PUBG Rank 1 - Shroud & just9n 31 kills DUO FPP - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS #132

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I forgot that happened yeah you were down twice and I got down once yeah could have been bad it's a good start though oh boy here we go Oh baby I see a shotgun I see a nothing nothing in here good I'm a chasing me or something I'm trying not to get you shot yeah he's like in a perfect line to do yeah he was literally trying to punch okay oh you grab that Steve here drop 30 extra she heard he's doing his rankest thing yelling no wasn't there more here like what happened they want I think they went satellite maybe hold on let me leave this fucking I'm right here good

best you album Lego left side left side can't walk

how is that guy alive I can kill him I'll kill him just teammate up there probably hit you yeah just wait like I died that's not his teammate okay you're still guys no no no I down the one yeah but that's it oh they weren't it there were teammates already weird I'm going up to loot it then I swear as I was backing up and police it or satellite okay I'm working out here now four times are you below me yeah hey I'll thank you for the sub oh good now chat like I have a site up there yeah I only have four times notice this guy I'm saying yes no other the first guy love scene Ewing satellite maybe there isn't one there

where the fuck I am teammate could be just oh so you're on this side barracks wall you see is like backpack oh yeah Oh see you can write DQ have a 4x t-shirts yeah right that you're doing now the red da like me I was like man no sorry police station or that satellite a police station fuck what do we do here again I don't know get off get off left side get off okay oh this guy's know we have a wall here that's why I wanted to go down left side

damn dude we just got P by 2 T 3 teams almost like I was fuckin crazy give up first aid by the way no bullshit so we know there's one of the north one we shouldn't you loot these guys yeah I say we don't you Lewis around right now you could die doing that we loot these two first no no we should let the farts there they didn't oh that's good back clothes this guy has no first dates this guy's no first days either good on the end of all middle middle sir no sir

just look I feel if you got snuba Steve okay so there's one more north barracks right yeah that could have been them take that eight no fucking meds all right I stole no meds I didn't pick up a red dog I was trying to move while shoot just be a basis those were the guys from the cop station yeah her though whatever pros there's no one I met around here I don't know I guess I just didn't spawn this do you not eat it fucking red I stole my meds oh wait actually I got two [Music] please don't bridge can't should we maybe stop I don't know it's up to you it's pretty far too rich Kaplan for that I got to drop my gun that's an actual thing yeah when you can't when you can't like you know when you press F and it doesn't do anything you have to drop that gun you pick it back up after you're done Shroud is like Bobo can think about subdued guys are from climbing see him I'm not helpless the front one

these are the kind of guys that have

guys in the compound 285 I got I got the meds from this guy three four saved to energy nothing let's go down one phone every time we should take our bike and get close so that he can trust him he's in the shed you see that solution on the right side okay let's get a little closer you don't have to get right in there but you could just get closer I can't see if he's going in I actually kind of I going for his TV I'm gonna go on this wall over here he closed the door yeah yeah yeah yeah good eyeball so I'm gonna break the door never mind he don't have a date I'm nude I'm dating the door wait the doors closed oh he's gonna Minh oh oh he's in the house fucking shotgun yep here's the good shotgun nice orangey gods I was scared he hit you no he hit the railing but like if he hit me it would have been up the orangey God's right there he goes shit what's happening over there at the tower okay I'm gonna loot this guy from its boat that junior oh nice Jesus you're on one down to another okay new men how many over here it's one left behind this he's gonna start no he's behind 255 running to the US I think I don't know where he's going he's no eyeballs he's going across the bridge 255 the garage building you know I'm talking about he's down there oh yeah he's far as fuck

[Music] wait they they're not meds either yeah we could loot these guys you just run up so I killed I killed you at the tower here and I killed that guys and he was way over there yeah you're hidden shots I fucking I should've killed both of them that's fine there was like two teams right next to each other oh you meant this tower this one yeah sorry oh you're good hmm fuck

let's go at pro how's that okay why did he go why do you go like one I was on his route that's weird one boost two boosts okay what do you need I I only have to do you boosters okay okay well who's this guy should I loot his teammate might as well like over here we're just in the open dude you're owning keep it up there's the drop right behind us we just came from I'm going for it don't lose his buddy Luke the one in the field then come this way yeah so you can probably camp this they just don't have meds dude everyone I've killed eyes like one energy drink all those fucking cheek bad chat sure you're not the circle well now that we're going back this way we could get this drop yeah we should swoop up on it I gotta push its waters dead come on why do you you're on point today that's all i'ma say you're not missing anything your eyes are honed in got those hot guys on

Oh fuckin want to do in a bush I see you guys I see two guys what knocks directly to the other side of the show other side of the shut though I mean it's not a half sorry fucking minds yeah I know you miss a day of it suppose he's not sure he knows I know I see that 3:45 find that my sense feels so much better so 3:45 North for sure guys but we should watch our Mac just for a second we're watered was killed in case I'm gonna sneaking up on us with those shots I am not seeing anything I don't have any else here on this one we were there for a while shoot yeah yeah you see you're still mourning yeah you see who's on our side somewhere top of the hill I heard it I can get shot for my right okay I'm gonna try to make a play on this you just go I'm an IV on the street and watch my boy I heard this guy shooting at you I can take them out if they don't check oh my god this is gonna get see him I see him as well I'm going first hemacue mates next to you I thought he fucking owes me there's someone 285 of me and there's also North 45 I need a backup to you or something actually or this rock I know that's clear now I'm are you are you like are you stuck no I have some meds for you but I've won first aid I have to get to the circle come fuck up ass dude I don't like fuck about coming here I'll be okay maybe nevermind you guys are in the circle northeast 15 hub me are they in the blue there yeah at the North fifth North 15 for tree yeah for tree both of them fucking hell dude we're gonna shot yeah moving around to fighting each other I'm gonna make it to the shed I'm getting the shed shit you don't you don't you don't have a fucking meds I'm coming it's fine we're just gonna fight it out right now yeah bro I'll kill everyone yeah ladies my last booster here come here just in case I want to suck up Justin kilo and psychos I dropped all that shit just in case you need it I'm spotting this was the guys oh yes can you give me room for tree directly in front of us hey my thought I got him

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