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by: The Amazing Lucas

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so I've come to the conclusion that modern-day feminism has been created by the government as means of population control oh my goodness guys I was actually having a great day I was having a great day as productive days getting stuff done then I came across this video in my Twitter feed if you guys haven't heard this video well you're one of the lucky ones so in this video we have this young lady who's talking about all the stuff that she can't do right she it's basically mocking men his Trump said you know this is a scary time for men which it is um but she doesn't feel that way right so she's going on this this little song I think it's a ukulele and she's singing about all of a sudden she can do so what let's go over some of the stuff that this woman in America thinks she can't do i can't walk to my car late at night while on the phone yes you can I've seen it I've seen women do it with my own two eyes you can I can't open up my window when I'm home alone why here's the thing I don't know this is a case of you can't or you just physically aren't unable to like do you need like your man there to open the window or or or like I don't get it is she trying to say that people are gonna rob her that's why she can't open the window because I don't know I don't know anyone who's ever seen a closed window I mean like guess I can't can't break in today like that doesn't happen what are you talking about I can't go to the bar without a chaperone I think that's more of a reflection of you than it is of our society I can't wear a miniskirt if it's the only one I own what but so does that mean you could wear a miniskirt if you own - wait what what are you talking about I can't use public transportation after 7 p.m. yes you can why wouldn't you be able to use public transportation after 7 p.m. why 7 p.m. why not 7:15 7:30 like where does this number is worse is coming from you know what I'm gonna frame on this one because maybe bus attendance at 7 p.m. you know once I hit 7 they're looking at women like up no can do miss I can't be brutally honest when you slide into my DMS why not why can't you do this is there something wrong with your fingers like it what's it help me help you I can't go to the club just to dance with my friends yes you can I've witnessed it it calmly turn attendants have witness that hey what's up ladies we're having a girls night out we're having a girls night out it's her birthday that's fine it's fine if you want to have a girls night that's fine but when we have bottle service and we have a table it's boys that out so don't come approach the table okay how about that fair ladies and I can never leave my drink unattended guess what neither would i but the real question is why would you moving forward in this lovely song of hers we have I can't live in an apartment if it's on the first floor why not are you are you handicapped like are you in a wheelchair do you need a wheelchair ramp like what why can't you I giving system me like do you get exhausted by flights of stairs it maybe you need a workout maybe you need a gym membership maybe that's why like I what I can't be wearing silk pajamas when I answer the door you have self pajamas I feel like this is a very much a first-world problem I can't have another drink even if I want more girl this this is hard to sound like a you problem it's starting to sound like you need help yes then you have to have a chaperone you can't go out after 7:00 like what's wrong with you you need a TV to call someone up like you either need to go through like a seven step program or you need a psychiatrist like there are some serious issues going on with you and I can't make you feel invalid on the scene unag Nord yes you can it sounds like you've never been to a club in LA like are you crazy I have seen women just me nice like just destroy a man make him feel like this big like are you are you crazy do you understand the power of that tongue how he can just chop up a 7-foot man down to a three foot midget like what what are you talking about alright guys this is the last part where we'll work we're getting into the thick of it this is man this is brutal I can't jog around the city with headphones in my ears why I don't see it why can't why can't you I don't get it what do you mean is it because there's dangerous people around like boat do you live in the hood cuz that's what it sounded like you can't open your windows you can't go out during certain times girl you live in the hood that's the issue that's what's going on and that's the case I get you I hear you loud and clear because when it comes to the windows many people that we got bars and are on our windows okay is sounding like it sounded like a woman this is a song written by a woman who lives in the hood I can't speak about my rapist after 35 years I mean you can I just don't know what you expect to happen I mean I I probably would have waited thirty five years maybe if you want to wait one two three ten twenty three thirty five if you want anything done it's gonna be it's gonna be kind of hard unless you got some some actual facts you know facts and evidence because that's what I believe because I believe not women not men I can't be taken seriously if I'm holding back tears this one I don't get this I I don't get to gee coz when Cavanaugh was cried they mocked him they ridiculed him like he was like just like a little girl or something but but when when Ford was crying because she was crying everyone's like she's so brave did Cory Booker all them you so brave to come here and you're a superhero and all this so that one I don't know I don't know about that one that that's that's law and I can't ever speak earnestly about all these fears you just did here's the thing a lot of these are more than fears these are phobias these are known as irrational fears it's kind of like when people are like scared of spiders why are you scared of spider I don't know I just don't like spiders that's what a lot of these are like walk it around like a living apartment on the first floor that's a phobia that's a you issue that's not a world issue that's not a social or cultural issue no one is going around I can't live around on the first floor no woman is doing that like when it comes to the whole chaperone I can't I can't go to the bar without a chaperone like every guy will tell you there's two women right there's a hot one and there's an ugly one little Hobbit that they bring around whip and a lot of these women they have like a new little best friend so when you try to approach a hot one well you have to talk to you have to given you don't know your service lip service to the ugly little Hobbit so she doesn't feel you know excluded and it's just like one of the real bad wants the real bad ones either a come alone or they come with another hot one it's a little insecure ones that come with this little ugly little ugly little thing that they found long and they call it their friend y'all she's my friend I know of - she's not your friend you know she's ugly that's why you brought her with you so you can look even ten times better and now that makes my job hard because I don't want to talk to this ugly thing so my wingman has to talk to him why run game one new so you need miss me with this nonsense of a chaperone show in a nutshell this song is a joke this song is drivel but what kills me is old Lee if you go to the comments section of this of this post all the women are going preach girlfriend oh my god I was cried as I listen to this because it's so true it's so true no it's not no it's not let's all be honest here it's not if that's what you feel if you feel you live in this just a press you're oppressed by the man and go out and vote and on this UE I don't get it if you're really that scared to go out at night along and or suddenly get yourself a gun boo that's what you got to do get to get yourself a gun so if somebody wants a while out oh I was defenseless I felt scared I thought he was gonna rape me I had to do something like hey everyone listen to you because the courts love women like who is it who's the judge gonna give him a job - a woman when it comes in divorce you know women so get yourself a gun you'll be fine you can shoot anyone you like anyone who comes into your house when you're opening up the window okay this girl's dude I'm just like you can tell you can tell he's one of those that Donald Trump isn't my president is that you look so beautiful in that guy's I'm gonna put this out right now we are at more men we are at war with these soy boycotts that's what we are at war with we were at war with these men oh hi peas these women Nazis up and women out there real women you are at war with these feminazis these Looney Tunes the boonies who have nothing to live for because no man will ever want them except the soy boy Cox and you had this this this this this symbiote this symbiosis of above when the soy boy cooks see a feminazi they destroy they latch on to them and they create this monster of a human being it kills me because once you get some of these women who actually come from who actually know what oppression is some of these women from Saudi Arabia Afghanistan Indonesia once they come here they Envy they envy you just being allowed to go to the bathroom without having to ask their man can I use the restroom no you can't sit down think it would knate knate em be just a little stuff that you guys take for granted cause half this stuff is is just the first world issues like you have women who could even drive could even operate a motor vehicle like if you this hold me to woman there is no me to moving in Afghanistan you know that right there are no woman marches in Saudi Arabia you know that right but here they have the luxury ah make it a song about their this is this is sick this is sick these people need help get him help anyways guys that's the video let me know what you guys think whether or not you know what you know what Lucas you're just insensitive and she made some valid points all right open your ears and open your heart or if we had believed you know what now this this has got to stop this is this is crazy town all right this this is like Looney Tunes I feel like I'm in a cartoon I'm waiting for Bugs Bunny to come up and hit me in the head either or hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please feel free to like sure come subscribe all that fun stuff till next time guys be amazing what

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