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by: Amy Florence

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[Music] hello and welcome to episode 99 of the standard podcast my name is Amy also known as Amy Florence on Ravelry and this is a knitting spinning at handling podcasts from south coast of England United Kingdom hello everybody thank you very very much for stopping by to check out this week's episode if you're a new viewer welcome and if you are a returning viewer welcome back it is lovely to have you all here with me today so this is the third attempt at starting the podcast this week I'm going to try it very hard not to get off-track before I have even finished the introduction okay hooray first thing I want to say is we hit 12,000 subscribers on this YouTube channel this last week and I am flabbergasted I think that's probably the best word for it I have no idea I have no I can't visualize what 12,000 people looks like I think it's probably somewhere between the school assemblies I had as a kid and the amount of people at the Taylor Swift concert that I went to you at the weekend which was the Stadium concert there were tens of thousands of people there but it's astonishing I can't believe that 12,000 people think I have anything relevant to say so thank you everybody here has subscribed whether you have watched one episode of the podcast if this is your first episode hooray welcome thank you for stopping by this week's episode is a little bit topsy-turvy day so maybe watch last week's first oh you have watch all of them from the beginning and you are the people who have my greatest sympathy because those early episodes were definitely questionable anyway thank you amazing I am very very grateful and will be celebrating 100 episodes next week and I talked about episode 100 on last week's podcast I will be doing a big Q & A video questions and answers video next week well I'm probably judging from the amount of questions I've had submitted to that threat in the Ravelry group I will leave a link to the podcast Ravelry group and everything else that I talk about this week in the description box but judging from all of the questions I've had so far and I'm keeping the thread open until Sunday which is the first of July so if you've got a question hop on over I will be picking giveaway prizes at random and through giveaway winners even at random from that thread possibly not on that episode though it might have to wait til I get back from America because it's gonna be quite a long episode I've got about 300 questions so far obviously I'm probably not gonna be able to answer all 300 in one video because I don't know if you've got a spare six hours I definitely don't but it's gonna be a fun one so I'm probably not gonna talk about my normal segments and stuff next week and this week's episode is definitely on the lighter side because I have on my show notes underneath knitting or I normally talk about my finished objects and my works in progress I have written no knitting contest zero knitting content in fact in capital letters and I have done a tiny bit of knitting this week I cast on a toe on a pair of socks I donate a couple of rounds on existing projects but that is it I don't really know where the week has gone time is going quite quickly and I don't really know what I've achieved I have done quite a lot of work over the last week so that's that's probably a good thing and I'm very aware of how much I have to do before I leave the country to go to America for a couple of weeks in less than two weeks time oh my goodness I will talk about that a little bit more in a moment but I think that's almost everything I wanted to talk about at the top of the episode I filmed a video called so you think you want to be an indie diet which I uploaded on Sunday and I know quite a few people were watched it already but in case you haven't and you're interested I made a video about the misconceptions and preconceived ideas of people that people have of being an indie diet I'm quite a lot of it to be honest is transferable whether it's dying or just like being an indie maker or being a self-employed person so if you are interested in any of those things it is definitely not a step-by-step guide of how to become an indie Dyer at all I think a couple of people were a bit disappointed in that but I have had very good feedback on it especially from other dyers which has been really I am I've been really grateful to to know that some of my words have resonated with other people in the industry so amazing I will leave a link to that in the description books if you would like to check it out and also I mentioned on that video that I was going to upload my notes for it somewhere for people who for whatever reason are hard of hearing or struggle with videos as a platform so I know I don't have a transcriber I don't have any there aren't there I don't know much about closed captioning and I should probably look into that at some point but I have written all of my notes because that video I ended up writing about a sixteen hundred word essay of notes and they're all imperfect sentences and everything so I thought okay well I'll share that with you and I have popped those in the podcast rather agree they are one of the pages in the podcast Ravelry group so if you're interested and you would rather read than watch hop on over there and have a browse okay now that is everything that I want to talk about at the top of the episode so before I mess it up and have to re-record let's get on it tea a little bit of spinning content shall we before I do I just want to mention the shawl but I'm wearing this is the vertices unite shawl by Stephen West I finished it a couple of weeks ago it is giant and although it's actually quite warm today and I really do not need to be wearing a shawl I feel kind of exposed without one on let's expose this one can feel when they are wearing a vest top and dungarees and overalls depending which side of the Atlantic you live on so I thought just pop your shawl on you know it's alright I'm not recording on the lights with the windows and door closed and no air flow or I do you think it's fine so I can't remember if I mentioned this in the introduction or not but this week's episode it's gonna be a little bit on the short side partly because of the lack of knitting content primarily because I have a lot to do today there's a lot of yarn in my house that used to not be in my house and I need to get that organized but let's talk about some spinning it feels very weird to skip over knitting oh my goodness so I have a couple of finished skeins to share with you this week this first one I shared I think all three of the bobbins on last week's episode and they were three um bobbins of mystery fiber I spawned at the first bobbin sometime last summer I imagine an abandoned debt with there are they're kind of two little braids of fiber just in a cupboard and I came across it while I was looking for something else last week and so I should finish that because it's - - and I've already done at a third of the work so I applied up all three of those bobbins and I got but I know we'll wait I'd call this but I got a hundred and nineteen yards of a three-ply I need to do some wraps per inch on my spinning because I'd 119 yards from a hundred grams doesn't sound like quite a lot but it's it's not super bulky or anything I don't know it's just heavy who knows so I have no idea I think it might be BSL and I have no idea who the Dyer is all what the fiber is but it is really pretty I really like it no idea what its gonna become but it's a fun one is a three-ply I think three plies might be my favorite and they just kind of rounder than a two ply so I got 119 yards of a three ply of this one so this next game is a little bit on the messy side actually looking at it in the cold light of day so this is from two ounces of roll eggs that I purchased from Siobhan's crafts and I absolutely love the colors they're not my color comfort zone colors but I really really enjoy that they kind of look a little bit like licorice allsorts and I got a hundred and fifty seven yards of a chain deployed so it's a three ply but it's a chain ply construction rather than a traditional three flight which my other yarn was and this is my first chain ply I didn't practice train ply it with some leftovers I had earlier in the month this is my first chain client I've done in over a year so it's not so bad it's not perfect it's been soaked and everything and I am blaming there's a lot there's some inconsistencies and there it is a little bit oilier in places that really needs to be I am blaming that if I discovered while I was spinning this that I could spin and read on my iPad at the same time so the spinning itself was fine but chain plying when you haven't chained light for a while and reading at the same time I might just have been a little bit too much multitasking so not an overwhelming success but it's still fun it's still pretty and I'm sure it will grow up into something and I'm kind of interested to see the kind of short stripes of color so he knows let's face it it's probably gonna be a baby hat because that is apparently all that my spinning is good for so I have another couple of skeins to go into my pile of hand-spun and a few more yards to count for my few more meters even to count for stash - I don't have the exact number off the top of my head but I know that I am on the other side of ten thousand meters I crossed the 10k barrier and I think I'm about ten thousand five hundred but I haven't finished anything else this week so I really need to get a move on if I'm gonna sustain that I have a goal in my head of what I'd like to reach we will see I'm not going to voice it because I don't want to sound like a failure if I don't get that I'll put myself under under any unnecessary pressure sometimes that's what happens when I talk about things on the podcast and then I get stressed I don't want to work on anything just kind of what happened with my knitting this week so there we go on the wheel at the moment I haven't got a finished bobbin to bring up and share with you I have this fabulous bag of raw eggs from my friend Alex who is spindles and stitches on Etsy and these are her gamma guts raw eggs and I think she still had these in her shop when I last checked but that could be wrong and he I can't remember the fibre mix off the top of my head I know there is the merino and some bamboo and possibly tencel and I can't remember I will I have the card it's around somewhere probably next to my spinning wheel so I am aiming to spend enough of a traditional three flight that I can make some kind of socks out of it I just because I find spinning row like I'm spinning them worsted and I'm aware that row legs are more of a woolen prep but I am not really a woolen spinner and I need to sit down and learn more about that and I'm not really in the mood for learning things at the moment I just want to I just want to sit down and spin and relax so I'm spinning some quite fine singles that will hopefully be a heavy fingering maybe light sport wait for some socks at some point so I'm spinning six row legs onto each bobbin and I have one more row like to go I was spinning it last night and but it got to the point where I was tired and I had to go to bed and also my hands were getting a bit hot and spinning we're like clammy hands is really difficult on the subject of spinning I will be hosting a low-key toward a fleece spin long again this year in the podcast Ravelry group and probably not for prizes maybe either day I haven't decided yet but I think the tour of least starts on the 7:00 of July that might be wrong and I think I saw somewhere that was the seventh of July and I am leaving from America on the 9th of July so that kind of says how much time I'm gonna get to spin and I get back on the 24th I think so I'm not gonna have much time to spend I might a couple of people have volunteered to lend me their spinning wheels SSK so I might get a bit of spinning them who knows but if you would like to spin and share what you're working on or talk about fibers you enjoy spinning or ask questions there will be a threat I've opened the thread in the Ravelry group already so there's this is this is very low-key there is no start date there's no end date if you want to spend and you want to talk about what you're spinning or you're trying to pick some fiber to spend or whatever we're knitting with hands fun just sharing the thread post some pictures and I would love to see what you're spinning on and maybe get enabled because clearly I need more stuff in my life I don't know how active I will be in that thread because I don't know what my Wi-Fi situation is going to be like so so yay or how much Ravelry time I'm gonna have so please bear with me so I mentioned on the podcast a few weeks ago that before I went to America this summer I wanted to you work through you at some of the things I brought back from America over the last two years and kind of get them out of my stash because I brought back a lot of beautiful things from the states for the last two summers and I needed to use more of it so and I have photographs of my collections from both years both before I've used any of it when I just brought it back and I have gone in and I have blocked out the yarns that I've used um and I thought I would share those with you along with a little pile of some of the things I have nick out of yarns that I purchased on my holiday because it's kind of fun I'm getting excited for visiting again this year I know for a fact that there is a small mountain of things waiting for me at my friend Irene's house because I might have been ordering stuff throughout the year and she has just been kindly gathering it together like lovely human being that she is so without further ado I will put pictures on the screen and there are not the best pictures in the world I think I had to screenshot them from Instagram because I didn't have them on my phone anymore because they hey yo I think about stuff like this in advance but I have been fairly successful I think I don't have everything to share it with you because a lot of it was given away as gifts and also I don't know I'm pretty sure that some of my socks have gone missing possibly ended up in my mum's sock drawer so definitely net more socks out of my American yarn that I have in my pile but I just wanted to share some of the things that I am knit just to kind of justify the amount of yarn that I will probably bring back this year because that's what you do when you're on holiday right especially if you're somewhere it doesn't have the same currency as you because it's not like spending real money it's like spending monopoly money like yeah so it's just like $60 I have no idea what that is in pounds off the top of my head it's practically free just take it take it oh my goodness okay so without further ado I have a pile ah an avalanche in fact of of things that I have made out of my American yarn and some of this was picked up at SSK itself at the market place some of it was picked up in Nashville from shops like house of yarn and crafts house and others where things that I might have ordered and had sent to Irene so I have talked about all of the spinning fairly recently so I'm not going to go over that again but spinning I have all of these have been done in the last month or so because I brought all this fiber back from America and I haven't really had much spinning mojo so I do I do have a couple of other skeins of hands but I think that I thought I'd spun out of yarn from my trips because I know that I no longer have that fiber in my stache so I must have used it but I I don't know where it is so I have done it some spinning I have also net a stack of socks and I know that quite a lot of pairs of socks have are not featured in this quite small stack actually in fact these might have only been constructed borrowing one pair all of these have been done this year so I knit these jenks yarn socks these are sport weight jinx yards in the green bow colorway I knit these last year but the rest of these have been knit this year I have two more jinx yawns pairs so this is unit by jings yawns and this is my current favorite pair of socks oh I haven't worn yet because I'm keeping it I'm trying to keep everything in my stash - pile until the end of stash - so I can photograph it all in a great big mountain obviously I finished this - - and I'm wearing it but whatever so these are I think the graffiti colorway from Jenks yawns with just contrasting heels and toes and cuffs in some black love this yawn so much and sadly Laura from Jenks isn't gonna be asked as Kate as yet so I don't think I'll be bringing a teachings yarns home with me that might be a lie I think there might be some areas house waiting for me but who knows I've forgotten I've forgotten why I bought it it's been a year and these I think these are my second ever Desert Vista dye works socks and I have a lot of friends who do the Desert Vista monthly challenge we're unit a pair doesn't mr. dye work socks a month so I am owning it - cheaper this is my first Desert Vista self-striping pair and this is the colorway this is this the 7-year itch I think it is I think it's the 7-year itch collar wait it was a knit girls colorway for their seven-year anniversary they had seven year anniversary kits last year and I was lucky enough to snag one and I love these I love how perfectly matching the contrasting at toes heels and cuffs yarn is even though it's from a completely different diet so absolutely love these and that's just I have a big soft spot in my heart for self-driving socks and then the last pair of socks in my pile or these ones these are from fishnets and this is the at sixes and sevens colorway and this was the goodie bag yarn from SSK last year and I love this you know how I feel about gray and I these were the socks that made me realize that gray is what makes rainbows more palatable for me these are so much fun I really really like them I need to knit up the yarn the sock yarn that was in the goodie bag in the previous year so I have two pairs of a Casas k socks in my collection so I have knit some socks and you will see from the amount of yarn I blocked out in the pictures that I have net a lot more socks that I'm actually being shamed and I've knit three sweaters the first one is pavement and this is by Vera Vala Marquis and this is a sweater that I wear quite a lot and it's out of Mallory goat sock in the Pierre drats colorway and I would quite like to make another payment sweater possibly with full length sleeves I think it would be it would only be more wearable with full-length sleeves for me because although I tends to push my sleeves up all of the time I like to have the option of having long sleeves especially if it's a bit chilly so this is a fingering weight sweater and so is this one and this is boxy by hoe he'll only tell you I was working on this last summer I started it so I could knit it while I was in America because there is a lot in case you are unfamiliar with this pattern the fingering weight boxy by hope you don't le it has lot of stockinette in the round oh my goodness it's pretty sizable but it's such a wearable sweater and I would quite like another one I don't know if I have the energy to knit another one but I do really like it so this isn't it out of Madeline Tosh socked in the begonia leaf colorway and I picked this up from I think it's crafty hands in Kentucky which is a yarn shop I went to eat with my friend Joe the first time I met my friend Joe she drove me to Kentucky and we went to crafty hands and we had a fabulous day and I picked up this yarn and I got to knit it last year while I was at Asus K so doubly fabulous and anything that reminds me of my friend Joe is a good thing so I love this sweater and I am planning on maybe I should do that today really because time is running away with me on casting on people have told me how to pronounce this and already I've forgotten I'm just gonna I know this isn't the correct pronunciation and I will have it down and write what I actually cast it on it but I am planning on casting on an eight tag now or tenure or again I will have that correct when I when I soar as correct as I'm ever going to get with pronunciation when I cast it on but I am planning on casting on a tag no from Caitlin hunter here is boiling networks to work on while I'm at Asus k I just need to get the lace section done before I go so I can do the stockinette section while I'm visiting with people and maybe when I'm on the plane I don't know it's a nine-hour flight so that's the substantial amount of knitting time I think and lastly one of my favorite sweaters of all time my retain sweater that I will be remitting at some point this year there is going to be a wreck a DeLong possibly in September I have a couple of other sweaters that I need to next first so this is Rick a knit is a patent by Christina Donaghy and I knit it out of Mallory goat das Tiaras in the Paris night colorway I love everything about this sweater apart from the fact that for the first baby six months of wearing it was perfect but the dose Tierra's is a fifty percent merino 50% alpaca I think blend and it did it did hold up really nicely for other said the first kind of six months of wearing and now it is just too drapey and I should have learned that because of the alpaca content but my swatch fooled me so it is a fabulous sweater today it's an absolutely beautiful pattern and I will be making another one so and it's blowing out the camera you can't really see the texture but it is a fabulous pattern and it is retained by Christina Danny he is from pom pom quarterly and I miss it out of Mallory go at daus tiaras I love this color this is kind of what mainly realize I could wear navy blue is the color that I could make work so I think maybe there will be some more navy blue sweaters in my life coming very soon so there's a little bit of proof that I do actually knit some of the on die by I know that I haven't met all of it yeah and I was hoping to get a lot more socks done before I went this year however things get life gets in the way life has a habit of getting in the way and I find it whenever I make solid plans to do anything they always fall through and I always end up beating myself up about them so I need to stop doing that I need to make kind of wider goals that are less I will knit 600 pairs of socks by next Thursday because obviously that's not gonna happen and even gonna stop machine I don't think I'd be able to knit 600 pairs of socks by the end of the year so unless all I did was knit socks and nothing else um ya know just the thought of that kind of makes me feel a bit queasy so I have knit some things essentially that's what I'm trying to say even though I thought and if you've watched the videos my post SSK videos in the last two years you all know that I bought quite a lot of stuff back with me and I've had quite a lot of questions about stash and yarn and stash guilt in my questions and answers thread and I might tackle next but if I don't because as I said there are a lot of questions and I am going through and I'm favoriting questions that if I don't see myself answering them next week I will come back and answer on future podcasts like this one where I don't have that much knitting to share oh my goodness I am starting to overheat something about studio lights and having the windows and doors closed and wearing a shawl while you're recording just makes you a little bit warm and I'm surrounded by piles of wool as well which I'm sure give off their own kind of heat so this week's episode has been definitely on the short side and to that I apologize however life has definitely been a getting in the way this week and instead of knitting I have been doing a fair amount of dyeing I've also been doing some reading and if I thought what I was reading would benefit you in any way shape or form or enhance your life in any way I would tell you I would shower I've been reading but essentially what I've been reading is smut so I'm not going to ah anyway whatever keeps you happy is a good thing there are no guilty pleasures there is just pleasure so there you go people keep telling me when I tangent oh I'm bringing it back to shop update use it a little bit but people keep telling me when I mentioned my love of Taylor Swift oh yeah she's like oh yeah Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure don't have guilty pleasures take take pleasure in your pleasure be proud of what you like yeah don't don't feel embarrassed by it oh my goodness I don't have any guilty pleasures I just have pleasure and I love everything that I love very very much I get very enthusiastic about things that I take joy and delight in and don't feel ashamed of it that's ridiculous go to Taylor Swift concerts if you want to you and stand next to small children and their parents and dance non-stop the whole time because life is short it is too short to be embarrassed by things that you enjoy so there you go I will take pleasure in my Taylor Swift dance parties and the ridiculous books that I have been reading so okay one tea shop update nice oh my goodness I want to shop update knees and I'm putting the most interesting stuff at the top of this there's quite a lot I'm not gonna share everything because I'm surrounded by things but this week shop update will be on Sunday and that is different usual so in case you didn't see last week's episode oh you haven't seen the notices I've posted around the internet this week's update will be on Sunday the 1st of July at 7 p.m. British summer time same time GMT plus one British summer time 7 p.m. yes all of those words are in the wrong order it's been a long morning I'm already quite hot and I haven't finished my first kind of diet coke of the day and even even my diet coke now is lukewarm so there you go oh my goodness yes I could put it in a glass with ice but it tastes different ok it tastes different out of a glass it tastes different out of a plastic bottle it tastes different out of a glass bottle don't cake straight out of a can is how I like it ok ok oh my goodness anyway shop update Sunday 7 p.m. BST GMT +1 Sunday 1st of July there you go so for the first time in a long time I will have some fibre going into the shop this week but I will have some non superwash merino this so far is the only braid that I have to share with you and I have three braids and from the same dye lot of this fibre they're all slightly different because that's how dyeing works they have some non superwash merino I have some more but it just is soaking at the moment I also have some pol worth excuse the creek bling I put it in bags labeled with what it is so I don't get myself confused [Applause]

so I have some braids of non super wash polar and I haven't dyed anything super wash it's all non super wash I have an assortment of colors and all of these are pretty much one-of-a-kind colorways just the kids I was experimenting and having fun and I don't dye fiber on a very regular basis and I don't see myself dying fiber on a very regular basis but I thought I would have some fun so simple worth and I have also got some BFL silk as well this is this was just a one-of-a-kind kind of experimental colorway and this is the kind of fiber version of my fire cracker colorway and I think I can probably repeat this so I might do this on merino as well who knows so there will be fiber in this week's update so far I have died merino and Paul worth and bfl silk I do have a couple of kilos of other fiber that I would like to die I don't know if I'm going to get time to do that for this week but if not there will be some more in the shop at a later date so if you are interest if you like me are feeling the spinning mojo at the moment then I recommend checking out the shop update just put everything back in the relevant bag so I don't get confused if you're not into spinning or fiber isn't your thing never fear there is going to be quite a lot to yarn it going into the shop this week and I will share it with you in just a moment this week's update is gonna be the biggest one I've done in a while and it's gonna be the last one I'm not doing an update next week I don't really have time for the other things I got to get done and but there will be another update when I get back from America hopefully at the end of July and well that's definitely what I'm getting back from America but hopefully the update will be at the end of July and not the beginning of August and then so far I am planning to take August off of shop updates I'm not taking off work because I have plenty of things to do for projects that I want to launch in September so without further ado the most exciting yarn going into the shop this week is my contribution to the countess ablaze tits out collective and that is this colorway which I have named if I want exposure I will get my tits out bras off o'clock it's stranded edition of the if I want exposure I will get my tits out colorway I talked about this and the reasons behind the tits out collective on last week's episode and I will leave a link to you can test the Blazers blog about the about the collective but this will be in the shop on Sunday from 7 p.m. I it is a repeatable colorway I have the recipe I have done several dye lots of it I don't know how often I'm going to be offering this colorway or if I will be offering it again but I do have it on all of my yarn bases apart from mohair I don't have it on all of the basis to show you because some of it still needs gaining I have a giant mountainous gaining to do later but I have it on fjord blue-faced left nylon I've got it on solo single ply superwash merino single ply fingering weight I've got it on OSs which is superwash merino nylon fingering weight I have got it on Paradise which is superwash merino cashmere nylon a fingering weights and I will have it on castaway DK as well so this is the tits out collective yarn it's called if I want exposure I will get my tits out bras off a clock and it will be in the shop from Sunday I'm just going to brandish it at you a few people have asked me if I will have this colorway at SSK probably not is the answer I have done all of my SSK dying and logistically there are only so many skeins that I can take with me so if you would like a skein I do recommend picking it up from the update so there you go there is going to be a fair amount of this going into the shop I haven't dyed this colorway in about a year but I got the urge to I was cranking a pair of socks relative it and I thought I should really diet some of this color way so I will have feathered in the shop this week and feathered is my blue tit inspired colorway and I will have it on castaway DK solo single ply are going on Oasis I think I've got it on fjord and paradise as well but I might be wrong so there will be some feathered going into the shop for fans of castaway DK this is the last week that I will be putting a castaway into the shop there are still some in stock at the moment but I mentioned that I am discontinuing at my Castaway DK base I will be replacing it in September with two new DK bases so never fear if you prefer a heavier weight yarn but I just want a bit of a change so I will be discontinuing at castaway DK I have a few more skeins of it that I want to die and get into the shop this week but if you are a fan of it I recommend hitting this week's update to get hold of some I have new gar going into the shop this week and I have got it on so low on fuel and on Paradise I've also got it on Oasis but apparently not in this bag so this is not an all-encompassing list of yarns that will be going into the shop because there is a lot this week there's going to be a little bit of ocean rainbow I've got some on solo and some on Paradise and on board this is a one-of-a-kind colorway that I'm working on making repeatable that I have on and on so light it's a kind of cornflower blue with some speckles of purple in there I will have pigeon fancier I think I've got pigeon fancier on all of my yarn bases there's a fair amount of firecracker I have this warm one-of-a-kind orange yellow on a racist thing I've for skeins a bits I have nomad on drift or an oasis and on Paradise I also have this one-of-a-kind colorway which looks different on each face so I've got this on castaway DK I've got it on field and I have it on another bass as well but I can't remember which one and it is a gray with purplish and greenish undertones to it it's kind of a Halloweeny colorway so that's a go into some of the things going into the shop this week there will be a fair amount of other colorways going it I know that I definitely got a naive watercolor and industrial Kingfisher going into the shop because they are at the top of my giant scanning Mountain so that's next on my agenda for the day after editing the podcast so I think that's everything I have to share this week I know it's been a shorter episode and for that I apologize but sometimes life gets in the way and next week's episode I imagine it's gonna be substantially longer so there you go you can have an IOU on that one thank you very very much for watching I hope you have a very very natty week and I will see you very very soon bye so this is if I want my tits out now if I want my tits out I'll get

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