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Adam driver who plays kylo Ren in the force awakens is said that he has quotes very strong opinions about Hollywood movies and how they can be a waste of resources and seem totally gratuitous and dumbed down for an audience and sacrifice story for spectacle that's not without his irony since one popular criticism of the force awakens is that it was a soft reboot a retro movie that didn't attempt to further the Star Wars story that simply rehashed familiar tropes its fanservice the odd thing is that in spite of what style of dignitaries such as the guy from red letter media say the Star Wars universe is actually capable of supporting nuanced characters and deep philosophical stories don't believe me you should definitely have a look at Keio tlr-2 men just two quick warning the following contains spoilers for that game k oto r2 is short for Knights of the Old Republic - an old video game from 2004 the game was consciously written in an effort to go beyond the two-dimensional black or white characters so often seen in the Star Wars universe let me give you a few examples of the complexities of the game you play as an ex Jedi in the exile from the order what evil deed did you undertake in order to be cast out you asked you rush to defend innocent civilians who are being slaughtered by enemies of the Republic the Jedi Council did not want to interfere in the slaughter since they feared a greater threat was at play but you could not stand idly by so you defy the council you defy it the Jedi are guardians of the peace and have been for centuries this call to war undermines all that we have worked for is reven your master now or is it the horror you wrote at Malick or that has caused you to see the truth at last there is also a Jedi librarian who out of pride and love of the Jedi Order gathers sets teachings and masters them she rationalizes to herself that she can use the teachings of the fifth to destroy the Sith and build a new and more powerful Jedi Order perhaps you do not know yourself as well if you think regardless your arrival here begs an explanation have you come to face a judgment of the council as you did so many years ago are you finally willing to admit that we were right to cast you out your mentor in the game is an old and powerful force user who cares neither for Jedi nor sin but preaches a message of radical individuality and freedom from prefabricated labels she instructs others to find their own path rather than narrowly following the code that has been handed down to them from others she believes the truth is something one must find for oneself one quickly learned that the Jedi Code does not give all the answers it's right it should not assume surrender yourself to make yourself a slave to a cheating or believe that makes it so that police will always booty so who is evil and who is good it's hard to tell rather than the one-sided good versus evil trope the major characters have nuanced motivations that make sense from their own point of view and that's just the characters the story is interesting too but we won't spoil too much


concerning the allegations that people only say ray is a Mary Sue out of sexism did you notice that all three of the aforementioned characters are female no one ever said that they are Mary Sue's or poorly developed or uninteresting in fact many Star Wars fans have said that crear the old force user who mentors the main character is their favorite Star Wars character of all time she certainly is mine contrasting the one-dimensional Ray was these three-dimensional nuanced and multifaceted female characters and seeing how popular the latter three our the community shows beyond a doubt how desperate the move was calling people who don't like gray sexist is so they have it it is possible to tell intelligent stories exploring complex psychological motivations of deep characters in the Star Wars universe however as the guys at red letter media have said big movies like Star Wars are essentially a business and that's why you will never see a story with the complexity of kotr 2 on the big screen Adam driver is right the blockbuster movies like The Force awakens are dumbed down and sacrifice story for spectacle we're not faulting drivers for taking the role as kylo Ren though because if a casting director turned up on our doorstep offering millions for us to participate in some dumb down spectacle you'd better believe we'd sell ourselves on the spot and many of these Hollywood celebrities also give tons of money to charity so hey that's cool however no matter how much you twist and turn it the force awakens is a stupid story I wish that were the case major this was the Death Star and this is star killer base so it's big how is it possible power working up that size it uses the power of the Sun now since some of the audience on this channel comes here for information on psychology and Jungian typology I want to say a few words on how awesome two of the female characters in Ko teo are two are from a psychological standpoint the first is crea the wise old force user who despises both Jedi and Sith she's an INTJ personality type modeled on the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche I suppose Palpatine from the first two trilogies is supposed to be an INTJ too but if you compare the two it's evident the one shows an INTJ at their most developed philosophical apex while the other is a cartoony one-dimensional character complete with cheesy laugh [Music]

it's so refreshing to see a well-rounded and philosophically nuanced INTJ besides Nietzsche there aren't actually many of them in Western culture many seem to relish committing one-sidedly to their own philosophical message the Kriya and nature want you to think for yourself they refuse to let their message be reduced to simple talking points or slogans that is why Atrus and the others blames me sentence to me they believe me responsible for every sport at the end of kotr 2 it is revealed that crea despises not just the Jedi and the Sith but the force itself because it seems to have a will to controls the destinies of people as a radical individualist she hates the fact that people are not in control of their own faiths not free to choose their own values and make a personal Testament out of their lives when Nietzsche says that to redeem the past is to transform every it was into an I will do so and that alone is worthy of being called individuality these words could easily been spoken by creo likewise when Nietzsche says that most people's values are borrowed from codes have been handed down to them which they have not been powerful enough to supersede that too could have been said by creo I wish it to be because I was denied my teachings true and the way creo hates the force while formal taneous lis relying on it echoes the conflict between INTJs topmost functions namely the metaphysical expansivity of ni and the imminence oriented productiveness of te which i've described and gone into more detail about in my FAS Plato's discourse of defense and determining function axes part 6 which are available to members on our websites another interesting character is Atreus the Jedi librarian who believes that she alone is competent enough to be the warden of Sith artifacts and to do what must be done to save the Jedi Order probably she is supposed to be an ISTJ with a compulsive personality style she's preoccupied with matters of order and control but unlike the individualistic prayer Atreus conforms to the compulsive stereotype that is to say she's the busybody who believes that everybody should live as she does she's intolerant of the values of others if they do not live up to the conduct she believes is right and she does not believe anyone else can be trusted to keep order and to do what is right to save the Jedi Order you have gathered sis holocrons fists teachings from across the galaxy it is why you have chosen servants who cannot feel the force and most importantly they cannot feel what you have been I have sought to preserve the Jedi Order and I have gathered all that I know of the Syst to this place so I might find them and stop another point is that compulsives often turned out as they did because they had one or more strict parents who instilled in them the impression that in order to be worthy of love one must meet one's responsibilities with exceptional diligence and strive to fulfill one's obligations to the highest degree this upbringing has typically given the compulsive deep-seated feelings of aggression which however they dare not acknowledge to themselves lest they lose their parents love completely as a result their aggression remains unacknowledged even to themselves as they go through life devotedly tending to duties and work in a tracers case her unacknowledged aggression and anger is one reason she falls to the dark side since she does not acknowledge them it's all the easier for them to overtake her another reason is that as a compulsive who says the collapse of the regimen she's built for herself Atreus is unable to heed one very vital element of the Jedi training what must I do Master you train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose Atrus didn't just fall to the dark side however she fell without being able to see it herself in truth this could probably happen to a compulsive of any type but it's also a good illustration of the perils of introverted sensation types who get to cut off from their inferior and aim without the perspective of intuition to step outside of the regimen and routines one is built for himself the introverted sensation type imbues her personal experience with greater and greater subjective meaning until anything can mean practically anything within one's personal frame of reference or until one believes that becoming a Sith is the best way to be a Jedi [Music] I

the title word you came to with the dark and falls around you [Music] it is such a quiet thing to fall but far more terrible is to admit it all-in-all KO tlr-2 is a great game with a great story and some fantastic characters it's not a perfect game however as the developers had to rush it due to demands from the publisher luckily for you though fans have developed a restored content law which implements many of the elements the developers were originally forced to cut from the game so be sure to get that if you want to play it finally there is one more thing I must mention about Kay OTO r2 and that is the aesthetics of the game many video games try to do dark settings and atmospheres but somehow they end up overdoing it in their quest for grit the grip becomes his own art choice its own brand of beauty as it were in kotr art soo the designers opted for a bleak setting but it all feels much more realistic and immersive it's gritty but at the same time there's a sense of the inhabitants of the universe have tried to make a home for themselves amid the bleakness by spicing up their surroundings with whatever solace and comfort they've been able to acquire the result is a dark and sinister setting that's much more believable than the consciously dark setting so often peddled in these kinds of games finally the music is also really well done and truly succeed in underscoring and giving youth the player feel of the bleakness grandeur and vastness as of Star Wars universe [Music]

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