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[Music] hi today is Monday happen uh fancy last night over now for this guy some ol bear I know I think I went to him around 203 cigarettes I know that Dominick is in Japan you know friends last night Aden addition to be Tommy's double bed and to join us at my single bed and late session again since ago remember 11 and my work sugar is smaller than late-night and an investment cool as my date additional job but we were out and I think she left for Nam at work or one Kasim I worked sure I started at five I am seeing guys last night we had a good times well thank you so much anima do methane and thank you Superman I'd be kinda monkeys flowers thank you thank you so much to the girl we're so grateful and blessed Nidoran now let me go by you're saying you bind it up went on I meant I saw something at the end a of a moment but ABC still demanding in Aqaba or with a family cuz it's under guys kaha poured and Nikki badass a church because like everyone I will be focusing and when I wanna give part of George de Parfum are bendable seeing I thank you so much to the customer do my thing and he has our now my mix locally again in the future community over and and joram so happy as well take this back yeah let me apart also focus if art is done is talking to tonight surah Mohammed Atta keeps Ricardo asleep America's boknam 22 order to eat eat oh no you do that and then get into our zone Parliament for millennia think I'm sorry no new glarus everything as you saw me a little funny guys oh you know thank you so much and I because I thank you thank you I'm sure is so cute simply unicorn flowers and her mom thank you look at me miss my bus oh thank you that lucky can you grab Nami yeah so at the young streets non hotel

- wake up be all mine kappa travellingross nine minutes because she's I mean I know the Sun come on Laguna similarweb than my yo [Music] glorietta its massive you're talking like a happen guys be lucky


[Music] I'm hitting white-coated spies oh yeah thank you very much John seeing it go by and it's going we're going to eat bananas and I saw em Dietl there's no management syringes at American Juliet she likes the same brand

don't make a minute mister

yeah they have hot dog then totally hot dog v1

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

at the Bangu frame place man

Raymond and whose brain

we're getting a new string that's the yellow main driver games also getting the mango grand play yeah this woman it's up to guys to grow it over yeah or try which is and for OB okay as a photo but it is Macar they put the cheese McConnell did my phone look I know McConnell but you name it McLaren of macaca yoga man

I thought you bought your bow [Music] thank you thank you

[Music] painter but

[Music] [Applause] [Music] look at the fat kitchen it's a great name bedbug

I didn't think they thought about the name before they created the restaurant that fat kitchen just the name

be ok Cosmetics I'm gonna get some makeup for myself

[Music] [Applause]

well since I know


[Music] [Applause] public meaning through the poem a llama train might rain today my brain mr. Mallinson Anglophone a strawberry Dean oh my garlic yeah after enduring among after between Pavo guys until later pal the documents and I quote serious and my SM as a department store three more t-shirts nila yung I think this is $300 Alice I'm sorry 20 passes huh so that's extra-large the last one was large guy so this one's a college now yeah that looks better yeah you got more room in that one a nice one guys there's no homonymous there take it on oh yeah

Joran Procrit wine authorities own well the government's american market village or a nine banana us a mainly summer fruit [Music] they come on up to Dora Dora and doors are no good publisher think of me this woman showed up to Jordan there


me let me be sure to stop you drink up and tonight guys better deliver goods to be a very very human a cake for us like

you gonna pay me for young guys gonna win Locka right Oh tapas I know caldereta him Papa little mr. negaal there

right here bucum goat oh yes I see what it's like yeah mister peres he got on there

the retina lamasery grab a miserable death o Muhammad Allah have to say










see you soon

and if you walk around the listener deep over be revenge against creativity I do [Music]

even Anderson they were sick we look I'm a Jamaican Hollister Hamidah Thomas my elevator the quintanilla grabs on so yeah thank you so much at the Irish and Libya Tunisia thank you so much the food time yeah guys please call me away and I know we don't like a baby games like ocarina [Music] against the front anyone Yahoo Nicole hi guys you brought me some hotel I know go on abundance and games Japan I'm on a new stuff guys blocking toilet Nami circle and I mean II and block we need to get him to and block the toilet Cassini my collage cocoon Anna no toilet paper you only know polish time to go to Gaza muffins for me to to dorrance connector to Australia will Academy you know the papers wrong start game Chuck supposedly I want to make pairen-sama Matt insell aluminum hotels there are some other kissing now acoustic Anya so be careful and manga vomiting in a geyser of course chocolate the begin filter would say silly see man and then big ambushed an iguana but I make assumption

now our guys I'm going to burn our office on my homeless for the camp alone not food any better guys can say I went to Kunsan the kupuna impaired epidemic Eighth Amendment us and I'm homeless so II thought I saw that long chocolates video for my new home yeah starport banana and co-op are amento such opposition amicus so is it coming back here the gun so in telling a mini mini Peyton Avenue annoying stuff with the salt delicacy it fixes on you mono you probably love no question provided and finial exhaust wash accordance and my be okay and we have on my lipstick thank you so much at the I'm sure thank you thank you like because they you welcomed us behind your toaster coffee thank you so coffee cocoa brown thank you so much it guys the best see that I grab a I know I'm so grown by the Naboo and in total kilojoule yet taboo um thanks thank you so much

[Music] if I Know Nothings decree about outpost and robot is mr. Michael Buble opponent to be Canadian semi l-azim Islam to be much more open so funny about simulation to weeks imagine because together and I mean you are no amount of protons

one of you okay nobody can be and I've been getting up really good and I mean you

[Music] Ossipon on my initial Panama socket sovereign mental problem bottom person initially silat apparently questioning Seguros it means thank you new population more money to burn because veto

we're gonna get up on a homeless Indian hope you begin to tsunamis are para means Africa Morocco okay well I'm gonna say

Hanina billion to Vegas a fundamental Philippines question to pay cash if a guy that was a - miss - miss Pena

nobody does a Philippine special have to be strong back now Hey

yeah we get some fruit to the homeless person get some water and yes and try not to think about but I guess if every person just give something we don't you know it helps you know if if a million people gain one peso each that'll do you know million pesos so if you've got a little bit extra just give them some the best sides or you know many pesticides you know keep them up give them a banana as an example so free bread and all you can do is pray another curse the right cause yeah so yeah guys thanks again for watching don't you guys and it's not a late-night process 2:30 thank you so much because I mean he wasn't there and then when they got back we saw him [Music] we both water and became chocolates and then the other is happening service yeah at least is happy for 14 for a day yeah we'll see you see you tomorrow




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