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[Music] let's still do a challenge on it anyways these doors are actually from the elf big surprise it lasts 60 seconds each round yes but are many roms are we gonna play I don't mmm for the last 60 seconds each round yeah yeah so we could probably squeeze Paul one price come on lol surprise the big they are very good for everything yeah see whoever wins the round gets to choose whatever the one to choose yeah yeah shall we do it yeah you haven't seen the game yet it's just the box oh oh so you better start on red then yeah yeah so I'll are you gonna start on blue this is gonna be fun yeah I can't wait to see your faces under pressure playing basketball Oh looking good

this will be how much more time on tadhana that sing oh yeah it's working yeah that's the away team so you're the away team review red so you press yeah oh you started the game hold on you've got a countdown I'm trying doesn't work don't panic let someone off that's what a lot here we go round one coming up girls bring one right flick the scores don't like you're not on soon

for six Jana is flying NBA champion wow that is a good shot Gianna Gianna scores 14 16 - score is six and get two points per basket I can't believe you're gonna come on Isla 17 16 seconds left

come on come on one second man and the score is 28 points - you're not 16 I love good luck I laughs come on we need them basket more skills go either island off island got to point to money actually shooting up eyelids on six points adelante point pressure 38 seconds left oh wow good shots the shots the shots with the speed of the fingers 14 seconds those are flying on the floor alright let's stop the winning spot 24 Tyler and 62 Tiana was on there you go so far the score table a1 1 and this is the spectator Erica's mom is a fun over there bullies boom support

okay there they go don't forget yells if you lose your balls they've been going all over the floor

[Applause] come on T on evilly score two points I lives in an age of six points isla or gold on t on eight six opee Oh either don't see all this to people Johnny's in the lead thirty seconds left [Applause] come on come on Wow ten a piece the concentration 15 seconds later John is in the lead by one yes Wow Jana 18 I love 14

[Music] there is a crash around there's a score 1814 that was good I know what I've got a surprise you've got your own basketball court one more round I bet you thinking what you mean you're safe

that's right so Chiana whatever score you get in both sides of the court Tyler add up the total scores their scores they're whoever's got the highest wins overall this is the champion spot NBA basketball er Chiana pressures on scores you ready so no mum then there we go this is the game six balls each okay one minute as usual spectators over there in the background [Applause] come on come on who's it gonna be easier to be right I put you drawing at the moment some of put the chess at the scores 10 in total no no you got eight in total ten now [Applause] I'll is on 1416 Tiana's on 12 genres using one side of the core I'll is using both sides when you've got a squad number two just there so you must have used it so when Tito eyelids do really well weight T on T on oh come on you need to catch up well done well done what well I'm flying in now from Tiana pressure pressure two seconds remaining right there we go let's find out who's the winner closer look closer so either you score 34 in this core and two in this ball it's Jana 27 you don't use proof course no I love well hello what time is now the Aki basketball on fantastic and I think me moment order to challenge so stay tuned for that


[Applause] oh I think this is this is this is massive what is it


but the accessories for the big well the door what much is it what you can still use it on your pet but this one is I'm gonna open this thing oh I forgot to put the clip you need to rest of the nail what chicken my tinkle cries go change [Applause] I like did put a change [Music]

wow that is glittery summer clothes with this one I'm surprised on my video Wow look at this one and the big surprise on my video ones look whoa I really like these glasses do you my love yes definitely I think my dad was actually really serious about the fantastic okay chances you've liked it yes blue do it okay basketball I'm from tastic and I'll be the winner without a doubt oh yeah

[Music] subscribe and [Music]



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