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[Music] on the 21st of September 2013 and walked into the Westgate shopping mall and they proceeded to kill 69 people and 100 and injure about 170 people that was news I was gonna take over the new cycles four days - it's a particular date for me because for me marks kohanga moment in my relationship with my father you see my younger sister Annie and I what the Westgate and a lot of my memories about that particular event are very hugely tied to my father but to tell you that story let me tell you what my my father was growing up in the 50s and the 60s so around the time when the colonial rule was very heavy still in Kenya his parents had had an acrimonious split and so he found himself with his mom and his younger siblings living Neary and going to live in passenger and it was a very hard life for them my grandmother walk worked as a laborer in the hands of the wealth in pasanga and so she worked the field and my dad worked with her and he would do everything that would get him some money or some food my dad worked in the farm he was a tout he was a cook he did anything and he's the kind of person who in retrospect I see that he literally not only pulled up himself and his family up by the bootstraps but he also that for the community around him so I grew up in the house where people would always come home and say hey you know your father gave me my first job bought me my first shoe really helped us that's the kind of dad that I grew up around and you can imagine growing that household the one thing that I always wanted is his you know acceptance and approval and that it it's I grew up in the house of a very strong father so last forward that to 2012 we had my father and I had a horrible disagreement and after that we would proceed not to talk for many months now to kind of get over it I decided at some point in August of 2013 that I was gonna take this big trip I was go to Europe I was gonna celebrate life now in my sight I love to travel and in my family when we travel we go home we tell our parents about it we tell my mom and my dad about it and they are wonderful they pray for us they pray for journey mercies they want to hear where you're going all of that old stuff my dad or my mama always give us some money to buy tea you know wherever you're going even if not a lot of money but you know you'll have money for tea it's a beautiful gesture so you can imagine me planning this wonderful trip I'm going to go to Europe I'm gonna be there for six weeks and tell my dad that it was really difficult for me so I travel I go to the UK I go to France I go down to Italy and we're sitting here in Rome facing the Colosseum and I'm a friend Giulia and I love making her laugh we're talking we're having a good time and she looks at me goes Shazza what about your father he don't talk about your father and I'm like how am i good are you that I've not talked to him maybe for about 18 months and I get so emotional I'm crying into my glass of wine like you can see the level go up and I cry and then I drink all of the wine and I have a loss of wine and then we go through the Colosseum and it's wonderful the day after that I come back home and my mom tells me hey your dad has been on about you we're having on busey on Saturday it's like a Thursday having a boozy on Saturday and daddy said he'd like to see you at home okay I haven't spoken to my dad in a while and I cannot talk about my father without also talking about my mother because where my dad is this very strong personality he's choleric he gets things done he is fire he's the Sun literally s UN Sun Sun my mom is like the moon when you think of that relationship that's how I feel about my parents because especially in this time which was mark and very difficult for me mommy helped us to still have some sort of relationship with him and she would go between us and she made very a very difficult time a bit lighter in those dark months she was the moonlight to these very dark nights so when my mom says hey daddy says he wants to see you come home for them boozy I go because it's mom that's special to me so I mentally get ready for it and Saturday comes and my psyche up for it because I don't know what to expect now in my family when we have a new baby in the family my dad will always lost her a very fat slam and you'll make a big fanfare about it so my dad will slaughter a lamb and he'll have the fattest piece of meat and feed that to the B and C a beautiful prayer of blessing and prosperity over the child and then my mom will put the child's hand tiny baby into a positive grain and she'll pray for Prosperity and favor and my favorite part my parents will take a big fat wad of cash and I'm brown-noser like this and they'll put it in the baby's hand so that the baby has shopping money and I love it I love it I don't have babies but I want to have babies just so they can have that from my parents I really really do so that's what we're going to do this Saturday my sister Terry has just had a baby fresh baby we're going to do the gamete roma mommy says daddy wants to see you at home and I want to go but I'm scared because I also grew up hearing about generational curses and all of those things something like her what if I go home and then there's a showdown and then and then so I get home on the Saturday and I Drive and I can see my dad's car so I tell this guy I get Lucy phone again don't close this gate leave it open and I Drive my car and then I turn around to face the gate I leave my key in the ignition and I leave the car open so this is my plan if there's a showdown I am I'm going because you know I don't want I don't want to get myself in a situation that I might regret because at the end of the day this is my dad right so I get home park the car I go and I sit in the kitchen and I can hear my dad coming down the stairs and from the kitchen where I'm sitting like I've seen him coming these are the legs and I'm the body and I'm playing with my nephews and nieces and I'm holding them and the more he comes downstairs I'm holding them closer and closer and closer and in my family when an older person walks into the room you can you give them a seat you give them a seat you give them salons and I'm sitting here like a statue I can't move I don't know what's gonna happen and my dad clocks me and he comes down the stairs and he comes to me puts the kids aside and he stands me up and he hugs me and he says mommy my dad also call this mommy even if I'm not called for there's mommy we've had too long a time not speaking to each other so glad you came for this notch oh my I'm so happy to see you let's go in and watch all that's exactly what happens me yeah macho man and it's a wonderful event exactly a week after that we're at the West Gate and the terrorists come into the mall I'm with my sister Annie and Annie wanted to run out of the mall when they came in and I grab anything I say no we're gonna hide we're gonna see what's happening we're gonna figure it out and we're hiding we run to the back of the knuckle Mart I don't know if you remember the layout of it and there's a there's a books the books should book stop section so we're hiding below children's books and I'm not kidding you the Shelf is this high and in five seconds we're not two of us were Tim all hiding and not really hiding because of the bookshelf and you know Amy and the shooting and it's a scary sound I've ever heard I've never I never thought I could hear a sound like that would be that scared in my life and so I started thinking of who I need to call in the first person I think of calling is dad so Annie at this time my sister had texted Terry my older sister told her what's happening so obviously Terry had spoken to my dad so I call him and he literally picks it up with him the first ring and I'm crying telling daddy we're at Westgate and this is what's happening and he says mom mommy mommy I'm praying for you and everything's going to be okay you're going to be okay and then he goes something else but the shooting starts so I can't say anything and I'm just holding the phone but he can hear what's happening around us yeah now let me tell you something else about my dad on the 23rd of March 1983 my dad he was a pilot among many things Kiku your businessman and true he had a small fleet of aircraft and he was flying a whole rural area and something happened he got engine failure he saw that he had to crash-land and he tells us the prayer that he prayed that day as he was crash landing with God this is not my tank I have a wife and children now I want to have dinner with them tonight and that's exactly what happened he crashed landed into the forest Buffalo Nene and he was home that night having dinner with us so that's my dad so my dad tells me mommy I'm praying for you everything's going to be ok you're gonna get up ok so my dad's told me it's gonna be fine right I the shooting starts were there for hours the next person I tried to call was my mom but the forum well they walked into the mahkumaat where we were hiding and so I couldn't talk we just cut the phone and be there for a few hours so Annie and I are trying to figure out when is the best time to get out of this situation and I figured out so I'm an interior designer by trade my work and I know a couple of things about a supermarket design the cool room always has access to an exit out of wherever it is it's well designed so you can think about the mold good supermarkets you go to so I tell Annie we need to find the cool room and we need to get out of this place and we remove our shoes and we're hiding and crouching and stepping on people's shoes on blood on food it was with a horrible thing and eventually we make it out of the supermarket we make it to the cold room we make it to the store and we are making our way out of Westgate and there's obviously a few of us who figured out this is the time to go that should lie down enough and we're literally an exodus of people living Westgate so you just think people's accident and we're walking through trying to run out of this place and as we're leaving I see this person walking towards Westgate and I look at Annie and I'm like Annie that's dad and it was my dad he had found a way to come through and literally at the time as we were leaving he was walking into the Westgate Mall because his daughters were there and he had to come and find them [Applause]

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