Best Over of Muhammad Amir in BPL Which Made Team To Win

by: Brett Lee

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nine runs in six balls oh man can the Vikings take another one or can they win they got so close yesterday

there's nothing in it

he smacks he's paired as he goes and he looks up to the heavens and he knows that all of a sudden all the practicing all the talking that's done all the planning it's all down to mendes

finally goes up in the circle looking to try and let her drown the corner and pick up for boundary because he knows that Horomia both of fairly good Yorker now it's all about the right field change get the right people in the right place stop the - I don't think he's gonna go for you okay yeah I think he's gonna go short he's seen him bet he gets on that front foot logic down the ground doesn't mean this he's slightly tall be thinking I can get a bouncer to him but the danger always easy as a slug it's a feint agent up she goes over the keeper at four it's gone games over

yep thought as much it's one for the over sir everybody's looking for different reasons to call no balls but he ran down the pitch yeah probably having a look at the umpire thinking was this wide was this of his his head yes huge wide okay we got four left eight needed he needs to get off strike he has to get off strike no matter what he does run to the Keithley if need be

or see suddenly it's all going wrong again mushy the question is that first ball should you have run and I think that was a bad bad mistake he had to back himself it comes so far and so close I think they should run on this ball if it goes to keep it just run even if it's a Yorker just run

and that's what they've done okay so now you faced with a very very tough task you've got to say he's gonna spirit in at his legs where does he find the boundary where does he find a boundary game time now I went back that two balls left mushy he's got to get a single to keep it alive at least you don't get a run you're gone you're at the gun I know what they looking for talking about I'm positive having a Chad but they just look at that scenario as it is they

I'm just having a look

umpires just wanna ensure was that illegal run

so was the batsman changing the course of his run and does the run stand no problem there

well behind the line well behind the line and that's good to see from fast bowlers young boys out there and cricketers and girls this is what you do so he's played the short so short is on now has he changed the course of his run in my humble opinion not at all because that ball wasn't on course to hit the stumps hardly yeah but he could have there bellomont accorded and i don't think he intentionally ran in front of it to be brutally honest and so I think sanity prevails and I think that's 100% correct well done to the umpires they had a good look at it great for technology but pretty good now let's get back to the c7 or too little mo she's on strike if he gets a 1 you still alive if you miss it you dead you're gone you're out the game so you've got to get the minimum or one if not a 6:04 viously but you know if it gets a 2 it's also good but you cannot get a dot pool that's the key cannot get a dot ball yes it unless is a wide or a noble bold and then the game changes again so a lot of thinking going on your kid sick stay with us pink for six pink for six I'm with you that he's gonna think he's 18 and even if he does even if he misses the ball and hits a six and the games tied you gotta think positive you always think positively about the game try and win the game he's putting men back on the hook so is he thinking short ball he's bringing third man up in the ring so he's got fine leg and square leg back and midwicket back so he can easily pick up a two in the deep midwicket which would leave five of the loss he's got to get a boundaries are you defensive or is it a double three your little boy key hit that like I rock it to the extra cover there is a magnificent shot under pressure Wow I tell you that is as good a shot as you'll ever see it's Miami in the commentary box I can tell you Alastair Campbell fallin clean off his chair as I said Pat you got a thing positively look for the shot don't look for the one doesn't have to look for the one he's got the boundary who was the nice thing super over it is a double play it was a double black ball now comes the hard part where do you ball now

my tent is still standing pat lust or what's going to happen give and empathically bald oh my word what more do you want then their tummy meatball over there

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Best Over of Muhammad Amir in BPL Which Made Team To Win
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