7 Tips to Reduce Hunger and Burn Fat!

by: VitruvianPhysique

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so hunger it's kind of a pain in the ass isn't it this is probably the number one reason that I have seen when it comes to individuals as to why they fail on their diets as to why they start so strong and then two three four weeks they start to follow up they start to have you know one too many cheat days and eventually that summer cut turns into a bit of an extended winter bulk and I know it's very easy for us Fitness YouTube people to just sit here and be like it's simple right willpower motivation ah you got to go for the gold it's not that hard just do it weight loss just move more and eat less it's simple okay this no sometimes it's not about simply working harder and wanting it more sometimes it's about changing a strategy and doing things smarter hunger is a prime example of an obstacle which instead of just trying to smash your way through why don't you just go around it and avoid it as much as possible and in this video I'm gonna give you my 7 best tips for how you can do so the first and in my personal opinion the most important tip when it comes to dealing with hunger this is literally my opinion more important than everything else in the video so you could you can technically just watch this and skip the rest of the video but because don't because you know I need the views I am of course talking about ghrelin aka the hunger hormone there are two very critical hormones involved in signaling to your brain whether you are hungry or full the first one is leptin and this one's kind of known as the full hormone I actually talked about this in my video about two weeks ago pretty much leptin signals to your brain hate were full no more food needed unfortunately ghrelin is essentially the exact opposite ghrelin tells your body oh man were hungry we need food go you know go eat something and the biggest error I see when people look at hunger and by definition grilling is they think that it kind of like it shoots up when you're hungry and then it kind of just keeps on going and it's not gonna go away until you actually get something in your stomach that's not actually how ghrelin works ghrelin has actually been showing scientific studies they've done you know they've tested this in people's blood and determined that ghrelin actually comes in waves in fact you can actually time it to things like people scheduled in their lifestyle in terms of breakfast lunch and dinner but if you were to actually last through that gorilla Spyke that hunger spike and just put your mind on anything else you can actually outlast hunger this is my first and biggest tip if you're doing dietary strategies for example intermittent fasting where you're only consuming food for a certain period throughout the day maybe you're feeding window of six or eight hours or or something like that and a lot of people do this by simply pushing back their first meal in the day they don't have breakfast or they have like a late lunch if you wake up in the morning when it comes to breakfast at lunch and you feel these ghrelin spikes just get over and do anything in your power to get over it by simply putting your mind on something else so if you're in the morning and you're kind of you know you have that ghrelin spike in terms of hunger and you wanna you know you want to fast and you want to diet through that just you know go you walk into the office or you get into school just start doing work immediately I remember when I was working a nine-to-five job - the whole like you know Finance cubicle life I would get to work and immediately for the first two or three hours of the day I would get my best work done I would answer emails I actually used to like when I would schedule meetings with my my coworkers I always purposely even though I'm scheduling meetings today for tomorrow I would always do them in the morning because I know that if I can get myself busy it's gonna make me put my mind on something else I can get over that groans but literally go to the gym go outside go for a walk do anything in your power to get your mind off of hunger and I guarantee you if you can just survive 30 or 60 minutes that ghrelin or hunger spike will pass and you won't be hungry again for another few hours until you're you know you until your next grilling spike should probably come around like lunch or dinner depending on what you had your first meal one more thing I want to mention about grilling is that it actually has been shown to spike up an increase during times of stress this may be one of the reasons why a lot of people out there actually stress eat your stress is literally causing you to get hungrier on a hormonal level so if you're having issues of weight especially if you're having issues with something like stress eating try your best to live somewhat more of a stress-free lifestyle tip number two is simply put low calorie density foods what are the reasons why you actually start to feel full in addition to the actual calories and macronutrients in like what you consume is how much food you physically consume how much physical expansion of your stomach is actually happening it's literally the feeling of being full and since fat loss is primarily driven by a calorie deficit the less calories you can eat with the most amount of physical space aka a low calorie density the easier it will be for you to feel full while still eating a relatively low calorie diet putting you into a calorie deficit allowing you to burn body fat now I know some of you guys out there I think and you are please this is so simple all you have to do is just drink a lot of water and eat a lot of vegetables so easy a my response to that is yes technically you are correct but at the same time you do I look like a rabbit saying that in a video I'm trying to help people curb their appetite but at the same time live a normal life at eat food like a regular human being you know eating food that you actually somewhat enjoy yeah it's pretty much useless but that being said there are certain food selections you can make which are going to have a pretty significant difference for example look on the screen right now this is pretty much I went on to just various nutrition like listings and I pretty much got the calorie density the calorie content of various carbohydrate essentially just common side dish sources per 100 grams of whatever that food is cooked so essentially what we're trying to do here is see how many calories there are per the actual physical amount of food so if you eat in this case 100 grams of cooked rice that is going to give you a pretty large amount of calories same thing with pasta as opposed to obviously if you're going to eat something like vegetables which is very low in calorie density but potatoes is a really big important factor in this case as well potatoes are awesome guys sweet potatoes potatoes whatever you want I mean some people say like oh what is healthier now pretty much the same thing who gives you potatoes are much much much less in calorie density than foods you know other common side dish sources such as rice or pasta quinoa is also pretty good so if you were dieting and you're trying to consume an actual good amount of physical food and you know rice and pasta is just way too high in your calories consider switching to lower calorie density alternatives such as potatoes hello but is it important yeah gel capital it's good see I'm Erica with baku-pod national chief export toasty but another example which is extremely important because a lot of people tend to go over their calories is simply your desserts and once again fruit salad you know fruits and vegetables is right there at the top yeah the vegans out there watching this video just like yeah oh you can't jeez that's terrible yeah but then you have some terrible options such as obviously things like donuts muffins and one thing which is kind of surprising is on a calories per 100 gram basis things like granola bars other the exact example I was using here was like some nature or valley point is like somebody is healthy kind of like you know nutritious snacks I mean I'm not saying they're necessarily unhealthy in terms of their actual link contents and ingredients but in terms of their actual content of things like calories this can make it very difficult for you to lose body fat looking at solely calorie density things like these healthy granola bars are actually higher and more fattening in some ways than things like doughnuts and muffins ironically the McDonald's McFlurry actually came a relatively low but that being said 100 grams of ice cream it's it's not exactly that much I then finally on our list we have my personal go-to when it comes to desserts this is my proteins protein popcorn are pretty good if you guys are ever looking for some kind of sweet dessert I definitely think that that is something worth giving a try point is guys I know there's a lot of variables to consider when it comes to selecting what foods are going to be eating during your diet fat loss phase but one of those variables I highly recommend you look at is calorie density number three is simply complex carbohydrates otherwise known as poly saccharine so when it comes to carbohydrates there are actually multiple kinds there are the sweet delicious awesome kinds and then there's the kind that tastes like bird food mix with cardboard guess which ones I'm recommending so on an actual molecular scale when it comes to carbohydrates they can come in the form of monosaccharides which are pretty much just very simple sugars this is something like you'd find in something like added sugar then there's also disaccharides which is not much bigger it's simply two monosaccharides kind of like stuck together cut it's almost like they're holding hands I think you got polysaccharides and as the name implies poly meaning multiple it's very very long but one of the big benefits to this it takes a longer amount of time to actually break this down so in essence it actually gives you a more timed release of energy as opposed to that really quick you know sugar Spyke an immediate crafter then you're hungry again in 45 minutes examples of polysaccharides would be anything mostly plant-based we're talking like very starchy kinds of carbohydrates things like oats buckwheat is very good you know rice lentils grains you know things again things that are probably really good for you but they don't exactly taste as good as a chocolate bar number four is simply to consume more protein now below you guys out there who follow me and watch my channel if you are like bodybuilders or strength athletes and you'll already consume a large amount of protein this probably really isn't that big of a deal or an issue for you guys but if you are watching this and you're more of a beginner or you're not really interested in like crazy amounts of muscle mass you just want to like lose weight be healthy you know lose a few pounds you're more of a regular you know average Joe Schmo and your case may be a high protein intake is something which you aren't currently doing but maybe you should the reason behind this is that out of the three macronutrients protein carbohydrates and fat protein has actually been proven both by anecdotal and actual scientific evidence to be the more satiating of the three macronutrients pretty much if you were to eat the exact same amount of calories like let's say you were a 1000 calories worth of pure protein fat carbohydrates protein would probably give you the most filling effect and if you don't believe me there actually was a study done on this exact concept they took individuals and they pretty much made them consume a high protein or a high carbohydrate breakfast then afterwards they actually tested their ghrelin levels remember ghrelin the one we talked about literally like five minutes ago essentially more ghrelin more hunger well the high protein group actually experienced less ghrelin secretions and in doing so that pretty much says less hunger and another really important point this one's less related to appetite but still very related to protein out of the three macronutrients protein actually has the highest thermic effect of food those of you guys that don't know what that is essentially when you consume food these three macronutrients every time you actually metabolize and break it down your body just doesn't do that using energy that comes from nowhere you actually have to give a little bit of energy up in order to get more energy back a good metaphor for the way I think of this is like let's say you're starting a fire and you want a big beautiful fire that's burning bright and strong in order to do that you still have to put a little bit of energy first violating a map so you give up a little bit of energy in order to you know light this wood and burn it and get a lot more energy this is a similar case but fat carbohydrates actually have a somewhat low thermic effect of food as opposed to protein which can be a highest 25 to 30 percent that's almost double it's almost like because protein is kind of complex and difficult to break down your body needs to expend energy in order to get more energy it's almost like literally just breaking down protein as I go oh it's like its own exercise now some of you guys are probably thinking like greg igor thanks so much I am NOT a very good cook and getting two hundred cups of protein means I need to sit there and eat two pounds of this cold sad three-day little chicken breast which pretty much tastes like I'm eating burnt rubber so yay of course in that case the obvious advice is to simply get a protein supplement because it's faster more convenient and in many cases a lot less expensive than conventional protein sources my personal selection is my protein so literally you can pick up this is the way although my actual favorite isn't this one it's whey protein isolate it's like stuck in my closet right now I don't want to go get it but it tastes fantastic it's got like got like 23 grams of protein or something per 25 grams of powder with minutes like no fat and like one gram of carb and also it costs like 17 bucks for like two and a half pounds or something so it's really inexpensive in my opinion a really good option as always if you guys are interested there's a link and a discount code down in the description box below and I'll get you 20% off so not bad tip number five is intermittent fasting now this one a woman is somewhat controversial because there are two reasons why a lot of people advocate myself included when it comes to intermittent fasting the first one this one is this is the one where it's kind of controversial and questionable and the sciences it's kind of iffy and that is the belief that intermittent fasting puts you to some sort of faster increased fat loss state like a like a like in the state where you get super physiological levels of balance pretty much like if you were to eat the exact same amount of food in an intermittent fasting or a regular meal protocol you would lose more body fat and lose it faster into intermittent fasting state that is not exactly supported by this scientific evidence and I can't really say that that's a reason why you should do it however a big reason why I do recommend intermittent fasting is because from a behavioral standpoint it does make the process a lot easier in my personal experience with my clients and with myself for multiple years of training and competition perhaps I have noticed a significant increase in the ease of dieting and sticking to a calorie deficient diet when you are following an intermittent fasting protocol there was one study done with actually two individuals and over the course of a standard day 24 hours they put them into two different groups one group ate a six meal per day meal frequency so probably like breakfast lunch dinner supper not a couple snacks in between pretty much they're eating a lot of meals probably smaller meals whereas the other group actually three meals per day this is a very common tactic when it comes to intermittent fasting a lot of people when they're enter in fasting they're only eating about six seven eight hour you know this is eight hour feeding window per day or whatever however many hours you want to do everyone's a little difference they would probably have like maybe a big meal at the beginning an end of your fast and maybe like one snack in between that's a significantly less meal frequency this study actually found that when it comes to fat oxidation pretty much metabolism and how much body fat was burned there's actually no difference and that's why I mentioned just a minute ago that when it comes to actually you know the ability to put you into this lake super fat-burning you know fat loss mode that there isn't really much scientific evidence behind that it's it's kind of what people want to believe because they think that if I'm not eating food I must be just burning like you know food like like an inferno no that's that's not the case daily macros daily calories at the end of the day that's still what counts when it comes to a burning body fat but when it comes to making the whole process easier in this actual case the group eating six meals per day to higher meal frequency group did actually report higher levels of hunger number six is to simply get some help in the form of something like supplements or zero calorie beverages so if you were trying to die down maybe you're going through a period of increased hunger you know you got that ghrelin spike is an hour long it's kind of hard you need some help this is where things like this can come in really popular examples would be something like green tea coffee even like monsters or rock stars you know those energy drinks it's not as healthy but you know screw it it is very low calorie pretty much zero calorie and it does work so why not but one thing that's coming between all these is caffeine which leads a lot of people to believe that caffeine is appetite suppressant however the evidence for this is it's actually a little it's a little shaky once that he actually could para caffeinated to decaffeinated coffee and they did find that the decaffeinated coffee surprisingly did inhibit and decrease hunger more than the caffeinated coffee it actually did so by increasing station e hormones but at the same time you have another study which actually said different results this one actually do caffeine to individuals about 0.5 to four hours essentially a few hours give or take before their meal and they did find that they consume significantly less and takes up energy just a fancy way of saying pretty much they eat less food that being said guys at the end of the day it doesn't really matter whether there is some fancy you know ingredients in the green tea or the caffeine or the coffee or the black beans or you know whatever it may be or maybe it's just consuming a beverage in general just any liquid even water because it causes your stomach to expand and this can somewhat suppress your appetite at the end of the day it doesn't really matter go try your options or whatever works for you keep doing it and finally guys lucky number seven eats more fiber I know I sound like your mom or your you know your third grade gym the health teacher but seriously eat some more fiber the average American diet is like I think it's are only 50% of the fiber that it actually should be at in terms of recommended daily intake so this is kind of a problem so fiber is awesome because it's not actually fully digested it's actually if you were to do the calculation each one gram of carbohydrates converts to about four calories when it comes to fiber it's kind of like it's somewhat up in the air but it's been estimated being around two if not a little bit less that's pretty cool because that means that you could essentially eat the exact same amount of fiber or regular you know carbohydrates like sugar and even though it's similar amount of actual food one is half the calories part of the reason behind this is because there's actually two types of fiber insoluble and soluble in soluble fiber as the name implies it's not actually really metabolized by your body I just kind of just passes right on through it so essentially it's almost like free or non-existent calories when it comes to soluble fiber it's metabolized but it takes a while and it just has so many other additional health benefits for example there's plenty of scientific research indicating that it helps with things like cholesterol levels and also it has been documented to you you temporary inhibitions and hunger and essentially it is a very CCA ting macronutrients and in addition there are other own benefits which I think you guys should be taking advantage of especially when you combine it with number four on this list the high intakes of protein so guys thanks again for watching as always if you learned something new leave this video like and if you did learn anything new well aren't you smart

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