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while Disney I think was a an important innovator weird centric artist and his he was right about a lot of stuff he was he said that he wanted to make a place where people wouldn't be afraid to take their children you know he wanted somewhere that people wouldn't be in danger of any kind and just have fun I think it's honorable

water is certainly one of our heroes as far as that's concerned aesthetically is humor I wanted to cover that song a long time ago I mean ten years at least I'll be good covered to do that's such a great song you know and we always loved female trouble to me is this his best movie I think you know and but he said he has a wicked sense of humor I think is really good you know and he sees that you know dark sense of humor funny all those sorts of things and that to me is important and that's what makes him a genius to me you know and the fact that you know he was willing to go out and do something along those lines against all odds you know and realize that it doesn't have to be perfect but it is perfect you know so I wouldn't change any of those things I think it's you know he he hit a high-water mark with that movie to me and thankfully you know but I mean we always you know we we have a really great sense of humor as far as what we're doing is well I mean we have a you know I mean just from our band name alone it's not serious you know Christian dad there's nothing that's not it's a you know it's goofy er yeah that's okay serious and goofy it's all part of the whole thing to me artisans do they do that regardless I mean most of the classic art is funded by somebody else but they worked as artists especially painters and things of that nature like Hieronymus Bosch and people like that I mean I'm certainly no expert but the way I from what I understand they were paid as workers you know to do that they didn't just sit on their ass you know they worked and they painted those things for the church or whoever you know and they they it was the way they made their living and that's important but the question then would be would they have continued would they have done those sorts of things on their own I don't know they must have knew how to figure out how to paint before they were hired to paint so I do all kinds of artistic stuff that has nothing to do with music and certainly has nothing to do with me making any money you know myself I probably would continue to do that I mean I'd like to have a fun interesting environment to live in my house is surrounded by all kinds of crazy things I mean a Hemingway always said that he wrote better if he was in surrounded by objects and things you know I believe that you know I mean I don't I never understand people who have nothing you know I mean you should have something looking looking at something regardless doesn't have to be a lot of money worth a lot of money but you know I mean you know I prefer to make my living space somewhere that I want to be more than anywhere else you know that's that's kind of important to me you know my safe haven for the rest of the world I can just stay there I've thought about that before like in my house it's like how if I had to get locked in here for a year would I be okay I go yeah I'd be all right I could do that you know so that's kind of that's kind of cool when you buy if you buy a collectible toy or something like that it's it's more expensive than something you would find in a supermarket or in a regular store but it's kind of like an entry level into collecting art and I love art and I have quite a bit pretty good collection of paintings and things like that that I really enjoy and I also collect a lot of other things so I understand the mentality and the fun how fun it is and you don't know one of my favorite artists is toy artists is this guy name cause kws and we kind of have the same philosophy as far as like our collectible things you know I mean if you want our music there's nothing that you can't find for nothing on the internet it's free you know you'll get it one way or another but if you want something that's know so that's really the important thing is the music is available but if you want to have you know some collectible thing well there's not going to be very many of them you know and we don't sell them in stores and and you know people have a problem with that it's like well look you know it's not gonna be very long at all before you just don't sell music at all you know he's still junk that goes along with it but the music is just there for the taking so unless people can figure out a way to make that work it's gonna you know the industry's changing as we know it and that's fine with me I mean it doesn't bother me I mean that I personally never I don't go out and look for music if I want something I'll buy it you know buy the CD I'll store it on the CD I don't really store my music on computers but I do have an iPod simply for the convenience of it I think it's great to me it's like the same I use it the same way I used to use cassettes you know taxi yeah they didn't sound as good but I didn't care because I could take whatever I want it you know so that's all important and yeah we've worked with a lot of different artists I'm happy that they want to I would work with almost any artist we've worked with lots of different poster artists and we pretty much just tell them do whatever you want I don't want to have anything to do with it I'd rather have them do it and be happy that they're there doing anything you know I mean I you know the last thing I want to do is to sit there and tell somebody what to do you know they're the artist let them do their thing you know that's for them to decide you know just like I wouldn't want somebody telling me what kind of music to make you know that would be difficult for me to deal with you know have a hard time with that so so with the artists that we've worked with at Camille's go see there's people we just tell them we're happy that you're giving us anything whatever it is we don't want to own it you can have it we don't care thank you for letting us use it that's really it you know you know when you're never gonna be able to satisfy everyone you know we never could so I just don't care about that you know I know what I like and I know how I want to do it and if people don't like that they can go find someone else that will do what they want and satisfy them in that way they shouldn't look to us to do things normal you know I think Frank Zappa said that white people shouldn't look to me you know Frank Zappa saying that people should look to him to do normal stuff there's other people that'll do normal stuff don't expect me to I well I think the same way you know we if you don't think it's a good deal then we didn't make it for you you know you can find someone else that is more suited to what you what you want you know that's pretty much my philosophy about all of it you know it's not up to a vote it's not a democracy what do you guys all think you know it's don't I know I'm not wrong that's fine it's like with that you know collecting toys and things like that collectible vinyl toys I don't always get everything I want oh well no that's okay that makes the things that I do get that much more important to me you know that's that's really what's cool about it I can't find it it you know on Amazon it's just not there you know good you know makes it cooler music still there that's it that's really the important things

I don't mind working I like to work workaholic I work all the time I like hands-on things and I like the fact that we're doing things that are more it means since the internet is so impersonal it's impersonal it's personal on some level but it's impersonal then it's important to concentrate on things that are actually tangible you know like a silk screen cover of a record that's not that's something you can print at home you know things like that and those will all change as well but that's that's great you know okay it's fine with me you know life is not going to change life is still a human experience you can't get it no matter how well you film it even in IMAX it's not the same you know so that's good

well you know I didn't spell play against ourselves about eighteen seventeen or eighteen so I was already older most people start younger so that's sort of writing music pretty quickly after learning to play guitar so and then playing cover songs is figuring out kind of anything I don't know I mean it was just fun fun thing to do I don't really know why I mean my initial expectations about being in a band were surpassed pretty quickly you know I thought it'd be fun to play a show maybe play on a real stage that was it it's really all the only thing we were thinking of when he started never certainly never thought about making records you know playing for 30 years that's for sure so weird be careful what you don't wish for

well and I love going to me you're going to run to live concerts ISM the early eighties there was something about the excitement of punk rock shows I would started going to those pretty quickly I was well as big arena shows it took me not very long before I realized that I was more interested in the intimate nature of smaller venues you know on a big show at that point and certainly in Seattle was about maybe 200 people dead kennedys could play that maybe five or six hundred other than that it wasn't really a lot of people and I guess you know as far as my own life wind I didn't really care too much about anything I never went to school finished primary just regular school and then no college or anything like that and just worked crap jobs that's it so I never had any good jobs or anything like that so no future to speak of as far as that's concerned I just didn't really care too much about any of that sort of thing and but I always worked I always had jobs but there nothing that was good I worked since I was about 13 or 14 probably you know I wanted money I wasn't gonna get it from anywhere else that's for sure well then I look back on all of it it's it's nice to know that I wasn't wrong about it you know my initial instincts on what I was doing were pretty correct I knew I didn't want to do anything that sounded exactly like anybody else I knew I liked the wide variety of music whether it was uh punk rock bands or whatever they were I like the wide variety of things and early on I realized that I wanted to make music that I would like as a fan and my attitudes were along those lines so you know I mean it's uh at the time you're involved in something like that and you don't have a whole lot of people that are interested in what you're doing and a lot of people that are telling you that what you're doing is terrible it's kind of hard to Kate State stay positive you know but I managed to I just knew what I wasn't wrong about it and it's nice to know that was the case you know because our music and our influences had a impact on the home tire globe and it's changed music a lot of it and so that's good I'm happy about that I know I'm not the bad guy

but it

you know honestly I'm very much about what have you done lately like I don't dwell too much on the past we'll play like we play live shows like these the live shows are playing in Europe right now are only doing a few cities or doing older records I don't really foresee us doing that much and we'd never did it here so once I've done I can't see I was really spending a lot of time on that sort of thing again but I don't know anybody's doing five albums over two days it's a lot of material you know but usually we we put a live show we'll play a third old stuff in two thirds new and when I feel precious about any of it I mean it can change and honestly I don't listen to the older records just don't really want to I mean it's not because I hate it it's just you know John Easton had a good philosophy about movies he made a lot of movies and he said what he would do is he would make the movie it would edit it they'd sit in the editing room watch it and then make any changes and then watch it from the beginning and then if he was satisfied with it then he would walk away from it and move on to the next thing which I couldn't agree more I mean suck I can usually listen to our records right about up until the time they come out and then I'm done and they move on and in our early records I really don't even remember what order the songs are in you know because I've moved on doing new things and I don't hate those things I just let them have a life of their own you know they're not for me anymore you know that's just my new my thing is to do something new you know whatever it is and so an interview recently said well why are you spending all this time concentrating on the pastic well okay look in the last year we've done a five song EP that's new material we did a album freak puke album with The Melvins light which is another lineup which is all new material we did a four song Alba or IEP with the melmans 1983 which was new material when we did a covers album all in one you know so it's like what are you talking about you know what more do you want me to do you know that's not enough

they say rolling stone gathers no minds can't sit I don't sit around for very long I always have to be doing something thinking whatever it is my wife says it I have 10 conversations in my head all at all times and they never stop you know it's true I'm not easy to live with you know I'll totally admit that it's a hard she has a hard time you know I'm not mean to her but it's just I'm not now a nine-to-five forty hours a week you know weekends off I don't understand any of that you know I'm always working know constantly you know whatever it may be one thing or another like um her talent I was saying something to her about I didn't think I was working hard now she's like you're insane you're totally to see all you do is work with it you know yeah that's true but you know I don't sit around much just do I guess just the things that I'm most passionate about is just trying to keep things simple and work work as hard as I can and whatever it may be and try to move forward one form or another regardless of what it is I'm doing with it golfing or you know whatever it is you know I'm very obsessed by all of it you know very obsessed you know one is good two is better ten is better you know I always loved playing sports when I was a kid and but what I realized was the teenagers I didn't like the people who played sports so that pretty much put me out of it you know but boys love that let it type of stuff and golf fits right into there it's perfect perfect for me you know a lot of walking your outside takes a long time concentrating and the physical activity it's perfect we really love it you know the last six years I've really been into it and most of our records I will go golf 18 holes or lasts a little bit and then go to the studio get up before the Sun's up you know but that's just that's good it's good for me I need that level of activity and need it keeps me sane you know just I would go crazy otherwise but it's good it's a good thing it's a good thing to do weird I don't know what you know but I don't care people can't believe I want to do it I'm sick okay so that's fine there's probably a lot of things you wouldn't believe I don't think I'll ever set foot in eurodisney again is horrible I liked it the first couple times I went but I love all that kind of stuff but I don't like I think you're Disney's horrible you know first two times I went it was great and then it's just it just completely destroyed the something's happened I don't know what but it was fun the first time was really great we went there it was freezing cold and there's nobody there and so we had a really good time was really fun the second time was all right - and then the last time no way I'll never never it's just it's destroyed they've totally destroyed it that would never happen in the US Disney Disneyland's no way they would never allow it there if you if you did things like he climbed over a fence they would throw you out of the park and only part of the deal at the Disney lemare is to go and enjoy the way it is see what they've done you know force perspective and everything they've done it's amazing you know you missed that by not respecting

well penniless is the suddenly Mike's baby and I'm willing to do it whenever he wants to I have no reason to believe there's anything on the table we haven't been in the studio in 10 years 2003 the last time we recorded we haven't done a live show since 2008 and so you know I'll do it if it happens but until he says you know whatever whatever whatever he wants to do I mean it's not and it's not up to me fortunately I have my own thing going on you know but I'll do it if it happens no problem he lives in San Francisco up to 400 miles away you know and I seem a little bit but you know I just don't have the energy to try to keep up with whatever and I don't really know what he does I really have no idea you know I know I'm a little I don't I would never even claim to know him you know we're acquaintances but we're certainly not I don't know what his life consists of I got other things going on but I would do it I'm not you know certainly you know it's easy to agree to that kind of thing because it almost never happens maybe Fanta moss is done I mean it's possible but I don't know you know really just don't ask him you know like it's funny I mean I've had fans ask me well did you like such a touch Faith No More record I go I don't never listen to Faith No More I don't know anything about it they will just Mike know that and I go I never asked him he never asked me what I thought you know so you know we don't have that kind of you know I'm not I like Mike but I was more interested in mr. bungle than I was in and then fade them or you know and so I knew a little bit more about that and that was my experience with him you know I'd never even saw feet don't work you know something a little bit you know but certainly not back then that was not part of my world you know we played shows of mr. bungle so that was how that all for 20 20 years ago you know so that made more sense but I didn't know him as as the MTV poster boy you know my name is a weirdo and in mr. bungle it was just certainly different you know much more to my liking as far as that's concerned you know so you know fortunately there's a mutual respect there that we can meet at some point and phantom awesome the best thing I got out of Fanta mas was a my relationship with Trevor you know which is continued on with Melvin's light we did a lot of stuff with him you know I'm really happy about all that you know that was really great I'm really happy I would never happened had I not you know I had none of those things happen I'd be not you know mad at some point a long time ago so I'm extremely grateful for all that stuff you know I don't have anything no bad experience with Mike or with any of that it's all good you know it's all good no worries our show this many 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 tonight she'll be no different than any other show I'll feel the same about it whether it's in France or Timbuktu you know it doesn't make any difference you know we played an amazing show a few years ago in Israel that was great you know I didn't feel different there those people were the same rock people that I play do everywhere and I was happy to do it that's that's what I'm doing you know that's my audience and I'm happy happy that they're there I appreciate it do my best everything on that but live is and roll the dice it's never you can't count on it being great or you just never know you know so some shows are better than others it's a sum I'm not a big fan of plays but I can see why people like them you know because actors are right there you know it's not like a movie you know it's a different kind of thing it's good it's all good we have we did 51 shows in 51 days every state plus DC every state last this class not even six months seven months ago eight months ago what was the way it was a city stunt you know just dude that's really it you know I don't really care about doing that that's just um it's a big adventure really honestly you know I mean my favorite movies are things like treasure of Sierra Madre or Lawrence of Arabia big adventure movies or man who would be king you know where the guys for better or worse the main characters go out and do something you know whether it's right or wrong yeah and with no fear whatsoever you know and I admire that and I get a lot of enjoyment out of that and a lot of a lot of satisfaction and inspiration from all those kinds of things no it's great especially TE Lawrence and you know Fred C Dobbs and I just you know yeah they screw up and they end up doing the wrong thing but they're not sitting on their ass at the Kipling story a man that would became they go they go to become kings Ferris Dan you know I mean nobody you know there's nothing to compare that to I mean it's not you know working a job in a factory that's doing something I love all that stuff well you know it's it's along those lines of a big stunt you know why did Evel Knievel didn't want to jump all those cars but he did it anyway you know it's kind of the same thing not a much smaller scale but you know that's it really


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