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but some do you think of birds like me yeah yeah what are you doing I'm going for the butterflies [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we're the gem sisters today we're going to a creepy place where no one has ever returned alive actually we're just going to the Natural History Museum where we're gonna be putting flies but the girls are scared of butterflies I mean I their eyes are really creepy yeah and I heard that they poop on you every time they land I think that's five but whatever if you have butterflies and BJ give this video a like and put a butterfly motif in the comments come on let's go I've got my stomach butterflies are all so pretty there's so many of them I don't know if you could like spots I'm flying around there's some there can I kill me and it's so nice they have an amazing place look one time I was just stretching outside and a butterfly seriously landed right in my armpit and right when I close I just feel flapping from its wings like trying to escape from me but U is super funny I started running there are so many beautiful butterflies and you can keep it girls I'm freaked out they're so gorgeous yeah what are you I'm waiting for the butterflies go Emily hi filling this Monica oh my god yeah it was exciting right next few things is there any nope wait I think that's a bee I feel a slug curling down the back no I like it I wonder if like forever like we need a exclaim you have to escape oh not know what butterfly sound makes [Music]

so pretty you coming or no becoming [Applause] do what he sneaks Toby was one right here oh you know you wouldn't look like a pretty hair spring in your hair when I was your age I used to catch butterflies nets and then I would get all these beautiful butterflies and then I would take them and I would put him in a jar and then I would put rubbing alcohol in there with a cotton ball and then basically they would fall asleep forever and then I would take a pin and I would pin him and get like like a scrapbook I would collect all of her butterflies and I had a pin in the scrapbook but it was cool my dad my dad said it was okay but come back I wasn't done whoa did you see this I feel like some of these birthdays are cute couples flying together but they're like tough she's mine she's mine I don't know flies come here

they're so amazing visits oh look at them oh now I got it close to me I am still scared but they're really pretty thank you don't want her to land on me butterflies anymore after being here I won't want to land on me please I think I'm ready for bed guys how about the black ones I need a flavor like banana or something I really like the orange ones are like the monarch butterflies are like citrus flavored where'd you hear that pretty Google Wikipedia you know you're really smart whoa look at this one that's crazy these things are huge guys a bourbon man which is a black crack and more slender tail longer than body and a brown rot is plumper tail shorter than buddy so this is a cigarette and this is a black crack so if you ever see one of these city rests in the suburban area you live in oh you know something's wrong

and I see oh my gosh okay let's just let this rat to be back

freely yeah look I'm gonna make it man


to an actual boyfriend

okay you're way too heavy yeah yeah I wish I had like this dude yeah and they'll be like like too late in the neck

[Applause] begin frame which gem sister has the bigger brain look at these glasses you know it's me

you got that right this is how my dad looks like when he is spaghetti

the general call it my school we were searching for gold but they just grabbed rocks and dip them into the gold paint this is actually just what's called a gypsum oh it's another satellite simulators hey it's right you gotta

capture but you find diamonds do you know how to pronounce it no just maybe customer okay let's ask the girls glasses how do you pronounce that eventually we need to get you better good Jim we love you and we also love this gem room well we gotta go see what more cool stuff there is we might discover something new we've never been in there even though we are my boobs but we're super excited are you excited Jeff

and they yeah even the dinosaurs yeah

you sitting this one out yeah yeah me too he not drink the water

[Applause] okay stick clarity bubblegum super sour citrus I got ringing at full gym maybe good never got any of these if you have what's your favorite flavor watermelon splash sour apple bubblegum butter beer whichever one video have some that stuff at home

it's beautiful creatures explain this the butterfly is stuck in this

in the glass beautiful Becky Nova Netscape what does the butterfly say I've no idea just go flap flap Jen's husband comments but son do you think about if I may

and Lorna he'd get with this even more maybe you can come to our live shows of on Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't love it a.m. Pacific Standard Time if you want to see more of our videos click right here for my Mercedes Rob Pilatus we love you so much [Applause]

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