Deepak Chopra and Friends Meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

by: Dalai Lama

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[Music] please welcome although we met like a few times before not this is my home almost now last 60s so my special sort of greetings and welcome to my home and we are spiritual brothers sisters today's world in spite highly developed development highly developed material but still we are facing I usually call some kind of emotional problems obviously many problem some you see due to the global warming that beyond our control but then any problem including killing which weapon don't be born without weapon but mother's milk so these all I think we too much sorrow emphasis on material value not much pay attention about our basic human value that's the human love human compassion oh so so a lot of problem which we are facing humanity facing is actually our own creation some scientists say basic human nature is more compassionate and this physical since we are social animal so this physical more compassionate mind very good for our physical health constant anger constant fear hatred is actually eating our immune system so we too much emphasis material value not much pay attention about our inner value then with too much emphasis on we and they even religions also use division V and D and Italy and Gaza nationality oh my country our country young child they do not did no bother what religious faith what nationality so long with smile play together consider that's important we become older and then they smile not sufficient we have to know what's their faith what's their nationality and then furthermore before I make friendship and what I would get benefit mainly Manomet so that's the the source of problem basically we are compassionate social animal nobody wants suffering yet lot of suffering our own creation I usually do telling people now I believe Moscow they many problem which we too much emphasis differences that's a secondary level basic level the same human being so all those problem which created by too much emphasis on 70 level of differences now the only remedies we go we must be caught deeper level we are same human being different religion different nationality is secondly not much important so you know as a spiritual leader or spiritual teacher there good now we have the sort of responsibility besides your own different religion all the essence of spirituality is a hotness that's important after last meeting in New Jersey we've been looking at it's very obvious that 95% of all chronic inflammation in the body which is connected to heart disease autoimmune illness cancer and even Alzheimer's there's inflammation in the body inflammation in the brain inflammation in the minutes and when people practice meditation mindfulness awareness when people are practicing with at whatever yes meditation mindfulness the inflammation in the body comes down and with compassion love kindness joy equanimity information comes down so what your were saying about being warm here and having empathy and compassion and love and joy and equanimity the divine emotions actually heals the body ninety-five percent of chronic illness is not due to gene mutations only five percent is due to gene mutations the rest is linked to inflammation in the body so so I appreciate all your work and each individual we are part of this seven billion human being so we are saying a different name Cossack I mean rasa DeVoe Cobra one individual but deeper they here I just say me maybe I'm and some people usually say she's holding this dog actually all mentally emotionally physically they are same they are part of the seven billion human being since we are part of the human being of social animal so we each individual can make some contribution for better humanity happier humanity at least I didn't now distant the first-century should not be like a 20th century 20th century too much killing and those brilliant scientist is it a wonderful brain is he use making weapon how did human being including nuclear weapon and according some historian they say intended century about two hundred mils of people killed through violence if that amount of violence really create better world just not kiss I feel our still pockets pockets some killing these are faces of old rooted centuries of the habit whenever some problem they always think weapon how to solve this by a force this old thing I believe and also I tell you people now the distant the first century should be center of dialogue so long we should me being there smart Brenda some different ideas different interest or Wistia actually I think we human being smile is common but since our brain is so sophisticated this smile also you see we can divide sketches casting smile or artificial smile or develop made you smile some Chinese always smile big soil but artificial the religious smiled so since since our brain is so sophisticated so I think the child smile changes smile they like like me no it did it see years old you see sometimes you see artificial smiles so I think our brain our education sometimes I think creates some kind of artificial Oh life that's not good now due to the first century and differences come consider them as the human brother sisters and try to solve the problem to die off so this 21st century should be century of dialogue like that so I have the three commitments number one commitment as human being and try to share how to become happy individual happiness not not depend on drug or alcohol or money but feed we have thinking this is ultimate source of happiness joy for this and also not necessarily based on just believe with how to believe just think a human brain properly on the basis of scientific fighting not necessarily pray to God or pray to Buddha in this respect but I think why twice he mentioned Buddha you see cannot remove the human beings suffering by his head that Buddha no put the cannot wash the negative emotion of human being or scented be no you see he give us his own inner peace know nothing only thing is she sure some method how to bring inner peace according his own experiences that's good but then as a human being not as a god of course the theory of religion everything in God's hand that also good or the main message of God is love the definition definition of God itself infinitive now a wonderful according sort of television God is creator so our creator as our Father infinite Allah so we all children of that God so we all brought our sisters and our God infinite Allah so we children of that kind of God so we should be more compassionate brother sisters wonderful include you some Buddhist sort of deities the Hindu deities some are wrathful one time I bet one Japanese oh who visited Tibet and she's seeing many temples then he came here she asked me why Buddha's teaching is compassion in Tibet many temper particularly little bit dark temper some harmful date is there there's a one occasion he lost his sleep because of fear so some including some Buddhist deities are quite wrathful oh so these are some different purpose it is okay but basically all religion teaches love forgiveness tolerance and then today I think among seven people human being about 1 billion non-believer these are also human brother sisters whether they accept or not they're actually the children of God so they also you see need human love so according in our Indian tradition secular individual but a believer or non-believer or this religion or that religion but all should be more warm hearted person more compassionate person over 3,000 years in this country the teaching or practice of Karuna compassion at with that non-violence by himself over 3,000 years so these ancient Indians of tradition Indian thought non-violence and infinite love these two things or that also is circularly disregard for a no differences individual believer or non-believer believe this or that reveal all same few maybe we all need non-white practice of non-violence in water to carry non-violence or sincerely compassion respect okay anyone have any questions they can pass the microphone question and argument I'm gonna bust hi thank you your holiness so grateful to be here with you and your loving presence my wife to my left started crying when you came into the room with joy my my question is how does one find their own Dharma I think like medicine we cannot say pick up one medicine and say this is best medicine you can't say judging the patient's condition and age then can can say you your case this medicine is best maths so similarly the religion firstly I think as I mentioned earlier one of my commitment is promotion of religious harmony so in order to promote harmony this respect is key factor so with that belief I'll never say Buddhism is best for me Buddhism is best for people he dividual mental disposition different religion is more effective so therefore I think firstly we should read more books more different sort of tradition I feel like not in the master we are 400 I myself we be a student of not in the tradition so these paintings are not little masters oh so they are text they are writing is also testable so we study so there are different philosophy so this good teacher sources they argue or teach certain philosophical views and then another one criticize that the argument this is very good very useful just one source I believe faith faith faith not good then our human brain you see there is real sort of potential to analyze so then just to believe one thing then waste is this blame so look many different things and then analyze by yourself fully utilized human intelligence then you find or distressing and when you find some more convincing more effective your brain particularly your Destructoid emotion then you can say or for me this sort of tradition is best otherwise we cannot say

in holiness all I ever study study study very important I think God creates two eyes two years so that means you see you should look why the way we should you should listen this site just site it's just one year one eye then just this one [Laughter] yes you very grateful for you having us here today my question is is there a leader in the world today who you admire who lives with compassion leads with compassion love tolerance maybe more than one a man or woman that you you see doing what you're talking about today of course the India's Mahatma Gandhiji in modern time although I never met in my dream I met my baggage no it wasn't a son yes oh he I think Colonel educated in England great lawyer but after he returned she practice India's thousand-year world himsa and including his address like ordinary Indian no court suit or tie like that so that I really admire and then India's first president trust in the person really wonderful really wonderful

and then the late Casa Willebrand Rosa the German Shastra I summon a tradition during cold war is a delicate situation she kept some contract with person if it's good this is to broth Nadeau and cassava was a pet and is ready to shoot under such circumstances is is trying to release out that's it good Isaac present leaders I think too much sophisticated yes it's it's such an honor to be in your presence my question for you is how can we stay with an open heart of compassion and forgiveness when we are being wronged when we are being wronged when someone is wronging us

firstly as I mentioned earlier I am Asus I am one of the seven billion human being no differences on that level just human being not in the society better I am Buddhist I am that alone no I'm just human being so this feeling tremendous help I also know we have life or if thinking believe wherever I go Oh whenever I met someone I wanna speak we are saying so immediately teasing teasing teasing them then they also respond so if I too much emphasis I'm the Rama I'm Buddhist I am tippet then you see particularly too much emphasis on then on the world only a $1 Amma so I get then too much emphasis I'm done Rama then does was a treat or basis or create basis of lowliness but I emphasize I'm human being then wherever I go meet people or human brothers sisters

again I think made repeat is that story and I already see that and in your day when I have made some people heavily smile entities in sometimes in teaching if the other side or including police some uniformed police and I smile not smiling and then I do this so in a warm location in Delhi you see early morning before my breakfast I just outside my room and Indian police always there so few police there so I firstly I smoothed firstly this way secondly history

so then I ask them one location I think a teacher them you didn't please I ask them what do you think of my age then they say or 70 60 70 then I told them no I'm no more than few years ago I would eat yes would be so surprised then I show my teeth well good teeth then I show my lip quite red seems use lipstick so then then I you see show them all this please the city of them all smile that's me if I remain I'm Buddhist I'm a holy person in distance no use so we according my own experience you see one is thinking oneness we are same human brother sisters it's very useful for me and similarly wherever I go and talk people I already said talking way our same human being we everybody want happiness to not on something so this condition automatically prevent having what they also like me do not want suffering so on that basis because of the meaningless hunter must respect occasionally some disagreement like Chinese we deliberately is it thinking those some Chinese officials who order suits better I deliberately you see thinking these people as a human being out of their ignorance when they are young not that kind of thing but gradually wrong information they brainwash and then they become like that so instead of anger should feel pity compassion

so basically Manisha assignments earlier very good one compassionate nature because of your social animal individual people's survival depend on the community one individual no matter how powerful just remain one individual cannot Asura cannot consider survive one study my father of course when I become Dalai Lama and I stay in in potala this is my family the government government isn't built some special sort of cause of home so my father quite short temper one one day my father lost temper and scold some of the I mean the servant who use mrs. Irving hmm so next morning yeah all this the concerns of the servant Kasota ran away run away so that morning my family my father mother no breakfast [Laughter] so like that what individual their individual survival entirely depend or the community and now modern time each sort of community or each nation their survival depend or just of the world so the reality and on top of that global warming no big distinction this nation on that continent that's a believer say so oh no time come we have to think oneness of seven billion human being and ready to shake each other helping each other it's all short-term I think if my father the angry face remain more days and then then more days without breakfast then he can't survive so in order to his own interest he have to smile so people usually also irritation will not develop unknown people only those people put those oh and your neighbor so you have to live side by side these people so today due to surface of a small reason you feel angry but think I have to live side by side these people days and years so think that line then no assignments earlier at least artificial smile

yes yes if kindness and compassion are taught to children so is evil so our children inherently good cosa what question she says children are taught compassion but they're also taught violence children so is there evil in the world I think as I already mentioned a hamsa non-violence non-violence just empty word not sufficient according in order to develop non-violent world we have to think seriously cellulitis eventually making weapon I think eventually this should stop not by water but by sea people some guy drew people's movement one passage Casa Rivas president Oh once he should express some kind of limitation or some kind with check weapons selling selling word then eventually nothing happened a few years ago one Nobel laureate meeting in Rome after we heard they some specialist about the nuclear weapon if nuclear weapon use the so called you could have window or something terrible so then I express now it is not sufficient just is he express free nuclear weapon sufficient who must make timetable within 2 years so it's in three years this world should free any nuclear weapon I express that nothing happened I felt I thought you see some some kind of Nobel laureate you see they make some kind of expression within two years three years the world should be free and in nuclear weapon then meantime worldwide some kind of movement to achieve free posada free nuclear nuclear but nothing happened now this year I think in Delhi I'm hoping with sorrow headed by Indian cause a nuclear Mari Indian oceans the world because nobody know what peace oh I know him very well so I think I'm going to discuss with him then then eventually create organize one Nobel laureates meeting Obama

see hints since my first sort of meeting with him we develop some kind of a special feeling and also president Bush jr. wonderful so I don't like formality so when I met President Bush some cookies and then I express Oh which one better so I felt like human be President Clinton I admired by morphology so later I told him also to close friendship feeling in order to develop that take time first meeting more formal second meeting little closer third meeting more closer I told him he smiles not like that immediately we become so close friend and Obama also like that wonderful so one occasion Obama visited Delhi so I especially went there and I met him then I told him you are younger than me so the world peace and the promotion of non-violence so after me you should carry she promised so I think if we have some sort of meeting some Nobel laureate I think Obama actually definitely invite and come at some other Nobel laureate so in any way I think once fail it Rome meeting but I feel we should make effort continuously these things not just solution I want leaders or even in United Nations wonderful but I think public level some movement acting very important and especially India thousand-year-old non-violence concept there so India should make some kind of effort and also religious harmony India I think wonderful all measurable rich tradition together here no problem occasionally some problem that sometimes polishness cliche but basically I think all major world is tradition live discipline this country so respect each other wonderful so India Italy should be more active regarding promotional religious harmony one then promotional himself with that deeply dressed world I am now it for Year award so next ten years I will be more active after ten then ninety four that the world rules

so as individual person no not much time only ten years so my brother sisters please now we should be active to bring happy world peaceful century step by step expression and his holiness again we are honored all of us to be not only in your presence but in your home so thank you for having us my question is how best to help or care for someone who does not want or think that they need to help so how do you best help or care for someone that doesn't think they want or need the help yeah wrong without you I think further speaking it is foolish

if they help earn more artificially then different better but sincerely you see willing to help then I think it needs I will discuss the question of confidence people who spent many years in the community where too much artificial then I think that kind of feeling we got him suspect suspect if someone after us I want to help you than imitation what is his motive she's or her motivation exploiting me like that so in such case time factor is important yesterday more time you sincerely showing your willingness to help ten days and weeks then gradually conviction may develop trust made them long so neat I think both sides more patience okay I feel like that yeah he's hot yeah his holiness thank you my question is that the world today is so materialistic how do we bring compassion to oh too much material lipstick or what yes how do we compare bring compassion within us huh that's my main source of a concern existing education so-called modern education very much oriented the bottom digital value that's a mistake these days I'm expressing the - all physical including our education there even I think the garden level haizen of each hygiene or casas or physical oh no now similarly we should include - of emotion so children say how to take you also to help the body more play more exercise like that and similarly - of emotion when you face some kind of anger fear is how to do how to tackle this emotion not talking about God not talking about next life or these things simply decreased life how to keep peace of mind that's hiding of emotion so then I think as I met him in nature more compassionate there's no scientist say and the one occasion meeting with scientists one scientist you see while he mentioning human nature is more compassionate that he showed one picture so one six month old child the language not yet developed so at that time more nature human nature is much more subtle could index rate was a very fresh through language then something different things come so six-month-old so to death child show one picture on motion picture on cotton to children you see one children was pushing one fall of what and then another children is a happy dead person so Oh so the sense of I see there some sense of carrying each other but more compassionate attitude when that picture shows seeing by that six month old child smiling I also there that meeting and then you see same cotton or the one child you see pushing the ball a word that another child come back when that is this show to that six month old child whose house itself unhappy some expression so the scientists take conclusion basic human nature loves also the compassion the harmonies not negativity and then more important is a constant anger constant sort of fear is actually eating our immune system then our sort of daily experience I think we all knows one day we face some problem and much sort of fear or much anger that night your men ought to get sound sleep oh so I did the day you really lost your sort of peace of mind lot of full of anger then your wife or husband you see because was a bring lunch it seems to you the lunch also very bad I don't want so that's the negative emotion like that so real problem not come from our sight but your one motivation your own for emotion so these things we can teach in school the solo varsity systematic way how to take cuz I cuz I oh hi hi Sanofi emotion I put in the carbon hydrogen of emotion firstly make clear which emotion is not only destroy peace of mind at the moment but also destroy your health and destroy the because of the happiness or friendly atmosphere in the home this we can we can teach then further goes do the ancient Indians or the system about emotion wonderful highly developed over 3,000 years Buddha himself project ro death tradition so sometimes I so maybe too much soda cause prejudice ray guys bias I'm a student of ancient Indian knowledge in eighth century Tibetan Emperor invited they at that time the top from the top most scholars and logical rotation santa rosita from Melinda she thought they Buddhism the Buddhist tradition according Nylander tradition so we very much emphasis on reason through logical approach so we always think and Buddha himself you see mentioned o my follower monks scholars should not accept my teaching out of faith but rather thorough investigation and experiment so these some knowledge of masters this is they reject even with those who own teaching if you accept this Buddhist teaching literally it goes against the reason so we must reject this is quite unique isn't it so many knowledge the Masters you say they make make a distinction both of em teaching this teaching you can accept literally this teaching we cannot accept literally they use reason so now the knowledge of traditions emphasis reason for that very much similar scientific research always research research investigate investigate not just so the acceptance so some Chinese now scholar who follow now who accepted Buddhism some expressed the knowledge the tradition of opposition which we practice is scientific religion it's true always listening to reasoning some contradiction we don't care that so therefore so ancient Indian sort of psychology really very highly developed so therefore since now over 30 years I have serious discussions with modern scientists mainly cosmology and psychology then physics but you could rip controversies Raja Ramana likely I think you know the nuclear physicist once he told me quantum physics in the West something new in this country in India 2600 years ago already developed under physics it's true some of the merchants of masters writing controversies clearly mentioned so oh so therefore they compared a modern psychology there ancient Indian psychology then modern psychology looks like congratulated I really feel so after some discussion with scientists in these four fields in neurobiology and psychology physics and these teams this very room is a few occasion some sub discussions so after I mean at the beginning then when I develop desire some question which scientist I expressed this some Buddhists included some Tibetan scholars did little bit cautious or be careful one American lady who follow Tibetan Buddhism I asked her and she told me be careful science is killing of religion then I reflect Buddhist sorrow advice and also these null endures tradition investigate theory investigation if you find some contradiction Buddhists old word which should be said so then I start discussion with the modern scientist then after more than 30 years experience new learning we learn not so useful information from them and then for them the circle particularly psychology field and condom physics in these fields they learnt lot of information from our position so these days I describe myself half Buddhist monk how scientist holiness when we started this conversation I was telling you about inflammation the word inflammation means to be on fire and you mentioned global warming but war global warming disease in the body is all inflammation and now there's all the evidence that it starts with anger resentment grievances hostility ultimately leading to depression and severe anxiety causes inflammation in the mind in the brain in the immune system in behavior ultimately war and even climate change is connected to inflammatory behavior originally so treatment of disease is going in that direction how to decrease the fire and the body the inflammation in the body and that could be now according to many public health schools in the US and elsewhere anger and inflammation and hostility should be a public health issue public health issue so as I mentioned earlier - emotion then the physical problem seemed some of course external germs or something but many cases because of too much Saros the disturbances in emotions that eventually affect our body and I think now scientists till later part of to the century the scientists say just is he except brain beside brain nothing now later part of 20th century including the famous Casati brain specialist the Richard divison Wisconsin University through some experiment is now they realize beside brain the mind of course when we talk mind the grosser level mind at the awakens time when sensorial experience experiencing this cross a level then dream state the sensory sorrow akanchha sness no longer works but mental level more softness then without dream deep sleep another sort of more subtler consciousness there so some people meditation on Matt Ritter you see some experience this different level of consciousness so when they meditate deeper level it actually affect our brain so now some scientists are already accepted the besides brain there is something which affect our brain so emotion now I think as a part of Kaizen of emotion I think we can include in our school education field how to build healthy body in water particularly those you see because of that for problems which directly linked with emotion and that respect we can teach we can explain and these although the ultimate sources from these are some ancient Indian tradition now today sometimes I joke really dizzy indeed that is you see this physical not engine physical but my mind you we study from childhood all these ancient Indians our knowledge the root test we learn by heart then each word according common see it controlled by this knowledge master each would explain and by dis also then use lot of sort of debate dialectical read debate so we use extensively logical approach so therefore the ancient Indians of knowledge is concerned I think we Tibetan have better then those I think you may be I don't know that the exception or not so you see they I still follow the modern education introduced about Britisher the producer no knowledge about ancient knowledge my cabbages I'm trying to survival or these ancient in technology in modern India this is the in ancient Indian knowledge cattle or mind this world need that consider not as a religion but academic subject subject of or because of the Hydra no physical the health reason and then logical logics very good very useful sharpening our mind I am as a student of ancient Indian poor man not logic so whenever I heard something the image Direction is why how always is this reaction so then further investigation something I heard I never say yes yes yes I never said that why why why just useful so there's the Indian tradition incident it is not modern indentation

so I really I committed I fully committed try to survival of these ancient injury knowledge listen we'll need some of these knowledge so then only India have the ability and opportunity to combine ancient Indian knowledge as a your own tradition then combined with modern education combine these teachings no other country so therefore my latest commitment is tried to survival of these ancient Indian knowledge in modern India so then I think enduring freedom stalker mad monk and his nonviolent subjects travel some people may feel it is signs so witness but eventually you see people realize mad McCandless nonviolent struggle is wonderful so South America the National donor totally sort of follow Matt McCarthy Sato we have got a starter and then modular king also so follow like that so therefore the I think India already made some contribution now furthermore this ancient Indian knowledge survived then I think or strictly secular way nothing to do with religion I think world in India mmm can make some contribution regarding humanity design field so thank you thank you we have some we have some gifts and like to present the state portal so we can get some very special Shivani gifts for you and beats film are Veronica and they'd show them do you have to mention we have a sponsor

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