Magic the Gathering GP Toronto 2018 Round 7

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[Music] hello my friends and welcome to live coverage of GP Toronto coming you away from Canada you're in the booth with Riley Nitin alongside me Eduardo's sad collector once and former King of Canada my friends has joined as modern specialists as well it's been great to have easi inside throughout the weekend and on your screens Craig Wescoe and Bertrand is Joseph power and it looks like we got an interesting one here from Joseph Pierre Alves is up and about yeah I actually beat him in a local of our PDQ a while back oh yeah and he's a Big Al's player he loves playing elves he plays Al's as much as he can and a little factoid about him he loves the miss cuts oh really so we may see some interesting printings coming out of joseph pears deck here whisk oh now ladies and gentlemen I will get you to make sure that you are us seated comfortably and securely lest you don't fall out of your chair when you learn that he is playing a deck full of small white creatures Craig Wesco is on black/white Eldrazi and taxes this is the traditional death and taxes list that has been kicking around modern for quite a while but it is playing some cards like for example excuse me no he's not playing the Eldrazi package no no Wow okay shot shot myself in the foot there we have seen stuff like Eldrazi displacer and thought not saying into the lists of these these black white death and taxes list but not so mr. secretary this time we're on we're on straight to straight-up traditional death and taxes yeah so however the black splash here so so to explain what death and taxes is essentially they tend to be white disruptive next their core is usually for Lyon in arbiter and for ghost quarters so essentially Lin and Arbor are preventing you from searching cards unless you pay Madden and ghost quarter turning into strip line however Craig decided to play the black splash mainly for this card to hide Hollow scholar it's a the to drop disrupts your opponents and really gives you a very strong combo matchup so Court of calling the pick here with the tide holo scholar looks like where scar is also looking to leverage some pretty effective removal as a result of this black splash of course fatal push at an all-time high in modern at the moment it really has changed the the format of fair bid and come bow the console of allocation out of the board in addition to surgical extraction which is only a pseudo black card of course a car that's black in name so Court of calling the pic here with the the title are scaler leaving Joseph pair with a double collected company handed water that's pretty good yeah so essentially Craig Kent one of the best cards against Craig is are those collective come collected companies essentially because they allow Bertrand to pull ahead on cuts they allow him to basically get to creatures in play and Craig's deck is okay are dealing with permanence and play but only so much there's four paths and to fill push but after that it starts getting tough especially small creatures like this are hard for him to deal with pre board and yeah the combination here of reclamation stage plus the series regenerate is going to blind fatal per year oh dear yeah this is rough stuff here for Wescoe who just got completely blown out here that reclamation sage usually against you know in in creature matchups is is not its best but here what a blowout yeah and here you can see the biggest strength of the owls deck essentially Craig had to get rid of the devoted rid it was very dangerous it had provided a lot of mana with a vizier of remedies it provided all of the men mm-hmm every single every single last drop right exactly so but so the elves deck acts as a combi deck however you get any situations where well look at Bertrand's board he has like seven power and he can activate a jury with his Amish mystics so he can get into this kind of creature strategy that like goes in the middle it's like well you know have a board I was gonna attack you for seven ten fifteen get activated Missouri make your life miserable in combat often we see this big combo type of finish to the elves player with things like for example create a hoot behemoth but Joseph here he's just slamming and jamming we're gonna see the activation of this overrun type of fiction Wesco has had enough he scoops up those mismatched basics and all of a sudden we're going to a game - I mean westco's lands ran the full spectrum we had alpha and alpha swamp and I think it was a rivals of exhale sorry an alpha planes and a rivals of excellence for the full gamut of magic but it's not enough here for the white weenie master and he goes down in game number one - Joseph pair let's have a look at the sideboards I mean can you talk in a general sense about what the elves deck is trying to is that a typical match for elves and how does it change post port so essentially this 10 these ten type of matchups tends to favor elves a little bit essentially creature matchups that are a little more engineered to deal with spells rather than creatures you tend to be a little favored because you can get an Azeri if you can get an Azeri and write it to victory just by using its overrun ability not needed to combo you can kind of pull ahead with card like Dwayne's elites xiri renegade leader and just build a slightly better more than your opponent's so this matchup tends to be a very creature based one except that one player has a combo finish okay now what Bertrand is probably gonna want to board in even the mine sense is probably not very good fortune ender no choke no idle on nose so I'm looking here at the free path to exile huh dealing with a threat like restoration angel dealing with tide holo scholar to get back a card so a versatile card that can kind of stop Craig's disruption sweet because all of his disruption suite is basically creatures and that's mainly what we're gonna see I think is those free pops and maybe the scavenging news as a secondary fret is just kind of keep with your plan because your plan is good enough and just add some paths and remove some of the more marginal cards from your deck so probably losing something like a selfless spirit since it's not very good in the face of fatal push I notice that in in Bertran chest hairs list here he's not playing anything like a creative behemoth or anything else like that even though he is playing you know collect those collected company quarter calling all of these other other typical elf spells is this the direction that elves has taken recently have we moved away from from whooping people yeah and basically that's because green Sun zenith doesn't exist so having the court of calling for a behemoth is usually counterproductive since if you did that well your other creatures would be taps it's not great so basically the deck uses is er e much more because is ur E is better in games where you're not winning with the combo and and the combo relies a little more here on devoted druid and Vizier so Anna Zuri is infinite damage already yeah right right because your mana your mana tends to be like 1/2 free or 2 to 4 and then from there infinite so the you at the point where you get infinite mana you might as well get the best wing condition which in this case is okay because that can just pump up the rest of the team completely over the top and take it home for Team rock and roll there so that makes sense from an elves perspective let's have a look at what this like white death and taxes list looks like because again there are different permutations of it I mean initially my first guess when I look at a list like this is that it would be an Eldrazi flavored matchup of decklist but that's not the case is this more normalized direction here is this a spicier one correct played this at the pro tour I believe just this disruption version its it's just the black splash but it's playing very similar to the white version of death and taxes so it has restoration angel it has blade splice or flicker with Flickr which does go in both but blade fighter and restoration angel tend to go in more than mono white versions or the green white versions but again Craig doesn't have that much aborting he's really gonna bored out two of his two Campbell's and there's not much he can bring in the surgical extractions can be good but because he has a lot of Exile effects rather than this card those cards aren't gonna hit the graveyard that much so the surgical Czar kind of stranded in that sense like you would want a surgical something like an Azzurri but it's very hard to get in the grave to actually get it there yeah maybe something like a collected company or so on that sort of line but yeah I don't really say it too heavily ether vial is gonna meet a lentil elves here from Joseph pair yeah yeah well continue sorry but yeah just to kind of summarize the match I think both are pretty much going to stay on their pre-war configuration Craig because he's not planning for the Al's matchup and from birch on side because the Al's matchup I mean your core plan is your best chance against disruption of this nature much better start here for wesco with an early ether vial that's exactly what these lean main creature decks want to do ether number two so we're gonna have to hope that two Wescoe has got some creatures to add to the battlefield now back to Joseph pair perfect start for him also with a mana door play 8 of the so chances are it's very it's very weird for the alles deck to not have a turn one creature and well yeah then I just greens look at this this site were reclamation say is gonna blow up this ether vial Wescoe the apathy hold activation but nothing to put into play I see his hand as couple lands and a restoration angel by the look of things here so Joseph pair on an absolute tear he's doing very well so far yeah the one thing that's interesting is because Craig is playing the black/white version he doesn't have space for one drops the Mona white version sometimes plays free even they expect inspector so to get some value out of violet one but the black white version decides to play a title Oh scholar and doesn't have space for shenanigans blade splices are here I'm gonna splice and dice and make a little golem ski we can find a three-three of course with first strike and a great target for that restoration angel that's in West goes hand yeah yeah and something I felt to mention is that Bertrand is probably gonna board in his second stage there's way too many targets vile oh yeah golems the tide holo scholars yeah there's just so many targets so the reclamation stages are gonna work overtime here so 3 3 column 8 is the battlefield thanks to that blade splicer Wesker is gonna look to continue to leverage that value game that this deck is able to play sometimes the disruption there's a rough development we haven't seen so far not not hugely anyway right and basically cracks planning for next turn is going to be play restoration angel on blade splicer and then hold and hope essentially hope that that is that will be more than enough pressure to make sure that Bertrand can't really go over the top of a normal game plan so yeah here here Wesco is just to deciding to build his board yep so a the ball goes up to 2 and we are going to say that board continue to rebuild as you mentioned there and Joseph pair very suspiciously very suspiciously passing the turn with for mana what could he have could be anything could be anything could be anything could be another boat it could be anything at all probably collect the company however so Wescoe I think he's got ether bar number three in hand yeah and yeah here you see a very key play of somebody that you could see the speed he played this is a player that comes from Quebec plays a lot of modern he knows he knows that that folio was coming down the fret of it so you has to fire this collective company now what or otherwise lose it so six cards off the top was Joseph's pair pair let's see what he can find here but of course yes if that looks like we've got double devoted route if that ether vial activation had resolved and Athaliah did come down then his turn would be a beef whiskey right oh and it was yeah imagine that exactly now now one thing that's interesting is because Bertrand passed the turn you could put him on exactly collected company but not court of collie and the reason for that is that Craig plays linen in arbiters so getting vial to to is too big a risk for a court of calling so if Bertrand was gonna fire cord he would have done it right away so correct knows that it's collecting company and not court of calling and can act accordingly if he had access to more resource than he currently does in comes the three three Joseph's hand up down to 17 here yeah but here the thing is the restoration angel is a pretty quick clock but the golems do get eventually blocked so it's very easy for Ellis to gum up the board and not take too much damage essentially both decks kinda do a very similar thing Craig has a four vial and Bertrand has tons of mana elves so they can operate on very low land counts so Craig decides to play more lands to use field of ruin and ghost quarter and Bertram Tripp decides to play less lands and more mana creatures but both play the full four horizont an appeal a very key land and effect that both of these decks can present code of calling now gonna be a codes key for two I believe this oh so for one it's called for one so the this this is kind of a weird situation if he verbally declared what the court would be for then usually you just have to pay whatever the cost is and you check but if you just went for court without saying a word that's if you're at home and watching this like B always announce what you're doing because it when you verbally announce what you're doing then you're committing to doing that action the whole way so if Bertrand had announced I'm doing a court for two then he has to legally pay for a court yeah so I had to write but if he doesn't announce anything it just tops all his all the mana all the creatures that he wants then he just assumed that he courts for max yep which would be one we're gonna say this is this is I have to say this is a very generous ruling very generous indeed if he's gonna be allowed to to rewind there I've seen this situation before yeah where an ex spell has been put on the stack in the face of Athaliah rewind it was the was the the judge ruling there and this very happily for Joe super means that he does have effectively infinite manner so narrow squeak there for him but all the same that court of calling getting the job done and the Vizier devoted druid combo is online so what this effectively means why can't you wait can you walk us through this this combo here about it sure it's it's you're gonna see the effect very fast so basically devoted druid is a zero to that ad screen my know like elvish mystic or line or elf but you can one of its abilities is you can put a minus one minus one counter on it to untap now vizier says that whenever you would have a minus one minus one counter on a creature well instead you put one less so in this case you put zero so you on basically the text becomes untapped devote a druid top green on top the most impressive thing about this combo is it can't really be responded to once the pieces are in play and the devoted druids are basically are active because you can always Rhian top or reat op as you desire in response right so there's not so the infinite man is unpreventable once the two cards in play so if you ever playing against this combo deck you need to answer the the one-off devoted route but unfortunately craig Wisco was not able to do that in game number two as we see anna's eerie calm down pump up those devoted druids which of course were tapped an untapped a million billion squillion times which will result in a lethal attack therefore joseph pia and craig Wescoe unfortunately drops to five and two is our first match of the cut is concluded that means that Craig Wesker is going to have to go on to that bubble he is at the very edge of the cut now at five and two however but Bertrand Joseph pair we will see him in day number two at what it was we move over now to Yoshihiko Hikawa and oh ma belle don we've got tron vs blue white control a classic good versus evil matchup here eduardo it looks like these guys going to game number two bad guys win in the first game here I'm glad that you clarified this for our viewers it's very important that we define the rules oh you have to you have to walk the viewer through some things you know I assume that everyone around the world knows this sort of thing but we do actually have to cover it in case you know there are new viewers who don't understand the Tron is effectively with the very worst deck in modern but from an evil Prometheus so in any case personally editorializing aside looks like a cow was done very well to get up even game number one against blue eyed control is that the way the matchup usually shakes out here at one I'm going to double-check just the list the thing is that the blue eyed deck can basically use they're spreading seas and feel the ruins to kind of prevent the Tron deck from essentially going online but if you're not presenting a fast clock the Tron that can come up so usually what happens is Game one unless you have a ton of these cards you tend to lose because the Tron that can eventually gets to enough mana to beat you and resolve a car nor in wile e Kawas case he has free blocks the ceaseless hunger yeah yeah yeah he's got a lot going on hungry but hungry hungry hippos in Yoshihiko a car was deck here and I think this is a I think blue eyed controllers in a position where in many cases it can kind of act like a big man a deck in the sense that it goes a lot bigger than many opponents it plays these huge big spells like you know stuff like stinks as revelations or what have you but I'll often oftentimes it's it's tough to go up against the Toronto ponent if you don't have that manner denial plan firing exactly so that's what makes that game once so hard but the game too usually is much better because you get to the side out a lot of your cards for example Omar can board in two ceremonies rejection and recalled the promise sent but maybe not for this matchup but it's an interesting card but like free mana stream enters changes everything I have I just very quickly what it was in by the beard of Zeus why does he have an Emeril the promised end in his in his deck well you know how like a lot of these decks go to time because of the control matchup is he actually tapping 15 lines to put that into play no no this is a emerald D promise then not the a on stone okay good I was the one that drives you insane yes actually waited both in any case no it's the 13 draw no just the 13 drop rather the 15 drop excuse me excuse me but yeah the plan post poured monastry mentor there the best plan though get that surgical extraction on a Tron land with field of ruin and wind yeah straight away of course slam one of them into the bear into the bin and then get rid of them and don't have to worry about it too much in seasons past we've seen sewing salt we see crumble crumble dust all these cards that don't really see a lot of play these days despite Tron being one of the the you know the the biggest baddest decks in the format surgeon extraction has gained a lot of a lot of attention as a way to deal with these more linear all index that rely on you know a single kind of card yes and it and a lot of that is also due to the existence of field of ruin right like now you can actually destroy the land put in the graveyard so it makes the surgical extraction much more likely to essentially hit our online and that was like one of the plans that some of the mid-range black decks had was playing surgical with fall manator mage it was not the best plan but it was the own plan it was it was I it was a flat whose plan iron plant your seed plan therefore G yes indeed speaking of F's we do have Yoshihiko Okawa deeming his opening hand to be an F and therefore will go from Mulligan here looks like I'm a bailed on is happy enough with his hand now again once it's both let's just go over this once again with these players at five and one we are at the cut however these players here are playing to avoid that cut whoever wins this match we will see in day number two the other one gets a second chance second bite at the Apple there as we head into round number eight the final round of magic before we can all go home and get some rest be Yoshi eco okawa is down to five and I am doing my very best to remain as neutral as possible in this situation but please go over go expedition map now opening things for Ikki Kawa yeah and Okawa unnatural Tron unnatural Tron well expedition map +2 trunk pieces that'll do it yes that'll do it right and one of the biggest strengths of Tron is how well in mulligans the fact that you can just have freelance 7 yeah puts you way ahead of the mall again skill out of any deck yeah you just need to draw you know some of the many many redundancy pieces you have and then just one fatty and that can often do it all but a stony silence mean that that map has been tossed into the fire and now at achromatic star also does he doing absolutely nothing here yeah the fact that stony silence shuts down manner abilities makes chromatic star and sphere really cold to it and yeah this this is like Omar pulling extraordinary far ahead yeah this is huge carnage here for Omar belt on with denial on all fronts here in addition to the stony silence which is now just about to be removed we do have a spreading seas so it Cowell was he was looking at the the Mulligan to five unnatural Tron turn 3 but my bailed on has gone down on the tool box pulled out a very big spanner and chucked it straight in the works here right so here Okawa knows that he's gonna natural nature's clean that's noise on that's like a hundred percent and you'll see the spot maybe when you're watching some magic is where one player makes a decision right away and then tanks for the rest it's usually preferable to like think about your whole turn but here he knew he was gonna kill that stony silence and then he was thinking what do I do for the rest of this turn and here he decides to draw a chromatic star because he still needs to Tromp pieces so because he needs to tron pieces you want to keep the map for when you're getting the last piece because otherwise you're blind drawing the last wrong piece well we say the expedition map is a slap death back onto the and away we go and where if we ended up we've ended up at IRS's mine by the local things yeah so here just one piece away but Omar has between feel the ruin and spreading sees many ways to deal with this situation and awesome the problem is start interrupting there the problem is with all of the demand at disruption denial plan this is the classic problem we run into with Blood Moon if you have the way to disrupt your opponents manner and and and destroy their lands or negate them with something like Blood Moon you've got to back it up with pressure you've got to back it up with pressure especially against Ron because they will eventually get to seventh Lance Oh natural and they'll slam that content apply anyway yeah and an e car also running fat nerd seer and frac tusk in the word as additional threats so that point is very correct what Omar but Omar is prepared he understands that he needs a clock so he has mana stream in turn so mana stream entered the fact that it triggers off any non creature spells means that he can go monastery mentor spreading seas monastry mentor planeswalker and create all these monks it's a fret that the blue eye that actually seems really great in the blue white X because a lot of people brought out a lot of their ways to remove it so post poured you're like okay well here's my mana stream enter all the bolts and fatal pushes come out and all of a sudden yes money monastery mentor can can begin teaching in earnest and I it's a great point that you make the fact that it's you know this tap out version of control that we've talked about it plays and champions and planeswalkers you know young power Manson needs instance and sorceries not so with this little Bordeaux on your screen right now I can't tell you how many decklist I've tried with monastry mentor and mock so called Mishra's bauble oh yeah I haven't found any but it's it's in the works it's floating off in the 8th or somewhere and it wat essentially captain Canada will bring it to you of course when the time is right Eduardo I mean for those of you who aren't familiar with this I mean I don't know why you wouldn't be this guy has been around that the traps for a long time he's captained the English national side the Canadian national side famously last year to a well let's not talk about it no they keep bringing it up but then I keep saying I'll talk about it but right now I think is the in the in first place leading the points for captaincy of the Moon I think next year you've you've been in charge with just about every other team on the so going off world this time Atwater maybe maybe we'll see how things go chromatic spot wasn't there wasn't a car sent into space recently yeah look that's making my man dear Atwater said you like we're looking forward to him captaining Jupiter by the end of the end of the decade at the world magic cup one extremely interesting sequence that while we were laughing about stuff I was like just trying to you know there's a game on the edge of the song yeah excuse me you're trying to remain professional here go on sure um II Kawa has IRS's tower and decided not to actually play it preferring to play the sanctum of googan right now so yeah let's talk about what Omar Belden is doing here because this is very very cute this is very techie here he's just cars cars passed to exile targeting his own monastery Manta this is after having flashed in a snap caster majors at more or less ambush paper after having passed his own monastery mentor he is held part priority and castrum and targeting his own path to excel essentially he is cycled remand for three manner and made two monks in the process right maybe this is my habit it's very rare for me to remand my opponent spells yeah yeah if you've ever played a control mirror in modern you will learn very quickly that remaining your own spells is the core plan to victory yeah it's a huge wyfold especially in the face of opposing cryptic commands right that makes this monastry mentor even better because now you can pump your team up with romance so you can essentially go something like path from and half I just think I wish I could have seen a cow is by turns it into the overrun of course but as he's like path my Mentos ik I was like okay that seems like a fine play you tonight but now a nice little sequence there from home I bailed on very cute as we mentioned not a not a sequence we often see but it certainly got him a bit of value here and he's he's really looking to get some damage in yeah I mean that's that is essentially why that monastery mentors in its it's in there to teach how to deal damage essentially you have to teach the students you know like here you go path from and your own path yep yeah wax on wax off but right now the only thing that is getting done here is an all a mug the ceaseless hunger it's gonna eat up these creatures and Omar bailed on does seem to have a response here is it gonna be a cryptic command most likely blue blue blue white yes that very clear Telegraph there from bailed on but all the same it is a nice clean to fool ooh did ecologist put the sanctum who get back in his hand that would be correct but he did so I believe because Omar went you should have that back oh you can bounce it so he can't sacrifice it exactly too much tick from oma build on teaching us all a thing or two about how things can operate here look at this lethal as long as let's see Omar needs to spells and then it's lethal damage so four little one ones all of them print with prowess as well here relic of progenitors from here cow and as he ships the turn if Belden can stripper can can pull to spells together well see revisions is the perfect white ones that we yeah I'll notice I believe that or more forgot to get all and for what it's worth because you're not used to path to exile in Europe oh yeah no you didn't go in for you failed to find and we're gonna see another path to excel no no it's nap cows damage flashback thee as the serum visions and that is that all over Red Rover some really impressive lines taken from Homer belt on a couple of eyebrows raised of course when he started casting path to excel in his own creatures especially when I felt fine but all the same it got the job done even with and all among the ceaseless hunger being cast right and - you meant to the perfect cardigan sulla Margo ceaseless hunger as long as you can back it up with the counterspell essentially Gulen walk is very good against singular frets and monastry mentor goes wide and I really like this this may be a piece of technology that Modern architects around the world were should pick up on here because I think the monastery mentors sideboard plan is in a great spot especially as people know about blue and control right they know this deck they know how to tussle with it and they know that post board you brought out your bolts you brought out your fatal pushes you brought out your path and all of a sudden when they're beating down with a monastery mental that's uncontested that's sir that's bad right and I was 16 I was extremely impressed with Omar turning his serum visions and path to exiles into lightning bolts in Flint and essentially flame blasts making pomp spells you know yeah overrun the blue/white overrun yeah yeah a little inspired charge type effects for a belt on there no he look he's used the tools I mean look we basically we've just got enemy shed right he's working on a new brew and he's there and he's banging nails into this new brew with a spanner and we're like oh my mate that's not what a spanner is for that's not the way that tool is supposed to be used but I respect your approach and I'm not gonna say anything against it good on you old son he's done very well to equalize here against a Yoshihiko okawa Omar bailed on one and one you're in the booth here with Riley night that's my name and I'm joined by Eduardo surgically it's been a pleasure to have your company throughout the weekend so far here from GP Toronto the format of course is modern it's week number two about three week modern extravaganza last week we enjoyed the exploration of the format at the highest level at Pro Tour rivals of excellent in Bilbao you were playing I was watching and now of course next week we'll be heading over to Olli on for more modern this time out of France me and the rest of the EU coverage team headed up of course by mr. rich Hagen over there on the card viewer munching away through a packet of goldfish by the look of things he's enjoying them immensely oh sorry spa spa this this stream brought to you by edible goldfish as we our MTG goldfish excuse me we've crossed our lines here the sponsorship arrangements all over the shop but in any case my friends what a pleasure it is to have your company as we explore the very best of formats here it's been fantastic Eduardo to just get stuck into this wild-west format it's such a great point in its history yeah I mean I don't know how much we can say that modern is anymore in the Wild West it just seems to be a great exploration territory like you keep you know going out like trying to craft new territory and people keep coming up with new plans new decks I mean you don't even have to change the deck just like having free monastry mentors look at how much it changes the blue I control it look at how much it changes side boarding planning how much they're you know Omar's opponents have to respect it and change their plans like there's so much innovation possible because of how wide the format is and week to week the person that can really redefine I would say like it doesn't have to be a full arc that just redefined site boarding with a popular archetype can really pull ahead and that's what we saw that's what we saw last week we saw innovation at the highest level tuning and tweaking decklists and established strategies I mean you know we didn't really see any huge breakouts last week with any any enormous ly new technology but we saw some very refined deck-building and some tweaking of old archetypes that that really turned a lot of heads but right now it's all about the match on your screen Yoshihiko Hikawa and omar bailed on tron vs blue eyed control well ever since we crawled out of the the the protozoic use and began to throw rocks at each other this is an a there's a battles old as time Tron versus control and we going to game number three Eduardo yep well actually Tron was printed in 1994 so uh it's uh yeah around the time wrap round about the time that we would vaguely fish-like and growing and growing legs over the same area but yeah II Cowboys already got unnatural Tron or is this tower is this mine expedition map he knows with two of them out he's like other the mines over there power plants there don't know where the tower is this map luckily is gonna get us right over there actually he has the tower in hand so oh he's got unnatural and natural he's got he's got a tall firing on all cylinders here as we see a cow ago searching off for that third Tron piece and bailed on he's going to have to have something special here what is he looking for in order to keep himself ahead of this turn three truant a ceremonious rejection or remand yeah critical cards in this situation interestingly something I just spotted now is that was not playing one room and is kind of a value ish card in the controllers he's playing the full for the full four yes so he's looking at a much more tempo like it's very weird to see the full four in a deck like blue light because you usually want to trade your resources rather than buying time so yeah fought Lots here here up being a really good addition to the tron side boards a very good mid-range fretts disruption plus attacks on a totally different angle and a bit cheaper as well one of those things that if you are being you know if you having spreading cease cars blood moons whatever else it can well maybe not through a Blood Moon but it can come down a bit earlier than in most cases as remand is the play here for Belden who isn't gonna be able to redeploy that thought that's here right and here what's interesting is that even if Belden has a field of ruin or an IRS's mine sorry I feel the ruin or a spreading cease he's going to be tempted to attack the tower but he tower has another tower that he naturally had oh no yes that's gonna be how it goes isn't it right one of the interesting plays against Ron is something that's a bit counterintuitive sometimes it's correct to attack the mind of the power plant rather than the tower and the rationale for that is that Tron usually has to use their mana to dig so if Tower is the last piece they get the maximum and an amount of mana but if mine or power plant is the last piece the only they get - rather than the full free mmm-hmm so it's better sometimes to leave the tower in play and attack the power plant or the mine because then essentially you you are basically removing one mana if you did get there and that might be the difference between them going okay I'll play a map and a star or I'll play an oblivion stone mr. yeah right okay well we have seen a map come down here for Hikawa after he cycled through a couple of chromatic spheres there and this spells trouble for Belden because I mean we know that Okawa has the tower in hand but no matter what axis our belt on attacks on here that map is gonna go and show up whichever weakness belt on chooses to exploit here right on the positive side door for Omar if he attacks one of the Tron pieces at least ikaw Western is kind of semi locked into having to fetch a trump priests while the the lands to just get to mana one mana each right so it's okay to like attack this turn but that normally the hand in the head doesn't imply a very strong position I'm actually having trouble see no more silent but this decision is really tough it seems like he has a cryptic which will be great next turn but right now he has to decide do I want to essentially attack my opponents mannered want to focus on trying hard parity strategy where okay well I can't attack them my opponents mana so I'm just going to try to one for one with their frets until I can dig myself out of the hole and maybe feel every win plus burning C's on the same turn so three men and now four Ouma bailed on he's gone searching with that flooded strand is he gonna do I mean he can't deploy a monastery mental here surely if he has nothing he might just have to like this is usually a sign of I have nothing else well he has nothing he has no one it is Noah in the while here for Omar bailed on as both of his both his flooded strand and monster II mental hit the beam and I don't think there's much he can do here an uncontested all amok he's a hungry boy again he's gonna get stuck in munch on that cheeseburger that is Omar Bell Don's library and finish it off with a milkshake that is of course his life turtle Eduardo it's not looking good no it's not and I can see now that Omaha the choice between field of ruin and the monastry mentor which it's a very difficult decision I think ultimately that turn if you have cryptic command you might have been forced to go for the field of ruin play because you know that next turn you can go for cryptic command so probably the filler ruined play would have been better but it's closer it looks like it looks really bad because Okawa had tower into like the absolute nightmare mm-hmm but Oh mark does need to put pressure so he prolly decided well I'm gonna let one fret resolve and then hopefully be able to pull back from there so here we see bailed on has activated his field of Ronin gone searching for a plane so that's a nice sequence here for him because it not only knocks out one of the tron pieces it also adds white's untapped as well critically to his side of the battlefield maybe there's gonna be a path to exile in there in the future of this this all along but I mean it's it's it's not looking good anyway you slice it here no I think the the interaction card that I saw was the tension sphere which is going to be probably way too slow especially once Okawa does anything else I don't know what else is but Mugen carne you choose like you can pick your poison so 20 cards exiled now to unlock the ceaseless hunger bailed on clinging on for dear life here but it's not looking good for the hero of blue white control around the world and of course all of those dastardly villains who support truant will have they will be cackling and twirling them as stashes in in glee here smoking their bald cats in their volcano supervolcano secret lairs can machines feel very deep there's a very deep stuff here at wada thanks finished nap off they go you can search up a replacement mine by the look of things here yeah just keep getting that piece let's go let's let's go back to eight mana and yeah let's see if that carne hits play the lights are gonna go out very fast yes indeed we had someone referring to this in the chatters as absolute carnage and I would I would agree with that assessment here and a chromatic sphere just to just as a sort of you know a little afterthought there yeah it's just that he Cowell wants to showcase that he's prepared for the match of versus lantern with four main deck eight pieces yeah yeah yes dear modern Dave cats ladies and gentlemen here on the cat with Riley night and Eduardo said like detentions fear taking care of the ceaseless hunger here but I mean he's already eaten his fill yeah and oh wow never Carnot wonderful very very easy so I I guess at this point I would just try to lock the game and Omar that free I guess you could go car and remove white source car and remove detention sphere mmm that seems pretty strong I'll just count all the way up then raced out the game I know an option it is an option but I like to win the games I'm winning already oh you don't you don't want to just rub it in and turn you your opponent to a salty sea dog now there's still another match to do and I think that you know the there's enough pain in the world yeah you know what there is enough pain in the what you're right there is enough pain in the world as we see now thought not so yeah adding to that that's quotient of pain around the world right now yeah so here fun lots see here caught and removed your whites or scar and removed it's not this is just no absolute comic turn it off I can't say there's any more oh my goodness and an extension of the hand from OMA bailed on the writing on the wall for him I mean he's been stead staying there reading it for hours as Yoshihiko okawa does very well indeed to propel himself into day number two of GP Toronto the format is modern of course we've seen Tron versus blue-eyed control we've seen all sorts of other silly nonsense going on the pitch match area and the party don't stop ladies and gentlemen because after this of course coming up round number eight and the final cut as we head towards day two tomorrow right now however Ben Rubin and Matt Hoffman we've already checked in with Ben Rubin earlier on this morning Edoardo he's on the traditional black red Halle one I like that we've already got a non-traditional hallo index in modern he's up against traverse shadow this is the the new way that people are playing the death shadows isn't it yes so it got an extremely good result of the Pro Tour it turned out that adding Mishra's bauble to grease the shadow was good but it wasn't as good as just playing the original version the one that broke Vancouver huh so a year later still in Canada were seen Trevor shadow and it's still being very good to come back full circle yes one very interesting piece of technology that well we're post about cyborg but that matt has mean duck has written the fervent yeah we've seen this in some of the junk lists these days and I mean John isn't at the best best that it's ever been here in modern but this is one of the the sort of interesting year the the more interesting pieces of technology that has been brought to bear by many of these mid-range e-type dicks throughout the last a few weeks I would say in modern over the last couple of months there yeah and Matt is just to kind of add on here Matt is not playing the super spicy version with all the callers he's deciding to splash white filling Green Souls but he's not playing the stubborn denial that some other versions are so he's much closer to an improve new and improved John deck essentially choosing to play only free lingering souls between the 75 so he's much more of a jun deck that plays Steph shadow I had some updates from around the the tournament as well I can tell you the quite a few number of quite a number of people defending that that undefeated record amongst them Jonathan Rossum who we saw earlier and Matthew deals also featured on our on our in our future match area their Daniel Ward as well and Nicholas judge yellow all at X are no records so far yeah I'll I also recognize Maxine orgy who came in the semi-finals of Nationals and is has been on a pretty decent run these days it's doing very well along him alongside him Justin Murphy and Jonathan Zhang amongst a number of other players as well who have got across the line and will be seen a date number to be out beyond a shadow of a doubt but right now both of these players on your screen fighting that day to appearance Ben Rubin playing this hollow one deck that was the talk of the pro to a last week in Bilbao Spain we sort of get all the way to the top eight in the hands over well essentially team Musashi they brought it they brought it to bear and Bilbao and had some pretty good results with it yeah I mean one person in the top top eight I saw Hollow one mirror next to me oh yeah which was a very entertaining match that it was it's throwing cars around like confetti just discarding and randomly and drawing all over the place terminate getting rid of this flame blade adept here for Hoffmann he's on fine under the gun yeah it looks under the gun and then you realize that scavenge e-news gains life and that makes it much more interesting and then you realize that death shadow allows me having a life total and you think oh my goodness me what's he doing but it is enough here for Matt Hoffman to take it home and Ben Rubin and falls down to five and to not out for the count just yet but we will be seeing Matt Hoffman with his traverse shadow list on our tables tomorrow here for day number two of a GP Toronto you're watching the cut key with Riley night and Eduardo sad garlic now Ben Rubin at five and two what's his story looking like full or a fit for the next couple of hours well get a drink get some food refresh and win the next round we're gonna see exactly how that pans out as we head deeper into the cut towards round number eight ladies and gentlemen and we're hoping you're gonna stick with us Eduardo and I'll be back before too much longer but we've got to go to a break right now we'll see you on the other side of it back here for more modern @gp Toronto




[Music] welcome to our city guide the first double event of the year grand prix seattle standard and legacy for this one we got some sweet shots of things that you get to do around the city while you're there let's check them out [Music] welcome to seattle the home imagines the gathering and the home of our first double GP this year in april we heard to give you a look at some of the cool things you can do in town starting with the Space Needle built in 1962 for the World's Fair it is 600 feet tall and it's built to withstand earthquakes massive winds and has 25 lightning rods because of the building this big you really want to be sure before the elevators were installed workers commuted to work in a metal bucket that's absolutely ridiculous the views are amazing you can see all of downtown you can see Matt Rayner and like Elliot Paine everything actually is even what's like kind of a little bit of a foggy day you can still see everything it's actually awesome major part of the Space Needle is that the entire thing is full of the intoxicating smell of caramel popcorn which I gotta had to get a bag I don't even realize I didn't remember doing it I just I was just drawn in by it and I had to get it Oh

come to the world's first-ever Starbucks and try their special Pike Place roast this is Pike Place Market the number one tourist attraction in Seattle so for a hundred years old and it's easily the best place in the state to see a fish get hurled reefing there this is just a stone's throw from the Space Needle as the globe family it's this awesome water show fan that plays music 24 hours a day seven days a week and it's really cool because it's all lit up at night this is the artist playground at the Seattle Center which is kind of just a playground by day but it's also a bunch of musical instruments the swings have wind chimes attached to them there's entire pipe piano kind of thing you can play over there it's actually really cool and at night the whole thing's super quiet the playground is also the only thing on our entire trip that has the coveted Jane Segal of approval you have a good time and this is game works a retro style arcade right next to connection center where you can play a bunch of old style arcade games and win carnival tickets so if you come into town to walk away with a giant plushie snake this is the place to do it when you're in Seattle one of my favorite restaurants to go to is called wild ginger it's not that far from the venue get the seven flavor beef you're welcome this is the Washington State Convention Center which should be pleased to note is right in the middle of the city which means there's tons of food hotels and things to do around here and it's easy to find because of this giant artwork if you're flying into Seattle Tacoma or SeaTac as the locals call it the best way to get to downtown Seattle is of the light link rail straight from the airport be it for standard or for legacy we can't wait to see you at gpcr and welcome back to the tournament floor here at GP Toronto you're in the booth is Riley Knight alongside me of course Eduardo saddle it great to have you along great to have you along my friends it is all party non-stop here in Toronto we are well and truly into the cut here on day number one as we head towards the spiky end of things tomorrow and then we're gonna jump into some time walk magic right here on right now for our viewing pleasure we're gonna get stuck in it between a well a pretty pretty interesting matchup here between some pretty well some plays are in very very different positions in their career here Eduardo tell us a little bit I mean we all know Alexander home are the greatest greatest players on earth - currently tied for the captain Canada race with Pascal Maynard Pro - a champion he's been everywhere he's done at all Jacob Marie heavy you can give us a little insight on his magic career right well number of GPS played 0.25 I mean this is his first season she P and he's 5 and 1 against a pro - a champion that's what happens you have to start somewhere yeah well if this is where this is where Jacob Marie is starting Wow he's in a great spot here as we see this burn deck has unfortunately gone down to Alexander Heyman game number one and Haines is here in a position to tear apart Murray's hand in game number two how do you like the traverse shadow matchup against Byrne it's uh it's a very I guess song-and-dance sort of matchup because the shadow tax would want to lose some life but not too much yeah not all the way this 20 right so def shadow is by far than one of the most important cards and hane is not playing collective brutality which would be oh sorry my apologies there is one in the main deck but he's not playing to that usually most like grace is shadowed listed yeah which would be the best card in this matchup what's usually the way the shadow decks wants a kind of approach against Byrne is they want to run the burn deck out of resources conserve their life total support out the street race and then they want to get a Lilliana of the veil and this is why you still see the fought sees it looks terrible against burn but you're you're getting over a path to exile which would deal with your frets or you can get a burn spell so it only is costing you in effect one life because you really want to run that burn deck out of resources get that Liliana of the veil down and then once they're out of resources get your one two frets and lock the game out a key moment for me in my understanding of how burn matchups play out is is around collective brutality because collective brutality you'd never get a hand on cards right it's always it's a straight up one for one two for two or three for three and I thought well why is that card so much better against burn when you know it's just a straight up trading of cards and I realize that burn decks need a critical mass of cards to do what they want to do and it doesn't matter how you empty their head if you could cast one with nothing against a burn deck you would win because as soon as they are out of cards then they are gonna have a heart really as long as you have a reasonable life total they can have a really hard time getting that Chrissa critical mass of burn burn spells the the best way to picture burn imagine it's a combo deck yeah so burn is great when it needs five of its combo pieces it's okay when they need six and it's terrible when it needs seven plus so when the creatures deal damage burn has a good matchup if they don't you're far behind if the burn deck needs five spells to win that's great if it needs six that's not great if it if they need seven they're in trouble it's basically a combo deck trying to get its pieces so what do you do against combo discard and pressure yeah this is exactly what we've seen here and this is how burn decks lose is by not because it's a great point you make it's a combo deck they want X number of cards that deal between Y three to five points of damage three to six points of damage if they're lucky cards like lightning bolt rift bolt' searing blaze lightning helix skull cracked lava spike' they all do three points that's they all do three points of dome that is that's that's what the deck is designed to do so with the thoughts C's as you mentioned you're gaining a life if you can get rid of something like a lava spike' right and and because the burn debt is basically the torah' shadow deck can only take out so much so they prefer to take out the street race because that's just automatic life loss light while Foxy's at least trades for a resource and Alley you can see Haynes plant he's just taking the burn spell stranding Jacob with those paths to exiles waiting for a Liliana of the Vale to make its appearance or Ranger Ivey offs for two deaf shadows and then went from there because the paths of no targets a Liliana it just goes begone begone begone you have no cards okay now I win and that's it that's the end this is the exact point as long as Alexander Haines is at a reasonable life total running a boon player out of resources is the best way to win the game when they're drawing like a single lightning bolt of turn or like what are they drawing less they're doing like Oh point six point seven of a lightning bolt every turn that is not going to be enough to get a player down from even ten life right and the creatures post sport tend to be invalidated so they become dead draws burn stalls are still great because the shadow deck will still take some damage to slow go a little or but creatures the Traverse shadow decks and of any shadow deck really grips the shadow ask for shadow they tend to have removal spots for the creatures the creatures deal a lot less damage so they become less relevant and at that point you're down to burn spells and this is kind of very old argument or a very old philosophy the philosophy of fire every car you're the average card in your deck should be dealing two damage and then you probably win by sixty shocks my 60 shots still need the cast em so you need those machst rupees as well alright yeah excuse me here is Liliana over the veil and this is gonna be a big turn around here for hane as he is just gonna strip the hand of Jacob Marie stabilized on ten life and hope that well as effectively put Marie to the task where he has to join draw runner runner burn spells to eventually just burn hang down from ten which is not an easy task no Jacob needs four damage burn spells he has the he has three boss turn left since one got discarded earlier and he might abort it in the exquisite fire crafts they're not you just need like burn spells that deal as much damage as possible especially when you're against discard ex here you can see hane essentially pretty happy to just plus Liliana make sure that Jacob loses resources cuz I mean Jacob could protect this pasta eggs all but he's gonna lose everything he draws so and at some point hane could just go like two frets you can path one if you wish so yeah I think Ain here is pretty far ahead since Jacob doesn't have a burn spell in hand and I like how Han identified the way that he wanted to take to win the game and we see cut we I mean people around the world would go what's he doing casting a thought not say what's in his head squash flies and bits of fluff he's casting did thought like thought seize against burn but we're seeing that this is this is the route that Alexander Haines has chosen to taken this pro to a champion is gonna get it done most likely I mean there there is obviously a possibility that he draws literal nothing and Jakob draws literal nothing infinite burns but just like an empty and empty slave off the top it's possible I guess possible like that just falls out of the slave and falls into a deranged that we have at the bottom of which really shouldn't have put the fate of my chair about let's make grinders fair enough but yeah the important thing is 18 will still okay that Street Rafe actually surprises me a lot that it's still in the day yeah because unlike Foxy's that trades for a resource Street Rafe does not it replaces itself so losing to life definitely has a cost it's not free to have a car like Street raping your decks to that a lot it's obvious why has it in it so it can discard its lily out of the vial oh sorry right that makes more sense bracket there we go it's it's also because the way hain design his site where there aren't so many cards you would want against burn so that would be I guess why Street Rafe is there but it's really weird cuz I would probably take out every copy of Street right before I started taking out copies of Fox's and yeah you can see here the Liliana discard plan in full motion continuing up and up she goes here's the second path to exile is cleared from Maurice answer now hey knows the way the path is clear he can start to deploy threats Marie with a single I think it's a boris chime in here yeah the Bostrom actually perfect because the burn deck is at its best in multiples of free and oh yeah the burn the boss charm pudding Hank 2/6 is extremely relevant although that land was terrible yeah this is the thing Mary's in a positions gotta go to use it or lose it here because this Liliana is gonna take care of things and it is a blood-stained Maya idea so Haines now again just has to just play the waiting game if he's got any way to to stabilize his life total a little bit further or just uh just start whacking and cracking well walking and Krakens is gonna be the name of the game there's not much life gained so you better get something on the table and something that kills fast so what are we looking at here I mean a collective brutality put him back up to eight we should be very handy I'm sure but generally speaking he's is gonna look to try to get it done what he wants he wants def shadow Ranger of Eos to harm ago if or traverse the oval wall to get one of those cards that's what is gonna matter the most he needs to get those there's definitely been delirium the games been long right there's creature sorcery land artifact right okay so he's looking for a fret but not having a friend is super-weird because the deck is chock-full of them I mean for going for deaf shadow Ranger and fortress already 14 mm-hmm so it's it's maybe a pretty big pretty lucky that he has not had a threat with all the cycling and digging with mistress baubles and all this so his plant has been firing on all cylinders in the sense that he's stripped Murray away from you know his hand down to zero and what-have-you but he hasn't moved to stage to kill him he hasn't moved to stage two he's done the stage one now is in the stage two which is you know the three question marks and he's hoping to get to profit but he doesn't he's a long way off from it because as you say he does need a threat hence another Mishra's bauble here yeah Miss Rose bobble is great but maybe not the most optimal top deck so and on top of that earlier on he discarded his godly shrine it was the right card at the time it's most likely that he doesn't have a white card in his deck but yeah Ranger of Eos is not a card he can now draw or use apart from what in conjunction to a metamorphose I love that by the way looking at your opponent's library so you know what's going on oh yeah yeah see how worried you should be here Alexander Hein with the Mishra's bauble it's gonna draw the next up key you want to discard a card hey what's in he's handed water I'm trying to see there's definitely a land in Hannes hand so that's why he's sticking up Oh Liliana he's pretty happy with that and it's a helix as well here so hang down to three all of a sudden the Haines plane is about to crash into the ground now if Murray can find another burn spell off the top and Hamer's see what's on the top of the library Oh collective brutality yeah gain to give himself an extra turn yeah it doesn't look that great in this instance the reason collective brutality is so good against Bern is because all the modes are relevant discarding a card you can kill any creature in their deck and you can drain as well like there it was probably at its most mediocre lightning hillocks impression yeah yes it's got up on stage and like coughed and burped into the microphone while trying to do an impression of this of the mighty Ravnica Burnsville yeah it's it's incredible hinges just deciding it is just declining to draw from it's ripping blanks off the top now and we're gonna see an activation of Liliana's ultimate so let's remind ourselves of what this card does separate your target opponents permanence into two piles they select one and it gets sacrificed now and what oh I don't know if you've ever played on a magic online against a a Liliana ultimate clicked on the pile you want to keep and immediately seem that hit the bend I usually don't but that's because I take about a minute to double check what's going on so Marie has just here oh dear mr. Marie he just indicated the three pile and if at this very strictest ruling if you select that Pilate sacrificed Jane is not looking to angle shoot here as he goes down to - Marie off the top what can he find it is her fault a rift bolt' targeting you and alexander hane goes down in dramatic fashion in game number two his plan just didn't come together he was doing such a good job thought season - Liliana that's what he wanted to do never found the threat to close things out actually fought his plan came together just missed something yeah it basically his plan was correct and it was working and he just needed to draw frightened enough so that's what happens well a hain plane hit by a lightning bolt and splashing into the sea there it looks like Murray and Haines examining their opening hands and they're gonna be happy enough to keep what they're working with here Murray Murray continues look at the first rookie cards in his head misters bobble opening the account here for the Canadian superstar so yeah the the timing of Mishra's bauble is kind of interesting so it's pop so Haines is probably going to draw a car because there's no discard in the burn deck he can draw the card right away it was almost I think get that f6 menu one of the cool things you can do with Mishra's bauble if you're playing against an opponent with this card and just want to cycle it is you can psyche you can basically use it on their turn so you draw the card on your next upkeep so essentially they look at one less card yeah so that's kind of a like a nice little interaction with the card but yeah you can see the difference hey hane in the dark would have definitely slammed I got a shrine on top in Game one but getting against a burden it stopped it's always tapped unless you are gonna kill your opponent very quickly it's always tats so Murray now does have a untapped sacred foundry doing the big shuffles here yeah more shuffling than an elephant Mayo video by the look of things and what does he what's he looking what's the perfect plan here is that it is it a goblin guide it's probably a goblin guide or a swiss fear here we go but one thing that shuffling took too long and I'll explain why Jacobs pretty nervous you know for his GP against stronger player but because he took so long to shuffle if I was in Haynes seat I would detect that Murray was looking for something specific and it turned out in rumor he needed a second land so just be careful you know don't let the situation itself lead you into us like giving information of your opponent so Alexander Hein now has used a final push to take out that goblin guard after having received a generous swamp from the top of his library literally he kept the old one land arena yeah and he didn't hit his second land until that goblin guy decided to deliver mm-hmm coming up with the goods now but this idolan of the great reveled does require an immediate answer and hane does have exactly that with another copy of fatal push I doll them down there's a thought says one of the coolest things you can do with Idol on with def shadow is use it as a mutagenic growth enabler so essentially casting spells to grow your shadows obviously not the best in post board games especially but yeah again you can see Jacobs hand to path to exiles normally very good cards against shadow you know they they work very well against shadow and tarmogoyf but it hangs plan is to just get a lily on and get those cards out they're much worse because now he it depends on what paints hand is and that's why Foxy's is just so great of a card is he can go like well I actually don't mind these burn spells get a high enough light toll or I could then I can take the puffs or I can take the path with Liliana down the line the fact that you can choose your game plan is insane and the hane here takes the biggest damage burn spell essentially the in the dark that's probably the right move since he can take get rid of path to exile down the line I mean Mari is playing a deck that just has so much redundancy here so hey I'm looking to take you know any one of the cars it kind of sticks its head up a little bit too high above the Papi's here yeah so what does he have to do here how what's his wife fault he know he's seen Marie's hand he knows what Marie's trying to do hain is the one who has to dictate the way that this game continues to some degree however hain is stuck on mana having only two lands mean that Hanes options are pretty restricted so and he may have multiple deaf shadows so this is an interesting spot where the burn deck maybe should withhold their burn until the last possible second rather than giving your opponent the opportunity to go to something like ten or nine life and start casting shadows so it's okay so you can see here Marie decided not to fire off a burn spell at end of turn because he doesn't want him to go below 14 he doesn't want him to be able to put even a 2/2 shadow in play because Murray can't afford to use a burn spell on a shadow so it would be a pop so the way to do it is Marie is essentially stranding paints shadows I like this play a lot here from REI he knows that hay must have a handful of business if he's not casting anything or sorry if he's not being able to play land so he's sort of trying to perfect empting to contain Hank yes which i think is great yeah it's the controlled burn plan yeah that's it hey at one local Aubry on a GP when he bought in for relic a progenitors against a black rain tron do black rain rock dick and tried to out control his opponent and somehow it worked there was also shrine of burning rage which helps a lot with that plan is true he just did the big one shot at the end yeah and that was like shrine of burning rage was really good technology when shadow was omnipresence because it was a really good way to win in those matchups but yeah shrine of burning rage has not been adopted as wide technology I know Loic still plays hits but he's one of the few that does so it's popular technology by Loic and certain regions in France but it doesn't seem to have like and out in the great wide world it's one of those like French regional things like in certain parts of France like you do two kisses on the cheek and then in some it's three and some it's four that's ridiculous - lstart you're you've spent some time in France I'm French so yeah how do people get anything done in those regions of France where they're supposed to you supposed to do for cheek kisses when you made someone we just redefined what getting done means but like you turn up you say hello to someone and then like second like you've got two or three seconds before you then you have to say good I don't know how any I don't know Haddad of France saving work really Alexander hey no however this game is not working out for him with only two lands in play and Murray's doing a great containment job here as a he's sandbagging those burn spells and and preventing Haines from enacting his game plan here right and at some point hane has to decide do I want to take damage and it looks like things have sped up a little bit we're looking into time walk turbo I suspect here oh yeah yeah yeah as we approach round of eight the final round of day number one we are going to speed things up a little bit make sure we get that result on your screen before we head to round number eight and Hanus finally found that third land polluted Delta right so interesting I believe hane has access to Lilliana of the Vale but doesn't have another basic swamp so instead of taking damage pain is just recognizing I can't bulk myself so I'm going to get a green source at the end of turn which I need anyways and just not take the damage here and interestingly Mari started to fire off those burn spells now that Hank can put himself below thirteen with the fetch land it means that in any case hane will be able to start deploying his death shadows and Marie recognizes this is the time that I start to I put the pedal to the metal yeah I mean a second another fetch line would have done the trick just putting him to 12 and then you don't want to aim a burn spell at a shadow in spots like this so yeah now Hanes best chance here I would suspect is to get that Liliana down start stripping Jacobs resources and hopefully kill Jacob as fast as possible what's interesting here is Jacob could discard path path but then he's kind of forced down the line where he has to burnout hain but he could also discard if he discards burn spells then Jacobs not winning no even though it does have the hard answers to any creatures that Hank could play it does mean that hang on 10 life I mean we said this was stable last time and we saw how how it wasn't but hain you'd have to think it's got a hand full of business yeah not doing anything for the whole game yeah hopefully there's something happening so now we're gonna say collective brutality and it's just well no escalation that's actually kind of a strange ish play but it with skull-cracking makes a little more sense he just went for the duress mode but don't you just want to gain to live how Alexander Heinz hand well it might be that Alex read Jakob for the scholarship or side earlier it's been a long game oh sure with the earlier thought seats right chase then you can see the clock nine nine and hey now has the impetus because memory has to peel exactly borrows charm here or double bird spells over two turns but yeah the fact that Jacob blanked bricked on this turn means that well yeah you're down to Borel charmer exquisite fire craft tame a battle rage from Alexander Hank could close it out but it's instead it's it's going to be the attack now it's not normally a card you wants Timur battle rage is not very good in situations where you're trying to strip your opponent of resources yeah this leaves Jacob - exquisite fire craft or boss drama I would like to see a slam come on slam slam and jam well you didn't slam so you don't win that's how it works is that it illustrates fear is not enough for Jacob Maria's Alexander Haines takes out a very tied one there it's impressive play from Jacob Marie in his first ever GP taking out game number two but a handshake sealing the deal here for the Canadian superstar pro - a champion getting it done and he'll be here at day number two we gotta go to a break my friends we'll be back on the other side of it with more modern coming your way

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Modern 93 Wescoe, Craig 15 Joseph-Pare, Bertrand 56 Ikawa, Yoshihiko 15 Beldon, Omar 44 Murray, Jacob 15 Hayne, Alexander 104 Rubin, Benjamin 15 Hoffmann, Matthew Archetypes: Joseph-Pare: Elves Wescoe: Hatebears Beldon: UW Contro lvs Tron
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