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you're listening to KEXP we're at 90.3 FM in seattle streaming live around the world at KEXP o RG I'm Cheryl waters and I am beyond excited have wond live in studio today Cory and Evan we've had you in studio before but this is the first time we're telling story of Wand live on the air and you've got three records that you're going to try to tell that story through what are you starting us off with today we're going to start off with fire in the mountain from the first record which is appropriate because we'll start at the beginning all right it's Wand live on KEXP you

yowza that is wond live on KEXP one of my top picks for this year's Capitol Hill block party they play here in Seattle on Saturday a month block party at the Vera stage and thank you guys so much for coming in today it's such a pleasure to have you having us when you start playing I never want you to stop and we've been long longtime fans of wand and by longtime I mean like a couple of years I know the band only started in 2013 and I discovered you with the release of ganglion reef which came out in 2014 and you have three albums out in less than two years two records just last year you work at such a breakneck speed but seems to be no lack of ideas and I'm just wondering what's it like in the studio it seems like you're on this just constant cycle of write record tour write record tour it's pretty consistent up until recently it was really consistent we were writing recording touring in a in a cycle and at the end of each cycle a record would be done or a tour would be done or something um but yeah it it was really easy to work at that like pace cuz it wasn't I don't know it was just very like you clearly have a ton of creative ideas but I've also heard you say in interviews that it's really just out of necessity because you know you want to make a living at music and it's tough if you're waiting a couple years between albums as many bands do on those kind of release cycles that they have you make a record and then a year later it comes out yeah it sucks to wait it kinda makes it tough to to make a living I know that you met in art school at Cal arts and you have a lot of other creative outlets I've seen some of you playing in many other bands too many to name here as I said earlier a couple of you are in the Thai seagulls the muggers which was our first fan live on air but seeing you play with Michael Cronin and used to do some stuff with the meat bodies and I am curious if you have other outside interests oh I know Evan you have a book of poetry that you've published and with so much stuff going on do you find time to do other things you know that outlets that you can you know look at creatively uh yeah I mean I think I I don't that's hard to say I haven't really I used it paint and a draw and do sculpture and I mean I went to school for art and we half of the band which is school for went to school for art and it's definitely harder to find time to do that stuff seriously I have taken a photography recently but yeah I mean it's all kind of just cycling around this this tornado of an occupation it doesn't sound like you have a lot of time although when I asked you about that you said until recently what's going on now that makes you say or not on such a crazy cycle well we took a little bit of time off to to work on other projects and and do some things that maybe wond can't support like totally and except by just having everyone do their own thing and then Evan and I were touring the last six months with Ty and yeah and now and I think that having a little bit of breathing room was really beneficial for us we got some new members yeah would you introduce the band yeah well this is Sofia welcome hello and this is Robbie hi there and then of course Evan the poet drummers is there a story there is just some good-natured ribbing there huh every time we call methought I make a funny look oh no it's just it was just I think it just maybe caught caught him off guard that you Evan a pellicle poetry which is cool sorry and then Lee playing the bass Evan the poet that has a nice ring to it like Pliny the Elder and Cory the painter well you definitely know what you're doing with these instruments trapped on we've got wond live in studio today and you got more music for us yes we do we could go on we could go on forever all right I might just ask you to at the end I might throw a curveball at you all right

Oh chill


we're live in the studios with Wand playing the Capitol Hill block party this Saturday okay we have one more song this is a song we just started playing but it's off the first record it's called grown-up boys

Oh you



yes sweet



in systems Oh


that was nice he put me in a little trance their wand is live in the KEXP studios playing at the Doug Fir this Friday night and back in Seattle for this year's Capitol Hill block party on Saturday thank you so much thank you always a pleasure you've got it tuned to KEXP seattle oh my gosh

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presents Wand performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded July 20, 2016. Songs: Fire on the Mountain (I-II-III) Floating Head Lower Order Growing Up Boys Host: Cheryl Waters Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore Editor: Jim Beckmann http://kexp.org


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