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hi friends it's auntie CooCoo and I'm headed in to Dollar Tree so I'm inviting you to come with me let's go shopping let's start off right here next to the register where they put out some fun little things for packing your lunch including these new little snack packs they come in a few colors and right next to that a large display of snack containers for little ones in the Cheerios car and the shark and right alongside some of the Valentine goodies I found a lot of new storage containers some bright cheery spring colors in purple teal and fuchsia I don't know about you guys but this time of the year I've got the itch to organize everything and my all-time favorite organizational thing from Dollar Tree RVs during the spring you can find them in a set of three and they're perfect for anything little you need to organize a few new things that I think are pretty interesting are these gift bags now they caught my eye because they're nice and big and it turns out they're from Hallmark and retail for $5 apiece they also have this one that actually comes with its own hair clip that you can remove and use this one with the hearts is perfect for Valentine's Day right next to those I found these long wine bags these are really pretty with lots of gold and black [Music]

now let's head over to where I'm finding quite a few pieces of decor a couple new box style signs those are tiny they're probably not more than 4 inches by 4 inches and some new framed pieces I really like this coffee version and this one kitchen rules in red they also have a few standing signs in the wine version the ones with the little houses and two with hearts perfect for Valentine's Day I found quite a few standing signs in holographic and glitter and speaking of hollow they have a ton of little journals and notebooks these have 60 pieces of paper in them love this one little but fierce the pages are lined

also in holographic finish they're putting out some beauty tools like tweezers and eyelash curlers just below those I found some are really cute very small candles but they do have rose gold lids just above that lots of the diamond lip gloss and they have all of the little miniature fruit lip balms they're putting out some new stationery including notepads for your fridge and little journals

and then I was lucky enough to run into all the little fairy garden houses and accessories including these which I think may be the cutest houses they put out yet this one in the strawberry this one in the flower definitely thinking this one is a pinecone and this one it's the little tree trunk lots of hanging summer decor including wind chimes and little signs

and all of this was located on an end cap actually nowhere near the first set of houses so you may want to look around your Dollar Tree if you're having a hard time finding some of these fairy garden items they have all of the little pot hangars back again this year from the turtle to the owl they have a ladybug and a bumble bee as well as a bear and a frog [Music]

and lots of miniature fairy garden figurines you have a few little animals there's one with an owl and a turtle and yes they don't always do the best job on the faces but I thought those gnomes were pretty good they are also putting out quite a few gardeners tools from watering cans and shovels to these little plant trolleys that they put out last year we have wheels on the bottom if you have any heavy plants to put them on you can move them around the metal buckets are back in two different sizes and tons and tons of different pots and planters including these in the rectangle these that have a basket weave finish and these up here are so big lots of bright colors to choose from these are a little on the smaller side but I really like a little design down along the bottom they have these that are between a medium and a large lots of blue green and red they have all the little garden stones and the user actually little garden picks they have these little plaques and the butterfly the bumblebee and the dragonfly and all the little stepping stones

now let's head over to the health and beauty aisle where I'm finding a few new things I did pick this cleansing water up and I'm not impressed just being honest they also have out quite a few Bolero items some shower gels shampoos conditioners and the scented bath soaps

and I was so excited because this store normally doesn't get Valero products but they were fully stocked on all of the bath products from the scrubs to the paper masks and the bath bombs they had the lotions and the oil but you guys know what I had to pick up the face wipes these are definitely my favorite and a few of them did come home with me now I'm going to show you guys just a few of the Valentine items I found up at the front we have a set of the rose lollipops those are great for splitting up for your kids to give to their Valentine's and classics changes lots of little name-brand goodies these are gonna come home with me because I know someone who loves those they have the little hearts in lots of different prints including one with a little bit more of a boyish feel a la McQueen the fine apple and a flamingo they have these foil covered hearts with lots of little pets on them and this set the kissy lip pops now these are miniature and you get four of them I thought this was a good deal on the warheads you do get eight and this is definitely the best deal you get twelve suckers and Valentines for just a dollar up here they have the larger kisi pops where you just get one and a little bit of Mickey and Minnie in these little hearts [Music] they also have some things in Snoopy by Wilton's and the mini carnival Hart pops they're also selling some Godiva this year but you only get one in the package I hope you guys enjoyed coming along with me to the dollar tree to see what they've gotten in thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you back very soon

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