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real quick before this video starts although I guess technically it's already started before we get into the meat of the video I just wanted to announce that I'll be hitting level 42 day as you're watching this video today 5:00 p.m. Pacific time I'm going to be live-streaming I'll be down at the pike so if you want to watch the live stream 5:00 p.m. Pacific time if you want to be there in person I'll be at the Lighthouse see you there there's a raid battle about to start near me it is raining in game it's it's actually a little bit rainy so I'm on my way down to that egg right there that's some YouTube not everyone can see that one but here's the deal oh there's snowy cast forms out right now snowy cast forms shouldn't spawn when it's raining I know snowy Castform spawns in the fog so maybe it was foggy 20 minutes ago before the weather changed but that also probably means that by the time I'm done with my mutti raid all the snowy forms will have D spawned it's the last cast for my need also I'm not catching anything because I want this meet you to be my seven-day street lot of XP [Music] it's time EXR aids happening I'm for once remembering a lucky egg look at all these Pokemon its specifically lotad that I really need to catch star peace sure why not I can spin polka stops at least I ran out of pokeballs yesterday grinding just catching pokémon and I was using ultra balls on like 12 CP Zigzagoon 35 seconds on the egg cool i'll start a private guru Butterfree meow Snorlax [Music] I promise you I'd relax




well I'm not gonna blame this one on jet lag this was just lack of preparation

memory card filled up I didn't even shoot yesterday I don't know how that happened I think there's something wrong with it but I've taken my AR pictures I'm starting to like have quick flashbacks to that time when I took a bunch of pictures of Kyogre and then when I actually tried to catch it my game glitched out and I lost it I'm not gonna think about it this is 2261 a maid - hi 90% mu - also my screens wet which oh that was the attack could play thank you to play a dangerous role here

excellent curveball golden raspberry too every mewtwo so okay we don't have to count the first one but to Mewtwo's seven-day streak pokemon caught first catch streak bonus excellent throw curveball Burks throw that was a 50,000 XP you to experience HP defense dang it of course it's not fifteen attack which means I don't feel as bad not maxing this one out my original Mewtwo the Japanese controversy mu 2 is 15 attack its 87% the new Mewtwo 2261 96% it's a 96% Mewtwo but it's missing that 15 attack alright there it is you to number three in my collection just as my egg was about to run out so that should tell you something about how long I was actually taking a are pictures six seconds left on the egg it's raining I'm gonna catch some lotad hopefully get enough for Ludicolo out of this little light drizzle breakfast maybe a nap and then raids we're rating today real quick 3.85 into level 40 and and can I get in I'm not a probably just not gonna film this because you've seen me rate rayquaza plenty of times but I'll check in if anything good spawns and well for the end total 3.85 it's like the home stretch I can't slow down now seeks out as they do okay I'm home after it really wasn't that long of a day of raiding um but we definitely got some solid raids in nothing was really that interesting the best thing I found was in 1995 which is the lowest possible Rayquaza it's not a hundo but I got the other one you good here oh I'm windshield wipers are on it's the other one I don't want to waste everyone's time it's crunch time 641 we got a little less than an hour of raids left just throw these balls quick

yeah no my unfortunately it got away from me so the last thing I want to do is I've been holding on to a lot of pokedex evolutions for Gen 3 um I put a poll up on Twitter a while back and you guys voted overwhelmingly for me to do this in videos and not on live streams so this will probably be one of the last times where my pokedex entry evolutions are actually going to count towards leveling up because 40 is coming very soon so I'm going to evolve all the Pokemon that I don't have yet in jan 3 you ready for this we're just gonna sit here and talk you know what why don't I even do this quick Q&A ask me anything I'm gonna watch the replies and we're gonna evolve some Pokemon I'm gonna evolve the 15 attack level 30 Torchic and I do have a lucky egg on I made sure I haven't been forgetting too much during this grind session so what we want on Blaziken is a counter and Focus Blast it's it's best fighting-type move set and it's more useful than its fire type moves set so this will be a new fighting type for me to potentially use in raids in gym battles especially fighting is going to become very useful against the three Reggie's the the Golem legendary trio Reggie rock Reggie steel Reggie ice regice I just I'm just gonna keep saying Reggie ice so that it fits the theme so counter close-combat is what we're looking for and it's neither of those but I have like 35 charge TM stacked up so not a problem there next up Mudkip all the way - Swampert on Swampert we're looking for a water type moveset water gun surf there's a lot better options in Swampert though as a water type attacker okay here's a question a good question from Rain Man what do I do now that I'm level 40 what's your plan when you hit it I feel empty well since I'll be hitting level 40 very soon probably within a few hours of you watching this video um my my plan is nothing changes much shut earthquake that's the best ground type moveset so I guess that's something yeah my lotad I'm just gonna evolve the biggest one it was raining all day today so I managed to catch a couple more but as far as hitting level 40 nothing changes for me XP has never been a priority level has never been a priority like I said recently the main reason I'm rushing to hit 40 now is because I have these cool level 40 pins and stuff that people have given me and then of course like hanging out with Brandon tan and then the level 40 Club recently it's kind of inspired me to just grind a little bit more in the game just to finally hit 40 it's the last like real milestone in the game so I might as well do it but again it's it's not that important to me so nothing changes my priority my goal with Pokemon go has always been to travel to experience new things to meet people and regardless of what level I am I can always do that so if you're feeling empty now that you're 40 shift your focus don't worry so much about your numbers start making friends in the community because when it comes down to it the community is what's gonna keep this game alive in the long run Wingull Wingull - pelipper not a met irrelevant pokemon at all but one that I'm actually kind of excited about I never liked it before but as a pelicans fan do I have a hat I don't have a hat pelicans fan I'm happy to have a pelican Pokemon on my roster and in my pokedex ooh rolls okay so this is my hundred-percent Ralts it's a male hundred percent and it's the one that I caught with the go Plus back in Singapore I'm not evolving this one yet I'm holding it for Gen 4 because in Gen 4 a male Ralts can evolve to gallied so I'm have a hundred percent male I'll just evolve the you know decent I think this is like a 90 something maybe 80 something Gardevoir coming in hot question from all in what's the next show you're going to music wise I'm actually gonna go see lane eight tonight after I finish recording this okay caerulea in the decks and Gardevoir finally Gardevoir is actually a relevant pokemon in the meta game Gardevoir is gonna be the best fairy type attacker it's a decent counter to a lot of the dragon types - dragon ID - to Rayquaza now unfortunately there's still no fairy type quick move so dazzling gleam has a charge move and then confusion as a quick move but if you want to deal fairy type damage for whatever reason Gardevoir is the way to go next up is my guy Brandon tan this is the hundred-percent slakoth that I caught with Brandon tan I'm just gonna evolve it I'm gonna evolve this one I'm not gonna max it out though I've decided I just want my Mewtwo to be my highest Pokemon I always wanted to hold that top left spot I'm not powering anything up past Museum I just feel like that's the way it should be Brandon 10 the hundred percent slacking coming in yes it was caught with a tracker no I'm not gonna talk about how I feel about that right now you can watch the video where I got this if if you you know want to hear what I think of it and in that video I probably did say I might not even evolve it but you know what I evolved it it reminds me of a fun time with my friend in Singapore and that's all it is to me I'm not maxing it out I actually don't have Exploud and it's not a useful Pokemon by any means so why don't I evolve bent the knee Tim the Loudred that I caught with Ben Tim in Wisconsin here's another Pokemon that reminds me of a fun time with a friend you know I've never been one to like buy souvenirs but having Pokemon that remind me of trips that I've taken is a really cool way to kind of have a souvenir without taking up physical space because I have enough stuff in the apartment already do I have enough candies 395 all right 1 2 3 4 5 400 candies wailmer making its way into the Pokedex excuse me Wailord making its way into the Pokedex where's another question okay Wailord yeah i'm scrolling through questions here i'm just gonna you know what just answer him quickly do you have plans to come to India for torkoal yes I feel like I can't say this enough I have plans to go to everywhere I mean I don't have plans right now but I would like to go everywhere so every time someone asks are you gonna come here the answer is eventually I might be 60 70 80 years old by the time I get there but I would like to see everything eventually this is the trap inch I'm evolving it's 15 attack by Bravo trap inch by Brava Flygon are some of my favorite Pokemon and I really mean that in Gentry unfortunately it's not great Flygon but it does get some decent potential moves so let's see what I can end up with here what is your favorite place that you've traveled to play pokemon go thus far it is it's Japan I'm going back to Japan for the third time this month so it's somewhere I've always wanted to visit and having actually finally gone it's somewhere that I want to continue going Plus like if Pokemon is embedded in the Japanese culture so the game will never die in Japan it's another good reason to go Pikachu outbreak by the way the second week of August pretty much all the youtubers are gonna be there you're invited to come hang out with us Pikachu outbreak Yokohama this summer we're all going alright mud shot earthquake great ground-type moveset best possible ground type move set what I actually kind of want out of this though was the dragon-type moves set dragon tail dragon claw Cacnea getting evolved over to cacturne do you think it's time for mythical Pokemon good question is it really I mean the answer is yes it's time for mythical Pokemon again I think they'll probably come through the quest system that we saw teased in one of the recent updates apk minds when is that actually gonna come to the game I don't know got a four oh wait this is a 98% swablu gonna be my pokedex Altaria you know I would have liked to hold off until I got a shiny but with my luck it's not gonna happen I've caught one shiny pokemon outside of an event one okay new pokemon in the pokédex oh yes I'm excited for this one Corphish and crawdaunt again some of my favorite Pokemon and Gen 3 I can't even say it anymore like I can't say it seriously but it's true I like these Pokemon a lot and the question I'd like to answer is what shiny variant of any generation is your favorite or most aesthetically pleasing what do you think will be next after Bulbasaur the answer is actually the same Charizard I think has one of the best shiny variants of any Pokemon if you haven't seen shiny Charizard it looks like this it's beautiful right I think that shiny pokemon this shiny Charizard is like the epitome of what a shiny pokemon should be it should be dramatically different than the original color scheme and way cooler like way more appealing so shiny Charizard and I think Charmander will be the next community day after Bulbasaur I'm expecting Bulbasaur Charmander squirtle in order we'll probably get the three gen one starters the three cantos starters as the next three community days so my guess is shiny Charmander or Charmander community day and then beautiful shiny Charizard soon there's cradle II we'll follow that up with armaldo decided where to go for Community Day yet speaking of community day I haven't I've been more focused on reaching level 40 so community 8 Kip Community Day plans coming soon I promise oh okay only two left only two left and these are the most exciting ones I was gonna wait until after the event just in case I ended up hatching a better Bagon or beldam but in all honesty I haven't seen a single one from any of my eggs that I've hatched so far during the event and I want these pokedex evolutions to count towards level 40 so this my best Bagon at the moment I'm involving it to my first salamence and again back to Community Day my flight for Japan leaves March 27th that's like two days after Community Day so essentially I'm probably not gonna go that far for Community Day chances are I still I don't have enough candy why did I not realize that the Belton is 87 percent it's a 12 attack 87 percent beldum all right you know what I take it back I am gonna wait until the end of the event hopefully I can get at least a 15 attack beldam I'm okay with 87% if it's 15 attack but you know what I'm impatient I want it I'm gonna evolve not a very good beldam I mean it's fine its 87 percent and honestly IVs don't make a huge difference but I'm doing it I just I want it for the thumbnail if I'm being completely honest I'm impatient and I want it for the thumbnail so there's matang which looks strange but this is the big one this is the big one Metagross is one of the best Gen 3 Pokemon Metagross salamence Gardevoir they're up there some of the biggest new additions non legendary additions from gen 3 best steel-type attacker I'm pretty sure bullet punch flash cannon is what you want on a Metagross as an attacker I'm just gonna power up once just just for fun I'm sorry I've wanted this aliments for the thumbnail too but I guess I need to change my buddy we're gonna make bladed dream the future Salamence my buddy so I can get those last few candies that I need to everyone who bet on mystic 7 I'm sorry it's happening see you then oh yeah I totally forgot that I could just do this almost 300 bear candies and that's after dumping a few hundred into Groudon and Kyogre so here we go for the thumbnail pokedex I don't have an egg on you I remembered for the sake of the thumbnail pokedex salamence entering the Pokedex with the lucky egg on and the best moves for this or dragon tail Draco meteor Salamence gets Draco meteor which will make it an interest in comparison to Draco meteor Dragonite it's also 12:30 in the afternoon and I just woke up by the way fire Fang hydro pump interesting set there perfectly mm CP and the last of the evolutions that I need for Gen 3 Oh plate all how did I miss this Wow ending it with something less much less exciting than salamence pokedex claydol sorry Salamence sorry to steal the spotlight for me but I mean at least I'm getting a little bit more out of the egg now just put some lures on and catch some stuff while I edit now so let me just go back through here see what's missing nincada Ninjask Shedinja torkoal obviously after grumpig spin de another sort of special Pokemon in that every single one looks unique that's the only way it's special kecleon a special pokemon that relies a lot on its ability color change after dusclops Tropius region exclusive ah why not why not I still need to hatch these eggs have not been good to me then we have Clamperl huntail gorebyss Clamperl needs evolution items to evolve into hunt tailor gorebyss relicanth region exclusive and then legendaries i moved so quickly at the end there but I mean the truth is I was just sort of artificially holding myself back the goal now is to get better versions of everything 4.83 I gotta edit I gotta go

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