by: George Langevin

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Moreno having trouble there with air Li's Garcia and that ball actually went off the hand of Early's Garcia the center back and now we had some contact there I'm not sure what this is going to be and it looks like we've just seen a red card a straight red card given to air these Garcia the center back of FC Golden State there was contact there with him in Rooney Moreno and right now you're having one of these scenes where the FC Golden State players are furious with a decision made by the referee and air Li's Garcia has been shown a straight read and go and say we'll have to play the remainder of the match with ten men and right now this is something you don't want to see you have Early's Garcia still wanting to have words with Rooney Moreno and you know the referees need to take control of this right away before it gets any worse

and this game needs to get the ref like I said the referees need to take control of this one because right now it's just getting ugly you know clearly you have the FC Golden State players very irate with that red card decision Gomes plays a deep two rooney moreno moreno put being able to bring it down but instead and moreno is actually whistle for the foul moreno slide a hold of the ball and Holloman frantically going after that ball he was not happy with Moreno holding on to the ball but it is a free-kick now here's Behar on Oh is he gonna pull the trigger from outside and was it I'm not sure what I just saw Lesley the referee might have gotten in the way of that one and it looks like that is the final whistle and it looks like there should have been some more stoppage time played now I think the referee was just eager to get this game finished by the

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