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it's so easy this Jake Paul literally says it's everyday bro on the logo come on what why did they show this picture for Jake Paul what is this shit I'm gonna do an IRL video and stuff yeah so let's do it this is my bed I like sleeping stuff in here when I get tired can you guess that dumb youtuber guess him in the comments I was annoying guys how about the title today we're doing against that youtuber challenge never done one of these videos before but today we're gonna have some fun basically let's see um who gets more right either you guys are mean let's see who's better I guess in youtubers but before we do that I'm gonna have you guys guess one more youtuber right really today's shout-out before we do it to this shout-out goes to this guy right here he gets the random number in the comments from my video a couple days ago you know you guys are always guessing everything but can you guess youtubers I'm thinking of today let's see leave like right now in the next 10 seconds and let me know in the comments guess you need to burn the comments if you get it right you'll be tomorrow shadow I don't know if you guys could do it you could try your best good luck okay but today we're gonna get some youtubers together I'm gonna go for me we're gonna do at the same time so let's see let me know in the comments keep track of how many you get keep checking for money I get and let me know if you beat me or an are you guys ready we're gonna start off by guessing the youtubers by their hair because you know why not right why not and let you see how quick I can guess or how quick you guys can guess it here we go ready let's do it you have five seconds to guess who's the rice come the easy oh my god that was so easy I got that shit hundred percent that's rice come there you go oh this is gonna be the easiest game of my life dude here we go let's see Jake Paul who's that no that's a Jake Paul is it I'm gonna go with Logan Paul Logan Paul yeah last second I clutch that shit up let's get it Logan Paul I'm so good at this game oh my god PewDiePie I could tell I could tell instantly that's PewDiePie who would have thought I can guess you jurors feather hair I didn't know this is you know I didn't know I could do this but pretty simple actually can't even front honestly Roman Atwood wow I'm actually surprised that I'm getting these so easily I told you so I'm gonna get every single one right I think literally Jake Paul this is Jake Paul I've seen this picture before that's him Tim in the flesh Jake Paul you know there's always some drama with him and then on banks and the echo jake paul that shape our next one let's move on

but i can't even guess Oh Tanner Fox shit well that was it dude I got all of them but the last one Tanner Fox okay alright now we're gonna move on to guessing about the Internet row so it's you know it's about listening now so we used our eyes now we're using our ears we're not gonna use our smell or touch you know those senses aren't gonna come in handy for this but we're gonna use our eyes for this one let's see what we could do Miranda sings oh so good watch this shit I'm gonna I'm gonna beat you guys superwoman easy as shit oh my god grace Helbig grace Helbig and jacksepticeye I got that one

[Music] I have no idea if any of you got that good job really your job life the Koshi matically buddy I love you guys remember be nice to people I'll see you tomorrow in or Gua I love you guys remember be nice to people sorry I don't know this is either honestly I didn't do too good at that one I'm not gonna lie you know what dude let's just switch we're gonna just switch to a new game guess their age challenge we know all the youtubers we're gonna try to guess their age let's see if we could do that I'll be a little difficult here we go guys um use 20 right think he's 20 Jake Paul 20 years old right oh my god I'm so good looks at me I can get ksi 23 I'm going with 23 come on 23 24 shit I was close okay Roman oh but yes like three kids now I'm against 30 32 I swear to god I was gonna say 34 I'm gonna go with my guard from of my gut 36 Gina 36 no she's not that old is she 34 shit I'm getting real close markiplier I literally don't know I'm gonna go with 28 years olds 28 years old markiplier yeah let's go I'm good at this shit Matty be wrapped 15 15 years old on I guess 14 shit he's young oh my god Liza 21 21 okay I'm good at this game I'm good at this game PewDiePie is 26 I'm gonna guess I don't know why I feel like you're 26 PewDiePie maybe 27 28 all right all right Lele pons 22 I'm going with 22 22 twenty-one shit keemstar he's 37 I think think he's 37 years old 34 alright sorry keep I know everybody knows him but me at dantdm that's the name I'm gonna guess 29 30 dude I'm getting close though you gotta admit I'm real close to all of these crew see 227 okay let's get it Ryan Higa 26 nocturnal 26 on this one and just to my gut feeling okay jenna Marbles 33 imma go with I'm gonna go 33 30 that's no one tell her that that's mean not mean but okay tell Oakley he's older than you look so I'm gonna guess 28 28 I'm feeling it I'm so good at this game let's go Oh jacksepticeye you could be really old or giving them 27 I'm 127 oh my god I'm so good at this game holy shit I'm an ELISA girl a 25 25 27 shit I would really would not have expected that Jesse is 34 he has to be 34 he's not 34 years old I'm literally shaving my head right now I knew it I'm so good at this game oh my god I don't even know who this guy is but I'm gonna guess you are 28 28 years old 31 now I was off and I think I've been more than three years off that's like the lowest of it this guy is 30 26 there you go four years off I'm shit I don't know these people are now I don't know who this guy is but I'm I guess he is 26 let's go god damn I'm good this is zoella so well how old are you [Music] 27:27 oh my god so good I'm so damn good at this game this is Alfie 20 28 28 128 23 holy shit he's four years younger than her because they're dating this guy I forgot his name he's like the og youtuber he's ever 31 I'm gonna go with 28 I'm bad I'm bad just Joe sugg 25 24 no 25 I said that first shut up everybody I said 25 I forgot this guy's name but um I'm gonna go with 29 I feel 29 on this one yeah I'm all right okay you know the Dutchie he's younger than me 20 desi you're 20 he might be 21 but I guess 20 let's go Casey nice tat 37 no 36 thank you I'm so good at this game superwoman 27 I'm really feeling 27 I feel like that's exact for age 27 shit bro her birthday was yesterday that's right alright 28 now this is the finebros i don't know are they the same age 30 they look old 35 477 alright I should have guessed that one what's this girl's name Martha this is PewDiePie the girlfriend 2824 sorry you don't look 28 I just guess Logan Paul you're 23 he's 23 years old 22 god dammit I don't know who you are but I'm a good way 22 22 alright I'm starting to do bad let me just end it on a wind I don't know this guy I don't know what happens before this guy looks like he's 26 though I need that I need to get one last one oh this is a guy from Smosh right 29 29 final answer we're ending the game here right in the video 29 I'm so damn good at this game I'm gonna try one more it's the two-minute video it's guest these youtubers buy their logos so I figure this is gonna be the easiest thing of all time which probably shows YouTube alright let's just see watch let's see this dude perfect easy it's so easy this Jake Paul literally says it's everyday bro on the logo come on what the why did they show this picture for Jake Paul what is this shit no get that off my screen please this literally says Roman Atwood vlogs on it like I know that's romantic but like anybody could guess anyone that doesn't know anything about YouTube we say Roman Atwood vlogs then you would've got it right ha shit I wonder who that is rice gum is that rice go I think that's rice go oh dude you used to even live with me and I forgot shit sorry I'm not a maverick I'm not a jake polar I'm a phase upper all right I'm on in this video we're now in the video hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to leave a thumbs up you guys enjoyed this video subscribe if you guys are new and I'll be back tomorrow with another video hope you guys guessed those youtubers I was pretty easy and if you get they a little difficult let me know how you guys did let me on the comment design your challenges anything you want me to do leave like if you guys enjoyed subscribe if you're new and I'll be back tomorrow with another video thank you so much for watching peace out people

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