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[Music] so what the deal say squad yeah yeah I didn't come here last night to like 5:00 in the morning door I was at the studio with my little brother I know it was like I couldn't catch myself because I'm not used to standing out that long so it's like I'm saying when you've been around you're like a strict parent and you're not used to been out that long you know you can be out that long it's like it's weird but I was out it felt good to be out because I'm always in the house playing a game and stuff late at night but it felt good to be out to be my little brother I haven't been hang on my brother a lot so it felt weird you know like it's me feeling real weird like not in fact I'm hanging on my brother my little brother a lot but my brother all these make phones like they're so anyways we just back to where we not saying used to do because I haven't been that busy because we got everything like I said under control like I said a lot of your life is slowly like but surely get together so we we catching up we catching back up and stuff like that um but today we about to go oh my god I'm not I'm not doing all my chores in here man cuz I'm not changing on batteries anyway but I gotta go do today cuz this is the wind what I gotta go do today is get I got to get two new tires on the car I want to change the air filter um honestly I'm not doing too much I was gonna give the new brakes I was gonna get ten in Windows but I'm not doing that until this car light there because I'm getting a new car for sure for sure getting a new car but sure getting a new whip when we move and stuff like that there's a lot of stuff coming y'all a lot of stuff but anyways like I said you're gonna go running hairs and it's kind of like a topic that I want to talk about what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna shed some light on because y'all keep asking I'm gonna be one honey I'm a topic I'm not holding nothing back I'm saying what I gotta say we stand what we got to say and we don't know I'm saying we're gonna the truth it's about to come out because I'm tired of y'all keep accent so the truth is about to come out y'all y'all just want to know y'all want to know so I'm not mad at all for not I'm not mad at often wanted to know what's going that smack the lightbox man to comment subscribe and turn off all notification finical Ronnie's answer a fashion show come with it

oh so you don't think so you still taking her side no I'm not taking her side I just you know I just was listening to what she had to say and I listened to both of y'all what would be both had to say but I'm just saying so so you talked to her and she told you what she said yeah well nobody sad no I'm not oh nobody said I'm just I love you both I'm not only nobody sad whatever you choose to do is on you how can do you say yes I'm staying out of it I don't know how you gonna resolve it manages well your flag on your mouth oh no I'm finna go here head over here I'll call you later on and I'll talk to you more about it well I'm gonna just keep you out of it and stuff like that I don't even go I know I do I got you

after day that long talk with jazz mom I feel like I feel like I should get my sister another call and try to get like a clear reason till why she even would say some stuff like that I feel like that yeah so I feel like I'm a try to call her again because she did not she didn't pick up she didn't pick up the last time so I'm gonna see why you know [Music]

I like like to see like would you just like would you just like going through some stuff yesterday or like actually if I actually feel like you know sugar sold another day I told her I don't think she do this Bobby I think you need to do is that's pretty though alright we're dancing right here and she went she wanted to talk to you like she wanted she just had she just had a few things to say you know you see like you don't like me cuz of videos like yeah I feel like you ain't three my brother like you a know like you know a material like but and I treat him good like you just don't sit on home videos but like off karamatsu them good oh okay so I feel like you get treated robear like he he just putting on a front but they can you think he's my room my way thank ya happy because I don't know my brother like he you know were like you really happy you know they're like he really heavy thing like he said pulling on front a smile for the camera that's what that's where like you you confusing me yet though I'm um how do you know that I'm not like happy because you claim you know me we grew up we grown up right like now wise you've been me because I'm older you know me younger whoa well yeah you right about that but I feel I know you well enough I mean that's the cool y'all y'all think about what I'm playing does the way I feel that's up y'all which I want to do that's true or not but I mean doesn't never happened but this is some effect that I'm trying to get you and jazz on the same page I don't know maybe y'all could maybe come come over and sit out each other no I was just I was just gonna ask you that - oh just fine I actually like can can I come over and I bring jazz and we have a cordial yeah we can do that maybe I can get an or better use home cuz looks like I'll say I am going off by just what the cameras you know yeah so yeah I feel you will you do there all right that sound better that's not better well I'm uh I'm gonna give you a car back a little later do and we can set that up

she was on some weird stuff though she was has some weird stuff dog basically she don't like me or feel like I'm girlfriend material she probably mother wearing games but this man this I'm not gonna be able to do no sleep bro stressing over this I literally stay up the whole night yesterday I didn't come back in the house to 6:00 in the morning kinda say just feel like you shouldn't care it's not between us it's not about you and me because you shouldn't care like basically she just said she just said like don't you know break up or anything just cause how she feels how she's feeling here but it's she mixing it up like that it's weird because I like yeah I introduced jazz to all of my sellers every last one every she bought with everybody but soon as our car and when I come over she want to talk she's you know like judges well maybe it'd be a different difference when we're like in person because she just baked she's me she just based basing like that type of stuff on like video so maybe if she was seeing a person and we actually like talk or whatever then she'll probably change her mind but at the end of the day if she's still for the same way hell I came to another body which as mom said I feel like I'm in between but I know man dies a solid we not breaking up over nothing no none of this type of petty we're not breaking up because of that you femi it's just my sister is just acting totally different I don't know what's going on but I'm gonna definitely get to the bottom of it you be like like back to but like I do because what he do on you know video I just don't think that maybe right like how you gonna say that I don't treat your brother right don't know you don't know have a conversation and I'm saying everything go good but from that point on I'm not I'm not gonna even recording her house I'm not gonna record any of that because I don't know how she feel about it I will turn the camera back on afterwards to tell you how it went hopefully it goes good because I don't know because the way she talking I never heard her talk like this like I said we grew up and I we really haven't been talking like that we grew up though and we're growing and we're dogs and so I don't know what she feeling I don't know what's wrong my family is so dysfunctional yeah because you have my family and we're like you know closest that's why yeah that's why I'm so close with we jazz family you know cuz I like the whole bond is just so yes they walk with me with open arms to Cameron and does so we don't wrap this up y'all because the camera is like relief in the dial really want to talk some words yeah so uh continue to pray for I love y'all thanks for all the support if you want to stay

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