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dumbass no wha why is my fuck you going to the rape wearing jeans for the plane I'm gonna faint when I'm putting them on my foot goes inside the rig and it okay it's bad

but now that I'm the biggest rest of my life I'm just going on here saying I wear jeans like my life doesn't make sense makes connections definition dumbass just show them the bag I already showed them don't worry supposed to leave know guys we were supposed to leave to the airport at 138 freaking later okay I'm gonna stop blogging hold on guys just a quick thing I was gonna say like at what point do I learn my lesson how many flights are not gonna have to miss like Bosley ready did you pack you want to go on the plane or do you want to go in the car no we can't go in the car because it takes too long you want to treat like that like we're late okay boxers one two I'm wearing one so that's three hey how many do we need uh do you think you're gonna poop yourself or no short wait what is that that's not packing they're just throwing him in the bag I'm sorry I'm surprised my parents with well he surprised his parent to the trip their dream vacation to San Francisco because they've never been there and they really want to go so he surprising with tickets you know let them go to speaker con all backstage when they've been we are going to be playing a basketball game a youtuber basketball game and I can't wait so this is going to be and there's gonna be my first time ever in San Francisco I've heard of a lot of good things about Bay Area my whole life so visiting the exciting and his parents really want to go San Francisco and they really want to see my secret con so it's perfect to kill anyone they've been waiting for so long no Benny Benny okay I'm you're making a mess you it's like my mom hasn't hit me since I was a kid but today I walk to the car my mom gives me hadji like that I would be surprised do you think and I think she should well honestly think about it if we would never don't on the chair whatever we would have never been this position so it's the trips all and when we are Vegas we're going on this trip think about it just Brennan it's not time for that basketball basketball man put the bag over the top of it in case you dust bill it's gonna spill in the bank and I hope you have somewhere to go for the next badge at this point we're not gonna make a fight I have a feeling my parents are gonna kill me Bay Area we're coming we might not be there no no we'll be there just might be on a different flight we'll see hold it right there damn you guys are late okay okay give up please don't run me over thank you sorry good how are you thanks hey Dad yeah we're used to missing the flight I like your shoes dead let me see here he's ready for a sneaker con yeah we're only 28 minutes left we're fine I mean wait not left late Wow orange and white so I was gonna say you know we left Brian and Bosley behind who are you gonna miss more Brian you look different Brian when was the last time we've been on a family vacation you know what that said it was a long time a long

stop don't begin just like I delayed the freaking fly got delayed like we got to the airport on time and we found out the flight is delayed by one hour Dennis if you think about it bro the flight delayed one hour we could have went played basketball this morning okay okay listen there's no real finish go wait a couple shots in will jubilantly finish real we won't make a case we will you really think so huh yes or no yes or no if you know for sure we're gonna make the flight back then yes yes or no yeah okay he's gonna show how fast I can brainwash it was at 3:30 now at 4:30 see I know what I'm doing when I take long packing maybe I knew about the delay and no one else did now old Phoenix oh no they don't have a game there this weekend yeah but they don't have a game there this weekend oh are you a little scared before the flight putting me to sleep this is how you started the vacation off right father son and best friend I'll take a shot together mines water oh yeah you want to say oh why does your mom watch the videos its water its water mama Dennis

okay doesn't face meats okay don't worry I can't look first time I seen you guys you have to make a face like a disgusting in front of your mom so she thinks it's the first time you've ever trained I know was that oh yeah hey I watch your snaps

have you already huh that's that look

now we're ready for the flight okay guys so there's one person who is actually happy that the flight got delayed my mom is terrified mom

what she thinks something bad is gonna happen on the fly because it's Good Friday and she accidentally ate turkey mom I'm sure Dennis has sinned a million times worse so if anyone wait I'm old enough this guy well the flight is delayed for one hour so you have an extra hour of crane can I want you could walk you'll be there a couple of weeks after my game first thing is get the coffee with mer in the plane oh yes imagine it burns means it burns my skin oh yeah I'm way bad spell choice it's two new members of the wasp wad what's up guys nice to meet you guys Ron get a little bit closer okay guys so my dad is promoting his YouTube channel look at him eating his trail mix promoting as you to get that new subscriber dad guys we lost my dad we lost papa Raja no no really Denis where is he but see what we lost my dad imagine he just went to the bathroom we're making a big scene about him going to the bathroom I swear I don't know where my dad every day how far can you go we eat real fast get some food yen is oh my dad right here where were you there's a good place look how many people there are to gain a bunch of sauce I could probably hit three mill if I tell everybody here to subscribe my mom found the evacuation chair no mom it's okay yeah what do they do they throw you off the plane mom it's okay trust me I've been on like ten flights in the past couple of years no I'm serious it's fine dad is she gonna be okay I think she should have took a couple more shots you guys should exchange bodies right now oh she's nervous it's been 22 years since she grabbed might had that hard when I was born and she was in the hospital grabbing my dad I don't think Brian her because he's tiny he's small

then I think you should be comforting my mom they're just closing the door right now they hit like four night or imagine no no I would be stressed the whole way but the cranberry okay guys so we're looking at the drinks and my mom succeeding my mom emergency exits easy no that's not the menu for the drinks mom I think instead of reading emergency exit seating this will actually help you feel better we're trying to do a thumbnail okay mom it's only thumbnail guys come on this is like a 200k video we want a million views that's like 400 K come on one mill 1 mill okay come on now we want a phase Road viewed video that's like 1.5 million

so my dad's trying to take a selfie I don't know my dad pentagram dance oh my gosh it's moving mom you just call me Brian I'll give it a pass because your new face dad

it's okay okay sorry another update we haven't even got up in the air yet I want to confirm my mom and Robert shoulder but I'm scared now

what my air

my hand my hand is crushed I can't play the basketball game tomorrow hopefully she doesn't look out the window six and a half hours later our landing time Oh

that's it we're done first time in San Francisco so we just arrived at the Convention Center where this basketball event is gonna be taking place no it's not today but today there's a meeting for all the players but I'm bringing my pants with me because you're the coach right oh I wish the basketball game was today I swear imagine I can't feel my body either but you know I never say no to basketball tomorrow though YouTuber basketball game okay guys so here's where a sneaker con is gonna be taking place your guys's first-ever sneaker con oh don't get used to it being empty because come tomorrow this is going to be packed they're setting up the basketball court right now oh I see you the basketball hoop oh I hear people drilling in basketball oh I see him dribbling - they started the game without me huh that's what happens when the flight gets delayed look at Kyson the off white shorts heipiess start the game without me huh so I guess the shorts do come in clutch once in a while don't work I says extra shoes always [Applause] a little tight and your slogan to play

hey guys so I literally told Dennis the whole way here I was like bro I'm not gonna play today I gotta rest that's tomorrow we got a big game oh but wait what else did you see on this right now that the camera is on you're not gonna be honest what else did you tell me the whole week that we weren't supposed to play basketball I ended up playing every day yeah but anyways I literally left my basketball clothes in the hotel on purpose yeah on purpose just so I don't play I come here Kies was like hey you want to get next with me I took off my jeans I was waiting basketball shorts I freaking worthless underbite hoodie and I'm using




shut up just shut up please tell me how long we've been here two hours like three it went from not playing today - well I can't help you stairs basketballs as important I'm gonna play I played way too much today I wasn't supposed to play Cisco or anywhere in the Bay Area come out logs before I can't wait to meet you guys every time there's a sneak peek on I mean hundreds and hundreds of fans and that's always one of the best parts of the state so if you're in the area come through I would love to meet and hope you're excited for the game tomorrow some of you recording all of it and I'm gonna be uploading it tomorrow you I mean you look like you're helpless I'm sorry okay guys so that is gonna put an end to this video and also to tonight I enjoyed my first day here in the bank like I said first time ever out here on the bay I've never been and it's only been good vibe so far cool people and I can't wait for tomorrow today was kind of more of a travel day we landed late the plane got delayed my mom had a little heart attack I was worried for her and my dad just having a really good time I'm really excited for my parents like I said I'm excited to be here but the most important part of the trip is that I'm bringing my parents on their dream vacation and they were downstairs in the lobby meeting fans like crazy my mom even texted me what did she say she said we're meeting so many fans it's crazy so my parents are having a really good time and that's what's most important anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today's video drop a like if you did subscribe to the channel if you're new and once again tune into tomorrow's video basketball game youtuber basketball game I'm excited and I can't wait to play you guys know me anyways Brandon here aka April honest and I'm out Pete's I love you guys all I can never ever find the right word just there's no way this is real life there's no telling you're the right girl

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