a piece from a dish sponge now it is an eraser for the chalkboard lay out the chalk and the eraser on the stand the main school item is ready who will go to the blackboard who will go to the blackboard it's the teacher and now she's writing the homework on it for one more life hack prepare a rubber ball a bracelet and a wire with the help of a sewing kit make a hole through the ball insert the wire into it remove the excess cut off half the bracelet with pliers [Music] blew it to the wire axis cut off the lid from an old tube of paint with the help of glue attach the globe on the stand paint the oceans and the continents on the ball the globe rotates easily on a wire and is no different from a real large globe now Barbie can finally understand geography for this school craft you need a brush and a Lego block cut off the top of the brush put paint in the grooves of the Lego now your young artist has her own palette with paints and soft brushes she's a prodigy ready to create her first masterpiece for the next life hack glue the boxes over with a yellow foam rubber board glue them together with the hot glue gun mark the location of the door cut through the lines attach velcro with a drop of glue glue the second part of the velcro on the door cut out square windows decorate with a ribbon of a shiny black foam rubber board fastened round red light and parking lights on the cabin decorate the bus with black foam are in and paint the door the final touch fasten big black wheels the school bus is already beefing under the window and is ready to deliver the student to the country of knowledge and exact sciences Barbie what will you wear to school tomorrow a white blouse is good but where is your school skirt for this idea you need a small piece of plaid fabric and a piece of black elastic band fold the edge of the fabric stitch it make the folds on the fabric so that the skirt turns pleated instead of a belt so the elastic band the skirt is almost ready and we will fasten it with Velcro fasten them around the edges with hot glue try the skirt on Barbie make a tie of the same color the uniform turned out school appropriate and fashionable at the same time the school dress code is kept all Barbie has to do now is make straight A's and such a smart girl as Barbie will definitely succeed for the next life hack you need old jeans cut out the front pocket it's so useless and small that nothing fits into it anyway fold it in half so the sides

use a bracelet as handles cut off the excess fasten the handle with hot glue a designer bag jean zobar bacilli is ready it's not only stylish but also very roomy barbie will be able to carry all of her text books in style much to the envy of her classmates with a new fashionable bag the school is her catwalk let's show you what a plastic figurine of a zebra will bring to the educational process cut it in half fasten a square of self-adhesive paper cut off the excess take two wide sticks use the hot glue gun to attach them to the hooves of the zebra collect the book scattered around the room now their place is in a special stand the zebra holder will not only organize the books but it also looks very funny in the room for the next life hack you will need a closable box and a small plastic container take pieces of self-adhesive fabric fasten them on the box now you need wooden sticks of different shapes break the sticks into pieces hot glue the sticks to the inner corners of the box fasten flat sticks to the bigger box blew them add an angle attach the table and cheer together with a large flat stick Bluest stand for school supplies on the countertop it turned out a comfortable school desk with the correct slope of the table top and you can fold writing materials in the open box sitting at the desk is so comfortable that the lesson will fly by for the next life hack you will need glass bottles with a quart and also a toy brain of a zombie and a broken doll squish the brain and push it inside the flask put the puppet hand in the second flask you need a pipette and an antiseptic gel for hands fill the flask with an alcohol solution it looks creepy make a whole collection of biological exhibits now there is something to see in the biology class fossil lizards crocodiles and even brains barbie must go to a great school it feels like a tour in the museum very interesting perhaps biology will become the favorite subject of the curious Barbie what can we make from this paper gift bag trim the package with scissors [Music] decorate it with bright polka dots paper hot glue velcro under the valve glue the straps on the reverse side decorate with a felt heart a stylish yellow backpack will raise Barbies mood and inspire her to get only AIDS and now you need an iron lid and magnets paste the lid with a fabric with a discrete print decorate the magnets with rosettes attach notes reminders and homework notes to the board the information corner turned out not only stylish but also very convenient for Barbie to use let's see what can be made out of an ordinary cardboard box cut out cardboard pieces of a suitable size fasten them to the box with hot glue draw Locker doors on a sheet of silver cardboard cut through the lines bend them outwards draw a handle and a number plate with a marker fasten the doors to the box with the hot glue gun Barbie will put all of her belongings in her very own school locker now it's possible to store her second pair of shoes and her sports uniforms in the same place very convenient did you like our school Barbie life hacks let us know in the comments which of these ideas you'll try and don't forget to like this video subscribe to our Channel and click on the bell to find out even more life

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Would you like to go your beloved Barbie doll to school instead of yourself? This is an interesting idea, isn't it? Instead of you it will not work, of course! But to organize a doll school – It's easy! How? Watch it in our new video! Supplies: • Alphabet sheet • Boxes • Self-adhesive fabric • Hot gun • Rubber ball • Wire • Elmer's glue • Notebook • Zebra figurine • Sticks • Cloth • Thread • Needle • Foamiran • Cardboard boxes • Paints • Lego block • Tassels • Jeans • Package • Paint tube cap • Gypsum • Frame • Crayons • Sponge for washing dishes • Box cutter • Glass flasks • Antiseptic gel • Pipette • Iron cap • Magnets • Marker • Elastic band • Scrap paper Music: Tobu – Cacao http://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial

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