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what's up what's up what's up sup welcome back to mg Andy echo I'm a villa I'm angel uh-huh we got a lots lots of requests to do more reaction videos of mainly the royal family dance crew okay it's a pleasure yeah they are a Moslem mr.thang and we've chosen to do da yet today the request dance crew featuring mini requests I don't know all these names are very you know confusing yeah yes crews why do you have so many words in your titles it's like then crosses this like they have a big group in the small group then the other one insides like Inception yes but then there's the name of the competition the name of the location everything is mixed up instead and I'm like who is what where is what how when where I don't know but I think request dance crew is the crew I think many requests isn't small mmm or a younger crew maybe yeah and part of the same umbrella crew but that doesn't matter because they're awesome alright doesn't matter so let's hit it our queue anthem one one let's go there is another name what am I gonna do with this I love it the royal end you know it's not the royal family I think it is because that girl I know it's too much fuckin to me Oh

go back

why not me why not Oh

kind of like kissing you right here whoa what's happening this must be mini ink so but they have a lot of makeup on myself yeah every day's

oh hey representa I long about the mustache round it's interesting

comes with awesome aroma man-like beasts react yeah girl Oh Whitney shake their heads neck horse

Jim that's how this is the floor no it's a studio

oh poor poor hands up hands off our cues or pounds off in the snow yeah yeah hands up ACK to endure hell yeah I love those like punch sounds in the track yeah yo I don't like it hot I don't know who edits their music but he he or she are of the chain okay great yeah it's amazing it's amazing yo hey salute from Montreal royal family you guys are the best request crew cuz that's all ya right now I mean the whole request dance crew royal family mini request all y'all Paris something song at the beginning amazing editing keep rate imagine doing this is st. Jess yeah that's it I'm moving to New Zealand um I'm coming um humming I want to teach me that department puffin and we wanna do but the video was so great oh and then you take the hair on this oh she's sushi with my hair - great it looked like they were chopping stuff man but yeah video is like raw and gritty you know I love the shelves you know the UH plus even the colour you they make it look yeah yeah and you know they filmed it in the Corvette like everything yeah you know I love it they were all bad guys yeah grreat love it well you can definitely expect another one from us another reaction of their videos we don't for the down scroll I'm probably gonna do the royal family s DNZ 2014 yes find that video yeah fine dad I know you like this video bro ya like it ya press the like button you like it you share with your friends what she see one yeah what your friends don't forget subscribe subscribe to the

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