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hey guys what's up and welcome back to my channel in today's video we're gonna do a little bit of I could get ready with me I'm gonna be showing you a really natural yet glam at the same time makeup look I really love that nur makeup makeup look that's trending at the minute I feel like it's been very much popularized by the Kardashians like all of a sudden Kim went from like full glam to kind of like a naked skin naked makeup kind of look and I'm obsessed with The Naked makeup look it's very much focused on the skin light really beautiful glowing at natural or radiant scheme and then like lashes and lips basically yeah and I heard the requests from all of you guys saying that you wanted my get ready with me to be chatty talk through one so that is what we're gonna do today so if you guys are interested in getting ready with me then please keep on watching alright so first up I'm gonna be prepping my skin and I'm gonna use the NYX angel veil primer and I'm gonna mix in the cover effects these are the custom enhancer drops I've got the color where is it celestial mixing these two together is gonna create a really glowing radiant base without impacting the longevity of my foundation alright so I'm just gonna apply this mixture to my skin if you didn't know already the NYX angel veil is a really really good tube it's not like as good but it's a fairly close joopa to the hourglass mineral veil primer now like I said earlier this makeup look is very much Kardashian inspired I'm obsessed with oh their skin just looks so amazing at the minute and I have actually teamed up with a Australian for this video to celebrate 10 years on television and season 14 of the Kardashians that will be airing in Australia on e.on express play on the 2nd of October which can I just say is my birthday yeah so yeah as part of that in this video we're gonna be using a couple of Kardashian products I just can't believe it's been 10 years that's insane going in with the Fanta Beauty foundation now I have to shade a 219 this one I'm obsessed lasts really well on my other skin it does get quite shiny but at the same time it doesn't break up or separate I have got a full review and wear tests on this one I will link it down below if you're interested I actually love going back and watching the original seasons of the Kardashians and just seeing how much the makeup has changed over time so from like the early 2000s to now things have changed so much it's incredible you just take a minute this foundation on my skin every single time I'm like mmm like I said I've been really into this sort of naked no makeup look lately that's all about the skin it's just they're healthy and I don't know even I have changed so much in trees I used to be every day full beat like eyeliner everything but now I'm like you know what probably in six months that'll change again and I'll be like please give it all to me yeah I just think this was a really great look for everyday and even not just like everyday like it's a little bit more glam but it's like everyday well put together I woke up like this okay for brows I'm gonna be using the anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade this is a really good one for those days when you do need to wear your makeup for quite a long time because you know like it sets down Matt and it sets down pretty well budge proof so you do know that it's going to last all day long I'm gonna try and make my brows look quite bushy today I've been into sort of I don't know unruly brows on an everyday basis at the minute and I will show you how I create that in just a second all right so to give my brows that really full bushy effect I'm going to take my brow gel and it's not technically a Bratz doll this is the benefit they're real tinted mascara primer in my opinion it works better than any browser I've ever tried and I'm gonna take the brush of that and I'm gonna start to brush the hairs down and this is actually gonna coat them in a tinted brow gel and then heading towards the arch of the brow I'm just gonna comb the hairs and backwards this is sort of how we get the product all over the hairs look how funny that looks and then once the hairs are coated in the head of the brow we're gonna kind of comb them up and then you know as we move towards the arch and then the tail we're gonna sort of flash in them uh-huh so can you see the massive difference between both brows this brow is very full it's very bushy it's very thick whereas this brow looks out of there a lot more groomed but I suppose you could say but just less I don't know less bushy okay moving on to the face and because I'm not actually gonna be doing too much on my eyes so we're actually gonna move on to the skin now I'm gonna take the tart shape tap concealer again one of my all-time favorite and I'm gonna use that one to conceal underneath my eyes I've had the flu I got those dark circles happening it's okay they're all human many carry that up onto my lid as well just to kind of prep my eyes it does sit down quiet Mountain it lasts quite while this concealer so it's pretty safe for use on the lids this is seriously what I've been doing every single day lately even for events and stuff I'm like I think I can be bothered putting lash I don't want like I'm terrible whoever am i alright moving on I'm gonna be doing some cream contouring just to kind of shape and add a little bit of extra dimension to my face I'm gonna be using the k'kaw Beauty contouring and highlighting kit for these alright I'm gonna use this to start contouring my face now obviously you can use any cream contour that you already have cheekbones jawline I like to add a little bit on the sides of my nose we also do my eyelids and then what I actually do is I take the lighter side of that and I kind of just draw next to those original lines adds a bit more of like a 3-dimensional eye contour and then I'm gonna use a little brush to blend it in it's not a bad brush I'm not a huge fan of the sponge side but um yeah the brush works pretty well to blend I use the medium kit if this as well in case you're wondering I just I really want to try the powder one but I've been able to get my hands on it yeah I keep missing the race stock I'm like damn it my fingers to blend in my eyes it just adds like a really natural neutral kind of shadow to the eyes which I really like for my oily skin babes cream contouring is totally doable but you just have to make sure that you choose products that do dry down fairly matte and fairly kind of like smudge proof if you use products that are super emollient you know once your natural oils come through obviously it gets quite greasy and slippy slide II so yeah choose it products that you know really do set down to a matte finish and then make sure that you set everything properly so to give my skin that's super glowing highlighted look I'm gonna take those cover fix our custom enhancer dropped in I'm gonna apply this to the area where I like to look at that stuff is insane now I love these ones because you can't apply them and blend them and then powder off the top and they still look like incredibly glowy but you'll say soon you'll say these will give you like next-level glare so highlighting now before going in and sitting down with powder it'll give your skin sort of more of like a natural look I do have quite enlarged pores and a lot of our powder highlighters that are out there do actually enhance the texture of them so I've been really enjoying you know like a liquid highlighter I've been really enjoying using a liquid highlighter underneath my powder lately okay I'm taking a brush and popping that on the inner corner of my eyes as well and also on my brow bone okay I'm gonna go ahead and set that all down now I'm gonna use the curly s bun powder I really like this one because it lasts all day long and it's very finely milled so it doesn't kind of disrupt the makeup underneath it doesn't me look cakey or just yeah it's good powder and it's affordable as anything okay so I'm taking that setting powder on a damp Beauty Blender sponge and I'm slowly pressing it into the skin this is my favorite way to set my makeup because it just keeps it locked in place for so much longer during the day and it really helps to smooth out enlarged pores and you know imperfections fine lines all that kind of stuff if you are an oily girl like me and you have difficulties getting a cream contour to last I always recommend going in with a little bit of bronzer I am using the Too Faced sweet peach color palette to do this this is honestly being the palette I've been reaching for every single day it's amazing J you can go back in and just kind of use it over top of the cream contour to sort of set it and just sort of intensify it if you need that power that I've applied was completely translucent so it hasn't actually really covered it but yeah you can definitely take it to the next level by doing this and I did also powder my eyelids but you can also chuck a bit of bronzer on there as well if you want I am gonna use that underneath the eye as well just to smoke out the lower lash line I'm gonna pick up the blush from this one as well and apply a little of that to my cheekbones like say the skin he like see how sort of jooheon radiant it is looking as opposed to like a really matte blush that you know has quite a bit of pigment to it this one's like very gooey and glowy and just I don't know this really is all about the skin okay moving on to the eyes pretty well all I will do with apply a couple of coats of my favorite mascara if you have got an event on you could add lashes as well I'll see how I'm feeling I might add lashes today we shall see as always using the Mac extended play gigablack lash mascara I love this because it doesn't transfer it or smudge on my only eyelids yeah my lashes aren't really cooperating today so let's add some falsies okay so I've got the lashes on and I'm not recording this decision at all of everyday wear fur on my lips recently I've been applying a lip balm and then a liquid lipstick but applying it in a very different way I guess to how its kind of intended I'll show you what I mean I'm just gonna pop a little lip balm on I do have quite dry lips so I do need a little help a lipstick color that I'm using today is the Kylie cosmetics lip kit in the color Malibu it's a really beautiful kind of nude pinky neutral everyday color and what I've been doing is I've been applying that to the center of the lips and then I've been taking my finger basically just seen like lightly dabbing and blending it onto the lips see how that goes I mean not only does it share the color right out but it gives kind of I feel kind of like maybe like a bit of a slept in vibe it's just a bit edgier it's a bit grungy and it's a little bit more laid-back for kind of everyday look so this here is the finished car - Ian inspired look guys I hope you really enjoyed it as I said I really really liked how Kim's just been like all about the skin lately it's goals like I said earlier don't forget that the brand new season of the Kardashians will be airing on e on express play and it's premiering on Monday the 2nd of October at 12 p.m. Australian time I love you all so so much and I will catch you guys in my

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Todays video is a chatty GRWM video creating a glowing natural makeup look inspired by Kim Kardashians! It's all about glowing radiant skin and I've used zero eyeshadows!!! Thank you to E! Online for sponsoring a portion of this video! The brand new season of KUWTK starts Monday October 2, express play at 12PM AEDT Encore at 9:30PM AEDT!! You can learn more about it here:





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