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bottom up [Music] yo y'all would have going on Mavericks and eboydee on got Trent and Jews in the building my team battles yo players ain't even loaded you step out of y'all are y'all walking they even run Danny when lo you're going to talk crap - wing me show you guys all of our heart Roxas changes Latin episodes probably should he did but there really wasn't much on mine is juice how about you I know you added the hearty Oh yep and I had to bench Sampson so I got Clint capela and his replacement he's not a very high overall car but without goes almost a 90 anything is doing my said it's like I wanted this this is a silver card wager yeah you got the silver hardening on for part Cyberdyne this so you want to put it you want to clip a diamond to a diamond no read I mean no that's absent on that's after Judas I'm good at Negroes that's Clint capela number 50 the blade you let them know that's my guy teams so juiced got the black or the white jerseys I got the black jersey oh he's trying to be a dirtbag no she won out what I did is I just saw a Mayan I started James Harden on my team as well and he's over there locking up jakey to there was and I want y'all to watch how my Harding has more homeowners are also talking about the princess of arguing in effect for Ramos we have particular in effects in this video what is this just had a bitches player and beyond catching no threes for the throwback rights on trying to find her you know he's got enough magnet Harding you got that hard and he tried shooting shut market ball ago yeah the dough look at that release it should have been money Felix only penance oh you're not Joe hoarding trash juice my heart is not ohoo juice my heart better any more word is more than dying in bed don't worry that's up by my party man oh god what is that oh god you shall follow your heart and finally decided to show up how can you miss a nothing when you talking about nobody makes it's a battle of the heart is the only one I got that oh I don't mind Jane's mother fluffing parting little oh man ah okay that's why you don't cook your hatin but let's take it along me I don't is it yeah we're but don't put your hand in the books when you lay them again why you hard locked up they can do an official report LeBron dishes party I mean I had things get ice about I'm sorry I'm sorry you don't do that I'm sorry you don't use Oh to spin move what is die morning oh hello haole I was the man lady I push the man flees on his first three points and he just good good

[Laughter] [Music]

what the penalty by murdering Paul George catch that Cote d'Ivoire and bring one that my heart very the penalties I quit so where's the key thing how did he get that rebound nothing no sense can he make me tell you did you see that like a balm on how you set the screen [Applause] damn little foot good screen but the defendants car get out of there he's been hated how come the old you retard because that's all I need to do he has 17 points I told you my hardly but in his heart ladies he was on ball and that's how of course are you and then he clicked over and I or ball and I guess I do is when you get past have more yes I do yes I do I cause do so they're not on going cuz I noted resume don't lie are you serious really why's that do you hate the hoodie what I'm talking about I don't hate you bring the ball of cheese on so really wants to give you a half horse that I locked you up for a Phoenix bit sometimes I put off you're trying Justin already making a boat I locked you up in the second person yeah see yeah see yeah see why so um Bobby where are you going - I'll be while you don't know that it makes sense see I run that with my big names trying to that you know they don't work like Barry that's the way to do it is all you when you place thank you which isn't super do it it's not your toupee guy that is like five years ago and the first time is in the books okay got together with oh that's why you know all balls that's wrong bar so juice Griffin adult look I just think you stopped like that leaky you know what angle knowing the corner wet ribbons freeze is now and even making life a lot to Bruno ball work what are our bulges Oh number two oh just over a minute gone hey do we can't you want I will win this car paint Nicki Marron you got about it man it's a blue car your diamond how you getting work like this what's the difference cars [Music] wow wow I mixed and it's Brougham never wait sticking in my 13 your next gig yeah right basic yeah what I have breakfast and then I did this I thought I had I would like this really hey guys like I'm I thought someone that goes to get it out right now will exist everybody's right aging that made your neck sticky yeah that's not me inside no right here you see you touch the mint and then touch your neck evening while you touch them in cada guys put them I throw up I try to pull it out like in your yes what's worse though let's not let that distract let's not you didn't work distract us from saying you got a cow shirt on what it's let's go to the faking yeah you guys Rock Sam's hard and really had 24 points right now this is crazy look like you scored that he doesn't really have 2014 did your boy Katie just interior haha I'm bout to take the boxes yeah Marine boy oh wait so didn't you try to do I don't want to get a penalty alright yeah hey

bottom up what alright yx+ on everything oh no I just look really well sweating able to this what in the theory that today would mean this going to man that was fast by just looking serious dude man we've got a mysterious additive I was gonna turn in oh oh yeah get a challenge got to stop in run the only we're getting on the beach me on the scoresheet let's go everyone I'm just bein bad bout with just an idea fight in this may be 2k 18 the practical little bird that's a shot what about you guys looking for life okay be alive yeah they have a my team they got a host machine we don't clap you are Judas pie on the clock oh no cuz you want juice the police ninja ah sure look just make that was just oh we are you can play it is a soul beating what happens we will go through that but the domain got nothing to say coming up the power okay at this point to say my goodbyes my onion salt and game you gotta gotta gotta get my song doing on TV our exam have a limo I'm happy not really oh why the hardened got big oh man I hired you in the first half hold our guitars hurry he got a lot in to win it it was a big mess huh yeah yeah nothing's on his way but everything's going your way oh is it Ross real what you playing that video game right over here can it be luck every single game will notice I'm quite lucky no one got to be but Team Rocket's dude oh oh oh when you let up and have mercy never just keep adding never leave because I learned my lesson Ichigo I'd be trying to let it look like even Finland and roll up their mine I love it when I do they get it helps that yeah I got to make the man cry what do you do some little middle your chest like your heart

yeah I guess if you have rights on the right turn for sure yeah yeah not to put it uh you want to allow me stockings I'm going like that does improve how it is going nine for nine we're gonna quit so won't be in the high life okay have a decent enough sex I read we played back in post 35 Trent Hardin outscored his whole team to the middle so he Iblees will good for James build wall no give what my boy yeah I got you a check Oh is I juice he was looks like it has he wants to go no no you know I need to come out like that I'm just giving to go to game stuff let's go to box score juice they're going in win top - its man Steph Curry famous gang juice let's be blame the game so I proposed a better view now this is like ended series energy no not like that son Oh buddy fuck that Katie bbp35 and high-five my surrogate okay five and I couldn't even shoot three so what did I hold it well actually with connector and maybe we taking I was making three points on accident although these may be to pay 18 practice and yes but subtitles we get beat them all you model haha I didn't even hear would you say would you say you're not playing 2k 2k do to you before you say can't be the despotism back it can't be - Kate doesn't yeah - can you beat the money look as weird a same pose okay er just could have happened about a viable such a queue here that dang use your paws time to ran out see they watchable go to the Giada that thank you he beat the volume for keeping the volume out of you know everybody you alright so we're gonna wrap this series up with crazy know how I'm being you you should have been thinking Trent - so it's like that's not that good five-on-five so I figured only me and juice can do this but I know uses this trash so that's right maybe to KC maybe I can find time for like saks to come through or something it just won't practice and it maybe can do it that way I don't know or maybe I'll just do solo my team you know I mean I was a lot of I'll do more biking because this was fun and I want to play it so yes I'm doing it I had a lot of fun man I'm not that good though at UK juice was making me look good I'm not that good so it'll be fun to grind it maybe a little bit more did you enjoy doing it I yes I always got running and talking smack see that's what I did I had a lot of fun how about you you know fun what's your best memory let's see what's going on nine years that was fun what's your best area to pieces does not his body art yeah she was so happy you got it close yeah don't make sure you should you feel like my game is like hacked did you let it in your guy don't know what it is how I know that cause reasons don't make no type of shot the hand dribble is ceasing to display yo team and just go stupid okay I can tell you online and win easy like I'm undefeated online okay more like the genie does it go stupid only you look at both your chin side by side said getting riveted they don't it'll dribble right it's really not so I didn't win Mike I'd be my team with his team when it was at the beginning when it was even louder ideal employers no it wasn't juice no it wasn't no that little just what is I really like to do this to need me to beat you in your team I need you to get some quickness we cut my hair and here's the thing like you you prove that you're better like Oh on the rock book Thank You sure I make sure but yeah we're going to end this series actually is something I just want to say that in real life I mean at this point I do struggle entrench troubling as a host so we'll just hit the drawing board and and be back next year yeah we appreciate job thanks for rocking with this year hopefully it burger did oh you did let's go ahead not gonna come school up share subscribe share so will share with someone we can make it Tuesday I will talk to you guys next year it being live on the I hit that subscribe button on our account we are on our drug hit 1 million subs came in without jobs till next time God first god bless

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